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January 2013 – Page 1
Windows Operating System Upgrade Kits
Windows Operating System Upgrade Kits
The SE9201 Windows Operating System Upgrade kits provide easy O/S upgrades to support v11.3/11.3.1
 Operating System images make upgrades
easy and supportable by DeltaV™
 Installation does not require Microsoft
 Ensures you have the proper O/S version
and Microsoft licenses to support DeltaV
 Easy to order from DeltaV pricebook
The SE9201 Windows Upgrade kits provide all of the
media and Microsoft O/S licenses required to upgrade
existing supported DeltaV workstations running Windows
XP and Server 2003 to Windows 7 and Server 2008.
DeltaV Product Data Sheet
January 2013 – Page 2
Windows Operating System Upgrade Kits
Easy and supportable upgrades. The Upgrade kits
use O/S images (rather than manual installation) to install
the new operating system. Upgrades are done in minutes
and, since the image provides the exact settings required
for DeltaV, there is no need to spend time configuring the
O/S after the install is complete.
No Microsoft Activation Required. The upgrade kits
provide a Dell BIOS upgrade to allow the O/S install
without the need to activate the new software. This saves
time and effort in the upgrade process, as well as the
possibility that an incomplete activation could render a
workstation inoperable at a later date.
Be sure you have the DeltaV supported O/S
installed and the proper Windows license.
The Emerson upgrade kit will ensure you have the correct
Microsoft O/S we support (DeltaV is prevented from
installing on unsupported operating systems). Our kits also
ensure you have the correct Microsoft license needed to
support the version of the O/S installed. So you do not
have to worry about being non-compliant during a
Microsoft license audit.
Ordering the correct upgrade kit is easy.
We make getting the correct O/S upgrade easy. You can
order the upgrade kit direct from Emerson. This eliminates
the cost and management involved with third party
purchase orders on the project.
Windows for Embedded Systems licensing
The SE9201 Windows O/S Upgrade kits are licensed
using an Emerson Windows for Embedded Systems O/S
licensing. This is a Microsoft Windows licensing
agreement that is different from the Dell OEM licensing
used previously. This licensing does change our
supported operating systems. Windows 7 Professional
and Server 2008 Standard Edition are still the supported
O/S on DeltaV.
"Windows for Embedded Systems" is a version of the
Windows Operating systems specifically created and
licensed for vendors who are purchasing the operating
system for resale as part of a packaged solution such as
The only difference in the O/S software is the Windows
licensing. The Emerson "Windows for Embedded
Systems" O/S software is exactly the same as the
software installed with the Dell OEM license. Users will
see no operational difference in using the Windows for
Embedded Systems O/S software.
The "Windows for Embedded Systems" license effectively
changes the O/S licensing from a general purpose
computer to a specific purpose computer. As specific
purpose computers the DeltaV workstations using a
Windows for Embedded Systems license have different
license terms from a general purpose computer license.
The Windows for Embedded Systems license
introduces the following licensing requirements:
These upgrade kits using the Emerson "Windows for
Embedded Systems" license must only be used to
upgrade a DeltaV workstation and the workstation
must remain connected to the DeltaV LAN during use.
These upgrade kits may not be used to upgrade a
general purpose computer or used on computers
where DeltaV is not installed and DeltaV is not the
primary use for the computer. If the computer where
these upgrade kits are installed is retired from use in
DeltaV a new O/S license and media must be
obtained to repurpose the computer for other use.
Because DeltaV must be installed, the initial install of
the upgrade not complete until DeltaV is installed on
the computer. Once DeltaV is installed the computer
will operate as a normal DeltaV workstation
Windows for Embedded Systems can only have the
O/S installed using an image DVD. A restore image is
included with each computer. A Windows O/S install
DVD is not included. Any new install or reinstall of the
operating system must be done using an image DVD
and the O/S installed must match the version on the
Microsoft Certificate of Authentication (COA) on the
computer. An image of the computer for backup
purposes and reinstall of this image on a properly
licensed computer is permitted. The new/replacement
computer must have a Windows for Embedded
Systems license for the image to activate on the new
Product Description
Each SE9201 DeltaV upgrade kit contains:
Installation Pamphlet – on how to install the O/S
image during the upgrade
Microsoft Windows License Agreement
Dell Computer BIOS Update on USB Drive – updates
the Dell BIOS to allow the O/S upgrade to install
without requiring activation with Microsoft
Windows Operating System Upgrade DVD (O/S
Install Image DVD) - used to upgrade the O/S.
Windows Certificate of Authenticity – must be
installed on the computer case
Windows Multilingual User Interface (MUI) DVD –only
required for DeltaV language support
A 5 device Client Access License (CAL) pack (Server
2008 only) – upgrades the Server 2008 license to a
total of 10 CALS
DeltaV Product Data Sheet
January 2013 – Page 3
Windows Operating System Upgrade Kits
Computers supplied with "Windows for Embedded
Systems" licenses are licensed only for the operating
system purchased with the upgrade kit and do not
have “downgrade rights”. Windows 7 and Server 2008
upgrade kits to not permit Windows XP or Server
2003 to be installed on the computer.
See DeltaV KBA AK-1000-0144 for more information
on installing these upgrade kits. (Access to KBA’s
requires secure login to the DeltaV Foundation
Support database)
Ordering Information
For computers that require an O/S upgrade to Windows 7 or Server 2008 the SE9201 Upgrade kits listed in the table below
must be ordered. Please note that all v11.3.1 upgrades are required to use the upgrade kits listed below to upgrade the O/S.
DeltaV will not provide support for O/S upgrades performed using Windows 7 or Server 2008 upgrade kits obtained from other
These O/S upgrade kits use Windows for Embedded Systems licenses. Upgraded computers must follow the guidelines for
Windows for Embedded Systems outlined above.
These images contain licenses for Windows 7 or Server 2008. You must order an upgrade kit for EVERY computer
that will be upgraded. A new operating system license is required for every computer.
Ordering Number
Dell T3400 Windows Upgrade Kit - Upgrades Windows XP Operating System to
Windows 7. Includes Multi-lingual User Interface DVD.
Dell T3500 Windows Upgrade Kit - Upgrades Windows XP Operating System to
Windows 7. Includes Multi-lingual User Interface DVD.
Dell R5400 Windows Upgrade Kit - Upgrades Windows XP Operating System to
Windows 7. Includes Multi-lingual User Interface DVD.
Dell OptiPlex 760 Windows Upgrade Kit - Upgrades Windows XP Operating
System to Windows 7. Includes Multi-lingual User Interface DVD.
Dell PowerEdge 2900/2950 Upgrade Kit - Upgrades Server 2003 Operating
System to Server 2008. Includes Operating System Media, End-User License
Agreement and License for 5 Additional Device CALs.
Dell OptiPlex 755 Windows Upgrade Kit - Upgrades Windows XP Operating
System to Windows 7. Includes Multi-lingual User Interface DVD.
In addition to the above, we are now able to provide Windows 7 O/S upgrade kits for computers that originally shipped with a
Windows XP Embedded O/S license. The new SE9201Exx upgrade kits are required if your computer’s Microsoft COA label
says: “Windows XP Pro for Embedded Systems”
Emerson Process Management is able to provide SE9201Exx Windows 7 O/S Upgrade Kits for the following list of Dell
hardware, as defined by the VE# in the list below.
Precision T350 w/ ATI FirePro V3750 or V4800 video cards. VE2549, VE2550
DeltaV Product Data Sheet
January 2013 – Page 4
Windows Operating System Upgrade Kits
Ordering Number
Precision R5400 Dual Monitor VE2547
Precision R5500 Dual Monitor VE2552
OptiPlex 780DT VE2548
OptiPlex 790DT VE2551
Note: All SE9201Exx Upgrade Kits do not include the “Dell Computer Embedded BIOS Updates (USB drive key)” as these
computers originally shipped with an Embedded BIOS.
Note for customers who want to install Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 on an earlier PC model not listed above At
this time, Emerson Process Management is restricted from providing a licensed O/S reinstallation or image restore disk for
PCs other than those listed above. We are also not able to resell Windows 7 or Server 2008 OEM O/S licenses separately.
Customers should purchase a valid Windows license and O/S media disk or obtain licenses and O/S Media from their IT
DeltaV Product Data Sheet
January 2013 – Page 5
Windows Operating System Upgrade Kits
Related Products
Not Supported Products
These upgrade kits are designed to be installed only
on computers originally purchased from Emerson. As
they install using O/S images and do not contain a
Windows install DVD installation on other computers
requires the manual installation of unsupported
hardware drivers.
DeltaV is not restricted to only install on Windows for
Embedded Systems. For training, demo, engineering
systems, and other non-runtime installation DeltaV
can be installed on any installation of the supported
Windows 7 and Server 2008 O/S. A KBA provides
instructions for installing DeltaV in these non-mission
critical applications.
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are supported with these upgrade kits and details on
upgrading installed computers.
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