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OCTAX Lasers &
Imaging Systems
Since the inception of human reproductive medicine, analytical and manipulative methodologies have been
perfected to ensure maximum treatment success. Advanced computing and imaging technology has found
its way into the modern reproductive biology laboratory and contributed to the development of innovative
opto-analytical systems. Laser technology has revolutionized treatment procedures for advanced therapy in
the clinical setting.
Offering a variety of innovative tools OCTAX lasers and imaging systems have enriched, complemented and
driven the process of A.R.T.
The unique OCTAX EyeWare software suite combines brilliant image quality,
various opto-analytical features and compelling data management. It offers
us the flexibility we need for our research and in our daily clinical routine.
Jacques Cohen, Washington, USA
OCTAX Lasers & Imaging Systems
The OCTAX suite concept............................................................................01
OCTAX EyeWareTM imaging and archival software.................................02
OCTAX EyeTM digital USB2 video cameras ................................................03
OCTAX Laser ShotTM & NaviLaseTM laser systems..............................04-07
OCTAX Adaptive Electronic CondenserTM.................................................08
OCTAX SyncBoxTM IX73.............................................................................09
OCTAX polarAIDETM....................................................................................10
OCTAX cytoScreenTM...................................................................................11
OCTAX heated motorized insert................................................................12
The OCTAX Laser Shot system proves its excellent performance as our
work-horse for embryo biopsy. Due to its intuitive operation it also unveiled
itself to be an ideal teaching tool for our embryology students.
Alpesh Doshi, London, UK
OCTAX Lasers & Imaging Systems
01 The OCTAX suite concept
The modular concept of the OCTAX suite combines sophisticated hard- and software tools with maximized
functionality and ease of use. OCTAX imaging, analysis and manipulation elements have become synonyms
for efficient workflow, highest safety and outstanding reliability accompanying the embryologist within the
process of A.R.T.
USB2 digital
cytoScreen TM
Condenser TM
imaging & database /
archival software
polarAIDE TM
SyncBox TM
Laser Shot TM
classical laser
NaviLase TM
Our OCTAX EyeWareTM imaging and archival software represents the core element of the OCTAX suite. In
combination with an OCTAX EyeTM USB2 high-resolution camera OCTAX EyeWareTM constitutes a universal
platform for the OCTAX suite modular concept. OCTAX EyeWareTM has been designed for the seamless integration of different operational units, like OCTAX Laser ShotTM & OCTAX NaviLaseTM microsurgical laser systems,
OCTAX Adaptive Electronic CondenserTM and OCTAX SyncBoxTM IX73 optical elements, OCTAX cytoScreenTM and
OCTAX polarAIDETM bio-analytical modules, and the OCTAX heated motorized insert.
The single camera & platform software principle is the basis to control and run a multitude of applications.
The OCTAX concept is unique in terms of integration and economization of A.R.T. related processes.
OCTAX Lasers & Imaging Systems
02 OCTAX EyeWareTM imaging and archival software
OCTAX EyeWareTM is a SQL server based multi-purpose imaging and archival software. The application field of
OCTAX EyeWareTM ranges from a stand-alone imaging station to a multi-operational multi-user networked system.
Offering specific adaptations for each user demand and application need, OCTAX EyeWareTM is an ideal solution
for clinics where image quality and authentic documentation are imperative.
OCTAX EyeWareTM live video display
OCTAX EyeWareTM biometric measurements
OCTAX EyeWareTM database page
• High-resolution live video display
• Unlimited image snapshot gallery
• Instant access to objective calibrations
• Image & video capture and storage function
• Multi-camera support
• Biometric measurement tools
• Multilingual GUI
• Comparison option for up to 4 images at a time
• Image zoom function
• Integrated control interface for operating the modules
of the OCTAX family: OCTAX Laser ShotTM, OCTAX NaviLaseTM,
OCTAX Adaptive Electronic CondenserTM, OCTAX SyncBoxTM
IX73, OCTAX cytoScreenTM, OCTAX polarAIDETM, OCTAX heated
motorized insert
• SQL server database for powerful administration of images,
video files and patient data
• Multi-user/multi-station networking capability for data
management and live video broadcasting
• Data interface to lab information systems (e.g. MedITEX)
• Compatible with PCs running Windows Vista,
Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1
• Space and cost-saving all-in-one camera & software concept
• Easy to use software interface for intuitive operation
• Brilliant, unmatched image quality revealing smallest details
• Unique modular concept offering maximum flexibility
• High degree of integration and interactive control of
OCTAX application modules
• Intra-clinic networking capability for multi-user support
and instant access to all relevant data
# 19310 / 3148
OCTAX EyeWareTM imaging and archival software
Includes SQL database, video capture function and supports up to 2 OCTAX EyeTM digital USB2 cameras.
# 19310 / 3149
OCTAX EyeWareTM Tech Package
Extends the OCTAX EyeWareTM imaging and archival software (# 19310/3148) for the following functions: server integration of 1 and
more OCTAX EyeWareTM workplace(s), centralized server-based data management, support of 3 and more OCTAX EyeTM USB2 cameras
connected to OCTAX EyeWareTM workplaces, video broadcasting
OCTAX Lasers & Imaging Systems
03 OCTAX EyeTM digital USB2 video cameras
Excellent image quality revealing important details of the sperm, oocyte or embryo is a key factor contributing
to successful treatment. Based on our longstanding expertise we have developed high resolution OCTAX digital
USB2 cameras with special features providing superior image quality.
• The intelligent light management of the OCTAX EyeTM digital USB2 camera based on integrated automatic gain control and
auto-white balance maintains constant image quality even at changing illumination conditions, e.g. when switching between
objective magnifications.
• Due to the electronic sensor control, the OCTAX EyeTM 3.2 Mpix and 5.0 Mpix digital USB2 cameras have got an integrated hardware
zoom which allows magnifying details without any loss of resolution and information. This feature plays a particularly important
role in the OCTAX cytoScreenTM system for intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI).
# 19310 / 5149
OCTAX EyeTM digital USB2 video camera 1.3 Mpix
Standard camera for most OCTAX applications.
1280 x 1024 pixels, true color, up to 30 fps depending on resolution. Complete with space saving 90 degree connector USB
cable and device driver
# 19310 / 5151
OCTAX EyeTM digital USB2 video camera 1.3 Mpix b / w
Maintains excellent image quality under limiting illumination
1280 x 1024 pixels, black & white, up to 30 fps depending on
resolution. Complete with space saving 90 degree connector
USB cable and device driver
# 19310 / 5150
OCTAX EyeTM digital USB2 video camera 3.2 Mpix
High resolution camera with integrated hardware zoom function.
2048 x 1536 pixels, true color, up to 30 fps depending on resolution. Complete with space saving 90 degree connector USB
cable and device driver
# 19310 / 5152
OCTAX EyeTM digital USB2 video camera 5.0 Mpix b / w
High resolution, high-speed camera with integrated hardware
zoom function.
2592 x 1944 pixels, black & white, up to 43 fps depending on
resolution. Complete with space saving 90 degree connector
USB cable and device driver
OCTAX Lasers & Imaging Systems
04 OCTAX Laser ShotTM & NaviLaseTM laser systems
Since its launch dating more than 15 years back OCTAX Laser ShotTM is setting the standards for assisted hatching,
biopsies, and other laser-related techniques. Its outstanding features have been the solid ground for the world´s
most used laser system in human ART, also reflected by more than 90 peer-reviewed publications.
Evolving from the classical Laser ShotTM system the new dynamic OCTAX NaviLaseTM is now available for increased
demands in terms of speed and automation.
OCTAX Laser Shot
Microsurgical laser system for A.R.T.
The OCTAX Laser ShotTM infrared laser system can be adapted to all recent inverted microscopes used for ICSI.
Its operation is very easy and all features have been optimized for convenient routine use.
OCTAX Laser ShotTM is based on the multi-purpose imaging and
archival software OCTAX EyeWareTM and includes the OCTAX
high resolution EyeTM USB2 camera. Upgrades with other OCTAX
platform components are easily possible.
OCTAX Laser ShotTM is compatible with Olympus IX
50/70, IX 51/71/81, IX 53/73/83; Nikon Diaphot 200/300,
TE200/300/2000, Ti; Zeiss Axiovert 100/135/200, AxioObserver;
Leica DMIRB, DMIL, DMI 3000B/4000/6000.
OCTAX Laser ShotTM installed to Nikon Ti-S
• Easy, intuitive use
• Safety proven in several clinical studies
• Highest image quality
• Highest reliability
• Optical versatility: 25x or 40x laser lenses
• Assisted hatching
• Polar body biopsy
• Blastomere biopsy
• Trophectoderm biopsy on blastocysts
• Sperm viability testing
• Blastocyst collapsing
# 19310 / 0148
OCTAX Laser ShotTM
Including: OCTAX Laser ShotTM infrared laser module, microscope
adaptor, mirror block, laser lens, OCTAX EyeTM USB2 digital camera,
OCTAX EyeWareTM imaging and archival software, manual.
FDA 510(k) cleared.
# 19310 / 0148 M
OCTAX Laser ShotTM M
Complying with the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.
OCTAX Lasers & Imaging Systems
05 OCTAX Laser ShotTM & NaviLaseTM laser systems
OCTAX NaviLase
Dynamic multi-purpose laser system for A.R.T.
OCTAX NaviLaseTM combines innovative laser motion technology with proven safety. NaviLaseTM operates in your
mode of choice, either statically or dynamically without any need for recalibration.
Just navigate the mouse cursor to any place within the working area on the monitor – NaviLaseTM will take its action: fast,
accurate and reproducible.
For highest safety and user convenience the expected ablation
size of the zona pellucida is indicated by an electronic target
which allows interactive adjustment.
A newly designed graphical user interface refines and complements the functionality of OCTAX EyeWareTM, the multi-purpose
imaging & archival software platform which controls OCTAX
Providing a selection of different operational modes OCTAX
NaviLaseTM can be appropriately used for any major laser-based
Dynamic application modes
zona drilling/biopsy
TE biopsy
zona thinning
Features & Advantages
• Moveable single-/multi-pulse modes for all relevant applications
• Calibration-free
• Stand-alone or upgrade to existing OCTAX Laser ShotTM systems
• Supported by the OCTAX EyeWareTM platform
• Based on the proven safety concept of OCTAX Laser ShotTM
• Optical versatility: 25x and 40x laser lenses
• Compatible with Olympus IX 50/70, IX 51/71, IX 53/73; Nikon TE2000, Ti; Zeiss Axiovert 200, AxioObserver
# 19310 / 0146
Complete with: calibration-free and moveable infrared laser
module including motion elements, motion controller, microscope
adaptors and mirror block, OCTAX 3.2 Mpix, EyeTM USB2 digital
camera, OCTAX EyeWareTM imaging & archival software, manual
OCTAX Lasers & Imaging Systems
06 OCTAX Laser ShotTM & NaviLaseTM laser systems
OCTAX Laser Shot TM & NaviLase TM system specifications
OCTAX Laser ShotTM
Laser power: 100 – 150 mW, pulse length: 0.1 ms – 10 ms
Laser objective: 25 x or 40 x, HMC/RC/MC compatible
Laser unit dimensions: 90 x 90 x 100 mm (WxDxH)
Laser module supply power via USB2
High resolution 3.2 Mpix. USB2 camera
Maximum hole size per pulse: >20 μm
Interactive hole size indication
Target pointer upgrade available
Different dynamic laser modes available:
zona drilling, zona thinning, trophectoderm biopsy
Multi-pulse capability
No realignment required after installation
Video recording & playback
Biometric measurement functions
Integrated SQL server based patient and image database
Customized report formats
Seamless integrating option for:
polarization microscopy, IMSI system, and electronic condenser
Networking of multiple lasers/imaging stations
Compatible with common modern inverted microscopes
Operating systems:
Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Recommended computer specifications:
Intel Core i3, Intel Chipset, 2 GB RAM minimum, 250 GB hard drive minimum, CD-RW
drive, ATI or nVidia video adapter, 512 MB RAM, 6x USB2.0 minimum
cost option
OCTAX Lasers & Imaging Systems
07 OCTAX Laser ShotTM & NaviLaseTM laser systems
OCTAX Laser Shot TM & NaviLase TM available upgrades and accessories
# 19310 / 0147
OCTAX NaviLaseTM upgrade for existing OCTAX Laser ShotTM
systems installed to modern inverted microscopes
Includes NaviLaseTM motion module, EyeTM 3.2 Mpix USB2
camera, and software update to current EyeWareTM version
# 19310 / 4150
OCTAX Target Pointer upgrade for OCTAX Laser ShotTM and
OCTAX NaviLaseTM systems
Optional add-on for trophectoderm biopsy, indicates laser
target through microscope eyepieces. For Olympus IX 50/70, IX
51/71/81, IX 53/73; Nikon TE2000 & Ti; Leica DMIRB, DMI 3000;
Zeiss Axiovert 200 & Axio Observer
# 19310 / 0141
For installing OCTAX Laser ShotTM or OCTAX NaviLaseTM
to Olympus IX 53/IX73
# 19310 / 1148
OCTAX foot switch
For releasing the laser
# 19310 / 1149
OCTAX foot switch
For taking snapshots to the EyeWareTM imaging & archival software
# 19310 / 4149
OCTAX Biopsy Objective, 25x
HMC/RC/MC compatible
# 19311 / 0148
OCTAX Biopsy Objective, 40x
HMC/RC/MC compatible
#19310 / 0001
Professional series PC with 22” full HD monitor
OCTAX Lasers & Imaging Systems
08 OCTAX Adaptive Electronic Condenser TM
Intelligent light for demanding microscopy
Adjusting conventional condensers to different applications as well as aligning the inserts of those condensers
can be cumbersome. In search of making A.R.T. microscopy most user-friendly, OCTAX has developed the Adaptive
Electronic CondenserTM.
• Long working distance (40 mm)
• High numeric aperture (NA 0.6) for optimum optical resolution
• 66 mm front lens diameter
• Integrated circular polarizer
• Integrated high efficiency infrared blocking filter for improved
image quality and protection of embryos
• Touch keys for pattern selection
• Head up display
• Input power 5V via USB computer connection or via AC adaptor
• Suitable for Hoffman modulation contrast, relief contrast and phase contrast objectives
• Easy change between contrast patterns via touch keys
• Head-up display shows active aperture pattern in clear text
• Dynamic interaction with OCTAX EyeWareTM, OCTAX polarAIDETM, OCTAX cytoScreenTM for unmatched ease of use
• No moving parts
• Working distance and lens diameter allow for convenient operation of micromanipulation tools
• Works either PC independent or as an integral part of the OCTAX EyeWareTM platform via PC
• Easy, software-based alignment
OCTAX marks the peak of A.R.T. imaging
# 19360 / 0001
OCTAX Adaptive Electronic CondenserTM
For Olympus IX 50/70, IX 51/71, IX 53/73, NIKON TE, Ti, Zeiss
Axiovert 200, AxioObserver
Suitable for Hoffman Modulation Contrast, relief contrast,
phase contrast, dark field and bright field, complete with device
driver and manual
OCTAX Adaptive Electronic CondenserTM selected relief
contrast patterns
OCTAX Lasers & Imaging Systems
09 OCTAX SyncBox TM IX73
Fully synchronized IVF microscopy and image processing: smart – quick – easy
Achieving optimum resolution and contrast on conventional ICSI stations means turning the condenser wheel
whenever the lens / magnification is changed.
The OCTAX SyncBoxTM IX73 is a useful accessory converting your
Olympus IX73 microscope combined with the OCTAX Adaptive
Electronic CondenserTM into the first affordable, non-motorized
but fully automatic IVF microscope: when the lens is changed
manually, the OCTAX Adaptive Electronic CondenserTM will
automatically provide the optimum contrast and the EyeWareTM
software platform will adapt the calibration needed to perform
biometric measurements.
Manually changing the microscope lenses...
....triggers the OCTAX SyncBoxTM IX73 to:
adjust the OCTAX Electronic CondenserTM contrast
adjust OCTAX EyeWareTM lens calibration
switch the EyeWareTM to customized mode
OCTAX SyncBoxTM IX73 has been designed for an Olympus
IX73 inverted microscope equipped with the OCTAX Adaptive
Electronic CondenserTM connected to a PC. OCTAX EyeWareTM
imaging and archival software, OCTAX EyeTM USB2 camera,
OCTAX NaviLaseTM , OCTAX Laser ShotTM , OCTAX cytoScreenTM or
OCTAX polarAIDETM are additional components which can easily
be integrated into this fully synchronized environment.
# 19311 / 2001
OCTAX SyncBoxTM IX73 “lenses”
links the IX73 objectives to the OCTAX Adaptive Electronic
CondenserTM and OCTAX EyeWareTM imaging and archival
# 19311 / 2002
OCTAX SyncBoxTM IX73 “intermediate”
links the IX73 intermediate magnification (1.6x, 2x) to the OCTAX
EyeWareTM imaging and archival software
OCTAX Lasers & Imaging Systems
First-class spindle and zona imaging
OCTAX polarAIDETM is the solution for routine spindle and zona analysis. Oocyte quality is evaluated by
polarAIDETM´s unique “automatic zona scoring” which detects the oocyte´s zona pellucida and measures its
birefringence properties, automatically and user independent. Use our cutting edge technology to identify the
most promising oocytes developing to the best embryos for transfer.
polarAIDETM bright field mode
polarAIDETM overlay mode
polarAIDETM automatic zona scoring mode
• Real-time spindle and zona imaging under normal light intensity
• Simultaneous view of oocyte morphology and spindle
• Fully automatic zona pellucida detection and analysis
• Self-calibrating, no active calibration required
• Can easily be upgraded with other OCTAX components
Relief contrast: metaphase II?
• Spindle imaging for oocyte stageing to verify metaphase II
• Spindle imaging for checking post-thaw oocyte viability
• Spindle imaging for QC purposes (proper temperature / pH)
• Automatic & objective oocyte zona scoring for assessment
of the developmental potential of the resulting embryos
polarAIDETM: immature oocyte at telophase I!
# 19330 / 0011
OCTAX polarAIDETM stand-alone system
Including: OCTAX polarAIDETM software, GIF filter, circular polarizer,
USB2 liquid crystal analysis slider, OCTAX high resolution USB2
camera, OCTAX EyeWareTM imaging software, manual
# 19330 / 0013
OCTAX polarAIDETM upgrade
when OCTAX EyeWareTM and USB2 camera are already in place
Including: OCTAX polarAIDETM software, GIF filter, circular polarizer,
USB2 liquid crystal analysis slider, manual
# GWST-5040
WillCo Glass bottom dishes, 50 mm
Individual blister packs, box of 20 PCS, MEA tested, sterile
# FD5040-100
WPI Fluorodish, glass bottom, 50 mm
Individual blister packs, box of 100 PCS, MEA tested, sterile
OCTAX polarAIDETM is currently not available in the U.S.
OCTAX Lasers & Imaging Systems
11 OCTAX cytoScreen TM
High resolution dry system for intracytoplasmic morphologically
selected sperm injection (IMSI)
Analyzing sperm ultra-morphology prior to microinjection is considered to improve treatment results in critical
cases: selecting against sperm showing vacuoles and/or abnormal head shape has been reported to increase
pregnancy rates and reduce miscarriage rates in well-defined patient groups. OCTAX cytoScreenTM combines
high quality optical components and intelligent software for dry IMSI.
OCTAX cytoScreen flexTM provides optimum image quality
with / without heated glass stage, with glass bottom dishes
(recommended) or with standard plastic dishes, depending on
the total working distance.
OCTAX cytoScreen HDTM optimizes image quality without a
heated glass stage and with glass bottom dishes to be used.
Features & Advantages
• For existing ICSI microscopes with / without heated glass stage
• Hardware zoom for highest optical resolution
• Electronic relief contrast & edge enhancement
• No DIC, no oil immersion required
• Based on the OCTAX EyeWareTM platform
• Supported microscopes: Olympus IX50/70, IX51/71, IX53/73;
NIKON TE, Ti; Zeiss Axiovert 100/200, AxioObserver.
Leica DMIRB, DMI (CytoScreen HD only).
OCTAX cytoScreenTM electronic relief contrast mode
OCTAX cytoScreenTM edge enhancement mode
OCTAX EyeWareTM imaging software
OCTAX cytoScreenTM software
OCTAX Adaptive Electronic CondenserTM
OCTAX EyeTM 3.2 Mpix USB 2.0 camera
OCTAX 60x high resolution objective
box of glass bottom dishes
OCTAX cytoScreenTM
IMSI flex, stand-alone
OCTAX cytoScreenTM
IMSI flex, upgrade
OCTAX cytoScreenTM
IMSI HD, stand-alone
OCTAX cytoScreenTM
IMSI HD, upgrade
# 19340 / 0067
Twin dish holder
For safe transfer of the selected sperm
from glass bottom the ICSI dish
# GWST-5040
WillCo Glass bottom dishes, 50 mm
Individual blister packs, box of 20 PCS,
MEA tested, sterile
cost option
# FD5040-100
WPI Fluorodish, glass bottom, 50 mm
Individual blister packs, box of 100 PCS,
MEA tested, sterile
OCTAX Lasers & Imaging Systems
12 OCTAX heated motorized insert
Featuring precise movement of your specimen and perfect temperature control
The heated motorized insert replaces any existing
microscope stage insert such as a thermo plate as well
as any simple metal plate. It combines the convenient
use of any manual X / Y stage with the precision of a
motorized stage moving in micron steps. The moving
insert plate is equipped with a heating system and a
passively heated cover glass plate.
• Integrates with existing X / Y stages on Olympus and Nikon
inverted microscopes
• Combines ultra-fine movements with manual operation
• Motorized positioning with high resolution, min. step width < 0.2μm
• Computer controlled via OCTAX EyeWareTM, maintains
temperature even if PC is switched off
• Temperature control range for insert stage: 25°C ~ 45°C,
accuracy < ±0.5°C
• USB2 connectivity, control by mouse, keyboard or OCTAX
keypad controller
• External connectors: connection to computer via USB cable,
and 12 V power supply
• Supply voltage: 100 - 240 V AC, 50 or 60 Hz, 15 VA
• Get two in one: temperature and motion are software controlled
• Move the stage in micron steps by a simple mouse click on
your screen
• Adjust speed and directions dynamically by mouse action
while the stage is moving
• Suitable for assisted hatching and ICSI
# 19320 / 0002
OCTAX heated motorized insert plate
Complete with keypad, control unit, power supply and USB cable
# 19310 / 5148KC
OCTAX keypad controller
For motorized heating stages
OCTAX Lasers & Imaging Systems
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