Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1 User guide

All you need to know to get going.
Sprint is committed to developing technologies that give you the
ability to get what you want when you want it, faster than ever
before. This booklet introduces you to the basics of getting started
with Sprint and your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.
For more help with your new tablet, take advantage of an extensive
array of resources at There, you’ll find
guides, tutorials, and more to help with basic setup, maximizing
performance, and personalizing your tablet.
Note: Available applications and services are subject to change at any time.
This Get Started guide is designed to help you set up and use your new
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. It’s divided into four sections to help you find
the information you need quickly and easily.
Get Ready − page 1 − Find out what
you need to do before you use your
tablet, the first time, including activating
Sprint service on your device.
Android Basics − page 4 − Learn some
basics about how to move around on
your tablet, use the home screen, and
enter text. If you’re familiar with Android
devices, you can probably skip these
pages (although a refresher course
never hurt anyone).
Use Your Tablet − page 13 − Take
advantage of your tablet’s features
and Sprint services, from the basics
(Going Online) to the more advanced
(using Google Play™, WiFi, and more).
Tools & Resources − page 26 − Find
useful tips for your tablet and discover
resources and other helpful Sprint
information. For additional information
including the full User Guide, videos,
tutorials, and community forums, visit
Using This Guide
Using This Guide
Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
Volume Button
SD card
Sensor cover
Headset Jack
Charger/Accessory Jack
Charge the Battery
Unlock the Screen
1.Slide the AC adapter (plug) into the charging
head, and then insert the USB cable into the
charging head.
•Swipe the screen with your finger to unlock it.
2.Insert the broad end of the USB cable into
the charger/accessory jack at the bottom of
the tablet.
•To quickly turn the display screen off, press
the power button
on the top left side
of the tablet.
3.Plug the charging head into a standard AC
power outlet.
•To turn the screen on and display the unlock
screen, press the power button.
Turn the Tablet On
Turn the Tablet Off
•Press and hold the power button
Get Ready
Get Your Tablet Ready
Turn the Screen On and Off
•Press and hold the power button
then tap Power off > OK to turn the tablet off.
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Activate Your Tablet
Activate Your Tablet
•If you purchased your tablet at a Sprint Store, it
is probably activated and ready to use.
•If you received your tablet in the mail, and it is a
new Sprint account or a new number, your tablet
is designed to activate automatically when you
first turn it on. You will see a Hands Free
Activation screen at startup. When it’s finished,
tap OK to continue. To confirm your activation,
launch the Web browser.
•If you received your tablet in the mail and
it is going to be activated on an existing
number (you’re swapping tablets), go to and follow the instructions.
When you have finished, launch the Web browser
to confirm your activation.
If your tablet is still not activated or you do not
have access to the Internet, contact Sprint
Customer Service at 1-888-211-4727 for
Once activated, your tablet guides you through
various setup options, including setting up your
Google™ Account.*
Complete the Setup Screens
1.When you see the Samsung Galaxy screen,
select a language and tap Start to begin.
2.Follow the prompts on the next few screens
to get your tablet set up. Tap Skip or Next
to continue.
•Samsung account - Create or sign in to a
Samsung user account.
•Make it Google - Create or sign in to a Google
Account. Select additional Google preferences,
including backup and restore, and Google
Location options, as prompted.
•This tablet belongs to... - Enter your name to
personalize your experience.
3.Tap Finish. You will see the Home screen with
a few helpful navigation tutorials.
*You do not need to sign up for a Google Account
to use your tablet; however, to download content
from the Google Play™ Store app, you must link
your tablet to a Google Account.
Sprint Connections Optimizer
During or following the initial setup, you may see
a Sprint Connections Optimizer notice. Read the
notice and touch I Agree to allow your tablet to
connect automatically to the best available data
network, including WiFi.
Note: You can turn off Sprint Connections
Optimizer at any time. Touch
> More settings > Mobile networks >
Connections optimizer and uncheck the box.
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Get Ready
Set Up Your Tablet
Android Basics: Getting Around Your Tablet
Move Around Menus and Screens
Your tablet’s touchscreen lets you control
everything through various types of touches,
or gestures.
Tap: When you want to type using the onscreen
keyboard, select items such as application and
settings icons, or press onscreen buttons,
simply tap them with your finger. A light touch
works best.
Touch and hold
Touch and hold: To display the available options
for an item simply touch and hold the item.
Flick: Move your finger in lighter, quicker strokes
than swiping. This finger gesture is always used
in a vertical motion, such as when flicking
through contacts or a list.
Swipe or slide,
Swipe: Quickly drag your finger vertically or
horizontally across the screen.
Rotate: Activate the auto-rotate feature to
automatically change the screen orientation
from portrait to landscape by turning the
tablet sideways.
Android Basics
Drag: Press and hold your finger with some
pressure before you start to move it. Do not
release your finger until you have reached the
target position.
Slide: This feature allows you to enter text by
sliding a finger from letter to letter, lifting only
between words. See page 10 for instructions
on using this continuous input method with
the various keyboard types.
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Your Home Screen
Viewing Your Home Screen
Status Bar
Your tablet’s Home screen extends horizontally
up to seven full screens. This gives you room to
customize your tablet and put the things you need
front and center, just a swipe away.
•To display the main (center) Home screen,
from any screen.
•To view extended screens, swipe the screen left
or right. There are up to three additional screens
on each side of the main Home screen.
The status bar at the bottom of the Home
screen lets you quickly see both your tablet
status (connections, signal strength, battery,
GPS) and any current notifications.
•To display thumbnails of all available screens,
pinch any home screen. Tap a thumbnail to
display any screen.
Notification and
Status area
Add Items to Your Home Screen
You can expand the notification area to provide
more detailed information about the current
onscreen notification icons.
1.Flick the notifications panel up to see your
2.Tap a notification entry to open the associated
1.Touch and hold an empty area on a home
2.Tap an option under Add to Home screen.
•Apps and widgets to add an app shortcut or
a widget to the home screen. From the next
screen, tap Apps and then touch and hold an
app icon and drag it to the home screen to
add a shortcut. Tap Widgets and drag a
widget to the home screen to add a widget.
•Folder to add a folder to the home screen.
Type a folder name and tap OK to add
the folder.
•Page (if available) to add a new home
screen. Your tablet can support up to seven
home screens.
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Android Basics
Notifications Panel
Buttons and Keys
Buttons and Keys
The lower left corner of your tablet contains
static button icons that let you perform basic
functions. In the center of the bottom row, an
arrow icon lets you display a row of
customizable mini-apps that you can access
from any screen.
•Back key (
screen view.
) – Tap to return to the previous
•Home key (
) – Tap to return to the main
Home screen.
•Recent apps (
) – Tap to open a list of
recently used apps.
•Screen Capture (
) – Tap to take a picture
of your current screen.
Note: Screen capture is the default action for the
fourth button icon. This icon can be customized
through the settings menu as a shortcut for
Screen capture, Applications, Search, or Camera.
> Settings
> Display >
Quick launch and tap an option to assign it.
Open Apps
Access Recently-Used Apps
•If an app is on one of your Home screens, just
tap it to open it.
•If an app is not available from your Home screen,
to display the apps list, and then
tap the app icon from the list. You may have to
scroll right or left to find the app you’re looking for.
Your tablet keeps a running list of your most
recently used apps.
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Android Basics
to open the recently-used apps
2.Tap an icon to open an app.
Entering Text With the Onscreen Keyboard
Your QWERTY Keyboards
Typing with Samsung Keyboard
Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 comes loaded
with two QWERTY keyboards: Samsung keyboard
(default) and Swype. When you select a field that
requires text or numbers, an onscreen keyboard
will appear. (If you don’t see the keyboard when,
for instance, you’re entering contact information,
just touch the field you’re working on to bring it
up.) The tablet’s onscreen QWERTY keyboards
can be used in either portrait or landscape mode.
Entering text using the traditional Samsung
QWERTY keyboard is easy: just touch the letters
to type the words.
Note: To switch between keyboard types, tap
in the notifications area in
the keyboard icon
the lower right corner of the screen and then
tap the method you want to use.
Note: You can also use Google voice typing to
enter text. This voice-to-text option lets you speak
words which are then translated into onscreen
> Google
text. From a text entry screen, tap
voice typing to select it.
1.From a screen where you can enter text, touch
the input field to reveal the onscreen keyboard.
2.If needed, select a text mode option: ABC to
enter alphabetic characters or SYM to enter
symbols or punctuation.
3.Touch the corresponding onscreen keys to
begin typing.
•If you make a mistake, touch
to erase.
Note: With Samsung keyboard, you can also enter
text by sliding your finger continuously over the
keyboard. Select the T9 Trace option in the
keyboard settings to enable this option.
Using Swype to Enter Text
Swype lets you enter words by tracing over the
letters in a single motion.
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Android Basics
1.Touch an onscreen character, and then, while
maintaining your finger onscreen, drag to the
next character in the desired word.
2.Repeat this process until the desired characters
have been drawn over. Select from an onscreen
list of possible word matches (if prompted). This
occurs if your current action has generated
more than one possible word match.
Entering Text With the Onscreen Keyboard
Your Keyboard Settings
You can customize your onscreen keyboard
settings to suit your needs:
> Settings
> Language and
next to either of
input, and tap the Settings icon
the keyboard options (Samsung keyboard or Swype).
Different keyboards will provide different options.
The Samsung keyboard options include the following:
•Input languages lets you select an input
language. Default is English.
•Predictive text toggles on or off to let you select
whether or not you want to see possible word
matches when you’re typing.
•My word list lets you add words to the list used
by Predictive text.
•T9 Trace Check or uncheck to turn Android
keyboard slide entry on or off. If it’s off, you will
enter text by tapping the letters one at a time as
with a traditional keyboard.
•Handwriting lets you set handwriting options and
see tutorials and guides about using handwriting
on your tablet.
•Voice input displays or hides the voice entry
button on the keyboard.
•Auto capitalization automatically capitalizes the
first letter in a sentence.
•Auto-punctuate lets you enter a period and a
space by tapping the space bar twice.
•Character preview shows an image of the
character key as you’re typing.
•Key-tap sound turns sound on or off when typing.
•Tutorial provides an overview of text entry options
on your Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.
•Reset settings lets you return all keyboard
settings to factory defaults.
Use Your Tablet: Contacts
Add a New Entry to Contacts
1. Tap
> Contacts
3. Select an account for the contact. Select Google to
save the contact to your Google Account, which will
update automatically across all your Google devices.
Select Device to save the contact to your tablet only.
4.Tap any field and use the onscreen keyboard to
enter the name, phone number, and other
contact details.
5.Add more data fields or a picture if desired, and
tap Save.
Edit a Contact Entry
1. Tap
like to edit].
> Contacts
> [contact you'd
3.Tap an option:
to assign a picture to the entry.
•Name to edit the current name.
•Phone to add or delete a phone number.
•Email to add or delete an email address.
•Address to enter a physical address for the
contact. Choose from Home, Work, Other,
or Custom.
4.Tap Save to save your updates.
Note: To add a phone number, email address, or
other field to an existing contact, tap Add
another field at the bottom of the entry and
select a data type.
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Use Your Tablet
Your tablet’s Contacts function lets you access and manage contacts from a variety of sources,
including Google and Corporate email accounts, contacts synced from your computer, and
old-fashioned contacts entered by hand.
Your tablet’s Email applications let you access
and manage multiple email accounts simultaneously
in one convenient location. Although there is a
separate Gmail application, the main email
application can manage both Internet-based email
services (Gmail™ and Yahoo™) and Corporate Work
Email (Outlook ®). The tablet can also be manually
configured to connect to other email systems.
Set Up a Gmail Account
1. Tap
> Gmail .
2.Follow the instructions to set up or sign in to a
Gmail account.
Note: Although you need a Gmail account to use
certain features such as Google Play™, you do not
have to use Gmail as the default account for
your tablet.
Set Up a POP3/IMAP Email Account
1. Tap
> Email
2.If another email account is already set up, tap
> Settings
> Add Account.
3.Enter the Email address and Password for the
email account.
4.Tap Next and follow the onscreen instructions.
Set Up a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
1. Tap
> Email
2.If another email account is already set up, tap
> Settings
> Add Account.
3.Enter your Email address and Password
information and then tap Manual setup.
•Contact your Exchange Server administrator for
required sign-in information.
4.Tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
Access Email Messages
2.From the inbox, tap the message you want
to view.
Send an Email Message
Use Your Tablet
5.When prompted to provide additional detailed
information, scroll down the screen and tap Next.
6.Enter a Domain\user name, Password, and
Exchange server information.
7.Read the onscreen activation disclaimer and, if
prompted, tap Next.
8.Configure your Email check frequency, Amount
to synchronize (days to synchronize between
your tablet and server), and activate any other
email settings, and then tap Next.
9. Identify your new account with a unique name and
provide the outgoing name text then tap Done.
1. Tap
> Email
or Gmail .
2.If necessary, tap the selection arrow ( )
and tap the email account you want to use.
4.Enter an email address in the To: field.
5.Enter a subject and a message.
•To add attachments, tap
(on the top of
the screen) and select an attachment.
1. Tap
> Email
or Gmail .
•If necessary, tap the selection arrow ( )
and tap the email account you want to use.
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Camera & Camcorder
Take a Picture
1. Tap
> Camera
2.Using your display as a viewfinder, aim the
camera lens at your subject, and tap
View Pictures
1. Tap
> Gallery
to view the
Camera folders.
2.Tap a picture and then tap
to explore other
options. For sharing photos, tap
at the top of
the screen.
Record a Video
1. Tap
> Camera
, and then toggle
the control from camera
to camcorder .
2.Using the tablet’s display screen as a viewfinder,
aim the lens at your subject, and tap
to begin
to stop recording.
View videos
1. Tap
> Gallery .
2.Tap a video icon to view the video.
Share Pictures and Videos
1. Tap
> Gallery .
2.Tap Camera to reveal your pictures and
videos, and then press and hold a picture or
video to send.
and select any of several methods such
as Group Cast, Dropbox, Picasa, Photo editor,
Google+, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, Gmail, Email,
or Facebook. Follow the onscreen instructions
to send your picture or video clip.
Go Online
Downloading Apps From the Web
> Internet
2.From the opening page, tap the address bar
and enter a website address.
•Tap a link to open it.
•For more options, tap
from any page.
Options may include New tab, New incognito
tab, Add shortcut to home screen, Share
page, Find on page, Desktop view, Save for
offline reading, Downloads, Print, and Settings.
•To scroll, slide your finger up or down the page.
•To zoom in or out, pinch the screen.
You can download Apps while browsing the
Web, but you must first set permissions in
settings to allow applications from unknown
sources. Applications downloaded from the
Google Play Store app (see page 19) do not
require additional permissions.
> Settings
> Security.
2.Tap the Unknown sources check box.
3.When the Attention dialog box opens, read
the disclaimer and tap OK.
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Use Your Tablet
Find sports scores, news, and weather. Shop online. On-the-go access lets you browse full-color
versions of your favorite websites.
Connect to a Wi-Fi Network
When you’re in range of an available Wi-Fi
network you can use your tablet’s Wi-Fi feature to
access the Internet and other data services.
Note: You may already have signed in to Wi-Fi
during the tablet’s setup process.
1. Tap
> Settings
2.Tap the icon next to Wi-Fi and slide to the “on”
position to turn Wi-Fi on.
3.Tap Wi-Fi and then tap Scan to display a list
of available networks.
4.Tap a Wi-Fi network to connect. If necessary,
enter the security key (password) and tap
•When you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network,
you’ll see the Wi-Fi icon ( ) in the status bar.
Note: To quickly toggle Wi-Fi on or off, flick the
Notifications panel up from any screen and tap
Wi-Fi. You can also toggle Bluetooth, GPS, Sync,
and Screen rotation from the panel menu.
Google Play™ Store App
Google Play™ is the place to go to find new Android apps, books, movies, and music for your tablet.
5.Tap Install (for free apps) or the price (for paid
applications) and follow the onscreen prompts.
> Play Store
Note: You must have a Google (Gmail) Account
2.The first time you visit the Google Play Store app,
set up on your tablet to purchase and download
tap Accept to accept the Terms of Service.
applications from the Google Play Store app.
3.To find what you want quickly:
•Browse through featured apps and games. Scroll Opening Installed Apps and Games
through the options or browse by categories
> . Locate the downloaded item
within Apps, Music, Magazines, Movies & TV,
and tap it to launch. You can also launch
Books, or Games.
from Play Store >
[app] > Open.
•Search for an app or game. Tap
at the top
of the Google Play Store app home screen,
enter the name or key word, and then tap
in the dropdown list.
4.Tap an app or game to read a description and
user reviews.
1. Tap
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Use Your Tablet
Download Apps and Games
Google™ Mobile Services
Your Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 provides easy access to a variety of Google services including Gmail™,
Google Talk™, Google Maps™, Google Navigation, and YouTube™.
•Gmail – The Google mail service. Your Gmail
account lets you access many Google-related
services as well as the Google Play™. (See “Set
Up a Gmail Account” on page 14.)
•Google Talk – Google’s instant messaging
service. Tap
> Talk
to begin using
the service. (If you’re signed in to your Gmail
account, you are already signed in to Google
•Google Maps and Google Navigation – The
Google location programs let you track your
current location, view real-time traffic situations,
and receive detailed directions to your destination.
They also provide search tools where you can
locate places of interest or an address on a vector
or aerial map, or view locations in street level. Tap
> Maps
or Navigation to begin
using the services.
•YouTube – View and share videos on one of the
Web’s most popular video sites. Tap
to browse through and view available
videos. Sign in with your Gmail account to upload
your own videos.
Pair and Connect With a Bluetooth Capable Device
Share Contacts, Files, or Pictures Using
1.Verify your Bluetooth is active. (Tap
> Bluetooth and tap the ON/OFF
slider to ON to turn on Bluetooth.)
2. From the Bluetooth settings page, tap the check
box next to your tablet’s name to make it
discoverable by other devices.Your tablet must be
visible to successfully pair with an external device.
3.Tap Scan. (Your tablet will display a list of
discovered in-range Bluetooth devices.)
4.Tap a device from the list to initiate pairing.
5.Enter the passkey or PIN code, or verify the
shared key, and tap OK.
6.The external device will then have to also accept
the connection and enter your tablet’s PIN code.
7.Once you’re paired with a device, your
connection should launch. The or show your
current connection status.
1.Open the application containing the file you
want to share (for example, tap
2.Locate the file or entry you want to share.
•You can send pictures and videos directly
from the camera or from Gallery, Calendar
events, Contacts (as vCards), music tracks,
and voice recordings. Not all devices will be
able to receive all file types.
3.Depending on the application, tap
Bluetooth or press and hold the file and select
Share (or Send) > Bluetooth.
4.Tap the name of the device to which you’re
sending the file. (If prompted, tap Yes to turn
Bluetooth on.)
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Use Your Tablet
Adding Music to Your Music Folder
Before you can listen to music with the Music
application on your tablet, you will need to load
songs into your Music folder.
1.Use the supplied USB cable to connect your
tablet to an available USB port on your
2.When you see the USB icon in the Notifications
status, flick open the Notifications panel and
make sure Connected as a media device is
the selected mode.
3.On your computer, locate the your tablet’s
internal storage, and open or create the
Music folder.
4.Copy music files from your computer to the
music folder.
5.When you are done, follow your computer’s
procedures to safely remove the drive, and
then disconnect the tablet from the USB cable.
Listening to Music
1. Tap
> Music Player
2.Tap Songs, Playlists, Albums, Artists, Genres,
Folders, Composers, Years, or Music square.
3.Tap a song to begin playing.
•Use the controls at the bottom or the side to
play, pause, or skip songs.
Note: Your tablet includes additional music playing
options, including Google Play™ Music (Play
Music) and Sprint Music Plus (see page 24).
Social Networking: Facebook, Twitter & More
You can set up and access all your favorite social media apps on the go.
Use Social Networking Accounts
Before using your social networking accounts,
1. Tap
> Facebook (or Twitter,
you may need to download them from the Google
Instagram, etc.).
Play Store app.
2.Follow the onscreen instructions to sign into
your account, for example, by entering a user
1. Tap
> Play Store
name and password.
2.Browse or search for the app you want to
Update your status, post pictures, follow
download, for example Facebook, Twitter,
your favorite tweets, and more, all on your
or Instagram.
Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.
3.Touch the app and then touch Install. Follow
Note: Tap the application’s menu icon to
the prompts to download and install the app.
access settings for the app, depending on
the account type.
Tip: You can add Home screen widgets for
many social networking apps. Touch and hold
an empty space, touch Apps and widgets, tap
Widgets, and then drag the widget to the
empty space.
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Use Your Tablet
Set Up Social Networking Accounts
Sprint Applications
Access additional exclusive Sprint features right from
your tablet.
Sprint Zone
Enhance your Sprint experience. The free Sprint
Zone application makes it a snap to manage your
account, get tips and tricks for your tablet, find
recommended apps, and more.
1. Tap
> Sprint Zone
2.From the Sprint Zone Web page, scroll up or
down and tap an item to check your account,
read the latest news about your tablet, load an
application, and more.
Sprint Music Plus
In addition to the Music application (see page
22), your tablet offers Sprint Music Plus, an
all-in-one music store and player for full songs,
ringtones, and ringback tones.
Get Sprint Music Plus
1. Tap
> Play Store
2. Tap Apps > Sprint > Sprint Music Plus
and follow the prompts to download and install
the app.
Use Sprint Music Plus
> Sprint Music Plus
•Tap My Library to access all your music,
including items you have purchased or
loaded onto your tablet’s microSD card.
•Tap Downloads to access your list of
downloaded music.
•Tap Music Store to access the music store,
where you can search for, sample, and
purchase DRM-free music.
•For more information, tap
More > Help & About.
and tap
Scout™ by Telenav is a daily personal navigator
that helps you get where you’re going. It lets you
see and hear turn-by-turn directions and it can
provide important, personalized information
about traffic and alternate routes.
Use Scout
1. Tap
> Scout.
2.Follow the onscreen instructions to access,
launch, and use.
Use Your Tablet
•Tap Ringtone Store or Ringback Tone Store
to find and purchase new ringtones and
ringback tones for your tablet.
Note: Before using any navigation programs,
make sure your tablet is set to allow location
detection, and then select which sources you
want to use.
> Settings
> Location
services. Select Use wireless networks and/or
Use GPS satellites for location sources.
Get Scout
1. Tap
> Play Store
2.Touch Apps > Sprint > Scout and follow the
prompts to download and install the app.
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Tools & Resources: Settings
Explore ways to customize your tablet, set permissions, update your tablet, and more in the Settings menu.
Accessing Settings
1. Tap
> Settings
2.Select the settings you want to change. To select
or clear check boxes (a common setting
method), tap the check box.
Settings may include:
•Data usage
•More settings
•Power saving
•Application manager
•Accounts and sync
•Location services
•Language and input
•Back up and reset
•Date and time
•Developer options
•Activate this device
•System Update
•About device
For detailed information about settings, please
see the User Guide at
Battery-Saving Tips
Manage the Display Brightness and Screen Manage Your Tablet’s Wireless Functions
Disable the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS functions
of the tablet when you’re not using them.
•Use the toggle options in the Notifications panel
to turn these off when not in use. Flick the
Notifications panel up and tap Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,
or GPS to toggle these options on or off.
For more useful tips about battery care and safety,
see the User Guide at
visit for guides, tutorials and more
Tools & Resources
> Settings
> Display >
Brightness to modify the backlight setting
as desired.
•To turn off the screen, press the Power button.
The tablet will continue to function.
•Turn on Power saving mode. Tap
> Settings
> Power saving, slide the
option to ON, and select additional power
saving options.
Manage Your Account
Resources For Your Tablet
•make a payment, see your bills, enroll in
online billing
•check minute usage and account balance
•see or modify the details of your Sprint
service plan
•get detailed instructions and download
•This Get Started Guide to get you up and running.
On any Phone
•Sprint Customer Service:
Dial 1-888-211-4727
•Business Customer Service:
Dial 1-888-788-4727
•Web – Visit for the
complete User Guide, along with videos,
tutorials, and community forums for your
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.
•Sprint Zone – Tap
> Sprint Zone
to access account services, Sprint news, device
information, suggested applications, and more.
At Sprint, environmental responsibility is more
than talk. We’re continuously working to reduce
our carbon footprint and decrease our use of
natural resources.
So where is my user guide?
To support our increased responsibility efforts,
we’ve put expanded instructional materials online
for you. Just visit from any
computer to access your complete user guide
and other support materials.
What else has Sprint been doing?
Plenty. To find out just what we’ve been up to, visit
We are interested in your initial
impressions of this new Sprint device.
Within two weeks of your device
purchase, please go to the website
to complete a brief survey. Your
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Tools & Resources
Activate 2
Applications 9
Battery 1
Battery Saving Tips 27
Bluetooth 21
Buttons 8
Camera 16
Contacts 13
Drag screen 5
Email 14-15
Games 19
Gestures 4–5
Gmail 14
Google 20
Google Play Store 19
GPS Navigation 20
Home Screen 6
Phone Number 13
Pictures 16
Play Store 19
Predictive Text 12
Internet 17
Keyboards 10-12
Keys 8
Maps 20
Microsoft Exchange
ActiveSync 14–15
Music 22
Navigation 20
QWERTY Keyboards
Resources 28
Responsibilty 29
Settings 26
Screen 1
Shortcuts 7
Slide 5
Sprint Applications 24-25
Sprint Customer Service 28
Sprint Zone 24, 28
Status Bar 6
Tap 4
T9 Trace 10, 12
Unlock Screen 1
Videos 16
Web 17
Widgets 7
Wi-Fi 18
YouTube 20
The services described in this guide may require a subscription to a service plan and/or may incur additional
charges. Not all services will work on all devices. See for more details.
Portions of this guide are reproductions of work created and shared by Google and used according to terms
described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.
Important Privacy Message. This tablet is capable of determining its/your geographical location. To set controls
for access and use of your location information by others, tap
> Settings
> Location services.
Select Use wireless networks, Use GPS satellites, and/or Location and Google search for location options.
Follow any applicable prompts These settings for the use of location information can be turned on and off. For
some applications and services you select, a device must be turned on and set to allow collection of location
information in order to function.
Please be advised that if you use a third party application, the application may collect your personal information
or require Sprint to disclose your customer information, including location information (when applicable), to the
application provider or some other third party. Sprint’s policies do not apply to these third party applications.
Please carefully review the application’s terms of use and/or the application provider’s policies for more
information about how the application will collect, access, use or disclose your information before using a thirdparty application. Terms of use and other policies usually are available on the application provider’s website.
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