Black & Decker PX1600 Instruction manual

Hair Dryer
First Use Safety Recommendation
Please read through this booklet for safe and efficient use of the appliance.
We urge you to read the "Hint's" section and also follow all detailed
instructions even if you are familiar with using this appliance.
Keep this guide handy for future reference.
Page 02
Page 11
Intended use
Your Black & Decker Hair Dryer has been
designed for drying hair as described in
this manual. This product is intended for
household use only.
Safety instructions
Warning! When using mains-powered
appliances, basic safety precautions,
including the following, should always be
followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric
shock, personal injury and material
Read all of this manual carefully
before using the appliance.
• The intended use is described in this
manual. The use of any accessory or
attachment or the performance of any
operation with this appliance other than
those recommended in this instruction
manual may present a risk of personal
• Retain this manual for future reference.
Using your appliance
• Switch off the appliance before
changing accessories or approaching
parts which move when in use.
• Make sure that the appliance is
switched off before connecting to or
disconnecting from the power supply.
• Always take care when using the
• Do not use the appliance outdoors.
• Do not operate the appliance if your
hands are wet.
• Do not operate the appliance if you are
• Do not touch moving parts. Keep long
hair and loose clothing out of the way of
the moving parts.
• Guide the power supply cord neatly so it
does not hang over the edge of a
worktop and cannot be caught
accidentally or tripped over.
• Never pull the power supply cord to
disconnect the plug from the socket.
Keep the power supply cord away from
heat, oil and sharp edges.
• Switch off and wait for the motor to stop
running before disconnecting the
appliance from the power supply.
• Never detach any part or accessory while
the appliance is still connected to the
power supply. Always disconnect the
appliance from the power supply first.
• If the power supply cord is damaged
during use, disconnect the appliance
from the power supply immediately. Do
not touch the power supply cord before
disconnecting from the power supply.
• Disconnect the appliance from the power
supply when not in use, before fitting or
removing parts and before cleaning.
Safety of others
• Do not allow children or any person
unfamiliar with these instructions to use
the appliance.
• Do not allow children or animals to come
near the work area or to touch the
appliance or power supply cord.
• Close supervision is necessary when the
appliance is used near children.
• This appliance is not intended for use by
persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities,
or lack of experience and knowledge,
unless they have been give supervision
or instruction concerning use of the
appliance by a person responsible for
their safety
• Children must be supervised to make
sure that they do not play with the
After use
• Switch off and remove the plug from the
socket before leaving the appliance
unattended and before changing,
cleaning or inspecting any parts of the
• When not in use, the appliance should
be stored in a dry place. Children should
not have access to stored appliances.
Inspection and repairs
• Before use, check the appliance for
damaged or defective parts. Check for
breakage of parts, damage to switches
and any other conditions that may affect
its operation.
• Do not use the appliance if any part is
damaged or defective.
• Have any damaged or defective parts
repaired or replaced by an authorised
repair agent.
Denotes risk of personal injury or
damage to the product in case of
nonobservance of the instructions in
this manual.
Denotes risk of electric shock.
Electrical safety
This tool is double insulated in
accordance with EN 60335;
therefore no earth wire is required.
Always check that the power supply
corresponds to the voltage on the rating
To avoid the risk of electric shock,
do not immerse the cord, plug or
motor unit in water or other liquid.
For additional protection, the installation of
a Residual Current Device (RCD) having a
rated residual operating current not
exceeding 30mA is advisable in the
electrical circuit supplying the bathroom.
Ask your installer for advice.
• Before use, check the power supply cord
for signs of damage, ageing and wear.
• Do not use the appliance if the power
1 Cool shot button
supply cord or mains plug is damaged or
2 Heat control switch
3 Speed control switch
• If the power supply cord or mains plug is
damaged or defective it must be
4 Hanging loop
repaired by an authorised repair agent in
5 Concentrator nozzle
order to avoid a hazard. Do not cut the
power supply cord and do not attempt
6 Diffuser nozzle
to repair it yourself.
7 Rear cover
• Never attempt to remove or replace any
Following symbols are used on unit:
parts other than those specified in this
1 Cool shot: To help style the hair
Warning symbols
2 Speeds:
The following symbols are used in this
Do not use this appliance near
bathtubs, showers, basins or other
vessels containing water.
Off position
Low speed
High speed
3 Heat settings:
When the hairdryer is used in a bathroom,
unplug it after use since the proximity of
water presents a hazard even when the hair
dryer is switched off.
Warm air
Hot air
Very hot air
Cleaning and maintenance
Warning! Make sure that the appliance is
switched off and unplugged.
Warning! Switch the appliance off and
unplug it before cleaning or maintenance.
Fitting and removing the attachments
(Fig. A)
• Remove any loose hair which may have
become trapped in the diffuser or the
rear filter.
• Allow the appliance to cool before
changing the attachments.
• Open the rear cover (7) and remove hair.
• Fit the diffuser nozzle (6) or the
concentrator nozzle (5) by pushing it
onto the outlet sleeve until it snaps into
place. Removed the item by pulling it
from the appliance.
• Do not try to disassemble or repair the
hair dryer yourself.
• Switch off the appliance before cleaning,
changing accessories or touching any
parts which move in use.
Warning! The appliance may be hot during
use and during the cool-down period.
Always clean the appliance immediately
after use.
Switching on and off (Fig. B)
Clean the appliance with a damp cloth.
• The speed control switch (3) has three
positions: off, slow and fast.
Warning! Do not immerse the appliance, the
cord set or the plug in water or any other
• Move the switch to position 0 to switch
the appliance off.
Warning! Do not wash any parts in a
• Turn the switch to position 1 for blowing
air at a slow speed.
Technical Data
• Turn the switch to position 2 for blowing
air at a high speed.
Heat control (Fig. B)
• The heat control switch (2) has three
positions: warm, hot and very hot.
Power Input
• Move the switch to position 1 for normal
warm air.
• Move the switch to position 2 for hot air.
• Move the switch to position 3 for very
hot air.
Diffuser and concentrator nozzles
• Fit the concentrator nozzle (5) for
general hair drying and styling.
• To add volume and lift, fit the diffuser
nozzle (6).
Cool shot button (Fig. B)
• Press and hold the cool shot button (1)
to set your individual style.
Protecting the environment
Separate collection. This product must not be disposed of with normal household waste.
Should you find one day that your Black & Decker product needs replacement, or if it is of no
further use to you, do not dispose it off with other household waste. Make this product available
for separate collection.
Separate collection of used products and packaging allows materials to be recycled and
used again. Use of recycled materials helps prevent environmental pollution and reduces
the demand for raw materials.
Local regulations may provide for separate collection of electrical products from the household,
at municipal waste sites or by the retailer when you purchase a new product.
Black & Decker provides a facility for the collection and recycling of Black & Decker products
once they have reached the end of their working life. To take advantage of this service please
return your product to any authorised repair agent who will collect them on our behalf. You can
check the location of your nearest authorised repair agent by contacting your local Black &
Decker office at the address indicated in this manual. A list of authorised Black & Decker repair
agents and full details of our after-sales service and contact are available on the Internet at:
Black & Decker provides a 2 Year Warranty for this product from the date of purchase against
defects due to defective materials or workmanship. Motor/element burn-outs due to voltage
fluctuations are not covered under warranty. If the product should become defective within the
warranty period, Black & Decker will repair or (at Black & Decker's discretion) replace it free of
The warranty provisions do not cover failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, negligence or non
observation of local regulations on the part of the user. Equally, the warranty provisions do not
apply where the appliance has been serviced by a person not authorized by Black & Decker or
serviced with non-approved parts and this has contributed to the fault of the product.
Superseded models without a replacement equivalent will either be repaired or (at Black &
Decker's discretion) replaced with another product of similar retail value.
Fill in the Warranty Registration Card with the original Authorized Dealer's stamp (indicating date
of purchase) and attach your purchase receipt to it. Retain in case of claims in the future.
Take your defective product together with the Warranty Registration Card & purchase receipt to
your local service Centre. You can either do this in person or send it freight prepaid. If mailing or
shipping your appliance, ensure that it is packed carefully in a sturdy carton with enough
packing material to prevent damage. Include a note describing the problem to the service
Centre and be sure to give your return address.
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(Ü πµ°ûdG) OQÉÑdG AGƒ¡dG ïØf QR
§Ñ°†d (1) OQÉÑdG AGƒ¡dG ïØf QR ≈∏Y QGôªà°SÉdG ™e §¨°VG •
.∂Ñ°SÉæj …òdG ™°VƒdG
QÉ«àdG Qó°üe øY ¬∏°üah RÉ¡édG 𫨰ûJ ±É≤jEG øe ócCÉJ !ôjòëJ
(CG πµ°ûdG) á≤aôªdG äGóMƒdG ádGREGh Ö«côJ
áfÉ«°üdGh ∞«¶æàdG
.á≤aôªdG äGóMƒdG ô««¨J πÑb OôÑj ≈àM RÉ¡édG ∑ôJG •
ádGREGh RÉ¡édG 𫨰ûJ ±É≤jEÉH ºb ,áfÉ«°üdG hCG ∞«¶æàdG πÑb !ôjòëJ
∞«ãµàdG IóMh ágƒa hCG (6) ™jRƒàdG IóMh ágƒa Ö«côàH ºb •
.OôÑj ≈àM RÉ¡édG ∑ôJGh AÉHô¡µdG òNCÉe øe ¢ùHÉ≤dG
»a ô≤à°ùJ ≈àM òØæªdG ±ôW »a É¡©aO ∫É∏N øe (5)
ôà∏ØdG hCG ™jRƒàdG IóMƒH ≥∏©àe §bÉ°ùàe ô©°T …CG ádGREÉH ºb •
.RÉ¡édG øe ¬Ñë°S ∫É∏N øe ô°üæ©dG ádGREÉH ºb .É¡©°Vƒe
.ô©°ûdG ádGREÉH ºbh (7) »Ø∏îdG AÉ£¨dG íàaG •
Iôàa AÉæKCGh ΩGóîà°SÉdG AÉæKCG Éæk NÉ°S RÉ¡édG ¿ƒµj ób !ôjòëJ
.∂°ùØæH ô©°ûdG ∞Øée ìÉ∏°UEG hCG ∂a ∫hÉëJ Éd •
äÉ≤ë∏ªdG ô««¨J hCG ∞«¶æàdG πÑb RÉ¡édG 𫨰ûJ ±É≤jEÉH ºb •
.ΩGóîà°SÉdG AÉæKCG ∑ôëàJ AGõLCG ájCG ¢ùªd hCG
.GQk ƒa ΩGóîà°SÉdG ó©H RÉ¡édG ∞«¶æJ ≈∏Y ɪk FGO ¢UôMG
πFÉ°S …CG hCG AɪdG »a ¢ùHÉ≤dG hCG ∂∏°ùdG hCG RÉ¡édG ôª¨J Éd !ôjòëJ
.¥ÉÑWCÉdG ádÉ°ùZ »a AGõLCG ájCG π°ù¨J Éd !ôjòëJ
á«æØdG äÉfÉ«ÑdG
(Ü πµ°ûdG) 𫨰ûàdG ±É≤jEGh 𫨰ûàdG
:™°VGƒe áKÉ∏K ≈∏Y (3) áYô°ùdG »a ºµëàdG ìÉàØe πªà°ûj •
.á«dÉY áYô°Sh áÄ«£H áYô°Sh 𫨰ûàdG ±É≤jEG
.RÉ¡édG 𫨰ûJ ±É≤jEÉd 0 ™°VƒªdG ≈dEG ìÉàتdG ∂jôëàH ºb •
áYô°ùH AGƒ¡dG ïØæd 1 ™°VƒªdG ≈dEG ìÉàتdG IQGOEÉH ºb •
áYô°ùH AGƒ¡dG ïØæd 2 ™°VƒªdG ≈dEG ìÉàتdG IQGOEÉH ºb •
(Ü πµ°ûdG) IQGôëdG »a ºµëàdG
:™°VGƒe áKÉ∏K ≈∏Y (2) IQGôëdG »a ºµëàdG ìÉàØe πªà°ûj •
.G kóL øNÉ°Sh øNÉ°Sh ÅaGO
AGƒg ≈∏Y ∫ƒ°üë∏d 1 ™°VƒªdG ≈dEG ìÉàتdG ∂jôëàH ºb •
.ÅaGO OÉà©e
AGƒg ≈∏Y ∫ƒ°üë∏d 2 ™°VƒªdG ≈dEG ìÉàتdG ∂jôëàH ºb •
AGƒg ≈∏Y ∫ƒ°üë∏d 3 ™°VƒªdG ≈dEG ìÉàتdG ∂jôëàH ºb •
.G kóL øNÉ°S
∞«ãµàdG IóMh ágƒah ™jRƒàdG IóMh ágƒa
ô©°ûdG ∞«Øéàd (5) ∞«ãµàdG IóMh ágƒa Ö«côàH ºb •
.á«FÉHô¡c áeó°üd ¢Vô©àdG IQƒ£N ≈dEG ô«°ûj
ΩGóîà°SÉdG ó©H
á«FÉHô¡µdG áeÉ∏°ùdG
,EN 60335 QÉ«©ªdG ≥ah ∫õ©dG áLhOõe IGOCÉdG √òg
.¢†jQCÉJ ∂∏°S ΩGóîà°SG ≈dEG áLÉM ∑Éæg â°ù«d ºK øeh
í°VƒªdG ó¡édG ™e »FÉHô¡µdG QÉ«àdG Qó°üe ≥aGƒJ øe ɪk FGO ócCÉJ
.IôjÉ©ªdG áMƒd ≈∏Y
∂∏°ùdG ¢ùª¨J Éd ,á«FÉHô¡c áeó°üd ¢Vô©àdG ô£N Öæéàd
.ôNBG πFÉ°S …CG hCG AɪdG »a ∑ôëªdG IóMh hCG ¢ùHÉ≤dG hCG
AÉHô¡µdG òNCÉe øe ¢ùHÉ≤dG ´õfGh RÉ¡édG 𫨰ûJ ±É≤jEÉH ºb •
hCG ¬FGõLCG øe …CG ô««¨J πÑb hCG RÉ¡édG ΩGóîà°SG ΩóY óæY
.É¡àfÉ«°U hCG É¡Ø«¶æJ
¿Éµe »a ¬æjõîJ Öéj ,RÉ¡édG ΩGóîà°SG ΩóY ádÉM »a •
Iõ¡LCÉdG ≈dEG ∫ƒ°UƒdG øe ∫ÉØWCÉdG ø«µªJ ΩóY Öéjh .±ÉL
ìÉ∏°UEÉdGh ¢üëØdG
á∏°UƒªdG á«FÉHô¡µdG IôFGódG ójhõàH í°üæjo ,ájɪëdG øe ójõªd
´ƒædG øe Üô°ùàªdG QÉ«àdG øe ájɪM RÉ¡éH ΩɪëdG ≈dEG AÉHô¡µ∏d
.ô«ÑeCG 30 RhÉéàj Éd QÉ«J 𫨰ûàH Ωƒ≤j øæ≤e "RCD"
.∂dP AGôLEÉd ¢üàîªdG »æØdG IQÉ°ûà°SG »¨Ñæj
IQGôëdG »a ºµëàdG ìÉàØe 2
áYô°ùdG »a ºµëàdG ìÉàØe 3
≥«∏©àdG á≤∏M 4
∞«ãµàdG IóMh ágƒa 5
AGõLCÉdG ≈∏Y ±ô©à∏d RÉ¡édG ¢üëaG ,ΩGóîà°SÉdG πÑb •
øe √ƒ∏N øe ócCÉà∏d RÉ¡édG ¢üëaG .áÑ«©ªdG hCG áØdÉàdG
ôKDƒJ ób iôNCG ´É°VhCG ájCGh í«JÉتdG ∞∏Jh IQƒ°ùµªdG AGõLCÉdG
.¬∏«¨°ûJ IAÉØc ≈∏Y
.¬H Ö«Y OƒLh hCG AõL …CG ∞∏J ádÉM »a RÉ¡édG Ωóîà°ùJ Éd •
»¨Ñæj ∂dP øe Ék dóHh ,∂°ùØæH RÉ¡édG ìÉ∏°UEG ∫hÉëJ Éd •
áØdÉJ AGõLCG ájCG ìÉ∏°UEÉd óªà©ªdG áfÉ«°üdG π«cƒH áfÉ©à°SÉdG
.É¡dGóÑà°SG hCG áÑ«©e hCG
ócCÉà∏d »FÉHô¡µdG QÉ«àdG ∂∏°S ¢üëa Ωõ∏j ,ΩGóîà°SÉdG πÑb •
.πcBÉàdG hCG ≠dÉÑdG Ωó≤dG hCG ∞∏àdG äÉeÉ∏Y øe √ƒ∏N øe
QÉ«àdG ∂∏°S ∞∏J ádÉM »a RÉ¡édG ΩGóîà°SG ΩóY Öéj •
.ɪ¡æe …CÉH Ö«Y OƒLh hCG ¢ùHÉ≤dG hCG »FÉHô¡µdG
™jRƒàdG IóMh ágƒa 6
πÑb øe ¬dGóÑà°SG Öéj ,»FÉHô¡µdG QÉ«àdG ∂∏°S ∞∏J ádÉM »a •
óªà©e ôµjO ófBG ∑É∏H áfÉ«°U õcôe hCG á©æ°üªdG ácô°ûdG
∫hÉëJ Édh »FÉHô¡µdG QÉ«àdG ∂∏°S ™£≤J Éd .ôWÉîªdG Öæéàd
:IóMƒdG ≈∏Y áeóîà°ùe á«dÉàdG RƒeôdG
.∂°ùØæH ¬MÉ∏°UEG
ô©°ûdG ∞«Ø°üJ »a IóYÉ°ùª∏d :OQÉÑdG AGƒ¡dG ïØf 1
∂∏J ô«Z AGõLCG ájCG ∫GóÑà°SG hCG ádGREG É≤k ∏£e ∫hÉëJ Éd •
:äÉYô°ùdG 2
.π«dódG Gòg »a áë°VƒªdG
𫨰ûàdG ±É≤jEG ™°Vh
ôjòëàdG RƒeQ
»Ø∏îdG AÉ£¨dG 7
áÄ«£H áYô°S
:π«dódG Gòg »a áeóîà°ùe á«dÉàdG ôjòëàdG RƒeQ
á«dÉY áYô°S
¢VGƒMCG øe Üô≤dÉH RÉ¡édG Gòg Ωóîà°ùJ Éd
ô°UÉæ©dG hCG ¢VGƒMCÉdGh Ωɪëà°SÉdG ¢TOh Ωɪëà°SÉdG
.AɪdG ≈∏Y …ƒàëJ »àdG iôNCÉdG
∞∏J hCG á«°üî°T áHÉ°UEÉd ¢Vô©àdG IQƒ£N ≈dEG ô«°ûj
»a IQƒcòªdG äɪ«∏©àdG ´ÉÑJG ΩóY ádÉM »a èàæªdG
.π«dódG Gòg
øNÉ°S AGƒg
G kóL øNÉ°S AGƒg
±GƒM ¥ƒa ≥∏©àj Éd å«ëH ábóH »FÉHô¡µdG QÉ«àdG ∂∏°S OôaG •
¬H πbô©àdG hCG ôã©àdG ºàj Éd å«ëHh Ió°†æªdG hCG πª©dG í£°S
ΩGóîà°SÉdG ¢VôZ
ƒëædG ≈∏Y ô©°ûdG ∞«Øéàd ºª°üe ôµjO ófBG ∑É∏H ô©°ûdG ∞Øée
¢VGôZCG ájCG »a RÉ¡édG Gòg Ωóîà°ùJ Éd .π«dódG Gòg »a í°VƒªdG
.§≤a »dõæªdG ΩGóîà°SÉ∏d ºª°üe èàæªdG Gòg .iôNCG
¢ùHÉ≤dG π°üØd »FÉHô¡µdG QÉ«àdG ∂∏°S ó°T É≤k ∏£e ∫hÉëJ Éd •
øY G kó«©H »FÉHô¡µdG QÉ«àdG ∂∏°ùH ßØàMG .¢ùÑ≤ªdG øY
.IOÉëdG ±GƒëdGh âjõdGh IQGôëdG
áeÉ∏°ùdG äɪ«∏©J
øY ∑ôëªdG ∞bƒJ ≈àM ô¶àfGh RÉ¡édG 𫨰ûJ ±É≤jEÉH ºb •
.»FÉHô¡µdG QÉ«àdG Qó°üe øe RÉ¡édG π°üa πÑb ¿GQhódG
IÉYGôe ɪk FGO ø«©àj ,á«FÉHô¡µdG Iõ¡LCÉdG ΩGóîà°SG óæY !ôjòëJ
hCG ≥jôM ܃°ûf äÉdɪàMG øe óë∏d á«°SÉ°SCÉdG áeÉ∏°ùdG äÉWÉ«àMG
∞∏J hCG á«°üî°T áHÉ°UEG hCG á«FÉHô¡c áeó°üd ¢UÉî°TCÉdG ¢Vô©J
RÉ¡édG π«°UƒJ AÉæKCG ≥ë∏e hCG AõL …CG ∂a Én≤k ∏£e ∫hÉëJ Éd •
Ék dhCG ΩÉ«≤dG ≈∏Y ɪk FGO ¢UôMG .»FÉHô¡µdG QÉ«àdG Qó°üªH
.»FÉHô¡µdG QÉ«àdG Qó°üe øY RÉ¡édG π°üØH
ΩGóîà°SG πÑb ájÉæ©H π«dódG Gòg IAGôb »¨Ñæj
»¨Ñæj ,ΩGóîà°SÉdG AÉæKCG »FÉHô¡µdG QÉ«àdG ∂∏°S ∞∏J ádÉM »a •
.»FÉHô¡µdG QÉ«àdG Qó°üe øY RÉ¡édG π°üØH QƒØdG ≈∏Y ΩÉ«≤dG
øY ¬∏°üa πÑb »FÉHô¡µdG QÉ«àdG ∂∏°S ¢ùªd ÖæéJ »¨Ñæjh
.»FÉHô¡µdG QÉ«àdG Qó°üe
¿EGh .π«dódG Gòg »a í°Vƒe ΩGóîà°SÉdG øe ¢Vô¨dG •
á«∏ªY ájCG ò«ØæJ hCG á≤aôe äGóMh hCG äÉ≤ë∏e ájCG ΩGóîà°SG
π«dódG Gòg »a É¡H ≈°UƒªdG ∂∏J ô«Z RÉ¡édG Gòg ΩGóîà°SÉH
.á«°üî°T áHÉ°UEÉd ¢Vô©àdG IQƒ£N ≈∏Y …ƒ£æj ób
QÉ«àdG Qó°üe øY ¬∏°üaG ,RÉ¡édG ΩGóîà°SG ΩóY ádÉM »a •
AGõLCG ájCG ádGREG hCG Ö«côàH ΩÉ«≤dG πÑb ∂dòch ,»FÉHô¡µdG
.∞«¶æàdG πÑbh
.Ék ∏Ñ≤à°ùe ¬«dEG ´ƒLô∏d π«dódG Gò¡H ®ÉØàMÉdG ≈Lôj •
øjôNBÉdG áeÉ∏°S
√òg ≈∏Y ™∏£e ô«Z ¢üî°T …CG hCG ,∫ÉØWCÉ∏d íª°ùJ Éd •
.RÉ¡édG Gòg ΩGóîà°SÉH ,äGOÉ°TQEÉdG
RÉ¡édG ΩGóîà°SG
ÜGôàbÉdG hCG äÉ≤ë∏ªdG ô««¨J πÑb RÉ¡édG 𫨰ûJ ±É≤jEÉH ºb •
.ΩGóîà°SÉdG AÉæKCG ∑ôëàJ »àdG AGõLCÉdG øe
πª©dG á≤£æe øe ÜGôàbÉdÉH äÉfGƒ«ëdG hCG ∫ÉØWCÉ∏d íª°ùJ Éd •
Qó°üªH ¬∏«°UƒJ πÑb RÉ¡édG 𫨰ûJ ±É≤jEG øe ócCÉàdG »¨Ñæj •
.»FÉHô¡µdG QÉ«àdG ∂∏°S hCG RÉ¡édG ¢ùªd hCG
.¬æY ¬∏°üa hCG »FÉHô¡µdG QÉ«àdG
RÉ¡édG ΩGóîà°SG óæY á≤«bódG á©HÉàªdGh QòëdG »NƒJ Ωõ∏j •
.RÉ¡édG ΩGóîà°SG óæY ¢UôëdGh QòëdG »NƒJ ɪk FGO »¨Ñæj •
.∫ÉØWCÉdG øe Üô≤dÉH
äGQó≤dG hhP ¢UÉî°TCÉdG ¬eóîà°ù«d ºª°üe ô«Z RÉ¡édG Gòg •
IôÑîdGh á«fóàªdG á«∏≤©dGh á«°ùëdGh á«ægòdGh ájó°ùédG
πX »a ÉdEG (∫ÉØWCÉdG ∂dP »a ɪH) ø«à∏«∏≤dG áaô©ªdGh
ΩGóîà°SÉH á≤∏©àªdG äɪ«∏©àdG º¡FÉ£YEG hCG º¡«∏Y ±Gô°TEÉdG
.º¡àeÉ∏°S øY ∫hDƒ°ùªdG ¢üî°ûdG πÑb øe RÉ¡édG
.RÉ¡édÉH º¡ãÑY ΩóY ¿Éª°†d ∫ÉØWCÉdG ≈∏Y ±Gô°TEÉdG Ωõ∏j •
.∫õæªdG êQÉN RÉ¡édG Ωóîà°ùJ Éd •
.ø«à∏àÑe ∑Gójh RÉ¡édG π¨°ûJ Éd •
.ø«eó≤dG »aÉM ¿ƒµJ ÉeóæY RÉ¡édG π¨°ûJ Éd •
ô©°ûdG AÉ≤HEG ≈∏Y ¢UôMG .ácôëàªdG AGõLCÉdG ¢ùª∏J Éd •
.ácôëàªdG AGõLCÉdG øY G kó«©H á°VÉØ°†ØdG ¢ùHÉ∏ªdGh πjƒ£dG
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