High Efficiency
Wet Cleaning and Laundry
Miele: Revolutionizing
Cleaning for over 100 Years
A History of Innovation
When Miele was founded in 1899, a
single promise was made… “Immer
Besser.” This German phrase means
“Forever Better” and it is the philosophy by which all Miele products are
manufactured. From the early butter
churns, clothes washers with wooden
tubs, and even automobiles, to today’s
superior vacuum cleaners and a wide
range of kitchen appliances, Miele
seeks continuous improvement. This
commitment to quality and innovation
ensures that the Miele products you
purchase are the most technologically
advanced and the finest quality available.
A Commitment to the Environment
Miele’s sense of responsibility towards
the environment stems directly from
its promise for quality. Longlasting,
durable products not only benefit
consumers, but also the environment
because they require fewer resources.
Miele washing machines have been
widely recognized for their efficient use
of water, energy, and detergent.
Prompt Service close at hand
A network of accomplished
specialists in your local area
● A service for technical advice
● A team which reacts rapidly to
urgent calls for repairs
● Prompt supply of spare parts
● Fully stocked parts department for all
The Miele System:
Advanced Equipment, Miele Software,
Training and Marketing Package
Illustr.: WS 5191
Illustr.: T 6551
High Efficiency Washers
Soft-mount technology
High Efficiency Dryers
Axial air flow
Wide range of machine sizes
for every need
Guide & Training
Every system comes with on site
training. We teach the many features of
the Miele Wet Cleaning System to the
cleaner and staff. We focus on the organizing, sorting, and processing of all
types of garments.
As part of ongoing support, each
machine comes with a unique wet
cleaning guide which categorizes each
fiber and garment type showing the
user the step-by-step process each
program utilizes including water temperature, dispensing product and spin
speeds. This guide features programs
for Wet Cleaning woolens, silks and
fragiles, still more programs for wet
washing cottons, outerwear, down
items, household items and shirts. In
addition it outlines specialty programs
for soaking, water proofing and leathers.
Marketing & Advertising
All the technology in the world has no
value unless your customers know you
have it. Miele turns superior technology
into bottom line dollars with a first
class marketing campaign. We offer
brochures, hang tags, print advertising
and counter easels with drycleaner
friendly wording. It does not offend
current cleaning methods but instead
presents wet cleaning as a better
method for many garments.
State-of-the-art wet cleaning and wet washing
For over 8 decades Miele has responded to changes and developments in
the textile and detergent industries by
continuously developing cutting edge
The Miele Wet
Cleaning System
As the percentage of textiles which can
be cleaned in an economical and environmentally friendly “wet” cleaning process is constantly increasing, the use
of perchloroethylene-based cleaning
methods is being greatly reduced.
The Miele System is therefore an extremely viable adjunct to conventional
solvent-based dry-cleaning methods
and has now found international
acceptance. Garments are treated in
an extremely gentle process and finished garments have a pleasant fragrance.
Special system parameters such as
program compilation, g-force, reduced
water levels, an extremely gentle drum
rhythm with long pauses followed by
short periods of agitation, spin speed,
low temperatures and electronic
monitoring of residual moisture levels
are finely tuned to provide a perfect
treatment method. The final touch is
added by a specially developed dispenser system which monitors precise
dispensing of detergents and proofing
agents at exactly the right time. It goes
without saying that all additives are
environmentally friendly.
Freely programmable system for
a wide variety of applications
Extend your services
Apart from the garment-care concept
of “wet” cleaning for wedding dresses,
tailored garments and sweaters, silk
blouses, etc., there are many textiles
which can simply be treated in a
normal wash process, such as shirts,
jeans, downs and outerwear, khakis,
With the new washer-extractors and
tumble dryers, Miele Professional offers
dry-cleaning establishments machines
to cope with a range of laundry-care
requirements: wet cleaning, washing,
Miele’s new machines with Profitronic
controls set new dimensions in wet
cleaning technology and economic
Miele Profitronic controls are freely
programmable microprocessor controls with preprogrammed wet cleaning
and wet washing programs. Up to
99 programs can be customized for
cleaning and care of a wide range of
different textiles and fibers. In conjunction with the sound technology of
Miele machines, these special program
packages and processes provide the
most economically viable treatment
method for a large percentage of
everyday garments.
The seven whys of wet cleaning
Gentler than handwashing
Fresh, clean scent
Soft to the touch
Kind to sensitive skin
Safe for your clothes
Perfect for removing stains
Gentle on the environment
The Miele Wet Cleaning Washers
High-tech hand-in-hand with
first-class quality
Short running times
Minimum water and energy consumption
Efficient use of detergent
Low residual moisture levels
Simple operation
Optimum operational safety
Entry level Wet Cleaning
W 1926 (USA), WS 5426 (CDN)
● Load capacity:
Wet washing: 13 lbs/6 kg
Wet cleaning: 7 Ibs/3 kg
● Spin speed: 1200 rpm
● g-force: 419
● Manual detergent dispensing
WS 5101
● Load capacity:
Wet washing: 22 lbs/10 kg
Wet cleaning: 15 Ibs/6.5 kg
● Spin speed: 1150 rpm
● g-force: 436
WS 5141
● Load capacity:
Wet washing: 32 lbs/14 kg
Wet cleaning: 20 Ibs/9 kg
● Spin speed: 1100 rpm
● g-force: 330
Illustr.: WS 5191
WS 5191
● Load capacity:
Wet washing: 42 lbs/19 kg
Wet cleaning: 29 Ibs/13 kg
● Spin speed: 1100 rpm
● g-force: 460
WS 5240
● Load capacity:
Wet washing: 54 lbs/24 kg
Wet cleaning: 35 Ibs/16 kg
● Spin speed: 1100 rpm
● g-force: 542
● Washers
● Freely programmable electronic controls with 99 programmable options
● Large 4-line display
● Full-text user navigation
● Program sequence display
● Time delay start for unmanned starts
● Serial interface
● Key-operated switch
➔ Simple, safe operation
➔ Futureproof
➔ Optimum program versatility
➔ Program documentation
➔ Precise overview of program
● Water level indicator
➔ Process monitoring
● Temperature display
➔ Optimum process reliability
● Frequency Modulated Motor Drives
➔ Allows for greatest flexibility during
all cycles in each program
➔ Slow speeds during wetting process; timed soaking coupled with
gentle drops during the wash cycle,
and infinately variable spin speeds
including up to 1100 RPM’s
➔ Interval spinning for leather items,
down and membrane garments for
effective water evacuation
➔ Precise imbalance monitoring
➔ Solid-state and maintenance-free
● Drain valve mounted directly on
wash basin
➔ Detergent dissolves properly
➔ Reduction in water consumption
➔ Reduction in energy consumption
● Hot and cold water intake
➔ Economic use of energy
➔ Shorter program running times
Dispensing technology
● Pre-equipped for liquid detergent
dispenser pumps
➔ Reduces the staff workload
➔ Precise detergent dispensing
reduces costs
➔ Optimum repeatability
● Low detergent level stop feature
➔ Sensors in dispensing container
stop machine before levels run out
➔ Protects clothes from damage by
inaccurate detergent concentration
● 4-compartment lid dispenser
➔ Programmable dispensing
➔ Ample space for detergent
Wash technology
● Scoop-and-Ladle technology
➔ Unique to the Miele System
➔ Allows treated water to quickly
and thoroughly wet garments without
unnecessary mechanical action prior
to washing cycle
➔ Reduction in water and energy
● Precise water levels
➔ A key to effective wet cleaning
➔ Reduces water consumption
➔ Prevents over-saturation of garment fibers reducing potential for
➔ Reduces detergent consumption
● Raining action
➔ Water is drawn up from the
bottom of the water basin to the top
where it “rains”down through the
holes in the basket fins gently cleaning clothes and flushing away soil.
During a given wash cycle, hundreds
of gallons of water will rain onto
Precise temperature controls
➔ Maintains accurate temperature
throughout entire cycle
➔ Prevents overheating
Gentle run-up to spin
➔ Imbalance minimized
➔ Long life expectancy
➔ Low noise levels
➔ Gentle laundry care
Graduated spin
➔ Residual moisture is kept to a
➔ Laundry does not become
➔ Laundry is easy to unload
Interim spin
➔ Improved rinse efficiency
➔ Reduction in water consumption
Highest g-force
➔ Low residual moisture levels
➔ Less energy required in the subsequent drying process
● Freestanding washer-extractors
➔ Simple, fast installation
➔ Soft-mount
● Stainless-steel front and lid; side
panels galvanized with additional
stove-finished coating in blue
➔ Casing is sturdy and easy to clean
● Stainless-steel water basin and
stainless-steel drum; extruded perforations
➔ Long-lasting
➔ Gentle on garments
● Large door opening; maintenancefree door seal
➔ Ensures convenient loading and
➔ Ample space for bulky items
● Designed to last 30.000 hours
Test certificates
● Depending on model:
DVGW water, CE mark, splashproof,
EMC tested
Operational safety
Freely programmable Profitronic controls
Unsurpassed user benefits
Miele Profitronic controls are freely programmable microprocessor controls
with up to 99 options for storing various parameters to suit individual applications. All control functions are performed by the electronic, solid-state
control unit.
Simple operation
A full-text display guides the user
throughout the program. The display
provides information on program running time left, temperature, operating
hours and current program status. A
delay start function allows the use of
lower cost cheap, night-rate electricity
and gives additional flexibility. Three
further languages can be stored in
addition to the standard English language version.
Optimum operational safety
A key-operated switch enables program access and programming of
system parameters to be restricted to
authorized individuals only.
● Washers
Miele: Unbeatable quality made in Germany
Reliable right from the start
Miele wet cleaning machines are products of unsurpassed quality. Renowned
for precise process repeatability,
extensive system technology and low
consumption values, Miele laundrycare machines are always geared to
the needs of customers, making them
an economically viable solution. All
Miele factories have been awarded DIN
ISO 9001 certification and operate in
compliance with this quality assurance
Simple installation
Miele laundry-care machines can be installed without being additionally bolted
to the floor. Adjustable feet compensate for unevenness in floors.
High-quality materials
Miele washer-extractors are equipped
with a stainless-steel drum with extruded perforations; the stainless-steel
drum on tumble dryers is smooth-sided and unperforated. Materials used
are of unsurpassed quality and, in conjunction with first-class workmanship,
provide for extremely gentle laundry
care. Miele’s Scoop-and-Ladle technology featured on washer-extractors
ensures that laundry is rapidly and
thoroughly drenched for even better
cleaning efficiency.
Recycling option
Every Miele washer is equipped with an
additional drain valve and electronic
control that allows for connection to an
optional recycling container. Water
consumption can be reduced by up to
30% depending on the program.
Dispenser system
Appropriate dispenser pump systems
for liquid detergents and proofing
agents are available from Miele.
Miele: Tested to last for 30,000 hours
● Dryers
The Wet Cleaning Tumble Dryer
Tumble dryer
Profitronic controls offer a choice of
nine sensor-controlled and two timecontrolled drying programs and provide
customized drying programs to suit
individual load and fabric requirements.
The new tumble dryer series is not only
equipped with outstanding technology,
but also offers an extremely economical drying process: Dryers operate on
the axial-flow principle, ensuring that
approx. 60% of the discharged air is
recycled in the drying process (Air
High-tech hand-in-hand with
first-class quality
Profitronic controls for sensorcontrolled and time-controlled
Drying on the axial-flow principle
with air recycling
Reverse tumble action
Illustr.: T 6551
T 1526 (USA)
T 5206 (CDN)
● Load capacity:
Wet washing: 13 Ibs/6 kg
Wet cleaning: 7 Ibs/3 kg
T 6351
Load capacity:
Wet washing: 32 Ibs/14 kg
Wet cleaning: 20 Ibs/9 kg
T 6551
● Load capacity:
Wet washing: 54 Ibs/24 kg
Wet cleaning: 33 Ibs/15 kg
Tumble Dryer Profitronic controls
The clear, concise control panel features a usage chart which is available
on request in a number of different languages.
Miele tumble dryers are simple and
safe to operate. Drying programs and
drying times are clearly indicated and
can be selected to suit individual applications. The program sequence
display indicates the drying stage
The actual residual moisture level is
indicated in the display during sensorcontrolled programs, whereas actual
drying time left is displayed in timecontrolled programs. The temperature
in the inner drum can be displayed at
the touch of a button.
Separate pushbuttons are available for
selection of additional functions such
as “Low temperature” and “Buzzer” (an
acoustic signal indicates the end of the
drying process). A separate thermometer permanently indicates the inner
drum temperature (even when the
machine is switched off).
Electronic Profitronic controls
The Miele microprocessor based
control system can be used to provide
customized drying programs to suit individual load compositions and ensure
gentle drying to protect fibres.
11 drying programs
– 6 “Cottons” programs
– 3 permanent press programs
– 2 time-controlled drying programs
(cold air 3 mins.–1 hr; hot air 3 mins.
–3 hrs.)
Solid-state electronic controls ensure
that faults are easily diagnosed;
operating hours can be displayed and
service intervals adjusted at the touch
of a button.
Further connections (for example for a
computer or peak-load cut-out) complement the range of standard accessories and are contributing factors in
reducing costs and minimizing the
environmental burden.
● Dryers
The gentle way:
Axial-air flow principle
● Electronic Profitronic controls with 11
drying programs
● Precise residual moisture control
● Program sequence indicator
● Countdown display; actual residual
moisture level display
● Large analogue display of actual
inner drum temperature
● Fault indicator
● Emergency “Off” switch
● Two-stage selectable heater rating
➔ Temperatures suited to the type of
➔ Gentle drying protects fibers and
delicate fabrics
➔ Energy-saving with partial loads
Drying technology
Sensitive System
Precise monitoring of residual moisture levels. The length of the selected
drying cycle is automatically adjusted
to compensate for measured differences in water composition.
➔ Highly accurate shut-down points
➔ Economic drying
➔ No overdrying
● Service-programmable reversing
times and pauses
➔ Extremely gentle drying
➔ Fast, even drying
➔ No wet pockets
● Axial-flow principle
● Galvanized casing with additional
stove-finished coating in blue (exception: rear panel)
➔ Casing durable and easy to clean
● Stainless-steel, smooth-sided drum
➔ Extremely durable
➔ Gentle reversing rhythm
● Large drum diameter
➔ Optimum heat utilization
➔ Laundry is soft and full of bounce
➔ Short drying times
➔ Extremely gentle drying
● Vented system
➔ Fast, economical drying
➔ Minimal on-site heat dissipation
Test certificates
Depending on model:
UL, CSA, VDE/CCA, CE mark;
EMC tested, splashproof
➔ Operational safety
Air Recycling
approx. 60% of the discharged air is
➔ Short running times
➔ Low operating costs
● Central air intake
➔ No window ventilation necessary
● Large lint filter
➔ Easy to clean
Washer/Extractor specifications
Tumble Dryer specifications
W1926 (USA)
WS5426 (CDN)
Load capacity, wet washing
Load capacity, wet cleaning
Spin speed
Steam heated, indirect
Electrically heated
Electrical connection
Fuse rating
Total rated load
External dimensions
Net weight
Net weight
Further data available on request
Colors indicate matching machine sizes
WS 5141
WS 5191
WS 5240
22 / 10
15 / 6.5
32 / 14
20 / 9
42 / 19
29 / 13
54 / 24
35 / 16
3 AC 208 V,
60 Hz
3 AC 208 V,
60 Hz
3 AC 208 V,
60 Hz
3 AC 208 V,
60 Hz
331/2 /850
45 5/8 / 1160
45 5/8 / 1160
49 1/4 / 1250
64 5/8 / 1640
231/2 / 595
313/4 / 805
31 3/4 / 805
36 1/4 / 920
42 3/4 / 1085
251/2 / 715
228 / 103
35 7/8 / 910
556 / 252
41 3/4 / 1060
727 / 330
1052 / 477
49 3/4 / 1265
1560 / 707
13 / 6
208 V 60 Hz
Load capacity, wet washing
Load capacity, wet cleaning
Steam heated, indirect
Electrically heated
Electrical connection
Fuse rating
Total rated load
External dimensions
WS 5101
T 1526 (USA)
T 5206 (CDN)
T 6351
T 6551
32 / 14
20 / 9
54 / 24
33 / 15
208 V 60 Hz
3 AC 208 V, 60 Hz
3 AC 208 V, 60 Hz
33 1/2 / 850
54 3/4/ 1390
64 5/8 / 1640
23 1/2 / 595
35 3/8 / 900
47 1/4 / 1200
25 1/2 / 715
40 1/2 / 1030
37 3/8 / 95
13 / 6
A unique product:
The Miele Rotary Iron
The Miele Rotary Iron
The Rotary Iron
Wide width rotary drum
● Open end design
● Swing out support arm
● Foot pedal operated
● Three temperature settings
● Finger guard
Emergency release button
● Aluminum feeder board
● Variable drum speed
● Fold away design
● Transportation rollers
The wide roller width of 34 inches
accommodates everything from napkins to bed linens and tablecloths. Sit
and iron with the Miele rotary iron. Its
versatile operation will enable you to
give all your ironing a smart and professional finish combined with high
The roller speed and the temperature
can be adjusted from 200°F (90°C) to
400°F (200°C) to suit the type of
laundry being processed.
Electrical requirements:
208/220 V 60 Hz
Open roller end
The open end allows for easy ironing of
very wide items such as sheets and
tablecloths. The open end of the roller
is also particularly useful for ironing
awkward shaped items as they can be
fitted over the open end without being
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