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Fonality PBXtra
Fonality exists to make big company communication tools accessible to small and mid-sized businesses so they can compete and
win. Delivering either on-premise or cloud-based unified communication solutions, Fonality offers businesses smart, big company
features for an affordable price. More than 20,000 customers worldwide choose Fonality every day to power their business
communications, accounting for more than 4 billion calls through the cloud.
Powerful and Professional Phone Features
Fonality phone solutions include advanced business phone features your growing business needs to serve your customers
effectively and professionally. Big business features keep even the smallest business sounding large to potential customers.
Advanced call handling options enhance your company image and mobility features keep you connected anytime, anywhere with
colleagues, customers and partners whether you’re in the office or on the go.
Auto Attendant and Call Routing
Greet your customers with a
consistent message, then help
them get to the right person fast
Find Me/Follow Me
Route incoming calls to the
location you choose to
stay connected
Whether you’re in the office or
on the road, communicate with
the same capabilities
Audio Conferencing
Connect with multiple team
members, customers and
partners with a simple
mouse click
Maximize the Customer Experience
Fonality provides the powerful business phone features you need to create a competitive advantage by delivering exceptional
customer experience. Improve customer satisfaction with faster responsiveness and provide the personal attention your customers
demand. Managers can access all the key features to monitor calls for real-time quality assurance and to provide agent training and
coaching to ensure your business is meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Advanced contact center features improve
communications and help you provide a world-class customer experience from anywhere.
Automatic Call Distribution
Route calls to agents based on
their availability
Real-time Metrics
Convenient dashboard view of call
queues, volumes and available agents
Skills-Based Routing
Leverage agent skill levels for
increased productivity and revenue:
send more calls to your experienced
agents, fewer calls to those in training
Barge, Monitor, and Whisper
Monitor customer calls for training and
quality; give direction for agent ears only;
allow managers to take over trickier calls
when required
Unlimited queues
No limits; it’s easy to create queues
for departments or individual users
Call Recording
Record and store agent calls on the fly
for training and review
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Maximize Employee Productivity
Fonality provides the communication tools to improve internal communications company-wide and save employees up to 2 hours
a day in productivity. Fonality’s Heads Up Display is a powerful unified communications tool that integrates capabilities such as,
email, voice, click-to-call, presence, instant messaging, conferencing and mobility- all in one easy-to-access location. HUD helps
employees be more efficient and effective at their jobs by making it easier for them to select the most efficient way to initiate,
receive, and respond to business communications. HUD enables collaboration, boosts productivity, improves customer service,
and enables employees to work smarter.
Employee Presence
Instantly know if colleagues
are available, away, and choose
the best way to communicate
Communicate no matter
where you are on the device
of your choice (PC, tablet,
smartphone, laptop)
Communicate in seconds,
sending instant messages
to anyone in the company
Outlook or Google Integration
Click to call your contacts
from Heads Up Display
Voicemail to Email or Text
Retrieve and review voicemail from
any phone or 1-touch from your
desktop. Even get your voicemail
transcribed via email or text
Email anyone in your company with
one click; access their contact
information to create an email message
with pre-populated contact information
Drag and Drop Calls
Answer a call, join a conference,
transfer, park, place a call on
hold, or send to voicemail with
a simple mouse click
Screen Share
Real-time screen sharing tool for
conferences and sales presentations,
without third party software
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A softphone allows telecommuters to use their desktops and laptops as regular extensions of the office
phone system. When traveling or working remotely, users connect back to the office, making it easier to stay
productive on the go. The interface features a familiar phone keypad, and buttons for actions such as hold and
call transfers.
Desktop phones are well suited for every day phone users who need crystal clear voice with an intuitive
interface. These phones require minimal customization and are extremely easy to set up. Desktop phones
become a powerful tool with the addition of our Heads Up Display software. Available desk phones include
the Polycom 331, 335, and the Yealink T20P.
Executive phones are perfect for management users who wish to support up to four lines. These phones
are built with state-of-the-art hardware designed for busy professionals. With additional programmable hard
keys and a more advanced user interface, executive phones satisfy the needs of executives and frequent
phone users. Available executive phones include the Polycom 550 and the GigE enabled Polycom 560 and
Yealink T32G.
Reception models are designed to appeal to attendant users, who require advanced features, applications,
and multiple line support. These phones come out of the box with up to 16 programmable hard keys so that
calls can be routed with ease. If that’s not enough, all reception phones can be expanded with multiple
sidecars to support even the largest office. Available reception phones include the Polycom 650 and the GigE
enabled Yealink T38G.
In a world where conference calls with partners, vendors, remote workers and global teams are the norm,
crystal-clear conversations are a must for productive meetings. The Polycom 5000 and 6000 deliver superb
voice quality, advanced audio processing, and all the features that make conference calls seem as natural as
being in the same room. The 6000 has the added benefits of automatic gain control, expandable microphone
ports, and added pick-up range for even better call quality.
Wireless models expand beyond the desktop without the need for a separate wireless network. With a
range of 150 feet indoors, your employees are no longer tethered to their desks. If your employees need even
more range with their wireless phone, an RT10 repeater can be added to extend the range. The Yealink W52P
boasts a high average battery life, running off of 2 AAA rechargable batteries and has 6 programmable keys.
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Small Businesses
Mid-sized Businesses
The Dell XE2 is a reliable, business class
appliance that is custom built to support
Fonality’s on-premises business phone
solutions. The OptiPlex XE2 offers longterm
system stability, customizable integrated
solutions, and a low total cost of ownership.
The Dell PowerEdge R320 and
R620 are engineered with the
right combination of features
and performance scalability to
handle tough workloads for
large businesses. The PowerEdge
provides high performance,
redundancy and value in a
compact rack mountable chassis.
Supports up to 25 users
Supports up to 500 users
Dell OptiPlex XE2
Dell PowerEdge R320 and R620
Dell PowerEdge R320
Dell OptiPlex XE2
1U Rack mount design
Pentium 1403 2.6 GHz
Hardware RAID 1
Dual hot pluggable drives (500GB 7.2k SATA 3.5”)
Dual 350W Redundant Power Supply
4GB (1x4GB) 1600MHz DDR3 Non-ECC
Intel Integrated Graphics, Dell OptiPlex
500GB 3.5inch Serial ATA (7,200 Rpm) Hard Drive
Linux OS related Software Ubuntu Linux 12.04
OptiPlex XE2 Minitower EPA Chassis
Dell PowerEdge R620
1U Rack mount design
Intel Xeon E5-2603 1.80GHz
Hardware RAID 1
Dual hot pluggable drives (500GB 7.2k SATA 3.5”)
Dual 495W Redundant Power Supply
4th Gen Intel Core I5-4570S Processor
(Quad Core, 2.90GHz Turbo, 6MB)
Warranty - The Dell OptiPlex XE2 and the Dell PowerEdge R320/R620 warranty includes:
3 years Pro Support for Parts and Service
Next Business Day parts shipping for any Dell hardware problems
24x7 phone support
Full replacement of faulty Dell hardware
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An on-premise solution allows you to maintain your current voice provider
with options to use SIP, PRI, or analog services. The unique design also
provides a complete configuration backup in the cloud with anywhere,
anytime administration options. A Fonality on-premise system is perfect
for enabling multiple offices or even remote workers to have the same
advanced communication features.
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PBXtra Feature Comparison
Unlimited Extensions
Analog & IP Phones
Voicemail: 600 Hours
PSTN Failover
Corporate Name Directory
Night Mode
BLF (Busy Lamp Field)
Multiple Auto-Attendants
Operator Panel (w/BLF)
Music-on-Hold (2 playlist)
Call Parking
Fax Support
Ring-All (Blast Group)
Call Forwarding
Web-based Control Panel
Powerful Reporting
Custom Upload Voice Prompt
Paging/ Intercom (1:1)
Custom Caller IDs
Find Me/ Follow Me
Boomerang Mobility
Music-on-Hold (Unlimited)
Intercom / Zone Intercom
Voicemail Groups
Call Out from Voicemail
IVR Authentication
SMS/Pager Voicemail Notify
Unlimited Call Queues
Full Featured A.C.D.
Skills-Based Routing
Graphical Queue Reports
Agent Call Recording
Agent Variable Log-off
Agents on Cell Phones
On-the-Fly Recording
Call Monitor & Barge
HUD Feature Comparison
Standard Professional Call Center
Desktop Alerts
Drag-and-Drop Calling
Call Transfer to Voicemail
Call Transfer to Hold
Instant Message
Google Contacts
Photo Caller ID
Visual Voicemail
Contact Cards
Click-to-Call Mobile Phone
Extension Sorting
Drag & Drop Call Transfer
Call Parking
Extension Groups
Outlook Integration
Direct Dialing from HUD
Color Coded Call Presence
Mobile Presence
Busy Ring Back Call Option
Click to SMS
Transfer Call to Mobile
Full Featured A.C.D.
Queue Status
Agent Login/Logout
On-the-Fly Call Recording
Call Barge/Monitor/Whisper
Web Launcher/CRM Integration
Queue Summary Component
Queue Detail Component
No One Is Answering Alert
Abandoned Call Alert
Agent Broadcast Alert
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Game Changing Services
Screen Share
Create more productive meetings for your
clients and employees by adding real-time
screen sharing tools to your conference.
Share your screen with one click
Deliver online training or add visuals to any
conference for up to 20 individuals.
Remote desktop control
Truly collaborate during meetings or deliver
top-notch support by granting desktop
Save money
HUD Mobile
Allow your employees to remain productive
while they are away from the office, with a
mirrored version of Fonality’s Heads Up
Display desktop app.
Mobile chat
Extend your office chat sessions to your
smartphone or tablet.
Join calls and conferences
Never have to remember that conference
bridge number or information again. View
all bridges and tap to join.
Manage call queues and reporting
Save up to 90% versus third-party web
conferencing solutions.
Enjoy the ability to see real time call queue
reporting, monitor activity and calls, and
barge, monitor, whisper, or record calls.
Convert cumbersome voicemail backlogs
into a convenient email or SMS.
Voicemail reimagined
Receive voicemail as emails or text
messages for easy consumption.
Prioritize your messages quickly
Quickly evaluate whether a prompt response
is necessary while in a meeting.
Manage voicemails effectively
Sort through voicemail backlogs faster by
searching for important details such as
customer contact information.
Professional Voice Recordings
Professional voice recordings communicate to your prospects, clients, partners, and vendors that they are
contacting a highly competent, industry-leading organization. With studio recorded, custom messaging for your
Fonality phone system, you have the power to impress callers while simultaneously enhancing the image of
your business.
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