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Congratulations on your choice of a Crimestopper Mobile DVR System.
This installation book is designed for the installer or individual with an existing
understanding of automotive electrical systems, along with the ability to test and connect
wires for proper operation. To ease installation, we suggest that you READ THIS
MANUAL before beginning your installation. This book is provided as a GENERAL
GUIDELINE and the information contained herein may differ from your vehicle.
Crimestopper Security Products, Inc. and its vendors shall not be liable for any accident
resulting from the use of this product. This system is designed to be professionally
installed into a vehicle in which all systems and associated components are in perfect
working condition.
TECHNICAL SUPPORT (800)-998-6880
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm Pacific Time
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REV 3.2009
1. Car DVR Box x 1
2. 1 GB SD Card
3. IR cable x 1
4. Remote Controller x 1
5. Power Cable x 1
6. English User Manual x 1
Input/Output Ports
Front View
IR Sensor
Power Connector
Secure Digital Card
Car Monitor
1GB SD Card Included
Back View
Video Input 4
Video Input 3
Video Input 2
Video Input 1
Reverse CCD
Inside CCD
Turn Signal CCD
Front CCD
Power Port Description
Power Connect
1. YELLOW ---------------TO BATTERY IN.
2. RED ---------------------TO ACC IN.
3. BROWN ----------------TO DOOR TRIGGER (–).
5. GREEN -----------------TO HANDBRAKE.
6. BLUE --------------------DC 12V OUT (200mA).(Connect indoor camera power)
7. WHITE ------------------TO PARKING LIGHT.
8. WHITE / RED----------TO REVERSE.
9. PINK/WHITE-----------NC.
10. PINK ---------------------NC.
11. BLACK ------------------TO GND.
12. BLACK ------------------TO GND.
Remote Controller Key Function
Toggle key to switch power ON/OFF。
Press to enter system setup。
Press to exit Menu。
During Menu Mode, press to confirm selection and enter sub-selection。
Toggle key to force switch to record V3 (indoor camera) and back to original
camera record. With ignition ON, press reset button to switch V1 to V3.
During Menu Mode,selection up/down operation。
During Normal Mode,Press p (2x) to Zoom in。Press q (2x) to Zoom out。
During Menu Mode,selection left/right operation。
Menu Structure
Set Clock
Adjust time/date. Format: hh:mm:ss, mm/dd/yy
TV Output System
NTSC/PAL two systems output selection.
NTSC/PAL two systems CCD video input
Video Input System
selection. Even user selection not correct, DVR
still can get the video.
SD Card Format
Format SD card to FAT format. This operation
will erase all folders/files which inside card.
Recording intervals of DVR after Ignition ON. If
user selects “0 seconds”, then box will bypass
Boot Up Indoor
boot up record. If user select “OFF”, then box will
Record Interval
bypass all function which relative to dome trigger
Ignition Off Dome
Recording intervals of DVR after door open and
Record Interval
close with Ignition OFF.
Playback Selection
Selection for playback video files. After select
one area to entry, one file list will be display by
file’s created date/time. User can select any file
to entry playback mode.
S/W Version
Version of current S/W which inside box.
DVR Operation Algorithm
(1) ACC On Before Door Open: Boot Up Indoor Record Interval: Default = 0 seconds
Choices = 0 seconds / 10 seconds / 20 seconds / 30 seconds / OFF (No Dome Trigger)
Force to record indoor CCD (V3) for user specify time interval and then switch to front CCD (V1).
Every 5 minutes will generate one new video file to record contiguously.
(2) Door Open without ACC On: Ignition Off Dome Record Interval: Default = 30 seconds.
Choices = 30 seconds / 1 minute / 2 minutes / 3 minutes
Start to record indoor CCD (V3) for user specified time interval. If ignition turned on during this
period, the DVR will start Boot Up Record function immediately (see item (1)).
(3) Event Trigger:
(a) Handbrake Event On: This event will stop current recording operation immediately and let the video
source still output (Watch only not record).
(b) Handbrake Event Off: This event will let recording operation resume.
(c) Turn signal light on event: This event will switch to turn signal CCD (V2) immediately and start
recording. Every 3 minutes generate one file.
(d) Turn signal light off event: This event will switch back to V1 immediately and start recording V1.
(e) Dome light on event: This event will switch to V3 immediately and start recording. Every 5 minutes
will generate one new video file.
(f) Dome light off event: This event will let DVR record V3 extra 10 seconds then stop record. Then
switch back to V1 immediately and start to record V1. But if user select zero seconds in (Boot Up
Indoor Record Interval), box will switch back to V1 immediately after closing the door.
(g) Reverse on event: This event will switch to reverse CCD (V4) immediately and start recording.
Every 3 minutes generate one file.
(h) Reverse off event: This event will switch back to V1 immediately and start recording V1.
(J) Reset Key event: DVR will force to switch to record Indoor CCD (V3) when user press reset key on
remote controller in any recording mode. Reset key must be pressed again to stop recording or
turn ignition off..
DVR Specification
(1) Power: Input voltage support 9-36V DC, power consumption 2.7W(12V),standby current is 10mA.
(2) DC 12V output: We support one DC 12Volt/200mA output to dedicate to connect indoor CCD (V3)
power. DVR Box can control the V3 camera power on when dome open at ignition off. Otherwise, the
V3 camera will no power to let it working when ignition off.
(3) SD card: Right now we only support maximum 4GBytes standard SD card only. SDHC Card Not
Supported. We suggest no using the mini-SD or Micro-SD card plus SD-socket with system. The
minimum SD card size should be more than 512 bytes.
(4) Recording method: Right now we use mpeg4 Simple Profiles to record video. We don’t support
Motion-JPEG format at this moment. Right now we only support QVGA/30 frames resolution.
(5) Recording file format: We use the Microsoft Windows Media Advanced Systems Format (*.asf) to be
the file format. Please use windows media player version 9 above to play this file on the PC.
(6) File Structure: The DVR system will make 4 folders inside SD card. You will see 4 directories:
FORWARD – Front Camera - Folder will use 40% SD card capacity.
REARWARD – Back Camera - Folder will use 20% SD card capacity
SECURITY – Indoor Camera - Folder will use 30% SD card capacity.
TURN_SIG – Turn Camera - Folder will use 10% SD card capacity.
3. System Icon Description
Video Source
SD Exist
Current Date
Current Time
Recording Time
Press MENU key to enter System setup. Setup the correct values according to your requirements. After setup
is finished,press EXIT key to memorize and Exit Menu. If EXIT key is not pressed to leave,the DVR will not
memorize the value which user changed。
Set Clock
Under Set Clock item, press OK key to enter Clock Adjust.
Please use pq key to adjust the value and use
tu key to change another item. One by one item to setup until back to Set Clock item picture.
TV Output System
User according to their car monitor TV system type to setup the correct system. Otherwise maybe will display
not correct in monitor. Default value of this item is “NTSC”.
Video Input System
Please setup correct format according to their CCD camera TV system . Even with setup not correct, box still
can get the video in, but image quality maybe not good. Default value of this item is “NTSC”.
SD Card Format
User can use this function to format SD card to our box needed format. This operation will erase all files which
inside SD card. In general, user don’t need to use this item to format if use whole new SD card.
To avoid erasing all files, we need to re-confirm this action once. You need to press “MENU” key to confirm
format active. Otherwise, press “EXIT” to cancel this action.
Boot Up Indoor Record Interval
The DVR will record the Indoor camera (V3) for time interval of this value after Ignition on (ACC ON). If user
selects “0 seconds”, the DVR will bypass Boot Up Indoor Record (record V1 immediately after ignition on). If
you select “OFF”, that means box will bypass all door trigger event function. That means box will not record
indoor camera any more when door open/close. Default value = 0 seconds.
Ignition Off Dome Open Record Interval
The DVR will record the Indoor camera (V3) for interval of this value after door is open and close with the
ignition off (ACC off). After time interval passed, box will power off immediately. Default value = 30 seconds.
Play Back Selection
In this selection, you can playback video files directly from the DVR without removing the SD card. You need to
select which area to playback.
After selecting the area which you want, the DVR will create the file list which in this area. Box will use the file’s
name and record start data/time to be the file list.
Press the Up/Down key to move cursor to select file, and press “OK” key to start playback of current selected
video file.
Playback Status
Normal Speed
File Record Time
Elapsed Time
You can press “RIGHT” key to Fast Forward current playback video. We support X2 and X4 two speed modes
to fast forward. Same operation with rewind by press “LEFT” key. If playback Fast Forward or Rewind to the
end of the file, box will playback again from video start in normal speed.
Normal speed à press right key à 2X speed à press right key à 4X speed à press right key à normal speed.
Normal speed à press left key à -2X speed à press left key à -4X speed à press left key à normal speed.
S/W Version
This page displays the software version of the DVR.
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