Black & Decker GRC730 Instruction manual

B2 B3
This manual provides operating and maintenance
instructions for the Black & Decker GRC730
cordless lawnmower.
Instruction Manual
Know your machine
Read this manual carefully. Observe all the
recommended safety instructions before,
during and after using your machine, and
maintain your machine in good working order.
Familiarise yourself with the controls on your
machine before attempting to operate it, but
above all, be sure you know how to stop
your machine in an emergency.
Retain this manual and all other literature
supplied with your machine for future
Safety instructions
• Never allow children or persons who are
unfamiliar with this type of machine to
use it, nor anyone who has not read
this leaflet.
Do not allow children, animals
or other persons near your
6m / 20ft
machine when in use - always
keep them at least 6m (20ft)
away from the cutting area.
• When tilting the handle downwards for
starting, do not tilt it more than is
absolutely necessary. Always ensure that
both hands are in the operating position
and feet are well away from the blades
before returning the mower to the ground.
• Avoid accidental starting. Ensure switch
is off when inserting safety key.
• Release switch lever to turn mower off
and remove the safety key:
• Whenever you leave your machine
• Before checking, cleaning or working
on the mower.
Remember that the operator/user is
responsible for accidents or hazards
occurring to other people or their property.
• To protect your feet, always wear stout
shoes or boots - freshly cut grass is
damp and slippery.
• Use protective equipment. Wear safety
spectacles or goggles whilst mowing.
Use a face mask if dusty.
• Do not operate in gaseous explosive
• Do not mow barefoot or in open sandals.
• Wear long trousers to protect your legs any debris left on the lawn or cutting path
may be picked up and ejected by the
• Always be sure your machine is in a safe
operating condition.
Before using your machine, remove
safety key and visually check that the
blade, blade nut and cutter assembly are
not worn or damaged. Damaged blades
and worn blade nuts must be replaced.
Also check that the blade nut is securely
Always check that your lawn or cutting
path is clear of all sticks, stones, wire
and other debris. Contact with such
debris may damage your machine.
Before clearing a blockage.
If the mower starts to vibrate
abnormally (check immediately).
• After striking a foreign object.
Inspect the mower for damage and
make repairs as necessary.
Never run the unit whilst on its’ side or
attempt to stop the blade - always allow
it to stop on its own.
Do not put hands or feet near or under
rotating parts.
Keep clear of discharge openings at all
Start your machine carefully according to
the instructions and with your feet well
away from the blades.
Avoid using the machine during rain and
avoid wet grass if possible.
Mow only in daylight or good artificial light.
Do not pull your machine towards you or
walk backwards when mowing.
Do not cross gravel paths or roads whilst
the blade is rotating.
Always be sure of your footing,
particularly on slopes.
Always mow across the face of slopes,
never up and down. Exercise extreme
caution when changing direction on slopes.
Do not cut excessively steep slopes and
always wear non-slip footwear.
Check the grassbag frequently for wear
or damage, and replace if necessary.
Walk, never run. Do not force the mower.
Never pick up or carry your mower while
the motor is running. Ensure the blades
have stopped rotating when tilting for
transporting the mower to and from the
area to be mowed.
When transporting your unit, always
remove the safety key, adjust the cut
height setting to a mid position and take
extreme care when lifting.
Never operate the mower with defective
guards or shields.
Maintenance and storage
• Store your machine in a dry place when
not in use, remove the safety key and
place out of the reach of children.
• Do not use solvents or cleaning fluids to
clean your machine - use a blunt scraper
to remove grass and dirt. Always remove
the safety key before cleaning.
• Do not charge or store the unit outdoors.
• Do not operate your machine if any parts
are defective; discard all defective parts
and fit new parts before use.
Replace worn or damaged parts for safety.
Keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight to
be sure your mower is in a safe working
Use only Black & Decker recommended
replacement parts and accessories.
Features (Fig. A)
Your purchase of the Black & Decker
GRC730 lawnmower gives you a product
combining quality with modern design and
the following features, to provide safe,
efficient and easy mowing.
• Cordless - there is no need for extension
cables while mowing.
• Gasless - there is no need for petrol and
oil to buy, mix, store or transport.
• Clean - there are no emissions, the
mower is environmentally friendly.
Rechargeable 12V battery - provides
reliable power that will cut approx. 300m2.
Easy to start - starts first time every time.
Specially designed switch box (16) and
safety key (24) to prevent accidental
starting of the mower.
Ergonomically designed upswept handle
for comfortable use and ease of
pushing (10).
A blade brake (autostop) for added
safety - stops the blade from rotating
within 3 seconds once the switchbox
lever is released.
Large handle wing nuts for easy
assembly and storage.
Single lever height of cut adjustment for
quick and easy operation (20).
Five height of cut positions which
provides the flexibility to deal with most
grass conditions.
The in line wheels allowing cutting right
up to the edge of the lawn.
Large capacity grass bag (30 litres) for
longer cutting periods (19).
Easy grassbag removal.
Smooth bottom deck design giving you a
better cut performance and an improved
quality of cut.
• Tough, durable plastic deck which will
not rust and contributes to low noise and
low vibration.
• Rear roller (UK only) which produces the
traditional, striped effect on the lowest
height of cut.
• Powerful and efficient 12V permanent
magnet motor which gives effective
cutting and bagging in all reasonable
conditions and a low noise level.
• The GRC730 will have a run time under
average cutting conditions of
approximately 300m2. This run time will
vary upwards and downwards
dependant upon grass conditions, cut
height used and push speed.
Black & Decker policy is one of continuous
improvement to their product and as such
they reserve the right to change product
specification without prior notice.
Unpacking and assembly
Your mower carton contains:
• The mower and handle assembly.
• One hardware bag containing:
• Two safety keys (24).
• Instruction literature.
• Blade nut spanner (25).
• Charger (26).
• Battery strap (27).
• One grassbag assembly (19) - see below for
assembly instructions.
B3 •
Grassbag assembly (Fig. C)
Handle assembly (Fig. A & B)
Remove the contents of the carton and
familiarise yourself with the individual parts of
the mower.
The main parts of the mower shown in Fig. A
are as follows:
• Machine body (1):
• Cutter deck (2)
• Motor cover (3)
• Battery cover (4)
• Grass flap (5)
• Wheel assembly (6)
• Pivot pin (7)
• Grill (8)
• Handle (9):
• Upper handle (10)
• Lower handle (11)
• Handle knob (12)
• Switch lever (15)
• Switch box (16)
• Electric cable (17)
• Retaining clips (18)
• The lower handle (11) comes ready
assembled to the mower body.
• All that is required is to unfold the handle
by lifting it until the handle ends snap into
their locations on the sides of the mower.
Once this is complete the knobs (12) can
be tightened.
• The upper handle (10) is assembled by
fitting the bolts (13) through the holes in
the lower handle, aligning the upper
handle over these and securing with a
washer (14) and then the knob (12).
• Tighten each one with hand pressure only.
Do not use a spanner.
When both handles are assembled, fit
one cable clip (18) onto the upper handle
and one onto the lower handle. Clip the
cable into these ensuring the grassbox
can be removed and positioned freely.
Note: Ensure the battery is disconnected.
Read the safety instructions at the beginning
of this manual before using this accessory.
• Before starting to assemble the grassbag,
check that the parts are similar to those
shown in Fig. C1.
• Secure the grassbag by inserting the bag
rim into the channel and pushing down
firmly until the clip feature locks onto the
bag rim (inset).
• Push the support frame firmly into place.
C3 •
Assemble the two side clips to the
support frame, then assemble the
bottom clip.
Battery information
• The battery in your cordless lawnmower is a
12 volt sealed lead acid system. The battery
employs an absorbed electrolyte and, can
therefore, be stored in any position without
fear of leakage.
The battery has been charged at the factory,
however, it will be necessary to recharge the
battery to ensure full charge before initial use.
For optimal performance the battery should
be recharged after each use.
For winter storage ensure:
• The mower is fully charged before storing.
• The temperature of the storage location is
below 25˚C.
• Storage duration is less than 6 months.
Always store your mower in a dry and
cool location.
Keep the mower and battery away from water,
heat sources (such as radiators, heaters, stoves
etc.), flames or chemicals.
Battery strap
• Locate the battery and its carrying strap.
• Fold the sides of the strap up and put the battery
in place.
• Click the straps together ensuring you locate
every hole.
• The strap should be kept on the battery at all times.
Charging instructions
• Always charge your mower indoors in a
well ventilated area, where it is dry and
protected from the weather.
• Charge mower in a location where the
temperature is more than 5˚C (41˚F) and
below 40˚C (104˚F).
Warning! Do not attempt to charge
non-rechargeable batteries.
To charge
• The battery on your mower can be
charged on the mower or can be
removed and charged away from the
mower if a mains socket is not at hand.
To charge the battery ON the mower
• Remove the safety key (24) and store in a
safe place away from children.
• Open the battery cover (4) by pressing in
the lock symbols at each side of the
cover and hinge upwards.
• Disconnect the battery lead (red and
black) by pulling it from the socket at the
side of the battery recess.
• The red and black socket of the charger
is then connected to the red and black
socket of the battery.
Note: The charger socket will fit one way only.
• Connect the charger to the mains socket
and switch on.
• The red indicator on the charger will turn
on. This indicates that the battery is
being charged.
When the battery becomes charged,
normal time 24 to 30 hours, the red light
will go out and the green light will turn on.
It is safe to leave your battery on charge
until ready to use.
Disconnect the charger from the battery
and connect the battery to the socket on
the mower.
Your mower is now ready for use.
To charge the battery OFF the mower
• Remove the safety key and open battery
cover as described above and
disconnect the battery.
• Lift out battery out of the mower using
the carry handle.
• Charge as described above.
• After charging, replace in mower and
connect to the mower socket.
Recharge mower to a fulI charge immediately
after use.
In order to get maximum performance from your
mower with maximum battery life, it is important that
you recharge the battery immediately after each use.
Battery failure will occur if the mower is stored
without having a full charge.
Recharge mower to a fulI charge for winter storage.
When preparing your mower for winter storage, it is
important that it is recharged. Battery failure will occur
if the mower is stored without having a full charge.
Battery disposal
When the mower’s battery requires replacing
discharge the energy from the battery by
running the mower until the motor stops.
Remove the battery from the mower .
Warning: The battery may still have some
residual charge even after the motor stops.
It is therefore necessary to protect against
accidental short circuit of the battery
terminals with uninsulated tools or materials
of a conductive nature, such as, but not
limited to steel wool or aluminium foil.
Batteries must be disposed of in a
responsible manner.
This symbol indicates the lead acid battery
contained within this unit must be disposed
of properly and not discarded in everyday
household waste which may be disposed of
in an incinerator or landfill site.
Lead acid batteries can be harmful to the
environment and can explode when exposed
to fire. Do not incinerate.
The battery should be taken to a
Black & Decker service centre, your local
dealer or your local recycling station. If
necessary, contact your local authority for
disposal information.
If the cutting performance begins to deteriorate,
please refer to the “Fault finding” guide.
Warning! Do not cross battery leads when
installing a new battery as this will cause the
blade to run in reverse until battery is
discharged. When you attempt to recharge
the battery, the charger circuit will be
destroyed as soon as you connect the
charger plug.
How to use your machine
(Fig. D & E)
Important! Always observe all the relevant
warnings when using your machine.
Warning! Never attempt to operate your
machine with one hand. You must guide
your machine with both hands.
Safety key
• In order to prevent accidental start-up or
unauthorised use of your cordless
mower, a removable safety key has been
incorporated into the design of your
mower. The mower will be completely
disabled when this safety key has been
removed from the mower.
Note: The safety key has a hole in the centre
to allow for storage on a hook, out of the
reach of children.
Warning! Always remove the safety key from
mower when leaving it unattended, even for
a short period of time.
• Your safety key will be found in the
parts pack (plus one spare).
• Remove tie wrap from switch lever prior
to first use.
• Insert the safety key into position and
push fully home.
• Tilt the handle downwards to slightly
raise the front of the mower to reduce
the risk of lawn damage whilst starting.
• Your mower is equipped with a special
on/off switch lever. The switch lever is
recessed within the switch housing to
prevent turning the mower on accidentally.
To operate the switch, insert your finger
into the opening and push the lever out
so that you can pull it with your other hand.
• Pull the lever back against the mower
handle and hold in this position to keep
the mower running.
• To turn the mower off, just release the
lever. The spring-loaded “snap-action”
lever will relocate itself back into its
original position inside the switch housing.
When you have finished using your machine
we recommend that you clean all debris from
it before putting it away. It is important to
remove the safety key before cleaning. Please
refer to the “Care and maintenance” section.
Note: To obtain the best results cut your
lawn or grassed area regularly and do not
cut when the grass is wet.
If, when grasscutting, loose grass is seen to be
scattered from beneath the mower, the grassbag is probably full and should be emptied.
Fitting the grassbag to the unit
• Hold the grassbag top (19) by its handle.
• Lift the grassflap (5), then guide the
grassbag through the lower handle tube
and fix to the rear of the unit by lining up
the arrows marked on the cutter deck
and grassbag top.
• Finally, when this is complete, gently
release the grassflap (5) and it will return
to sit onto the location area of the
grassbag top (19).
Removing the grassbag
The full grassbag may be removed by raising the
grassflap (5) and then lifting the grassbag up and
through the lower handle.
Height of cut adjustment (Fig. F)
Warning! Remove safety key before making
any adjustments and give the blade time to
stop rotating; cutting blades are sharp.
• By moving the height of cut adjuster (20)
at the rear of your machine outwards
from the mower body and then up or
down as required, the height of cut can
be varied to give 5 positions.
Note: The 5 position height of cut adjuster
is under tension when in the engaged
position. It has to be sprung outwards to
move it from one height setting to another
and will spring back automatically into
position when released.
• Settings 1, 2 and 3 are suitable for
course or overgrown grass. Settings 4
and 5 should be used for maintaining
cultivated lawns. Setting 5 should only be
used if a very short cut is desired.
UK only
• To produce a stripe effect on your lawn,
simply adjust the height of cut to its
lowest position, setting 5, which will bring
the roller into contact with the grass. The
roller may be removed for cleaning by
levering out one end to release the axle
from its clip.
Maintenance of blades
The steel blade is designed to give a fine
finish in long or tough grass.
If, however, because of damage or wear the
cutting performance deteriorates, then the
mower may require a new blade, or at least
the existing blade to be sharpened.
We recommend that the steel blade is
sharpened or a new blade fitted at the
beginning of the season.
Replacement blades A6157 are available from
Black & Decker dealers and service centres.
Warning! When fitting a new blade use only
the Black & Decker replacement part
specified for your machine - do not attempt
to fit any other blade.
Fitting new blade (Fig. G)
Observe all the relevant warnings before
changing the blade.
Warning! Remove safety key before
changing the blade.
G1 •
G2 •
Turn your machine over on its side so
that the underside of the cutter deck is
Wear gloves to protect hands.
Using a cloth placed over the blade or
heavy duty gloves to protect your hands,
grip the blade and, using the spanner
provided, loosen and remove the nut
from the motor spindle. Turn the nut in an
anti-clockwise direction to loosen it.
Remove nut (23), square washer (22),
clutch plate (21) and blade.
To replace blade ensure the cutting
edges of the blade are closest to the
ground and place blade onto the
combined mount.
Place the clutch plate over the shoulder
of the combined mount protruding
through the blade. Ensure to align the
inside edges with the outside edges of
the blade.
• Place the square steel blade spacer on
the motor shaft aligning the inside flats
with the shaft and engaging the outside
edges with the plastic clutch plate.
Engage nut on shaft and turn it
clockwise to tighten.
• Ensure that removed parts are replaced
correctly before use, incorrect assembly
may result in damage to your mower
and reduced cutting performance.
Note: This unit is fitted with a clutch plate
(24), between the blade nut and the blade,
which must be assembled correctly at all
times. Damaged blade assembly parts must
be replaced before use.
Overload protection
Your machine is fitted with overload protection.
If you work too quickly in long grass, or in heavy
cutting conditions, you may overload the motor.
This will be indicated by a significant drop in speed,
and eventually, the overload protection will operate.
This is not a fault but a safety device to protect
your machine.
When this occurs, remove the safety key and wait for
1 to 2 minutes to allow to cool, clear any blockage
ensuring the blade is free to rotate. To restart,
replace the safety key and operate the switch lever.
If the cut-out operates again within 10 minutes, you
should increase the height of cut (see “Height of
cut adjustment”).
Severe overloading may result in a longer delay on
restarting. In such cases, after resetting, you should
allow the motor to cool.
To obtain the best results:
• Cut the grass regularly.
• Do not cut wet grass.
• When the grass is longer than 10cm (4 inches),
it is advisable to go over the lawn on a high cut
setting and then finish using a lower setting.
Care and maintenance
The advice given in this section covers the general
care and maintenance of the main body of your
mower. Advice relating to the blades is given in
“Maintenance of blades”. Advice relating to the
maintenance and storage of the battery is given in
“Battery information”.
• Always keep your machine clean and free from
grass cuttings, especially the underside of the
cutter deck and the air vents.
• At the end of each cutting session we
recommend that the build up of grass on the
underside of the cutter cover is removed using a
blunt scraper, the spanner included with this
mower may be used for this purpose.
• Clean all plastic components with a damp cloth.
• Caution! Do not use solvents or cleaning fluids
as these may damage the plastic components of
your mower.
Fault finding
If your mower does not operate correctly, use the
following table to locate the problem.
Mower does not run
when switch lever
is activated
(a) Check to make sure safety key
has been inserted correctly.
(b) Remove the safety key, turn
mower over and check that the
blade is free to turn.
(c) Has battery been fully
charged? Plug in charger and
wait for green light to come on.
Mower stops when mowing
(a) Remove safety key. Turn
mower over and check that blade
is free to turn.
(b) Raise cutting height of wheels
and start mower.
(c) Has battery been fully
charged. Plug in charger and wait
for green light to come on.
(d) Check that safety key has not
fused. Replace if necessary.
Mower runs but cutting
performance is
(a) Has battery been fully
charged? Plug in charger and
wait for green light to come on.
(b) Battery may need replacing.
Refer to ‘Battery disposal’ section.
Mower is too hard to push
(a) Raise cutting height to
reduce drag on grass. Check
each wheel for ease of rotation.
Mower is abnormally noisy
and vibrates
(a) Remove safety key. Turn unit
on its side and check blade for
damage. If damaged replace with
Black & Decker replacement blade.
(b) If there is no visible damage
to the blade or underside of the
mower return to your local service
centre or authorised dealer.
Warning! Always remove safety key before
carrying out any inspection.
Black & Decker lawn and garden
This guarantee provides 36 months parts cover
and 12 months labour. Proof of purchase will be
If your Black & Decker product becomes defective ,
within the guarantee period, due to faulty materials
and workmanship, we guarantee to either replace all
defective parts, or at our discretion, replace the unit
free of charge, provided that:
• The product is returned to us or our authorised
repairers with evidence of purchase.
The product has been used within the
parameters of its consumer classification.
• The product has not been used for hire purposes.
• Repairs have not been attempted by anyone other
than authorised repairer agents.
• The failure represents normal wear and tear.
This guarantee is offered as an extra benefit and is
additional to your statutory rights.
What to do if your Black & Decker
product needs repair
If your Black & Decker product should need repair
the quickest and simplest way is to take or send it
back to a Black & Decker authorised repair agent,
providing proof of purchase if a guarantee repair
is required.
If you have any difiiculty, please contact our sevice
and information centre (tel: 0345 230230) who will
give you every assistance.
Our guarantee policy
Failures due to the following are not covered:
• Replacing worn or damaged blades, nylon line
and chains, or cables damaged during storage
or use. These are regarded as replacement items
which wear during normal usage.
• Failures as a result of sudden impact or obvious
• Failures due to usage not in accordance with
instructions and recommendations contained in
the instruction manual.
The use of other than genuine Black & Decker
accessories and parts may damage or reduce the
performance of you Black & Decker product and
may render the guarantee void.
Black & Decker after sales service
If you need any help or advice please contact your
local Black & Decker authorised repair agent. A full
directory is printed on the reverse of the parts
drawing included with your mower.
Other Black & Decker products
Black & Decker has a full range of outdoor power
tools that make life easy in the garden. If you would
like further information on the following products,
please contact Black & Decker service information
centre at the address on the back cover, or contact
your Black & Decker stockist.
Grass trimmers
Compost shredder
EC Declaration of Conformity
We declare that unit: GRC730
conforms to 89/392/EEC, EN55104,
89/336/EEC, 73/23/EEC, EN60335, EN55014
A weighted sound pressure @ 4m 80dB (A)
A weighted sound power 91dB (A)
Hand/arm weighted vibration <2.5m/s2
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Address of the dealer where your lawnmower was purchased:
What was the price of your lawnmower?
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Date of your purchase:
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Please cut out this section, put into a stamped addressed envelope and post
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If you live in Australia or New Zealand, please register your purchase by phone.
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