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Owners Manual
Product Features:
Amp Emulation & Distortion
Chorus, Reverb & Flange
Auto shutdown
Voice Prompts
Click Track
Tel: (203) 338-9668
Fax: (413) 403-3733
Other Products for
the Pocket Rockit V2:
Rechargeable Battery & Charger:
The Pocket Rock-it V2 Charger is the only 2hour fast charge, 9V battery charging
system designed specifically for the music
industry. The Pocket Rock-it rechargeable
8.4 Volt, NiMH battery provides extra
headroom (most other rechargeable
batteries are only 7.2 Volts) so it is the
perfect power solution for all of your
demanding audio applications. It is ideal for
pedals, tuners and wireless systems. The
system includes two batteries, a charger and
an AC power adaptor.
Part #: PR-9016
Thank you for purchasing the new Pocket Rock-it V2
practice amp. Whether you use your V2 as a preamp
on steroids, a kick ass noodling around headphone
amp, or a direct record box, we think you will agree that
it is the coolest little thing to happen to the guitar
industry since, well, the original Pocket Rock-it.
The V2 captures the tonal heritage of 50 years of guitar
amp design. It combines analog and digital signal
processing to reproduce classic tube amp tones.
Proprietary software and a DSP engine provide the
horse power for state of the art effects like Reverb,
Delay, Chorus & Flange and an analog front end
generates classic amp emulation tones.
And you don’t even need a cable! The Pocket Rock-it
V2 headphone amps plug directly into any guitar or
bass. No need to mess with cumbersome interconnect
cables; just plug it in, put on your headphones, and
your ready to Rock'n Roll. You can even play along
with your favorite CD. And best of all, the V2 sounds
better than many full blown amplifiers.
V2 Carry Bag:
The V2 Carry Bag is designed to store
your Pocket Rockit V2, and all accessories,
including battery charger, headphones and
batteries. There is also a pouch to hold
strings, picks and other small accessories.
It is the perfect way to keep your V2
products organized and protected.
Part #: PR-9018
Replacement Batteries:
Warning: Extended use at loud volume may be
hazardous to your hearing
Additional Pocket Rock-it rechargeable 8.4
Volt, NiMH batteries are available.
Part #: PR-9019
Getting Started:
OK so you have the V2, it looks pretty cool and you want to get
going. That’s great, basically all you really need to do is put a
battery in and start pressing the buttons. You will probably figure
out how everything works without much trouble. However, for
those of you who would like a little info before jumping in, here are
some basics.
Cables & Connectors (included):
1/8" Stereo Mini Plug to
(2) 1/8" Stereo Mini Jacks
1/4" Mono to 1/4” Mono Adapter
1/8" to 1/4" Stereo Adapter
How do I turn the V2 on?
Amp Button: The Amp button is your power on button, but there
is a twist. In the world of guitars, there are basically two types of
pickups: single coil - the classic Fender sound and double coil the classic Gibson sound. Those of you who have both types of
guitar, know how different these two guitars can sound through
the same amp.
In order to compensate for these two distinctly different input
signals our little V2 amp is setup with two “on” positions: one with
the pre-amp optimized for single coil pickups, indicated by a red
LED and one optimized for double coil pickups, indicated with a
green LED. Just tap the Amp button to scroll between the two.
Understand though, that you do not have to play in the “correct”
on position; it is purely a matter of what tone you like. The
primary reason we did this is because certain high output double
coil pickups may tend to distort the clean settings if the V2 is “on”
in single coil mode. Other than that, feel free to experiment all you
How do I turn the V2 off?
To turn the unit off simply click and hold the Amp button for three
(3) seconds. Simple as that, or you can let it turn off automatically
as explained in the Auto Shutdown section.
1/8" Stereo Mini Plug
6.0' Long
1/8" Stereo Mini Plug
Complete and
return the
Warranty Card,
and we'll send
you a FREE guitar
case sticker.
Also, why not let everyone know
that you're packing a " Pocket Rockit ... the meanest, screamnest little
amplifier in town. The Pocket Rockit V2 T-shirt is a high quality, heavy
weave, 100% cotton silk screened
shirt available in XXL, XL, and L
sizes. The shirt is a washed-plum
co lor with the g re en “Sc ream ”
graphic depicted on the product
packaging printed on the front.
To order, simply fill out the attached
Wa rra nty ca rd ma ki ng s ure to
indicate your size preference(s) on
the botto m, and return with a
$15.50 check or money order for
each shirt ordered.
C-Tech products are proudly designed and engineered in the USA.
As such, C-Tech warrants it's products to be free of manufacturing
defects for a period of two years.
If this product becomes defective as a result of faulty workmanship
or materials, C-Tech at its sole discretion, will elect to repair the
defect(s) or replace the product. Such repair or replacement will be
performed at no cost for a period of one (1) year from the date of
retail purchase, and thereafter at no cost for parts or materials.
Allowance will be made for normal wear to finish and mechanical
Special procedures are used to disassemble and service this
product. Circuit damage may occur if the case is opened. There are
no user serviceable parts inside the case. Any unauthorized attempt
to disassemble the case or any evidence of misuse will void all
This warranty is good in the United States only.
Auto Shutdown: You never have to worry about turning the V2
off. The V2 has an auto shutdown feature, that will automatically
turn the unit off when it has been idle or inactive for three (3)
minutes. You can manually turn the unit off by simply holding
down the Amp button for 3 seconds, but you really don’t have to
worry about it because the V2 will shutdown automatically if you
forget. This will definitely save you some money on batteries.
Multiple Effects: Another thing to keep in mind is that the Delay,
Reverb, Clean Amp and Dirty Amp buttons scroll through several
different flavors. They are not just effect-on effect-off buttons.
The Delay button accesses Doubling, Chorus and Flange, and
the Reverb button lets you choose Slapback, Club Reverb or Hall
Reverb. These buttons do have “effect off” positions, but
depending on where you are, you may have to scroll through the
effects to reach the off position.
When the unit is turned on it will always default to Clean-1 with
Delay and Reverb effects off.
Voice Prompting: The V2 has a voice prompting cues to help
you keep track of which effects are on. Basically, each time a
button is pressed, a voice will announce the change. This is very
helpful when you are first trying to learn the product and
familiarize yourself with the vast array of tones and effects. This
feature can be disabled at any time by pressing and holding
down the tune button for 3-seconds.
Ok, at this point you know enough to get going. The product is
really pretty simple to use. The following pages will give you
specific details on all the buttons and features so be sure to look
through them if something is confusing. Otherwise, get started
and enjoy the worlds’s smallest and best sounding portable
guitar amp.
Controls & Functions:
amp 1
amp 2
- double
- chorus
- flange
- off
- slapback
- reverb- club
- reverb - hall
- off
60 bpm 70
Rechargeable Battery(not included):
The Pocket Rockit V2 operates with any high quality 9V
Alkaline battery. It will also operate with a Pocket Rocket V2,
8.4 volt, 200mAh rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh)
battery. The V2 rechargeable battery is available with the V2
DC Battery Charger product (sold separately - Part #: PR9016). Do not use any other rechargeable battery with
your V2 unit.
How to Install Battery:
- clean 1
- clean 2
- clean 3
- dirty 1
- dirty 2
- dirty 3
- high
- low
Rotating input plug has 90 degree range of motion,
with preset stops at 0, 30, 60, and 90 degrees.
Enables unit to plug into any guitar jack.
A removable battery cover is located on bottom of the V2 unit.
To remove battery cover, place your thumbs on the raised
triangle grooves (A) and, with input plug point toward you, push
thumbs down and toward rear of product. Battery cover will
pop off exposing battery compartment and battery snap lead.
Connect battery terminals to battery snap lead and place
battery in the compartment.
To put battery cover back on, slide battery cover alignment tabs
(B) half way into alignment slots (C) and push down and
forward on the back of the battery cover. Alignment tabs will
click into place.
Battery Management:
The V2 is designed to operate with a 9-volt Alkaline battery, or a
C-Tech NiMh (8.4v nominal) rechargeable battery. Battery life
will vary depending on usage, but a high quality Alkaline battery
should last between 10 and 15 hours with continuous use.
The battery should be disconnected when the V2 will not be
used for a prolong period of time. Also, since batteries
discharge over time even when not in use, removing the battery
from the unit will extend battery life. Removing the battery will
also protect the V2 from battery leakage and subsequent
damage to the unit.
amp on/off
Amp button turns unit on and toggles between two pre-amp settings.
Amp-1 is setup to work best with single coil pickups and is indicated with
red LED. Amp-2 is optimized for double coil pickups and is indicated
with green LED. The unit can be turned off by holding down Amp button
for 3 seconds.
Three colored LED light indicates that unit is on and operating. Led
changes color from red, green and yellow depending on what effect or
function is engaged.
Red: amp on in single coil mode or, string is too flat in tune mode.
Green: amp on in double coil mode, or string is too sharp in tune
Amber: string is in-tune.
When the battery in the V2 begins to run down, the unit may
turn off unexpectedly. This low battery condition will be
indicated with a flashing red LED. At this point, your battery
should be replaced or recharged. If the battery light does not
come on at all, then the battery has deteriorated to a point,
where the low battery alert circuit is not working. Again,
change or recharge your battery.
The V2 also has an Auto Shutdown feature. This feature
conserves battery life by automatically turning the V2 off
whenever the unit has been idle for more than three (3)
minutes. This feature is particularly important in situations
where the user forgets to turn the unit off, or if the units is
accidently turned on.
Button selects between three (3) distinct tube style distortion tones.
Position one has a Fender-like crunch. Position two has the classic
Marshall overdrive sound, and position three is a highly compressed
heavy metal overdrive tone. Each tone is natural, with, rich harmonic
content and wide dynamic range.
Flashing Red: low battery condition.
Button selects between three (3) distinct clean tube amp tones. Each
tone has a natural, not overly compressed sound, rich in harmonic
content and dynamic range.
Button allows user to select Double, Chorusing, Flange or no delay effect.
Button allows user to select Slapback, Club-Reverb, Hall-Reverb or no
reverb effect.
This is a two position button that controls the intensity of the delay effects.
You can select a Hi or Low intensity level. This button is only active when
a Delay or Reverb effect has been engaged.
3. Play with an external Effect Pedal:
Standard Guitar cable
Button scrolls through six guitar strings starting with low E. Each string
selection emits a tunning tone that can be used to tune appropriate
string. While tunning, LED light will indicate red if string is too flat and
green if string is too sharp. When string is in tune LED will turn yellow.
Line Out
Button allows user to engage click track. Button scrolls between off
position and low and high volume.
4. Play through a Musical Instrument Amplifier:
Button scrolls through eight different click tempo drum beats.
Continuously variable EQ control that adjusts, high and mid range
frequencies of particular amp emulation model selected.
1/8" Stereo Mini Plug
1/8" Stereo Mini Plug
1/8" to 1 /4" Stereo Adapter
Instrument Input
Line Output
Master volume control slider controls the overall volume level of line out
/ headphone out signal.
5. How to bypass Direct Plug-in feature:
line out:
Provides a stereo line level signal for headphones or various recording
and pre-amp applications.
line in:
Accepts stereo line level input from an external source. Allows you to
play along and simultaneously monitor both sounds. Volume control on
the V2 does not affect the volume level of external source.
1/4" Mono to 1/4” Mono Adapter
Guitar cable
Line Out
1. Play Along with CD, Tape or other external source:
1/8" Stereo Mini Plug
1/8" to 1/4" Stereo
Adapter (if necessary}
Line In
Headphone Out
Line Output
2. Play along with another Musician:
1/8" Stereo Mini Plug
Line Out
1/8" Stereo Mini Plug
Line In
Line Output
5. How To Record:
1/8" Stereo Mini Plug
1/8" Stereo Mini Plug
1/8" to 1/4" Stereo
Adapter (if necessary)
Mic Input
Line Output
Headphone Output
1/8" Stereo Mini Plug
The Pocket Rock-it V2 offers a six (6) string digital
tuner with audible and visual feedback. The Tune
button sequentially scrolls through the low-E,A,D,G,B
and high-E notes. Each note will be heard audibly
through the headphones.
Simply select the
appropriate string and tune to the tone. If you have
difficulty tunning to the tone, you can visually
determine if the string is in tune by monitoring the LED
as you tune the string. However, the LED is only
effective after you audibly get the string somewhat
close to tuned. Once you have done so, the three
color LED can be used to help you fine tune the string.
If the string is too sharp (high), the LED will be green, if
the string is too flat (low), the LED will be red. When
the string is in tune, the LED will be yellow.
To exit tune mode, simply touch any other button, or
you can scroll through the string tuning tones until you
reach the tuner off position. Also, when you enter
tune mode, the Click, Delay and Reverb functions will
be disabled. However the Clean and Dirty amp
functions will still be active.
V2 Amp Emulation Models:
The Pocket Rock-it V2 headphone amp employs
proprietary amp emulation circuitry modeled after
vintage and current amplifiers recognized by guitarists
as true tone classics. When we set out to develop the
V2, we got our hands on all of the classic amps,
cranked them up and analyzed the electronic data:
tubes, transformers, capacitors, tone control curves
and everything else affecting the sound characteristics.
The gain and equalization characteristics of each of
these amps were carefully measured so that our V2
settings would closely match the originals. Tone
control frequencies, slopes, transients and boost/cut
range were meticulously analyzed. We also carefully
attended to the effects of presence switches, “bright’
channels etc. Also, since vintage amps tended to have
highly interactive tone circuits, we paid careful attention
to the way the setting of one knob affected the way that
another knob on the amp behaved. The result is a
collection of amp tones in the Pocket Rock-it V2 that
emulate the classic amps of our times: three (3) clean
or slightly over-driven tones, and three (3) dirty,
positively nasty high gain tones.
Click Track:
The V2 has a built in click track/metronome. It is
activated with the Click button. The Click button is a
three position button that allows you to turn the click on,
and choose between two preset volume levels. The
preset volumes allow you to select an appropriate
volume relative to the volume of your guitar. Click vol-1
is a low volume which will basically be heard in the back
ground. Click vol-2 is higher volume which will make
the click more predominant in the mix so it easier to
hear. At either volume level, the click tone is a natural
sampled snare drum hit. It is not an annoying buzz or
Once the click track is activated, you can use the
Tempo button to scroll through and select one of the
eight (8) preset tempos. Tempos available are 60, 70,
80, 90 100, 120, 140 or 160 bpm. This feature is
excellent to use when trying to learn to play a steady
Audible Voice Prompts:
The V2 comes with factory programed voice prompts that
announce the change whenever a button is pressed. This
feature is very helpful when scrolling through the various
delay, reverb and amp settings.
If you do not want to hear the audible voice prompts, they can
be deactivated, turned off, by holding down the tuner button
for three (3) seconds. The audible voice prompts will
automatically reset when the unit is turned off so that when the
unit is turned back on, the voice prompts will automatically
Voice prompts:
tune off
click off
delay off
reverb off
Clean Amps:
Clean-1: Here you have a clean tone modeled after the classic
black panel Fender Deluxe Reverb with a bit of Top Boost ala the
Vox AC-30. This setting gives you that nice gritty, but clean
sound favored by many country and “roots” players.
Clean-2: This setting essentially combines the top end of a
Roland JC-120, Jazz Chorus Amp with a classic bottom end
Marshall JTM-45 tube head. This setting gives you a clear, crisp
top end with a rich, dynamic tube-amp bottom.
Clean-3: This one is instant rock and roll tone. It is modeled
after the classic ‘59 Fender Bassman. It has the fat bottom end
you would expect but also the signature Fender top end twang.
Blues or Rock, this is the tone that started it all.
Dirty Amps:
Distort-1: Modeled after the classic blackface Fender Twin
workhorse. Lots of tonal saturation and just the enough dirt for
Bluesbreakers, Stevie Ray and anything in between.
Distort-2: This amp tone is modeled after the infamous Marshall
Plexi with the EL34 power tube. This is the tone that Hendrix
favored and latter became known as Van Halen’s “brown sound”.
Loads of mid and treble.
Distort-3: This model emulates the Soldano intensely overdriven sound. This over-saturated tone is well suited to thrash
metal and grunge bands. It is high gain pre-amp tube distortion.
V2 Digital Effects:
In addition to all the great, analog amp emulation models built
into the V2, there are some awesome sounding digital effects.
The V2 is DSP driven with proprietary software controlling
two (2) independent effect banks labeled Delay and Reverb.
Each bank has three (3) different effects to choose from. The
Delay bank includes doubling, flange and chorus. The Reverb
bank includes a slapback echo, a club size reverb, and a midsized arena reverb. You can choose any one of the effects
independently, or you can choose one (1) effect from each
bank and create a sound with two simultaneous effects.
The level button allows you to select the intensity of the
selected delay and/or reverb effects. There are two positions:
high and low. This button is not active unless a delay or
reverb effect is selected.
Delay Effects:
Delay -1
Delay -3
Flanger: Flange is that familiar “jet engine” whoosh recognizable
in many recordings of the 70’s. The flange effect selected or the
V2 is closely modeled after the flavor of an old ADA stomp box.
The effect is a light, more subtle flange, with no pre-delay.
Reverb Effects :
Reverb is the effect that makes it sound as though you are
playing in a room. It is basically a whole bunch of echos smeared
together to give you a sense of ambience. The sound reflects off
the walls and objects in the room and in time individual reflections
disappear, and a reverb develops. The V2 offers a slap-back
delay and two reverb’s with fixed pre-delay and time parameters.
SlapBack: This effect is a 90ms slap-back delay with very fast
decay which provides an effect kind of like an extremely quick or
muffled echo.
Double: This delay effect, referred to as doubling, is set at
roughly 25 ms. It is basically straight delay with no feedback.
It is ideal for rockabilly and country licks. Combine this effect
with a reverb and get a fuller, thicker sound.
Delay -2
Hall: This selection simulates the effect of a mid sized concert
hall or small arena.
Chorus: The V2 chorus is a sine wave chorus with feedback
and which gives it a fuller, richer with more movement. It was
modeled to closely approximate the classic tone of an old
Roland CE-1 box. It is deep and rich sounding.
Club: This selection simulates the reverb effect of a small club
type room