Alster News
Volume 18, Issue 5
May, 2015
New Factory For Alster
Alster is pleased to announce that we have been
chosen as the new Representative for Hytera America in Alaska, Washington,
Idaho and Montana.
Since its founding in 1993,
Hytera has been dedicated
to the development, manu-
facturing and sales of twoway radios and wireless
trunking systems. Today,
the company has become a
full solutions provider for
professional wireless communications for public safety, government agencies,
transportation, and com-
mercial/light industrial sectors. Contact us for more
information on Hytera’s full
line of Analog and Digital
Products. Ω
Hytera - XPT Digital Trunking
Hytera’s XPT (Extended
Pseudo Trunking) is a digital
trunking system that delivers up to 16 times the capacity of analog conventional mobile radio systems; a
more cost-effective solution
that allows customers to
increase capacity without
using a dedicated control
channel. The system can
easily migrate from Tier-II
DMR by applying an upgrade license to the
RD982S repeaters and connecting them via a layer-2
XPT (Extended Pseudo
Trunk) is a scalable digital
trunking solution that allows you to increase the
capacity of an existing conventional DMR system by
simply upgrading the current RD982S repeater and
DMR radios. XPT connects
a larger number of users
with voice and data turning
your conventional DMR
System into a virtual trunk-
ing system. XPT will now
allow multiple users from
various departments faster
access to the system, this
can increases productivity,
enhance customer service
and provides better dispatching to security personnel responding to emergencies.
XPT Allows the radio to
scan time slots on the repeater and dynamically
choose an open time slot to
initiate a call. Less wait time
is used than those who are
fixed to a specific time slot.
In typical systems it is not
uncommon for repeaters to
be busy while others remain
unused, this is where XPT
Digital Trunking comes into
action. The XPT system
broadcasts the availability of
channels throughout every
repeater ensuring the user
will have a guaranteed channel to initiate a call.
Within the XPT system,
groups of radios will be
allocated to a “home repeater”. When the home
repeater is idle all calls will
be made through this repeater. When the home
repeater is busy the XPT
system will automatically
and dynamically assign a
“free repeater”, which temporarily provides available
channels to initiate a call.
Once the home repeater
has an available resource
the groups of radios will
switch back to it. This process is repeated on the system to ensure instant communications with no interruptions or constant busy
signals, no designated control channel is needed in
this process. The same process works with group or
all calls, all radios are
moved to a single repeater,
freeing up the other repeaters for use, even if the radios on the call are assigned
to other repeaters. Ω
Inside this issue:
Times - Silverline-LP
Test Cables
SitePro 1 Barrel Cushions
OTTO - Profile Headset 2
Times Protect - Smart
Lyncole - XIT Grounding 3
TXRX - Duplexers
Bird- RF Meter App
Volume 18, Issue 5
Page 2
Times Microwave - Silverline-LP
Input from customers has
driven the development of
our SilverLine test cable
products. Recent feedback
on our SilverLine-LP (Low
PIM) test cables has
prompted a major re-design
that reduces assembly
weight more than 20% by
changing to a new, ellipticalshaped back nut which also
increases the gripping force.
A further benefit of the
new design is its streamlined manufacturing process
that has allowed us to re-
duce the price.
SilverLine®-LP is the first
test cable specifically designed for field and production PIM Testing. SilverLine®-LP is ideal for use
with Portable PIM analyzers
in field test applications. It is
also ideal for use with
bench top PIM Analyzers in
a lab or factory production
In the field this reliable,
high quality test cable cuts
costs by eliminating
the need to rebuild or reterminate a test lead on site
or worse, cancel a test entirely.
In the factory it saves labor by providing more accurate and consistent results over a far longer product life. This reduces product rejects caused by faulty
test leads. Contact me for
more information on SilverLine®-LP or any of the other Silverline test cables
from Times. Ω
Test Cable
SitePro 1 - New Barrel Cushions
Our new line of Barrel
Cushions are designed to
manage today's smaller coax cables, power cables,
fiber etc. on sites. These
rubber inserts fit inside
Snap-In hangers or our
CXB series Coax Blocks for
easy installation. Snap In
Hangers and CXB series
Coax Blocks allow multiple
runs with single attachment
We also have a new line
of Universal Barrel Cushions which are designed to
easily manage today’s Hybrid Cables. Universal fit
holds cable tightly and reduces inventory needs or
fitment issues at the site.
This patented design holds
the cables securely, unlike
some of our competitor’s
products. These rubber
inserts fit inside Snap-In
hangers, butterfly hangers
or our coax blocks for easy
installation, see chart below
for proper hanger size.
Manufactured from UV resistant EPDM rubber which
is durable in extreme conditions. Ω
Site Pro 1
Barrel Cushions for
Fiber, Coax, Power Cable
OTTO - Profile Headset
OTTO is excited to announce the release of the
Profile, a modular allpurpose headset.
A lightweight behind-thehead design and gel ear
seals provide maximum
comfort for users who are
required to wear a headset
for extended periods of
The sculpted ear cup
shape works well with or
without a helmet. The Profile headset is IP67 rated
(immersion for up to 30
minutes in 1 meter of water) and has a certified
noise reduction rating
(NRR) of 21dB.
The Profile features a
coiled cable (sold separate-
ly) with a low profile, in-line
PTT and a modular connector allowing users to
interchange cables for multiple radio platforms. The
Profile also includes a 3
year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Please contact me for
more information or a
demo. Ω
Behind the Head Design
Volume 18, Issue 5
Page 3
Times Protect - Smart Panel
The Times-Protect®
Smart-Panel® provides for
single point grounding and
eliminates costly and time
consuming cable ground
kits. The external copper
master ground bar is also
eliminated so there are no
copper parts to steal outside the shelter. Inside the
shelter the installation is
simplified and cost reduced
by the elimination of the
lightning protector trapeze.
Bulkhead mounted lighting
protectors eliminate added
trapeze ground lead inductance, creating a perfect
return path for surge currents during a lightning
The completely weatherized Times-Protect® SmartPanel® adjusts to the shelter wall thickness and is
supplied with all the necessary installation hardware as
well as a heavy duty copper
internal master ground bar
and a low inductance
ground plate.
Constructed of powdercoated heavy duty aluminum the Smart-Panel® is
available in 6, 12 and 24
port designs and either type
N or 716 DIN bulkhead
mount configurations. A
copper version is also available. All designs can also
accommodate EWG, Cat 5
data, DC or Fiber entry
Contact me for more information. Ω
Times Protect
Smart Panel
Lyncole - XIT Grounding System
The Lyncole XIT Grounding System is the original UL
listed, patented. Electrolytic
Grounding System. It is selfmoisturizing and maintenance free. It provides low
resistance to earth in diverse climates around the
world, without harmful effects to the environment. It
is warranted for 30 years
and has a life expectancy of
50 years. This active
grounding system constantly replenishes moisture into
the soil which continuously
improves performance over
When installed with Lynconite II® backfill material,
a proper PH balanced environment forms, which reduces corrosion to protect
the XIT system and creates
a very low resistance material directly around the rod.
Each XIT Grounding System
contains everything needed
for a complete installation,
including a copper electrolytic ground electrode, protective cover box, Lynconite II backfill material and
exothermically welded pigtail conductor. Contact me
for more information. Ω
Grounding System
TXRX - Duplexers
Bird Technologies manufacturers a comprehensive
line of duplexers with the
critical specifications you
require to operate a high
performance system. Our
transmitter and noise suppression characteristics you
need while minimizing the
loss to your carriers.
At high-band VHF and UHF,
the TX RX Vari-Notch®
design is the most commonly used. Vari-Notch®
provides a low-loss pseudobandpass characteristic that
can exist very close to a
deep notch. Proven lowloss and low-noise construction techniques are
used such as welded cavity
construction; silver-plated
loops, as well as a unique
fingerstock - free highconductivity
tuning probe. Our 4” and
6.625” diameter cavities are
constructed of hardened
aluminum which, unlike
most copper cavities, resists
denting and associated detuning. Ω
Cliff Peck
912 Lakeside Drive
Lolo, MT 598472
(406) 273-2695
Find us fast at
Page 4
Alster News
Bird RF Meter App
The Bird RF Meter App from Bird
Technologies now enables your Android phone to become a power
meter capable of connecting with the
Bird USB Field Sensors.
Ideally suited for field techs and
engineers who need to make power
measurements anywhere they go,
the Bird RF Meter’s user interface
has an intuitive, menu-driven design,
making it easy to use on your own
The Application enables the user
to set up his sensors with the appropriate configurations, correction
factors, offsets, zeroing calibration
and selection of element types. It
also includes the ability to enable
smoothing level for more stable
readings or max hold to detect the
maximum measured power.
Key Features:
Automatically detects sensor and
opens the application, Identifies multiple sensors simultaneously and displays each along with it serial number
to the user to easily distinguish among
those connected, Displays only the
information appropriate to sensor
indicated, Works with most Bird USB
field sensors including the 7020,
5012D, 5014, 5015, 5015-EF, 5016D,
5017D, 5018D, 5019D, Digital Displays Function, No calibration required, Plug to Play in Seconds, Displayable Functions: True Average
Power (Forward and Reflected),
VSWR, Peak Power, Crest Factor,
CCDF, Burst Power.
Now available as a free download
from the Google Play Store!
ACES 2015
Our October ACES is
currently scheduled to be in:
Salem, OR
Tuesday, Oct 6
Issaquah, WA
Wednesday, Oct 7
Anchorage, AK
Thursday, Oct 8