Chistie Mirage S+/HD Specifications

Lamp and Filter Replacement
Instruction Sheet
Use the following instructions when replacing the lamp or filters in one of the projectors listed under
Kits Required. Christie® recommends that lamps and filters be checked approximately every 1000
hours under normal operating conditions. Use only a Christie approved Lamp and Filter Kit for your
projector model.
When do I replace a lamp? Replace the lamp when it reaches its end of life or sooner if a noticeable
degradation in brightness occurs. You can set the number of hours you expect to log with the lamp
before replacing it, by setting the lamp limit in the lamp menu of the projector software. This setting
should not exceed the lamp lifetime warranty. Enable the lamp message checkbox to provide a warning
upon power up to indicate the lamp has reached the set lamp limit. At this time the lamp should be
EXPLOSION HAZARD! Lamps are under high pressure and may contain
hazardous materials. Always wear an authorized full face shield and protective
clothing to protect eyes and arteries when handling lamps.
Lamp replacement must be performed by a qualified service technician.
To avoid personal injury, always let the lamp cool completely before handling,
and always handle the lamp by the housing only.
Always use the correct wattage lamp supplied by Christie. Read the entire lamp
replacement procedure and all warnings before servicing.
Never touch the glass surface of the lamp. Fingerprints left on the surface can
lead to an intense accumulation of heat called a “hot spot”, which could
potentially result in lamp explosion during normal operation.
Lamp and Filter Replacement Instruction Sheet
020-100161-02 Rev. 1 (01-2012)
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Roadster HD12K
Mirage HD12
Matrix/Mirage WU12
Roadster/Mirage S+12K
Roadster/Mirage S+14K-J
Roadster/Mirage HD14K-J
Matrix/Mirage WU14K-J
Mirage S+14K
Roadster/Mirage S+16K
Roadster/Mirage HD16K-J
Roadster/Mirage S+18K-J
Mirage WU18
Mirage HD18
Roadster HD18K
Roadster/Mirage S+20K
Roadster/Mirage HD20K-J
Roadster/Mirage/Matrix WU20K-J
Roadster/Mirage S+22K-J
• #2 Phillips screwdriver
• Personal protective equipment (lint-free gloves, full face shield)
Remove the Lamp Module
Always wear the personal protective equipment provided in the Christie
protective clothing safety kit (P/N: 598900-095).
NOTES: 1) Christie protective clothing recommendation are subject to change. 2) Any local or
federal specifications take precedence over Christie recommendations.
1. Power down the projector and allow the cooling fans to automatically turn off.
2. Turn the main power switch to the OFF position and unplug all AC inputs. Allow the lamp to cool
for a minimum of 15 minutes before proceeding.
3. Loosen (2) #2 Phillips® screws securing the lamp door.
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Lamp and Filter Replacement Instruction Sheet
020-100161-02 Rev. 1 (01-2012)
4. Unlock and remove the lamp.
J Series Projectors:
• Loosen the screw holding the lamp module handle.
• Pull the lamp module handle outward to remove the lamp.
Non-J Series Projectors:
• Remove (2) screws securing the retaining bar along the bottom edge of the lamp module.
Lamp and Filter Replacement Instruction Sheet
020-100161-02 Rev. 1 (01-2012)
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• Grasp the handle on the lamp module and pull the module straight out of the lamp compartment.
5. Move the lamp module to a clean and safe work surface for further disassembly.
Install the Lamp Module
1. Verify the lamp memory board, located at the middle rear of the lamp, is not obstructed. If it is
covered with a plastic protector, remove it before installing the lamp. Failure to do this will
hamper the proper installation of the lamp and prevent normal operation.
2. Record the serial number of the new lamp.
3. Align the base plate of the new lamp module under
both side alignment guides and slide the module
entirely into the projector. Push with normal force
until the resistance increases, then firmly push the
module another 1/2-inch.
NOTE: The lamp module must make full-contact
with the lamp connectors. Increased resistance
indicates initial contact with the connectors - push
firmly at this point.
4. Secure the lamp.
J Series Projectors:
• Move the lamp module handle inward and tighten the holding screw.
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Lamp and Filter Replacement Instruction Sheet
020-100161-02 Rev. 1 (01-2012)
Non-J Series Projectors:
• Position the retaining bar along the bottom edge of the lamp module, with the ends positioned
under the alignment guides. If the bar does not fit, push the lamp module further in.
IMPORTANT: The order in which the screws are tightened is critical to proper lamp contact
• Secure screw B until just engaged
• Secure screw A until just engaged
• Go back and forth between screws A and B to lock the bar in place with even pressure and to
correctly position the lamp module.
5. Close the lamp door and tighten the (2) screws to secure it.
6. Plug in and power on the projector and navigate to the lamp menu. Select CHANGE LAMP. This
will prompt for the old lamp serial number (if it was not previously entered). Enter the new lamp
serial number.
NOTE: This action is not mandatory, it is recommended for accurate lamp statistics to be
archived. If you neglect to enter a serial number, the lamp times will not reset to “0” and will
therefore be inaccurate, in which case, the lamp life limit will expire prematurely.
Lamp and Filter Replacement Instruction Sheet
020-100161-02 Rev. 1 (01-2012)
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Replace the Air Filter
1. Loosen (1) #2 Phillips screw at the top of the front filter door. Remove the filter door.
2. Replace the filter:
For 1.9kW and 2.4kW projectors, and all J Series high powered models:
• Remove the old filter and insert a new filter.
NOTE: Follow the airflow arrows for correct orientation.
For 3.0kW projectors, except J Series:
• Remove the filter and the filter retaining bracket.
• Insert the new filter and secure it with the filter bracket.
3. Replace the filter door and secure it with (1) screw.
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Lamp and Filter Replacement Instruction Sheet
020-100161-02 Rev. 1 (01-2012)
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Lamp and Filter Replacement Instruction Sheet
020-100161-02 Rev. 1 (01-2012)
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