For Business-Critical Continuity™
Liebert Monitoring Solutions:
Protecting Your Investment Against The Unknown.
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Centralized Monitoring Software
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Monitoring Is Designed To Protect Against The Threats You Can’t See
Seven Categories Of Liebert Monitoring Solutions
How Deep Does Your Monitoring Need To Be?
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Liebert MultiLink Software
Liebert IntelliSlot Web Card, Liebert IntelliRack, Liebert MultiPort 4 Kit
Liebert CommSure
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Liebert Universal Monitor, Liebert Environmental Discrete Output Interface Card
Liebert Controllers, Liebert RCM4, Liebert vEM-14
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Albér BDS-40, Albér BDS-256XL, Albér BDSi, Albér MPM-100, Albér Cellcorder
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Liqui-tect Panel, Liqui-tect 410, Liqui-tect 460
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Liebert Nform Software
Liebert IntelliSlot Web Card, Liebert IntelliSlot Web/485 Card w/Adapter
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Liebert SiteScan Web Software
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Liebert Interface Module—Modbus, Liebert Interface Module—BACnet
Liebert Site TPI-E Module—Modbus, Liebert Web Card—SNMP,
Liebert IntelliSlot 485 Card, Liebert IntelliSlot Web/485 Card w/ Adapter,
Liebert Services
Automated Shutdown
L o c a l A n d Re m o t e M o n i t o r i n g
Battery Monitoring
Leak Detection
IT Monitoring
Advanced Monitoring
Third Par t y Monitoring Connectivit y
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Liebert has built advanced monitoring and communications capabilities into virtually every
product we make. Our monitoring and control products allow you to take full advantage of
these features. You will find a broad range of monitoring and control systems,
communications modules and other equipment designed to interface with a variety of
communication protocols, operating platforms and building management systems.
Monitoring Is Designed To Protect
Against The Threats You Can’t See
Without Proper Support
Vital Processes Just Cannot
Critical systems are the lifeblood of
your operations. If something should
happen to them,you are simply out
of business. You need to monitor
and control your entire facility
protection infrastructure to ensure
maximum availability and
continuous productivity. Vital
computing, communications and
industrial process control facilities all
depend on power protection and
mission-critical air control systems
to maintain their operations.
If a problem develops in any one of
these support systems — the
performance of the entire facility is
at risk. These systems may be
located close by…or on the other
side of the world. No matter where
they are located, problems can and
will develop. The difference is
whether or not you will be able to
react to these problems before they
become disasters.
The Reasons For Monitoring Are Many
Expose Unknown Threats — Leaking water,
developing equipment problems and other
undetected conditions can shut down critical
systems without any warning.
Enable Proactive Management — A developing
problem that goes unreported could signal trouble
ahead for a vital piece of computer support
equipment. Knowing the up-to-the minute
condition of these systems allows preventive
measures to be taken in the most efficient and
effective manner.
Reduce Expenses — Electronic monitoring give you
the ability to detect and resolve problems for a
wide range of products from a central location and
notify support staff anywhere in the world. It also
requires less manpower, reduces downtime and
provides detailed information for easier
Keep Equipment Operating — The ability to
eliminate previously unseen problems by
graphically viewing the operation of support
systems in real-time helps prevent downtime and
promotes productivity.
Solve The Right Problem — Unrecorded data
involving an operational event might
cause you to miss the real trouble spot. Having
access to the right information provides
the ability to properly diagnose the source of the
problem in the first place and helps to prevent
repeat occurrences.
Undetected. Unrecorded. Unreported. Uncorrected.
Can You Really Afford Not To Know?
Monitoring is the key to knowing what is happening
Because of the major investment you’ve made in critical
within your facility, not knowing may cost more than
facilities and the systems to support and protect their
you can pay. Loss of productivity due to system
operation—it just doesn’t make sense not to monitor
downtime and the associated costs are a direct result
your investment.
of not reacting to problems within your operations.
If you don’t know what is happening inside your critical
facilities, the end result will be loss of availability.
Liebert Monitoring
Solutions Fall Into
These Seven Categories:
Automated Shutdown Software
You Have To Know There Is A Problem
Before You Can Correct The Problem
Protects your data from being lost
or corrupted during extended power
outages by initiating an orderly
shutdown of your computer systems.
Local And Remote Monitoring
There are any number of points within a critical facility where an unseen small
problem can develop—and lead to much larger and costlier disasters. These
examples show the types of occurrences that can develop—and what can happen if
they are not responded to in a timely manner.
Enclosure Systems
Racks and cabinets are a great way to
consolidate and protect equipment.
But by nature of a cabinet, problems
developed inside can be concealed.
Provides basic monitoring and control
for single or small groups of equipment
either at the equipment location or to
a remote site.
Battery Monitoring
1 2 5 7
Detects battery problems by continuously
monitoring all critical battery parameters
such as cell resistance, inter-cell and
inter-tier connections, cell voltage, overall
string voltage, current and temperature.
Leak Detection
Critical Mechanical Systems
The good news is that you had a
redundant pump so that when
your primary pump failed your
cooling system stayed on-line.
The bad news is that you are
down to one pump and you
never know it.
2 5 6 7
Alerts facility personnel to the
presence of leaking fluids before
serious damage results.
IT Monitoring
Provides cost-efficient, centralized
monitoring of various power and
environmental units utilizing an
existing network infrastructure.
Advanced Monitoring
Offers comprehensive, centralized
monitoring, control, data analysis
and reporting for a full range of
computer support systems.
Third Party Monitoring
The use of open protocols allows you to
interface Liebert units and monitoring
systems with other types and brands of
control equipment including BMS, NMS,
SCADA and fire alarm systems.
Automatic Transfer Switches
You have a utility power outage. Your
UPS is supplying battery power to your
computer equipment and your back-up
generator just came on-line. Life is good,
right? Wrong! If the ATS does not transfer
the load to generator power, then your
network is still going to go down when
you run out of battery power. Too little
knowledge can be a dangerous thing.
UPS Systems
Your UPS has an internal
fault and has been on
bypass since Sunday. No
one knows about it now—
but they will if you lose
utility power.
1 2 5 6 7
2 6 7
Battery System
You have a weak cell in your
battery string. Too bad you
won’t find out about it until it
fails five minutes into the next
power outage.
2 3 6 7
Power Conditioning Units
A grounding problem in your power conditioning
system causes small voltage disturbances. You
may not even realize there is corrupt data or
damage to other systems until bigger problems
occur months later.
2 5 6 7
UPS Systems
Yesterday the UPS failed its automatic battery
self test. Today the UPS failed to carry the load
during a momentary power interruption,
halting a critical process. The problem isn’t the
UPS or the weak battery. The real problem is
that you didn’t know that the UPS failed a
self-diagnostic test.
1 2 3 5 6 7
Environmental HVAC Systems
High head pressure, compressor
short cycling, dirty filters, pump
or fan failure—these are just a few
of the problems that can cause
mission-critical air conditioning
systems and other HVAC equipment
to go down and temperatures to
go up. One more problem? Not
knowing that these troubles are
developing in the first place.
2 5 6 7
Breaker and Power Distribution
Several circuits are on the verge of
overload. If one of these breakers
trips, servers will crash. Too bad you
are not aware of the situation.
6 7
2 5
Static Transfer Switches
A transfer switch fails to
transfer when your primary
power feed goes down in
the middle of the night.
You won’t know about it,
though, until tomorrow
morning when there are
no sales reports, no e-mails
and certainly no one
conducting normal business.
2 5 6 7
Water Leaks
Your data cabling is lying in a growing
puddle of water under the raised floor
because of a plumbing leak. It is just a
matter of time before that affects your
operation. Who knows how long it
will take to track down the cause
of the problem.
2 4 6 7
DC Power Systems
An overvoltage condition in an
essential DC power system
causes an alarm to sound.
Problem is, no one is there
to hear it.
2 5 6 7
Surge Protection
Thank goodness you installed that surge
protector. It has protected your site
through many thunderstorms. Too bad
it self-destructed protecting you from
that last surge and you don’t know that
it needs to be replaced.
Generator Operation
The good news is your
emergency generator came
on-line during a power failure
last night and kept things
running for several hours.
The bad news is that the
fuel tank is now almost
empty—and no one realizes
it, leaving you unprotected
for the next outage.
2 6 7
2 6 7
Intrusion Alarm
The entrance of unauthorized
personnel into a remote shelter
is a big problem. The real
problem is that the person who
needs to know this is happening
is unaware and possibly isn’t in
the same building—or even the
same state.
2 6 7
Liebert Monitoring Solutions Provide The
Right Information To The Right People.
How Deep Does Your Monitoring Need To Be?
Important facility operational and status information needs
to be communicated by different means with varying levels
of importance. This is why Liebert gives you so many ways
to supervise your enterprise.
Critical Information Takes Many Forms
What Exactly Do You Need To Know?
Monitoring can range from a simple remote panel
that provides basic operating information from an air
conditioning unit—all the way to full-scale monitoring
and control of a critical facility including trending and
data analysis.
You need enough information to guard against
anything that can keep your critical support systems
from being able to protect the operation of your
computing and communications systems. Knowing
where and what the problem is—that’s the first step to
keeping it from becoming a disaster. No matter what
you need to know about the operation of your facility
and the essential systems inside, Liebert has a product
that will enable you to do it.
Your requirements will vary according to the
specificity of the information you need. You may
require no more than a local readout of a unit’s
operating status. Or you may need the ability to
control its operation and receive alarms.
These information requirements may also go beyond
basic monitoring and control. You may need the
ability to analyze performance data in order to
pinpoint trouble spots so that the same problems
don’t happen again and again.
It may also be necessary to share information with an
existing building management system (BMS) or other
supervisory controls.
Liebert MultiLink ®
Advanced Monitoring And System Shutdown For Your Liebert UPS
Liebert MultiLink software provides comprehensive UPS
status reporting and automated, orderly shutdown of
assigned computers to protect critical data during
extended power outages.
Stay In Control
Because today’s critical business applications are often
spread over several computers, there is a need for UPS
shutdown software capable of protecting information
on multiple machines. Liebert MultiLink automated
shutdown software performs the critical task of
protecting your computers from costly damage and
loss of data as a result of power failures—on systems
ranging from a single PC to a network of workstations,
running on a wide variety of operating systems.
Designed For Use With A Range Of
Liebert UPS Systems
Installed on a host computer, Liebert MultiLink
communicates with a variety of Liebert UPS systems to
detect any loss of utility power and determine the status
of the UPS battery. During an extended utility failure,
Liebert MultiLink warns computer users of impending
power loss and automatically shuts down computer
operating systems in a smooth and orderly manner if
UPS battery capacity runs low.
Liebert MultiLink offers integration to the Web Card
interface, advanced action logging, enhanced
unattended shutdown configurations and added
support for Three-Phase UPS systems. The intuitive
configuration management interface provides the user
with full functionality and automated shutdown
protection right out of the box, meaning virtually no
configuration is required.
Liebert MultiLink can also interface with the user in one
of four different languages, including English, Canadian
French, Latin American Spanish and Simplified Chinese.
Once the user selects a language, all text, menus and
screens will appear in that language. Changing between
the available languages is a simple menu option.
Liebert MultiLink supports multiple shutdown
configurations that incorporate network and serial based
shutdown solutions for one or many computer systems.
Scalability has been designed into MultiLink’s
architecture to support orderly shutdown on virtually an
unlimited number of computer systems. This scalability
is extremely valuable in large data centers where
multiple computers could be powered by a large
UPS system.
For more information go to:
Network-Based And
Serial Communications
Using the network to send alarm messages and data can
dramatically reduce cable and installation costs. In
situations where the use of network wiring is not feasible,
a Liebert multiplexing device can be utilized to provide
dedicated “out-of-band” communications to each
computer using serial port connections.
Provides A Front-End Graphic Interface
Of UPS Status Information
MuliLink enables the user to monitor UPS status and
provides detailed instrumentation, a simple navigational
tree and customizable event management. This flexible
solution permits configurable responses to UPS status
changes and alarms, including support for e-mail and
pagers in advanced applications, as well as on-screen
notification directly to users via pop-up messages.
Configurable UPS Alarm And
Event Notifications
Configuring MultiLink event actions is quick and easy
through our unique event manager matrix. From one
screen, users can configure specific event actions, while
maintaining a view of the overall system configuration.
This same matrix approach is also used to view event
and action logs, graphically identifying event severity
and action status.
Suitable For A Single Workstation
Or A Network Of Servers
Advanced network management of distributed
MultiLink systems is also available with the network
administration license. This will enable the system
administrator to monitor and control any MultiLink
installation on your network from one centralized
computer. It allows you to efficiently manage your
power protection by centralizing power management
and coordinating the shutdown of other computers
throughout your network.
UPS Communications Hardware
The Right Connections For A Choice Of Power Monitoring Options
Liebert UPS communications hardware solutions work with
our MultiLink™ automated shutdown software to provide
you with even greater flexibility in communications and
control of your critical power protection systems.
A Network Communications
Solution For Your Liebert UPS
IntelliSlot Web Card
When installed in the IntelliSlot® port on your Liebert
UPS, the Liebert IntelliSlot Web Card will deliver SNMP
and web-management communications capabilities
to your power system. This card allows remote
monitoring of the UPS from anywhere network access
is permitted. Liebert MultiLink software will leverage
the network capabilities of the Liebert IntelliSlot Web
card to remotely monitor the UPS status by providing
automated shutdown to all computer systems
powered by the UPS.
Intellislot cards also provide Liebert SiteScan® Web or
Building Management Systems with the capability to
monitor and control your Liebert UPS and precision
cooling systems. Other cards include an interface for
relay contacts as well as a SiteNet MultiPort 4
multiplexer that provides shutdown communications
for up to four additional computers connected to a
single UPS and using MultiLink software.
Available products:
Liebert IntelliSlot Web Card
Liebert IntelliSlot Web/485 Card
Liebert Interface Kit for Relay Contacts
Liebert SiteNet MultiPort 4
Liebert IntelliRack
Web/485 Card
MultiPort® 4 Kit
Liebert IntelliRack
Liebert CommSure
Liebert CommSure is designed to help users
create a redundant, high availability power supply
using existing UPS systems. It manages automatic
shutdown of computer systems being powered by
two UPS systems when used with Liebert
MultiLink™ software. It eliminates false shutdown
signals that occur when separate UPS systems are
used to provide a redundant power source by
ensuring that computers will continue to operate
as long as power is available from one UPS.
Computer With Dual
Power Supplies
UPS #1
UPS #2
Liebert Universal Monitor
Local Monitoring For High Availability Support Systems
Liebert Universal Monitor is an all-purpose microprocessorbased alarm and notification unit that allows a variety of
Liebert equipment to be monitored and controlled both
remotely and locally from a single point. The Universal
Monitor can also be connected to Liebert SiteScan® Web
enterprise monitoring system.
Monitor Inputs And Control Outputs
Digital inputs
Analog inputs
Controllable output relays
Local Alarm Plus Remote Paging Capability
Notification of personnel is facilitated with an on-board
audible alarm. Internal modem allows for alarm notification
of up to four alphanumeric pagers.
Easy Start-Up And Operation
User interface via LCD display panel or RS232 connection
will perform all set-up, configuration and monitoring
without additional software.
System Analysis Capabilities Provide
Alarms And History
Alarm, event and trend logs with time and date stamp
permit diagnostics and information retention for review
of occurrences at a later time.
Designed To Fit Right In
Phone Line
The Liebert Universal Monitor is efficiently packaged to
make the unit aesthetically pleasing while requiring
minimal wall space. The built-in LCD user interface
makes the unit self-contained and accessible without
additional hardware and software.
The Liebert Universal Monitor is ideal for monitoring
equipment in many types of facilities, including:
Computer rooms.
Process areas
Telecom switch rooms
Remote communications shelters
Communications closets
Electrical rooms
Digital Inputs
Analog Inputs
SiteScan Web
Flexible Monitoring And Control For
Individual Pieces Of Equipment
Liebert AC4
Autonomous control modules are available to provide
supervision, control and remote alarm notification for a
variety of Liebert power and environmental systems.
Controllers — Liebert Controllers monitor
running and stand-by environmental units for
proper operation, switching operation to a
redundant unit in the event of a problem. The
controllers will also balance the runtime of
environmental systems for even wear and long
system life. Controller can also provide staging to
operate additional units for expanded capacity.
Liebert vEM-14 — The Liebert vEM-14
allows virtually any device or sensor with a
digital output to become a part of your
SNMP management system, enabling you to
monitor items such as UPS systems, air
conditioners, water and smoke detectors,
thermostats and secure doors.
Remote Contact Monitor Panel — The Liebert
RCM4 is a four-point contact closure monitor that
displays alarm indication for any dry contact input
from leak detection, environmental, power and UPS
systems, including Liebert units.
Albér Battery Monitoring
Full Monitoring And Reporting Of Battery Status:
UPS Battery Cabinets And Telecom Battery Systems
Liebert offers the latest in UPS battery monitoring technology with products by
Albér—a leader in the field since 1972. Albér technologies by Emerson Network
Power are designed to prevent battery failure, optimize useful battery life, reduce
maintenance cost and increase safety.
A Variety Of Solutions For Testing Flexibility
Albér offers a variety of battery monitoring systems with capabilities to
meet a wide range of applications. These include monitoring and diagnostic
units for UPS battery cabinets and large multi-cell configurations, as well as
telecom and stationary battery systems. The included battery management
software allows online monitoring and analysis of battery systems,
simplifying the data to an understandable and manageable format that
allows easy interpretation and proactive response.
Early Warning For Battery Problems
Like an ultrasound for a battery, this technology lets you “look inside” and
assess its true state of health. Albér battery monitors use a patented Internal
DC resistance test method that bypasses the limitations of outdated AC
based impedance testing. By tracking internal resistance, the system can
predict and report failing conditions prior to complete failure. A time-to-go
estimate algorithm, which uses discharge parameters and internal
resistance readings, assists in predicting remaining battery life. It is essential
to detect deterioration at an early stage to prevent catastrophic failures.
Albér BMDM (Battery Monitor Data Manager) Software
This battery management software provides efficient trending analysis. It
allows the setting of thresholds, alarms and reporting on all parameters.
Color coded graphs simplify analysis. The standard Access database offers a
simple method to configure and manage database environment for users
who primarily log in on one computer for report and analysis. An SQL server
version and Java-based web client are available options.
Each battery module in a system can be analyzed. Trending of internal
resistance, charge voltage history and discharge analysis allow the user to
properly assess the condition of
the battery and make the correct
decision. The BMDM software
converts all the detailed data
from the batteries into useful
information for the user. The
Battery Monitor Data Manager
(BMDM) software enables a
central computer to manage
over 1000 battery systems.
The Value of Monitoring Batteries
Lead Acid batteries are sensitive to temperature, excessive
cycling and float voltage settings, which means battery
life can be extended by optimizing these conditions. A
battery monitor provides the user with information such
as temperature, float current and cell voltages, allowing
for cost savings by optimizing useful battery life. Instead
of waiting for an inevitable failure or replacing batteries
prematurely to prevent problems, you can continue to
utilize your batteries longer and with confidence by
knowing the true internal condition.
Vented Lead Acid (Wet Cells) Batteries are ideally
suited for:
Battery rack applications over 500Kv
Large data centers
Sealed Lead Acid Batteries (VRLA) are ideally suited for:
UPS battery cabinets using 12V sealed batteries
Most power, telecom and cellular applications
Albér BDS-40 Battery Monitoring System For UPS Battery Cabinets
The Albér BDS-40 is designed to
monitor 12 volt, Valve Regulated
Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries. The
all-in-one unit and custom wire
harness reduces installation cost.
Easy to use, the system tracks
internal resistance, predicting
and reporting failing conditions
prior to complete failure to allow
proactive replacement.
The system consists of two
products. The BDS-40 Base Unit
is the central point where UPSsupplied power and communication
connections are made. It is
complete, stand alone monitoring
system for one string. To expand the
system, each additional battery
cabinet in the system may then use
a BDS-40 Plus Unit, which transfers
the data to the Base Unit for alarm
and data storage. Each Base Unit
can manage up to five Plus Units for
a total of six battery cabinets.
Albér BDS-40
on Liebert NX
battery cabinet
Albér BDSi Battery Monitoring System For UPS Battery Cabinet Integration
The Albér BDSi is designed
specifically for factory integration
into the Liebert NX and Liebert NXL
battery cabinets for 12 volt battery
applications. A factory installed
monitor continuously monitors all
critical battery parameters while
reducing field installation and startup. The result, a reliable system that
is efficient to deploy. Field retrofit
kits available.
The system consists of two units: A
Controller and a Data Collector
Module/Load Module (DCM/LM).
The Albér BDSi Controller stores the
data, provides alarms, power and
communication connections and
the DCM/LM unit collects individual
cell data and performs the
resistance test. Each additional
battery cabinet would use an Albér
BDSi DCM/LM unit linked to a single
Controller Unit. A Controller can
communicate with a total of six
DCM/LM units. Both Integral
Ethernet network card and dial-up
modem are standard.
Albér BDSi
Controller installed
in Liebert NXL
battery cabinet
Albér MPM-100 Battery Monitoring For Communications And Power Industry Applications
The Albér MPM-100 battery monitor
is a diagnostic system designed for
lower cell count applications such as
telecom or stationary battery
systems up to 130VDC. It identifies
potential problems by continuously
monitoring parameters such as cell
voltage, overall string voltage,
current and temperature. Automatic
periodic tests of battery internal
resistance verify the operating
integrity of the battery.
For added flexibility, the Albér
MPM-100 supports more than 80
different battery configurations and
can be factory configured for
nonstandard configurations. The
Albér MPM-100 is available in either
19” or 23” rack mount, and can be
configured for most power, telecom
and cellular applications.
Albér BDSi Data
Module (DCM/LM)
installed in NXL
battery cabinet
Albér MPM-100 in
telephony rack
Albér Battery Monitoring
Full Monitoring And Reporting Of Battery Status: Wet Cell Battery
The Importance Of Battery Monitoring For Large Applications
Downtime in your mission-critical data center, even a few
critical minutes, can cost you millions of dollars. As a
precaution, many large enterprises invest heavily in backup
power systems with highly sophisticated UPS systems—
systems that are completely dependent upon fullfunctioning batteries. If these batteries fail, power and
valuable data and communications will be lost.
Albér BDS-256 XL Battery Monitoring System
For Large UPS Systems
The Albér BDS-256 XL battery monitoring system
continuously monitors and diagnoses all critical
battery parameters for large UPS systems and is
uniquely adaptable for wet cell applications. It
identifies potential problems by continuously
monitoring parameters such as cell voltage, overall
string voltage, current and temperature.
Automatic periodic tests of the battery's internal
resistance will verify the operating integrity of the
battery. If resistance values exceed set thresholds, the
user can take the proactive action of replacing a bad
battery before it affects others in the string.
The BDS-256 XL is composed of the Controller,
the Data Collection Module and the Resistance
Test Module.
The Controller is the brain of the system and
coordinates alarms and traffic to and from the other
components in the system. The built in power supply
provides 24VAC for all components in the system.
The Data Collection Module (DCM) is a scanning
voltmeter that acquires overall voltage, cell voltage,
current and temperature readings from the
monitored battery strings. When the DCM has
captured the data, it compares all parameters with
preset thresholds and alerts the user via the
Controller if any of these parameters are violated.
The last component of the system is the RTM
(Resistance Test Module), which provides the load
during the patented resistance test. This unit
provides the high reliability and repeatable test
results that are required.
Albér BDS-256XL Battery Monitoring System in battery room application.
Albér Battery Monitoring
Portable Testing For Single Or Multicell Modules
Battery Monitoring Wherever You Need It
Testing your critical battery systems wherever necessary is key to assuring their
uptime. That's why Albér has created portable handheld cell voltage and resistance
testing technology that can make this job as accurate and easy to deploy as possible.
You get the convenience of a portable, packaged system, plus a wide range of
customization options to meet any application requirement.
Albér Cellcorder CRT-400 Provides Portable Testing For A
Variety Of Applications
The handheld Albér CRT-400 cell resistance tester displays and records cell
float voltage, internal cell resistance and intercell connection resistance. The
portable unit is lightweight, rugged and durable and can be used on single
cell or multicell modules. The unit can also transfer readings to a PC for
analysis and report generation.
Designed to strictly comply with IEEE standards for testing batteries online,
the Albér CRT-400's uses the same proven DC resistance test method used
in all of our stationary monitors.
The unit comes with a hard shell carrying case, AC charger, data trending
and analysis software. An optional IR printer is available. Bluetooth
The Battery Analysis Software helps you identify bad cells, generate
descriptive reports and archive data.
Ideally suited for:
Wet cell batteries
Single or multicell modules
305 mm (12”)
76 mm (3”)
178 mm (7”)
Albér Cellcorder CRT-400
Advantages and Features
Patented Internal Resistance testing
eliminates inaccuracy
New graphical display makes menu
navigation easy
Measures cell voltage and internal
battery resistance as well as intercell
Flash drive can be used to transfer data
to your PC
Battery Analysis PC software lets you
identify bad cells, create reports and
archive data
IrDa allows wireless communication
with a variety of peripheral equipment
including compatible DMA-35N-CRT
Tests batteries from 0-16V
Includes battery test clamps with
interchangeable jaws
Portable, lightweight design,
measuring H 305mm (12”) x W 178mm
(7”) x D 76mm (3”) at 1.5Kg (3.4lb)
Durable system features polyurethane
coated rubber keypad
Liebert Liqui-tect ®
Comprehensive Leak Detection And Reporting For Critical Spaces
Your critical computing, communications or process control facility could be filling
up with water due to broken pipes, leaking roofs or other causes—and you may not
even know about it until it’s too late. In fact, water damage due to leakage is far
more common than fire or other more visible hazards.
Provides Area, Zone Or Point Detection
Liebert Liqui-tect® leak detection systems provide
accurate reporting of leaks below the floor,
above the ceiling or at the perimeter of a room
in critical facilities.
Provides Local And Remote Alarms,
Location And Reporting
These reliable systems provide immediate
warning and precise location, allowing you to
find and correct a leak before moisture can
damage computers, wiring connections or
other sensitive electronics.
Flexible Communications
Liebert Liqui-tect leak detection systems offer
the ability to interface with building monitoring
and management systems to provide the
broadest possible range of communication
with authorized personnel.
Liebert Liqui-tect leak detection systems are ideal for a
variety of applications, including:
Computer rooms.
Large-scale network control centers.
Telecommunications facilities.
Satellite ground stations and other specialized data
communications nodes.
Industrial process control rooms.
Any location where water can cause problems.
The Liebert Liqui-tect
Product Family Includes:
Liebert Liqui-tect Panel Two Channel Direct Read Leak Detection —
The ultimate in leak detection and reporting, this system provides two
channels for monitoring different areas with direct-read at the control unit
location, plus the ability to communicate with Liebert SiteScan Web
enterprise monitoring system or a building management system. Features an
easy-to-use liquid crystal display (LCD) panel for readout of normal and alarm
conditions, as well as leak location. Two independent zones of 5,000 feet of
Liebert LT500Y leak detection cable can be monitored.
Liebert Liqui-tect
Liebert Liqui-tect 460
Zone Leak Detection
Universal Monitor
Liqui-tect 410
Point Leak
Liebert Liqui-tect 410 Point Leak
Detection Sensors — offer leak
detection at critical points. Two
corrosion-resistant gold-plated
probes detect moisture and
immediately signal the
monitoring system.
Liebert Liqui-tect 460 Zone Leak Detection Sensors —
provide zone detection of leaks up to 100 feet. Designed for
use with Liebert LT500Y leak detection cable, the Liqui-tect
460 is the ideal solution for perimeter sensing or serpentine
coverage of small areas.
LT500Y Leak Detection Cable —
offers durable design for accurate
sensing and the ability to read and
report the exact position of the leak.
Liebert leak detection cables have a
multi-wire design for precise
identification of moisture and
signaling. Rugged, durable materials
resist corrosion and abrasion for
long cable life. The cable’s non-kink
design makes it easy to position
around equipment.
Liebert Liqui-tect 410 (point sensor)
Leak Detection Cable
Liebert Liqui-tect 460 (zone sensor)
Liebert Nform
Liebert Nform Centralizes The Management Of Your Distributed Liebert Network Equipment
When Systems Are Critical…
Monitoring Is Not An Option
Alarm Management Capabilities
Liebert Nform software solution combines full-scale
monitoring with cost-effective deployment through
the use of the existing network infrastructure—so the
cost of dedicated, out-of-band communications
cabling is eliminated. It is both scalable and
adaptable so it can grow as your systems expand
and needs change.
Liebert Nform can be configured to monitor your
network for alarm notifications from Liebert power
protection and mission-critical cooling equipment.
These alarms can be processed to trigger event actions
such as e-mail alerts or local notifications. The software
will manage all alarms, including notifying the user of
new or active alarms, enabling the user to acknowledge
alarms and then deleting acknowledged alarms.
Nform Client
(Viewer Only)
Rack PDU
For more information go to:
Three-Phase UPS
Liebert Nform
Monitoring And Control Through Your Existing Network
Alarm-Event Exporting to Disk
To maintain extended history of events,
the file-write can be used for logging and
database collection.
SMTP Email
For high-priority event alarms,
email notifications can be sent to
data center managers, notifying
them that servers will be shut
down soon due to loss of power.
Shutdown Clients
Execute External Programs
Some network infrastructure can span
long distances dependent on bridges
and routers. The Run External program
can execute ping commands to devices
on the edge of your network, including
routers and switches that represent a
network path to resources within your
critical business operation.
Condition-Based System
For high-priority event alarms,
email notifications can be sent
to data center managers,
notifying them that servers will
be shut down soon due to loss
of power or high temperature
Automated Action Control
Nform gives you the ability to control
equipment on received alarm-events. For
example, when a high temperature alarm
is received, an SNMP Set can automatically
turn on another unit for cooling. SNMP Set
Request can be used to reboot or turn
on/off Liebert MP Advanced Power Strips
or even close relay contacts for external
This action notification can be used to
get a snapshot of your system as an
alarm-event occurs. Often IT managers
have to answer why systems are
unavailable during a crisis. The
recording of the "state-of the-system" as
an alarm occurred can prove useful for
trouble-shooting and determining the
root-cause of failures within the system.
Liebert IntelliSlot Web Card
Liebert IntelliSlot Web/485 Card w/Adapter
The Liebert IntelliSlot Web Card communicates to Network
The Liebert IntelliSlot 485 Card with Adapter provides
Management Systems using SNMP. The card also produces a
SiteScan Web or Building Management Systems
web page which provides real-time information through
Monitoring and control of Your Liebert equipment. The
your web browser.
card delivers Modbus or Liebert’s Proprietary protocol
via the EIA-485 port. The Liebert IntelliSlot Web/485
Card with Adapter bridges the gap between Network
and Building Management systems with its ability to
communicate to BMS systems with Modbus, as well as
communicating to NMS systems through SNMP and
Web. All interfaces can operate concurrently.
Liebert IntelliSlot
Web Card In Liebert GXT
Liebert IntelliSlot
Web/485 Card w/ Adapter
Ideally Suited For
Small and large data centers
Computer rooms, network access
spaces or server closets
Telecommunications facilities
Industrial process control centers
Other sensitive electronic
Available Products
Liebert IntelliSlot Web Card
Liebert IntelliSlot Web/485 Card
The Right Connections For A Choice Of Monitoring Options
Local Monitoring For High Availability Systems Support
Liebert DS
Liebert GXT2
Liebert XDF
Liebert NXL
Liebert SiteScan ® Web
Everyone, Everywhere, Every Time
Important information can be right in
front of you... but it’s probably buried in
a mountain of data. Liebert SiteScan Web
can provide trend and historical analysis
in a graphic format: easy-to-read charts
and comparative analysis of multiple
parameters at one time. It’s easier to
compare and differences can be spotted
more quickly. Problems can be solved in
many ways, but the best solutions
usually start with good information
delivered quickly. Liebert SiteScan Web
gives you both.
Design The System
Around Your Facility—
And Your Needs
SiteScan Web’s operation can
be tailored to the specific
requirements of your critical
support infrastructure and the
needs of different people in
your organization, giving you
a powerful tool to manage
your enterprise.
Liebert SiteScan Web Does It All
Liebert SiteScan Web provides comprehensive monitoring
and control of your critical facility support systems—and lets
you do it from virtually anywhere in the world.
Real-Time Monitoring And Control
With SiteScan Web you can get a real-time status “snapshot.”
It allows the operator not only to access current data—but to
interact with graphic programming logic in real-time for full
control functionality. During an alarm, the system can provide
instant information—a view of actual performance. This allows
for quick equipment assessment and the ability to take
corrective action based on current, factual information.
Event Management And Reporting
SiteScan Web will show you exactly where the problem is—not
some cryptic message that will leave you guessing. Events and
alarms associated with a specific system, area or equipment
selected in the navigation tree are displayed. This view allows you
to monitor alarm or event information geographically, as well as
to acknowledge events, sort events by category, actions and
verify reporting actions.
Web Appliance (WAP) And PDA Support
Data Analysis And Trend Reporting
With SiteScan Web you get powerful tools to analyze data and use it
to prevent specific problems from occurring again. The operator can
view trends by using the navigation tree and selecting the "trends"
button in the graphic window. Users can create custom trend data
that consist of one or more multiple data points.
Enhanced Trend Reporting
With SiteScan Web you get a comprehensive report writing
tool to create customized reports.
System Features And Functions Make The Difference
SiteScan Web offers a number of unique operational features
that make it comprehensive yet easy-to use. These involve the
areas of security, accessibility, internationalization, operating
features, subsystems,open standards, ease-of-learning, system
configuration and reliability.
Liebert SiteScan ® Web
The Step-By-Step Method To Configuring Your SiteScan ® Web System
Selecting the appropriate hardware to use with your Liebert
SiteScan Web software is key to creating the optimum
monitoring and control system for your critical facility.
SiteScan Web Server
Step One
Server Software And Client License
SiteScan Web Client
Choose the software and software components that
complement your vision of the system.
SSWEB — the base software package that includes 2 concurrent user.
SiteScan Web Client
Step Two
IGM Interface Control Modules
Choose the type and number of SiteLink modules that will
communicate to Liebert units, otherwise known as IGMs. Models are
available to allow communication to 2, 4 or 12 Liebert units.
SiteLink-2E — connects up to 2 Liebert units.
SiteLink-4E — connects up to 4 Liebert units.
Step Three
SiteLink-12E — connects up to 12 Liebert units.
Input/Output Control Modules
Choose the number of I/O modules necessary to monitor your
digital and analog points. Next, choose your sensors if necessary.
*Site I/O 10/0
*Site I/O 32/0
*Site I/O 16/16
*Site I/O x/8
Site I/O 10E
The model number follows the number of inputs
and outputs of a module. For example, Site I/O 10/0
equals 10 inputs, 0 outputs.
Digital = Dry contact
Analog = 0-5 VDC, 4-20mA and thermistor sensors
10 input module, dry contacts and thermistor
compatible. For distributed applications.
Site I/O 10/0
Site I/O 32/0
Site I/O 16/16
Site I/O x/8
Step Four
*SiteGate required
Third-Party Interfaces
Decide whether or not it will be necessary to intelligently
communicate to third-party equipment such as fire alarm panels,
chiller plants, generators and non-Liebert equipment.
Step Five
Site TPI-E — will integrate to third-party equipment. Contact Liebert’s
AE Group for a quotation on interfacing to third-party equipment.
Contact Us
Contact your local representative to assist with your site-specific applications.
Online Demo
Logon: LiebertRep
No Password Required
Site TPI-E
Third Party Interfaces
integrating Liebert equipment into your existing Building or
Network Management system. Through strict conformance
to Open Protocols like Modbus, BACnet, SNMP, Liebert can
provide robust and effective integrated solutions.
Building Management System Interfaces
Building Management Systems maintain a vital role
on overall operations or facilities and buildings. Simply
stated, Building Management Systems (BMS) create
and maintain controlled, energy-efficient
environments for all types of premises. This includes
the management and monitoring of core aspects of
each facility, from power supply, temperature, and
humidity, to fire, access and security.
Generally speaking, most BMS systems contain the
ability to communicate to Modbus and or BACnet
devices. These languages or protocols are considered
“Open” from the standpoint that they do not require
special tools in order to integrate these devices into a
BMS system.
Supports Modicon’s Modbus and ASHRAE’s BACnet
Network Management
System Interfaces
One of the main purposes of deploying a Network
Management System (NMS) is to maintain data
availability. This includes access to data and
applications vital to business critical operation. One of
the key elements of an NMS operation is that devices
or units reside on a network infrastructure. All of the
devices that reside on the network require space and
manageability in order for professionals to successfully
manage the entire network. This implies that network
performance is critical.
Supports SNMP v1, v2c and MIB II structures.
The Liebert Monitoring Group can provide multiple paths for
SiteLink modules integrate 2, 4 or 12 Liebert
units into a single device. The SiteLink
has the ability to stand alone and act as a
Modbus or BACnet slave through either a
EIA-232 or EIA-485 (2-wire or 4-wire)
configurable port. BACnet over IP can be
accomplished by adding a SiteGate. See
the Advanced Monitoring Solution section
for more details.
Output to Building Management Systems
using Modbus and BACnet MSTP.
The Site TPI-E product can be used to
intelligently communicate to non-Liebert
units within your infrastructure. This
allows you to effectively monitor critical
equipment with SiteScan Web. See the
Advanced Monitoring Solutions section
for more details.
Input from non-Liebert units that
use Modbus, BACnet, LonTalk and other
non-standard protocols.
The Liebert IntelliSlot 485 Card w/Adapter
provides SiteScan Web or Building
Management Systems monitoring and
control of your UPS. The card delivers
Modbus or Liebert’s Proprietary protocol
via the EIA-485 port.
The Liebert IntelliSlot Web/485 Card with
Adapter bridges the gap between Network
and Building Management systems with
its ability to communicate to BMS systems
with Modbus, as well as communicating to
NMS systems through SNMP and Web.
All interfaces can operate concurrently.
Output to Building Management Systems
using Modbus over EIA-485.
Output to Network Management Systems
using SNMP and Web.
The Liebert IntelliSlot Web Card
communicates to network Management
Systems SNMP. As the name infers, the
card also produces a Web page which
allows users to get real-time data
through their Internet browser.
Output to Network Management Systems
using SNMP and Web.
Liebert Services
Complete Start-up And Preventive Maintenance Services
Liebert Services brings you a time-tested record of
performance. Our on-site response time averages under
2 hours. For this and other reasons, nearly 100 percent
of our customers recommend us.
We have hundreds of certified engineers on staff.
Each year, they undergo more than 60,000 total hours
of technical training. This team is available 24x7x365
to provide application support to you.
We offer a comprehensive, advanced logistics support
system, with more than 7,000 unique parts stocked.
We fill 97 percent of emergency part orders in less
than 24 hours, and all parts are fully factory certified.
At Liebert Services, live professionals are available to
take your call when you need us most. Our Customer
Resolution Center answers hundreds of thousands of
calls per year, with an average resolution time
of only two and a half minutes.
Our safety record is unparalleled. So is our
commitment to training, in everything from lowvoltage electric and OSHA lock-out/tag-out to routine
safety audits and adherence to ISO standards.
Emerson offers a full range of testing, operations and maintenence services—all designed to protect the availability
of your critical systems.
System Design, Review & Evaluation
Data Center
Short Circuit
& Coordination
Ensure Critical
Isolate Faulty
Circuits Without
Loss Of Power
Ensure NEC, NFPA,
Determine The
Integrity Of
Grounding Systems
Identify Deviation
From Industry
Identify Under
Improve Worker
Safety In High
Voltage Areas
70 & NEC
Complete Critical
Equipment Invetory
Protect Against
Facility Outages
Update Safety
Identify HighThreat Harmonics
One-Line Diagram
Magnitude Of Fault
Cooling Assessment
Determine Hot
Spots in Critical
Measure Air Flow
Over And Under
Power Audit
Determine Loading
And Capacity Of
Operations & Maintenance
Single Point
Of Failure Analysis
Infared Inspection
Arc Flash
Power Quality
Diagram Update
Identify Single
Points Of Failure
Ensure System
NFPA-70E Requires
An Accurate OneLine Diagram
Evaluate Protective
Required For Arc
Flash Analysis
Power & Precision
Cooling Maintenance
Electrical Test & Breaker Test
Identify Catastrophic Failures Before They
Maintenance Solutions For Your Entire
Critical Space
Only Way To Ensure Breakers Will Perform
Detect Abnormal Thermal Rises In
Industry’s Most Advanced Disaster Recovery
Prevents Widespread Damage If Fault
May Be Performed On Energized Equipment
24x7x365 Live Response Center
NETA Certified Technicians
Protect Your Investment In Data Center
A Comprehensive Package of Mission-Critical Services
Remote Monitoring:
Remote Monitoring from Liebert Services alerts you to
problems that otherwise go unnoticed. It reduces the
time it takes to identify the alarm source, trends and
alarm types. Having the right information together with
a defined escalation procedure, helps diagnose the true
source of a problem.
With Liebert Services as your
availability partner, you can rest
easy. We take care of the
technology, so you can take care
of your business.
Ntegrated Monitoring:
With advanced monitoring and network security
capabilities, integrating remote monitoring with field
service for your UPS, Cooling and Battery systems,
provide the ultimate peace-of-mind. Liebert Services
Ntegrated Monitoring service provides remote
monitoring, diagnostics, trending, and service dispatch
with remote and on-site preventive maintenance.
Remote Monitoring With Service Dispatch:
Combining remote monitoring and Ntegrated
monitoring at the site level for all critical power
equipment with service dispatch provides the ultimate
protection. Whether you are a SiteScan user, lights-out
facility or simply require the expertise from Liebert
Services, we can provide assurance that you will be
notified when a technician is required on-site.
Ensuring The High Availability Of
Mission-Critical Data And Applications.
Emerson Network Power, the global leader in enabling business-critical continuity,
ensures network resiliency and adaptability through a family of technologies —
including Liebert power and cooling technologies — that protect and support
business-critical systems. Liebert solutions employ an adaptive architecture that
responds to changes in criticality, density and capacity. Enterprises benefit
from greater IT system availability, operational flexibility, and reduced capital
equipment and operating costs.
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