IMPORTANT: Turn OFF water supply to Cavitron system or disconnect water quickdisconnect from the water supply when not in use.
Daily Maintenance
11. Open the manual shut-off valve on the dental office water supply system.
With the Cavitron JET Plus Combination System OFF, unscrew the powder bowl cap. Verify the powder bowl is empty. Turn the system ON for 15 seconds to
eliminate residual moisture in the lines. Turn the system OFF.
Shake the powder bottle well to create an even consistency of powder mixture.
Pour enough powder into the bowl for the procedure to be performed. With experience the Dental Healthcare Professional will be able to determine the amount of powder required. Do not fill above the top of the center tube.
Secure the cap on the powder bowl.
Install a sterilized JET-Mate Handpiece onto the handpiece cable.
Set the Power Level Control to minimum and the Lavage Control to maximum.
Turn the system ON.
If powder fluffing is observed when the Tap-OnTM Foot
Pedal is not in use, this would indicate an air leak. To
correct, turn the System OFF, remove the Powder Cap,
clean any residual powder from the O-ring seal and
threads,replace the Powder Cap, tighten, and turn the
System back ON.
Hold the sterilized handpiece (without an insert or
nozzle insert installed) over a sink or drain. Activate the
Purge Control button.
• The Purge button will light for two minutes indicating proper activation of the purge function.
• If the Purge button is activated with an insert present in the handpiece, the button will blink for 3 seconds and disable. Remove the insert from the handpiece and press the Purge button again.
• The Purge function can be interrupted at any time during the two minute cycle by pressing the Purge button again or by pressing the Tap-OnTM Foot Pedal.
After completing the purge cycle, place a sterilized 30kHz Cavitron® Ultrasonic Insert into the handpiece and set the Power Level Control and Lavage Control to
your preferred operating position for ultrasonic scaling. For air polishing, place a sterilized JET Air
Polishing Insert into the handpiece and adjust the
Power Level Control to Prophy Mode, and the Powder Flow and Lavage Controls to your preferred operating positions.
* Please refer to DFU for section references
Remove the used Cavitron® Ultrasonic Insert or JET Air Polishing Insert. Clean and sterilize following the Infection Control Procedures that were enclosed with your insert.
Hold the handpiece over a sink or drain and activate Purge function as described in Step 10 of the Start-Up procedure.
After the purge cycle is complete, turn the System to the OFF (0) position.
Remove the JET-Mate handpiece, clean and sterilize following the procedures outlined in the Cavitron Systems Infection Control Procedures booklet that was enclosed with your system.
Disinfect the surfaces of the cabinet, Power Cord,
Handpiece Cable, Tap-OnTM Foot Pedal and Cable
assembly (if applicable), Water Supply and Air Supply
lines by applying an approved non-immersion type
disinfectant solution* carefully following the instructions
provided by the disinfectant solution manufacturer. To
clean the system, generously spray disinfectant solution
on a clean towel and wipe all surfaces. Discard used
towel. Dry with a clean cloth. To disinfect the system,
generously spray disinfectant on a clean towel and wipe
all surfaces. Allow disinfectant solution to air dry. Never
spray disinfectant solution directly on the system.
Inspect the handpiece cable for any breaks or tears.
If using a closed water supply or DualSelect Dispensing System, check for adequate fluid volumes for the next patient.
Check the powder bowl for sufficient powder for the next procedure.
When ready to use, place a sterilized JET-Mate Handpiece onto the handpiece cable assembly and insert a sterilized ultrasonic insert or air polishing insert into the handpiece and adjust system controls as preferred.
*NOTE: Broad spectrum hospital grade water-based
disinfection solutions are preferred, such as Lysol IC. Some
alcohol-based disinfectant solutions may be harmful and
may discolor plastic materials.
Follow the “Between Patients“ maintenance procedures, steps 1 through 6. In addition, it is recommended to
close the manual shut-off valve on the dental water
supply system.
Unscrew the powder bowl cap.
Remove the powder bowl from the unit and discard 4.
the unused powder.
Holding the open end of the powder bowl away from you, activate the system for 15 seconds to clear the bowl. A high volume evacuator can be used to remove any residual powder.
Remove the o-ring seal from the powder bowl cap and using a soft dry cloth, wipe residual powder from the cap, the o-ring and the powder bowl threads. Be careful not to scratch or otherwise damage the cap.
Return the o-ring to the cap and secure the cap on the powder bowl.
Weekly Maintenance
Remove residual prophy powder from the cap and bowl threads using a soft brush (toothbrush). If not removed,
caked powder in threads can result in thread wear and powder bowl cap disengagement.
It is strongly recommended that this system be disinfected by chemically flushing the waterlines with a 1:10 Sodium Hypochlorite solution (NaOCl) at the end of each week. This can be accomplished by
connecting this device to the Cavitron DualSelect Dispensing System or a number of other devices available from your local distributors. Where this device
is connected to the Cavitron DualSelect Dispensing System, please follow the DualSelect system’s Directions
for Use manual. If connected to another device, please
follow those directions for use, keeping in mind that a chemical flush should be performed at maximum water flow for at least 30 seconds. The system should be left undisturbed for 10 minutes but no more than 30 minutes to allow the sodium hypochlorite solution to soak in the lines. As a suggestion, it is recommended that a sign be placed on the system stating that the SYSTEM IS
BEING DISINFECTED WITH A STRONG DISINFECTANT AND SHOULD NOT BE USED. When ready, flush system with clean water for at least 30 seconds or until sodium hypochlorite odor disappears. ALL CHEMICALS MUST BE FLUSHED FROM THE SYSTEM BEFORE IT IS READY FOR PATIENT USE.
Monthly Maintenance
When the water line filter becomes discolored, the filter should
be replaced to prevent reduced water flow to the Cavitron
JET Plus system. A 10-pack of replacement filters is available
by ordering Part Number 90158 from your local DENTSPLY
Professional distributor.
Verify that the system is turned OFF.
Disconnect the water supply hose from the dental office water supply. If a quick disconnect connector is
attached to the end of the hose, relieve the water
pressure by pressing the tip of the connector in an appropriate container and drain the water.
Grasp the fittings on either side of the filter disk and * Please refer to DFU for section references
twist counterclockwise. Remove the filter section from either side of the water hose.
Install the replacement filter onto the water hose fittings. The filter should be positioned to match up with the correct hose fitting.
Hand tighten one hose fitting onto filter in a clockwise
direction. Tighten second hose onto filter in clockwise
direction. Reconnect the water supply line, operate unit to
bleed the air and test for leaks.
Air Supply Line Filter Maintenance
Water build up in the air supply line filter should be drained. This
can be accomplished by turning the knob on the bottom of the
filter counter-clockwise to open. After draining, turn the knob fully
clockwise to close (some filters drain by depressing the Schrader
valve stem at the bottom of the filter). If the inner filter element
becomes discolored or dirty, a new filter assembly should be
installed. Replacement filter assemblies are available by ordering
Part Number 90088 from your local DENTSPLY Professional
Verify that the system is turned OFF.
Disconnect the air supply line from the dental office air source.
Using a 7/16“ wrench, loosen the nuts on the side fittings of the filter. Unscrew the nuts and slide them down the hose. Disconnect hoses from the filter and discard the used filter.
Insert the short hose into the input port of the filter and the long hose into the output port of the filter.
Slide the nuts up the hoses and screw onto the fittings. Tighten using pliers or a wrench.
Turn the System ON, operate the system and check for leaks.
Powder Bowl Maintenance
2. 3.
Turn the System OFF.
Allow the powder bowl to depressurize and unscrew the Powder Cap.
Empty powder from the bowl and use the high suction to remove any residual powder in the bowl.
Turn the System ON and check for strong air flow from the center tube of the powder bowl.
If no or low air flow is present, turn the System OFF.
Unscrew the knurled ring at the bottom of the bowl assembly and remove the fitting assembly.
Using the JET Air Polishing Insert nozzle cleaning wire tool, clean clogged powder from the fitting assembly. Turn the System ON and check for strong air flow. Turn the system OFF.
Check that the o-ring is properly positioned in the groove of the fitting assembly and reassemble the fitting assembly to the bowl. Tighten knurled ring. Place powder bowl into System.
Fill the powder bowl with fresh prophy powder and test for flow and leaks.
Remove residual powder from thread on the cap and bowl with a soft, dry cloth.