Application Instructions - Wyoming Department of Workforce

A program of
1 . 8 0 0 . 4 5 2 . 1 4 0 8 V/TTY
Be deaf, hard of hearing, speech impaired, or deaf-blind (see definitions, page 2);
Be a resident of Wyoming;
Be able to demonstrate ability to use and care for the equipment;
Meet the income eligibility requirement; and
Return equipment previously received (if applicable) from Wyoming Relay Equipment
Distribution (WYRED). If your equipment is stolen, you must report it to the police and provide
a copy of the police report to WYRED before you can get replacement equipment.
Note: applicants under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the
application and assume responsibility for the equipment. Legally emancipated minors are
considered adults for this application.
If your application is approved, your responsibilities as a WYRED client will include:
Disclosing applicable information about your hearing needs to aid WYRED in assisting you.
Selecting one primary piece of equipment (i.e. telephone) and one secondary piece of
equipment (i.e. signaling device) with remote device (if desired).
Maintaining the equipment appropriately (i.e. keeping it clean, avoiding contact with liquids,
using the WYRED-provided surge protector, etc.) for the life of the product.
Understanding that—once you are provided with new equipment—you will NOT be eligible to
exchange your equipment until the warranty has expired and your equipment malfunctions.
All equipment received from WYRED has at least a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.
Notifying WYRED of any problems with the functioning or use of the equipment.
Processing all warranty claims for repair or replacement. Upon approval, you will be provided
with information on warranty procedures for your product(s).
Updating your long distance provider with CapTel Customer Service (Model 840 users only).
Purchasing replacement paper for TTYs, replacement batteries, additional handsets (for
cordless models), and/or accessories for your equipment. WYRED does not pay for, nor
reimburse, for any of these items.
Paying for monthly service plan charges, long distance charges, and/or optional services/
charges from your telephone and/or internet service provider(s).
Equipment offered by WYRED has been fully tested to ensure functionality and reliability while also
offering a wide range of options to meet the needs of most individuals with hearing loss. If you don’t
think that any of the equipment choices shown in this application packet will be of benefit to you,
please contact us so that we may work together to find alternative equipment that will assist you.
You are also encouraged to take advantage of our loan closet prior to making your final selection;
there is no charge to participate, but it will allow you the opportunity to try equipment prior to making
a decision. Please keep in mind that once we provide new equipment to you, you cannot reapply for
new equipment for at least three (3) years unless your hearing needs change.
WYRED is an equal opportunity employer with equal opportunity programs.
Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.
Deaf – The condition of a person whose hearing in both ears is impaired to the degree that the person is
unable to understand speech.
Deaf-Blind – The condition of a person who is: 1) deaf, severely hearing impaired, or hard of hearing; and
2) blind or visually impaired, and requires the use of specialized telecommunications equipment to
communicate effectively on the telephone.
Hard of Hearing – The condition of a person whose hearing loss requires use of specialized
telecommunications equipment to communicate effectively on the telephone.
Speech Impaired – The condition of a person whose speech impediment renders speech on an ordinary
telephone unclear and susceptible to misunderstanding.
TTY (Text Telephone) – An electrical device with a keyboard which, when used with a telephone, allows a
deaf or hard of hearing individual to effectively communicate.
VCO (Voice Carry Over) –
A device that allows deaf or hard of hearing users without speech
impairments to speak directly to the called person. Everything the called person says is typed either
directly or by a relay operator and appears as text on the display of the VCO device. CapTel™ is an
enhanced VCO device.
HCO (Hearing Carry Over) – A device that allows a person with a speech impairment to listen directly to the
telephone conversation through speakers or headphones connected to a TTY and to type their
response using the TTY keyboard, which is then read by a relay operator to the person they are calling.
WYRED provides warranties on all distributed TTYs. Should a unit malfunction during the client’s three-year
use period, WYRED will resolve each situation on a case-by-case basis. Additional models of TTYs are
1. Superprint 4425A™
Faster...Smarter...Smaller…and more convenient than ever! This remarkable
TTY has these features and much more:
Programmable auto-answer
32K memory (stores conversations, memos, telephone numbers, and auto-
answer messages)
TTY Announcer™ (a recorded female voice that tells the person you are calling,
“TTY call; please use a text telephone.”)
Relay Voice Announcer (tells people calling you to “Please use text telephone or dial relay”
Memory dialing and dialing by name
2. Ameriphone Q90 D™
This unit is designed for people who
prefer sleek, portable TTY's; works
with most TTY-compatible
digital cell and cordless phones
(with 2.5mm plug)
3. Superprint Pro80 LVD™
LVD = Large Visual Display
1-line, 20-character display
with easy-to-see 1/2” tall letters
True-size, QWERTY keyboard
Add speakers or headset for HCO calls
Ring flasher for incoming calls and audible
Direct connect
ringer with optional external speaker
Built-in text answering machine
Printer port to connect to external portable
printer (optional, #1A) & most computer printers
Built-in Caller ID (Requires Caller ID service.)
TTY Announcer™ and Relay Voice Announcer
11 special "one-touch" function and GA/SK keys
Turbo Code ; Auto ID™; last number redial
Captioned telephones work just like a regular telephone, except they allow you to read the portion of the
conversation that you cannot effectively hear through the handset. There is a significant learning curve
associated with them for most users. The captioning service is provided free of charge to the end user, and
is paid for either by the State of Wyoming or via the FCC’s Telecommunications Relay Service fund. The
FCC requires that distributors of captioned telephones assess users to ensure the captioning service and its
funding mechanisms are utilized appropriately. Unless a client is a previous captioned telephone user,
WYRED requires clients to be assessed to determine if they can benefit from captioning. A captioned
telephone will not be provided if the client can benefit from amplification and/or tone control only.
CapTel Model 840: Requires analog (i.e. CenturyLink) telephone line(s) and
electrical power. DSL lines are supported with appropriate filters in place. Not compatible with
PBX systems unless an analog port is available. Not for use with digital cable (i.e. Charter),
VOIP (i.e. Vonage), or cellular (i.e. Verizon) service. Has a built-in answering machine.
4B. CapTel Model 840i/880i: Requires high speed/broadband internet connection (a dial-up
internet connection will not work) AND working landline service (digital cable or VOIP
service OK) AND electrical power. The 840i CAN connect via Wi-Fi, and has a built-in answering machine. The 880i with a larger 10” screen is ideal for low vision clients.
5A. Clarity Ensemble: 50 decibels of amplification with a 7” touch screen, and includes a
wireless access point plus ClarityLogic™ for remote diagnostic service and programming.
See “How CapTel Works”, Checklist, and Fact Sheets for more info on all captioned telephone models.
Web CapTel: Let’s you enjoy phone conversations with the convenience of online captions. You make/
receive phone calls using any phone you want (no special equipment to buy), while viewing captions of the
call on the Internet browser window of your computer or smart phone. Internet service required.
Mobile CapTel: New apps make it easy to get captions on your mobile/cellular device!
information on Web and Mobile CapTel, visit:
For more
The CaptionCall® by Sorenson Communications is another captioned telephone on the market. WYRED
does not distribute the CaptionCall® , but you may obtain additional information by visiting their website
(, by calling 877-557-2227, or by emailing: Because the
CaptionCall® by Sorenson Communications is not a WYRED product, we are unable to provide additional
information, troubleshooting assistance, or loaner equipment.
6. Clarity HA-40 in-line amplifier: Boosts incoming calls up to 100 times the normal volume
(+40 dB).
The portable unit includes slide controls for volume and tone.
The tone
selector amplifies specific frequencies for optimum speech clarity and distinction
between similar sounding words. The boost button maximizes amplification while blocking out
feedback and background noise. Unit is compatible with most home and office corded telephones and is
easily connected between handset and phone base. Uses one 9V battery (included). Note: Amplifies call
volume only, not ring volume. Fact sheet not available on HA-40. Additional in-line amplifiers also available.
Call for additional information.
A. Sonic Ring Elite Deluxe TR75VR Telephone Signaler: The TR75VR has been
designed to alert you with a choice of three distinct flash patterns. Select one for your
telephone, TTY, fax or videophone with the flip of a switch. If using a Sonic Alert telephone
signaler now, by adding the new TR75VR, you will be able to select a flash pattern different
from your existing signaler. The TR75VR flashes the light plugged into its own outlet, and also
sends a signal to remote receivers to flash lights in other rooms. The TR75VR has a button that
allows the lamp to be used for signaling as well as normal lighting. The light will flash when the
telephone rings, regardless of whether the lamp is turned on or off. See “G”, “H”, or “I” below
for optional remotes. 5-year warranty!
B. Geemarc Amplicall 10 Ring Signaler: The Amplicall 10 is an extra loud (95dB) ringer with
adjustable ring volume. tone, and pattern, and bright camera LED strobe, plus is wall mountable
or has a table stand bracket. Optional bed shaker available. Battery backup (4-AA batteries,
included). Dimensions: 5.5"W x 5"H x 2.0"D.
C. Ameriphone Super Phone Ringer Model SR-200: Never miss another call! The SR-200
generates up to 95dB in volume settings of Hi, Med, Lo, or Off. Fully adjustable tone settings
with 4 ring patterns to choose from. Battery backup (batteries not included). Visual ring
signaler. Wall mountable. Dual modular phone jacks easily connect to your analog telephone.
D. Clarity AlertMaster AL11 Notification System: The Clarity AlertMaster AL11 transmitter
is part of their Visual Alert System for the deaf or for people with profound hearing loss. The
AL11 alerts you to telephone or VP calls and the doorbell, and has optional accessories that
can alert you to an audio alarm, a crying baby or the presence of an intruder. It can be used in
conjunction with “E” and “F” below, and is compatible with existing AlertMaster products.
Different flashing patterns to distinguish between the door, telephone, or other AlertMaster
transmitters or receivers.
E. Clarity AlertMaster AMPXB Tactile Receiver: The AMPXB is a wireless vibrating
personal signaler with Braille for Deaf-Blind individuals, designed to be used in conjunction with
the AL11 system. It works up to 80 feet away, has an external 10.5” antenna, two hard-wired
AA batteries, and must be used with a transmitter.
F. Clarity AlertMaster AL12 Remote Receiver: The AL12 (replacement to the AMRX2)
works in conjunction with the AL11 system. It has built-in flashing visual indicators to provide
alerts to the door, telephone, alarm clock, sound and motion (additional transmitters may be
required). Sensors monitor the telephone to alert you of phone calls. You can purchase
various other accessories to customize the system for your household or lifestyle needs.
Simple set-up; no hard-wiring required—just plug it in! A built-in lamp flasher will utilize a
connected lamp for additional notification. Dual Power Backup keeps the system running when
the power goes out.
G. Sonic Blink Strobe Receiver Model BL300: Sonic Alert’s newest receiver is perfect for
places where a lamp is not normally used, such as in bathrooms, kitchens and hallways. The
Sonic Blink receiver has a built-in high intensity strobe light. Just plug it in and it is ready to
receive signals from Sonic Alert’s doorbell, baby cry and telephone signalers. 5-year warranty!
H. Sonic Alert Deluxe Remote Receiver Model SA-201: Sonic Alert’s deluxe remote receiver
SA-201 will alert you by flashing any lamp that is plugged into the unique line cord when it
receives a transmission from any Sonic Alert signaler. Button allows lamp to be used for
signaling or normal room lighting, and green LED lets you know if the lamp plugged into it is on.
5-year warranty!
I. Sonic Boom Alarm Clock: The Sonic Boom alarm clock’s built-in deluxe remote receiver
picks up signals from other Sonic Alert signalers. This patented feature eliminates the need for
separate receivers in the room to alert you to a baby’s cry, doorbell, or the telephone. There is
also a test button on the unit to explore which combination of flashing lights, shaking bed, or
audio alarm will work best for you. (With optional Super Shaker Bed vibrating alert.) 5-year
If you have any questions on any products in this catalog, please call 1-800-452-1408.
Thank you for your interest.