Marmitek AWM2 User manual

20533/20120530 • FD10
• The wiring of your electrical installation is live (230 V) and
extremely dangerous. Never connect the module when
plugged into the mains. Always turn off the main switch
before starting the installation.
• This product is for professional use and should be installed
by a certified installer.
• To prevent short circuits, this product should only be used
inside and only in dry spaces. Do not expose the
components to rain or moisture. Do not use the product
close to a bath, swimming pool etc.
• Do not expose the components of your systems to
extremely high temperatures or bright light sources.
• Do not open the product: the device may contain live parts.
The product should only be repaired or serviced by a
qualified repairman.
• In case of improper usage or if you have opened, altered
and repaired the product yourself, all guarantees expire.
Haibrain does not accept responsibility in the case of
improper usage of the product or when the product is used
for purposes other than specified. Haibrain does not accept
responsibility for additional damage other than covered by
the legal product responsibility.
• This product is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children.
• Automatic switching devices provide comfort, but can also
be dangerous. They can surprise people or can ignite
clothing hanging over an electric heat source. Please be
careful and take appropriate measures to avoid accidents.
Haibrain X-10 components use the existing mains wiring to
communicate (using Haibrain X-10 signals). You can build a
complete system using the three different kind of components of the Haibrain X-10 System:
1. Modules: These components will receive Haibrain X-10
signals and will switch or dim the attached lamp or
2. Controllers: These components will transmit Haibrain X10 signals and thus will control the Modules.
3. Transmitters: Wireless components like remotes. The
signals of these components will be received by a controller
with transceiver functionality (IRRF 7243, TM13 or console
of a Haibrain Security System). The Transceiver will translate
the signals into Haibrain X-10 signals on the power line.
Up to a maximum of 256 different addresses can be preset.
These are subdivided into a so-called HouseCode (A to P
incl.) and a UnitCode (1 to 16 incl.). The HouseCode can
also be set on the controllers, so that the controllers and
modules become part of the same system. The address can
be set either using code dials or by pressing buttons, depending on the type of module.
The Haibrain X-10 System uses standard commands, which
control all units with the same HouseCode at the same time
(e.g. all lights on, all off, etc.).
Range of Haibrain X-10 signals over the Power Line and
how to increase the range.
The Haibrain X-10 System is based on power line communication. The range of the Haibrain X-10 signals very much
depends on the local circumstances. On average the range is
a cable length of 80 meters.
If you have difficulties with the range of your Haibrain X10 signals, please pay attention to the following facts:
1. When more than one phase is used for your electrical
system, it is necessary to couple these phases for the
Haibrain X-10 signals. For coupling you can use FD10 Phase
Couplers/Filters. You only need to install a Phase Coupler/
Filter when your wall outlets and light switches are divided
over more than one phase (more than one group is no
problem). For bigger buildings or longer distances we
advice you to use an active repeater instead of passive
2. It is possible that Haibrain X-10 signals are attenuated by
devices and lights which are connected to the power line.
In a normal home situation this effect is negligible (the
Haibrain X-10 system is using active gain control to
eliminate the effects). However, it is possible that a
particular device in your house is attenuating the signals so
much that the range of Haibrain X-10 signals is decreased
significantly. When you have range problems, it is wise to
try to locate the device which is attenuating the signals
simply by unplugging devices from the power line, and
testing the differences in range for your Haibrain system.
When e.g. your conclusion is that e.g. your computer
monitor is attenuating the signal, you can use a FM10 Plugin Filter between the power line and the monitor to
eliminate the effects.
Known devices which can cause attenuation are:
- PC Monitors
- PCs with heavy internal power supplies
- Old Televisions
- Copiers
- Fluorescent Lights
- Gas Discharge Lamps (Energy Saving Lamps)
3. Some (old) devices are able to disturb the signal by
transmitting noise on the power line. Because the
Haibrain X-10 signals are transmitted on 120 kHz, only
noise on or near this frequency will have influence on the
range. When you use a FM10 Filter to connect this device
to the power line, the noise will be filtered.
4. The Haibrain X-10 protocol has several mechanism to
avoid modules to be switched on or off by other sources
than your Haibrain X-10 Controllers. However, it is possible
that the Haibrain X-10 signals are disturbed by e.g. baby
phones which are in TALK mode (continuous transmission).
When these kind of signals are present on the power line it
is possible that the Haibrain X-10 signals will not come
5. The mains do not stop at the front door of your home.
Everything that is attached to mains nearby your home can
have influence on Haibrain X-10 signals (e.g. heavy
machinery). If you think that your system is influenced by
devices out of your house, it is advisable to install FD10
Phase Coupler/Filter on each phase entering the house.
These filters will block signals coming into or going out of
your house, but will also match the impedance for the
mains. Hereby make your house Haibrain X-10 compatible
for these units. The FD10’s will not only filter but will also
couple the phases (please see 1).
Congratulations on your purchase of the Haibrain X-10
FD10 Phase Coupler/Filter.
The FD10 Phase Coupler/Filter;
• connects Haibrain X-10 signals over phases for the use of
the Haibrain X-10 system in a multiple phase installation.
• filters Haibrain X-10 signals from the mains to prevent
signals from coming into or going out of the premises.
• amplifies the transfer of signals within the premises
through impedance adjustments.
• can be applied to disconnect interferences from
interference sources from the mains (heavy machinery, etc).
Heavy version: 63 A, 230 V.
The module must be installed by a qualified electrician!
The FD10 Phase Couplers/Filters can be placed directly after
the main switch of the installation. In order to connect the
FD10 properly, phase (L) and null (N) must be available. If
multiple Filters are used in a multiple phase system, the
Couplers/Filters must be connected to each other via a single wire connection.
The installation diagram shows how the FD10 phase coupler
has to be installed: in between the current remaining mains
switch for the electrical system and the fuses for the separate groups.
Simply click the FD10 onto the DIN rail.
Connect the cables as follows:
Phase input to (L)
Null to (N)
Phase output to (L)
Use additional Phase Couplers/Filters for
installations with more than 1 phase. For the complete coupling of three phases you will need three FD10 Phase Couplers/Filters. Connect the filters by connecting connector K
to the following phase (see figure). For this, a 1.5 mm² shift
cable can be used.
Installation diagram
Coupling with filtering
Coupling without filtering
Attention: If micro modules are used that can only generate
an X-10 PLC signal at 0 and 180 degrees (such as the
LWM1, TMA4, TMD4 and AWM2), you will only be able to
use the Phase Couplers/Filters as a filter. In order to couple
the phases a CAT3000 will be required.
What is the reason for modules to switch on/off spontaneously?
It is possible that a Haibrain X-10 System is installed at one
of your neighbours using the same House Code. To solve
this problem try to change the House Code of your system.
Must the FD10 be placed before or after the earth
In general the FD 10 can be connected best after the three
phase main switch of a 400 V group (for instance the
cooker group). When earth switches are used the FD10
must be installed before these switches. By doing so undesired switching off of these switches is prevented.
How many FD10 units do I need in my house for phase
For a 1-phase system: 0 FD10 modules are necessary.
For a 2-phase system: 1 FD10 modules are necessary.
For a 3-phase system: 3 FD10 modules are necessary or a
CAT3000 (product info CAT3000). When using MicroModules (product info MicroModules) always use the CAT3000.
Can I also use MicroModules if I have FD10 modules?
Yes, the only thing that will not work, is the transmission
function (2-way communication, status indicator) of the
AWM2, TMA4, TMD4 and the LWM1. The AW12 and LW12
have no 2-way communication and will work normally. If
you want to use 2-way communication, you need to use the
CAT3000 for coupling.
Do the FD10 units need to be attached to the phase circuit?
Not necessarily. If you only want to couple and not filter, the
FD10 units can also be attached to the phases via a parallel
connection. This makes the installation a lot simpler.
After placing the FD10 units, my installation does not
work as well as before. What went wrong?
The FD10 units were not connected properly. The ingoing
and outgoing phases were switched round, which means
the FD10 suppresses the signals on the installation in your
Can I use the FD10 also as a filter only?
Yes you can. Use the wiring diagram as in "Coupling and filtering", but disconnect the K-connection.
What is the difference between 3 FD10s and the
When using 3 FD10s, the signals are spread over different
phases (the phases are coupled). The CAT3000 couples the
phases and also amplifies the signal (repeater) and also couples the extra MicroModules signals.
What tricks and tips can I use to enhance the reach of
the X-10 signals?
See http://www.haibraincom/en/support/haibrain-university.php
for more information.
Do you still have questions? Please check out for more
Supply voltage:
Maximal current:
Central filter frequency:
Bandwidth filter:
Attenuation incoming:
230VAC, 50 Hz
63 A
120 kHz
5 kHz min. (3 dB points)
20 dB min. for I = 0 A
15 dB min. for I = 63 A
Attenuation outgoing:
15 dB min.
Input impedance:
20 Ohm min. for f = 120 kHz
Coupling loss:
2 dB max. for f = 120 kHz
Screw connectors for phase
(supply), phase (premises), null
and connection.
Surrounding temperature: -10°C to +50°C
(business premises)
-20°C to +70°C
35x80x65 mm
Environmental Information for Customers in the European Union
European Directive 2002/96/EC requires that the equipment bearing this symbol on the product
and/or its packaging must not be disposed of with unsorted municipal waste. The symbol indicates
that this product should be disposed of separately from regular household waste streams. It is your
responsibility to dispose of this and other electric and electronic equipment via designated collection
facilities appointed by the government or local authorities. Correct disposal and recycling will help prevent potential
negative consequences to the environment and human health. For more detailed information about the disposal
of your old equipment, please contact your local authorities, waste disposal service, or the shop where you
purchased the product.
Hereby, Haibrain BV, declares that this FD10 is in compliance with the essential
requirements and other relevant provisions of the following Directives:
Directive 2004/108/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 December
2004 on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to electromagnetic
Directive 2006/95/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 December 2006
on the harmonisation of the laws of Member States relating to electrical equipment
designed for use within certain voltage limits
Directive 2011/65/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 8 June 2011 on
the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic
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