Samsung ML-1450 Series User`s guide

If any items are missing or damaged, notify your dealer
immediately. Components may differ from one country
to another.
Carefully open the bag and remove the cartridge.
Pull the sealing tape completely out of
the cartridge.
Gently shake the cartridge from side to side to
distribute the toner evenly inside the cartridge.
To prevent damage, do not expose the toner cartridge to
light for more than a few minutes. Cover it with a piece of
If toner gets on your clothing, wipe it off with a dry cloth and
wash clothing in cold water. Hot water sets toner into
Keep the media
below this height
Adjust the length guide so this
pointer matches the desired
paper size.
• Do not push the width guide far enough to cause
the media to move up.
• If you do not adjust the width guide, it may cause
paper jam.
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Squeeze this
metal tab to
adjust for the
paper length.
After loading media, pinch the side guide
as shown and slide it to the left until it
lightly touches the media.
If necessary, use the rear width guide.
Pinch the rear width guide as shown and
slide it to the left.
(Print Demo Page)
• Cancels a job the printer is currently printing.
• In the idle mode (Data light is on), reprints
the last page of the last print job.
Toner Save
Turns the Toner Save mode on or off.
• Backlight is on–The printer will use less toner.
• Backlight is off–Normal mode.
Make sure both the printer and the computer are turned off.
Check that:
• the printer top cover or rear door is open.
• the toner cartridge is not installed.
➞ To the parallel port on PC
The printer is set in the manual tray mode.
Note: If you want to connect with a USB (
) or an optional network
interface (
) refer to the ML-1450 User’s Guide.
Press and hold for about 2
seconds until all lights blink
slowly, then let it go.
➞ To AC outlet
ML-1450 Series
Laser Beam Printer
Out of paper in the manual tray mode. Insert a
sheet into the MP tray and press Demo to start
Excellent Performance, High quality
The printer is out of paper. Load paper.
Use this Demo page to verify the
printer is printing correctly.
Robust Network connectivity
Paper is jammed inside the printer. Clear jam.
Receiving or processing data.
To operate your printer, you must install a printer driver, which
translates data from your application into data the printer
3. Click Install the Samsung Software on your PC and follow the
on-screen instructions.
The CD-ROM shipped with your printer contains the following printer
drivers and utilities:
For further information, refer to the User’s Guide provided with
your printer.
How do I remove the printing software?
In Windows, after installation, the Uninstall icon in the ML-1450 series
program group allows you to select and remove any or all of the
Windows ML-1450 printing system components.
1. From the Start menu, select Programs.
• SPL printer driver for Windows. Use this driver to take full
advantage of your printer’s features.
2. Select Samsung ML-1450 Series, and then Samsung ML-1450
Series driver Maintenance.
• PostScript Printer Description (PPD) file for Windows and
Macintosh to allow installation of the PostScript driver.
3. The Samsung ML-1450 Series Maintenance dialog box appears.
Check Remove and then click Next.
4. When your computer confirms your selection, click OK.
Note: For information on installing and using USB driver, PPD file, WinRCP,
refer to the User’s Guide provided with your printer.
5. The Samsung ML-1450 Series printer driver and all of its
components are removed from your computer.
6. Click Finish.
Before Installing Printer Software
Verify the following:
• At least 32 MB or more of RAM is installed on your PC.
• There is at least 200 MB of free disk space on your PC.
• All applications are closed on your PC before beginning
Installing Printer Software
1. Place the CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive. Install will start
If the CD-ROM drive does not automatically run:
Select Run from the Start menu, and type x:\cdsetup.exe in the
Open box (where x is the drive letter for the CD-ROM drive), then
click OK.
2. When the opening screen appears, select the appropriate
Software Installation Tips
How do I access printer features?
Some printer features, such as custom paper sizes and page
orientation, may be available through your application settings. Use
application settings, if available, because they override printer driver
Access advanced printer features through your printer driver. See
“Printing Tasks” section on the User’s Guide for instructions on using
specific printer driver features.
Printing the User’s Guide
The Samsung ML-1450 Series User’s Guide, which is on the software
CD-ROM, is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The manual will give you
flexibility and convenience when you have to access information.
You can:
• view the manuals on-screen in different formats (side-by-side or
two-up, one page at a time, scrolling two-up, article flow, and
zooming capability up to 1600%).
• conduct full-text searches through all of the manuals.
• print only the manual page that you need.
If you have problems installing:
1. Place the CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive.
• Exit your software programs. Then turn off the computer and the
printer. Turn on the printer, then turn on the computer.
2. When the opening screen appears, select the appropriate
• Close any virus protection programs that are running on your
3. Click View User’s Guide. The Adobe Acrobat program opens and
you can view the User’s Guide.
4. To print the manual, from the File menu, select Print.
• Reinstall is required if your installation fails.
1. From the Start menu, select Programs.
2. Select Samsung ML-1450 Series, and then Samsung
ML-1450 Series driver Maintenance.
3. The Samsung ML-1450 Series Maintenance dialog box appears.
Check Repair and then click Next.
4. When reinstallation is done, click Finish.
How do I use the printer with Macintosh?
5. From the Print dialog box, set the necessary print setting and
click OK to start printing.
Note: To open the User’s Guide, you are required the Adobe Acrobat
Reader program installed on your computer. If you do not have the
program on your PC, click Install the Bonus Software on your PC to
install the program.
Refer to the appendix ‘Using Your Printer with a Macintosh’ on the
User’s Guide provided with your printer.
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