Acoustic Research ARIRC205 User manual

Congratulations on purchasing your new Acoustic Research Wi-Fi Internet Radio.
Please follow these instructions to set up and start using the radio.
3 Connect the AR Wi-Fi Enabler to your network
If your modem or router/hub/switch has only one LAN
port and is connected to your PC, disconnect the
Ethernet cable from the modem/router/hub/switch and
connect it to the Enabler's LAN port.
Electrical outlet
1 Unpack the unit
You should find the following items in the box:
5 Plug in and turn on the radio
Electrical outlet
Exit the DEMO mode after
turning on
Press and release preset 1, then
SLEEP/SNOOZE, then preset 6.
A. NOTE: When you turn on the radio for the first time, it will be
in “DEMO” mode. To exit this mode, press and release preset 1,
then SLEEP/SNOOZE, then preset 6 on top of the radio.
Broadband modem or
Ethernet router/hub/switch
Power adapter
Wi-Fi Enabler
User Manual
Ethernet cable
Power adapter
(for Wi-Fi Enabler)
Quick Start
Guide (this
AM loop antenna
Additional requirements
Broadband Internet service
Broadband (cable/DSL) modem, usually supplied by your Internet service provider
Ethernet router/switch/hub with available LAN port
2 Setup your AR Infinite Radio accounts
A. Connect an ethernet cable from the Enabler’s “WAN” port to a LAN port on your broadband
modem or Ethernet router/hub/switch.
B. Connect the power adapter to the Enabler. Plug the adapter into an electrical outlet.
C. Make sure the power, WAN, and WIRELESS LEDs are on. The MODE LED state will vary depending
on your network configuration. If the MODE, WPS, and WIRELESS LEDs are blinking simultaneously,
this indicates a possible connection error. Please review your connections and then press and
hold the Enabler’s WPS button for 3 seconds (the MODE LED should start blinking) to rescan your
network configuration. The Enabler may restart multiple times during this process and take up to
two minutes depending on your network configuration. The MODE LED will stop blinking when
this process is completed. Go to for more information.
REMINDER: If your unit is unable to
connect to your Enabler, check all connections, then press and
hold the Enabler’s WPS button for 3 seconds to rescan your
network configuration. See step 3C for more information.
C. If you did not activate your Infinite Radio accounts, or if the
radio cannot get your details from the Infinite Radio server, the
radio may ask for your postal code. Input your code. See tips to
the right.
Press to show “DONE”
and SELECT to confirm.
4 Optional: Insert AAA batteries in the base of the radio
To simplify setup on the radio please complete these steps:
Follow the polarity markers in the battery
A. Find the Setup Information Card that contains your radio’s MAC address number (MAC: 00-00-0000-00-00) and activation PIN # (PIN: 0000). (This number is also found in the Device Info screen
under the Settings menu in your radio.)
The batteries (not included) power the clock
and alarm whenever the radio loses electricity.
B. Using any Internet-connected computer, go to and follow the
online instructions.
• You will need to input your radio’s MAC address and PIN # to associate your radio with your
personal settings.
B. After exiting the DEMO mode, the radio
displays the Select Language screen.
Choose your preferred language.
to highlight,
SELECT to confirm.
Use the
controls to
make choices
and input
− move highlight up
– move highlight down
– move selection/navigate
– move selection/navigate
SELECT - confirm selected
option or character
When inputting characters,
press or to choose among
uppercase, lowercase, numeric,
or special characters.
To insert spaces or correct
mistakes, press to display the
Commands list and then press
to choose the desired
If your radio has successfully connected to the Internet you will
hear a welcome message.
Learn more about your Internet Radio
Read the user manual for more information on the player’s features, safety and warranty
information, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).
Need more help? Do not return this product to the store.
Visit to get the latest firmware updates and FAQ’s.
v1.0 (EN)
Using the radio
Sleep timer/
Station presets
Audio source
Alarm set/
alarm off
Clock set
“Love It”
“Ban It”
“Tag it”
Menu up
menu back
Menu down
General procedures
Playing recordings and audio files
Turn on/off (standby) the radio
Choose an audio source
Play a recording
Press SOURCE to cycle through the audio sources
(Internet Radio, FM/AM Tuner, Internal Memory, or USB
Choose a preset radio station
Press SOURCE to choose the radio source (Internet,
FM, or AM), then press a preset button (1–6).
Assign the current radio station to a preset
Press and hold a preset button (1–6) until the radio
Display the menu while listening
Press .
Record the current AM/FM/Internet radio station Press .
Press again to stop recording.
Start the sleep timer
Add time or cancel the sleep timer
Press SLEEP/SNOOZE repeatedly.
Press CLOCK.
Display the time
Press and hold CLOCK until the hour is highlighted.
Set the time
Press or to choose hours, minutes or AM/PM.
Press or to change the time.
Press SELECT to set the time.
Menu select
Play an audio file from a connected USB device
Pause playback
Skip to the next recording/audio file
Skip to the previous recording/audio file
Listening to Weather Forecasts
Listen to today’s local forecast
Listen to 3-day local forecast
Step through the radio frequencies
Use the current station as the alarm sound
Rear panel connections
Press SOURCE to choose FM or AM radio.
Press and hold or until the radio beeps to autotune to the previous or next available station.
Press or .
Press to display the options menu. Press to choose
Send to Alarm and then press SELECT.
Listening to Internet radio
Choose an Internet radio station
AM loop
antenna socket
audio line-out
FM antenna
Start playing the selected station
Mark the current station as a favorite
Power adapter
input socket
Remove the current station from My Favorites
Use the current station as the alarm sound
USB 2.0 port
You can connect USB devices to the USB port:
The radio can play MP3, WMA and RealAudio
audio files stored on the connected USB device.
RealAudio is a trademark or a registered trademark of RealNetworks, Inc.
Press to choose Internet
Press or to move up and
down the menu options and
press SELECT to navigate to
the desired station.
Press or press to display the options menu. Press
to choose Add to Favorites and then press SELECT.
Press .
Press to display the options menu. Press to choose
Send to Alarm and then press SELECT.
Press WEATHER once.
Press WEATHER twice.
For information on new and upcoming products and to register your new radio, visit
Listening to FM/AM radio
Tune in an FM/AM radio station
Press SOURCE to choose Internal Memory.
Press or to highlight a recording and press
Press SOURCE to choose USB.
Press or to exit or enter folders. Press or to
highlight a file and press SELECT to start playback.
Press . Press again to resume.
Press .
Press within the first 3 seconds of the current
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