Servore SERVO GLAS 5000X Autolift User`s manual

User’s Manual
Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
SERVO GLAS® 5000X Autolift
Made in Korea by
#410-3 Tojin-ri Cheongbuk-myeon Pyeongtaek-si
Gyeonggi-do Korea.
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Instructions for use of SERVO GLAS® 5000X Autolift
Thank you for purchasing a Servo Glas® 5000X Autolift welding helmet.
For your own protection, safety and to ensure the maximum
service life of your new helmet please read this manual
carefully before use. Misuse or abuse may result in injury or
reduced protection and may also void your warranty.
Safety is a personal responsibility. Servore endeavours to produce high quality
safety products that meet or exceed relevant Standards and provide appropriate
protection when used properly. Please help yourself and those around you by
using this product carefully and by exercising good judgement. Thank you.
1. Before Use
Servo Glas® 5000X Autolift
The auto darkening welding filter in the 5000X has been designed for arc
welding and gas cutting. It is suitable for all normal arc welding processes such
as MIG, MAG, TIG, SMAW, Plasma Arc and Air Carbon welding.
Before use the shade control should be adjusted to the appropriate level based
upon EN169 (European Standard specifications or equivalent) or other
appropriate safety guidelines. When in doubt please consult your safety
representative or your authorized Servo Glas® distributor.
The Servo Glas® 5000X Autolift provides continuous protection from ultraviolet
and infrared radiation to the maximum level indicated on the product and as
described in the relevant Standards. This protection is fail-safe and is not
compromised by loss of battery power or other electronic failure.
The Servo Glas® 5000X Autolift welding filter cartridge is fitted with two
independently operated sensors that detect the welding arc and respond
accordingly resulting in the appropriate darkened filter state as set by the user
and as indicated on the scaled adjustment. Please note that professional
judgement may be required to achieve the best results. When in doubt consult
an authorized safety representative or your Servo Glas® distributor and always
maintain a conservative attitude towards operation.
Two replaceable lithium batteries type CR2032 (3V) are used as major power
sources. An additional solar cell panel extends battery life and ensures efficient
When operating normally the welding helmet will switch on
automatically and switch off automatically to save power a few minutes after the
last welding arc has been detected.
To provide a general check of system status you may wish to set the shade
control to 11 and hold the helmet towards a bright incandescent light
source. Under normal circumstances the filter will change from light to dark
state and back to light state again as you move the helmet away. Please note
that if you have any questions or there is any doubt about the performance of
your Servore product you should refer to your authorized safety representative
or Servo Glas® distributor.
Always use genuine ServoGlas® front and inside cover
plates. Failure to do so may result in injury and will void
the warranty.
The ServoGlas® 5000X is not designed for overhead
welding without the use of additional protection.
Check your helmet for physical damage and test it
regularly. If your helmet is damaged or is not working
normally have it tested and repaired before use.
according to the type of welding and current/amperes
used. When in doubt refer to your authorized safety
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Helmet and Head harness Adjustment
Please make the appropriate adjustment(s) to the head harness to ensure a
comfortable and secure fit. It only takes a minute and helps ensure you are
properly protected. The ServoGlas® 5000X harness allows you to adjust the
distance and angle between your eyes and the filter window. You can also
adjust the circumference of the headband to ensure a comfortable but firm
fit. Please make these adjustments before use based on the illustrations in
figures shown below.
• Genuine Servo Glas® front and inside cover plates must
always be used with Servo Glas® 5000X welding filter and
helmet. Failure to do so may result in injury and also void any
• Servo Glas® 5000X is not designed for use in overhead
welding applications where additional protection may be
• Check for normal operation of the auto-darkening welding
filter. If the welding filter does not darken in use stop welding
• Always select the appropriate shade before use according to
the type of welding and current/amperes required. When in
doubt refer to your authorized safety representative.
2. Markings
The appropriate available shade number markings and range are indicated on
the product. Please ensure that the appropriate shade number is selected
before welding. Used properly the ServoGlas® 5000X provides eye and face
protection to meet or exceed EN379 and EN175 and other relevant Standards
where indicated. The following example illustrates these requirements. Please
note this example is provided for illustration purposes only.
4 / 9 -13
2 / 1 / 2 / 379
Light shade
Dark shade
Manufacture identification
Optical class
Diffusion of light class
Variations in Luminous transmittance class
Certification mark or number of standard
The CE conformity marking shall consist of the initials ‘CE’ taking the following
If the CE marking is reduced or enlarged the proportions given in the above
graduated drawing must be respected.
The various components of the CE marking must have substantially the same
vertical dimension, which may not be less than 5 mm. This minimum dimension
may be waived for small-scale PPE.
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3. Parts List
The following parts are available from Servore and your authorized Servo
Glas® distributor.
Helmet Shell
Button Spring
Inner Protection Lens
Button Spring
Magnifying Lens(108X51mm)
Button Washer
AutoLift Folder
Button Screw
External Control
Hinge Cap Assembly
Wire Holder
Hinge Cap L
InsideCover Plate(108X51mm) 10-1R
Hinge Cap R
Auto-darkening Filter Cartridge 10-2L
Hinge Controller L
Battery (CR2032)
Hinge Controller R
Front Cover Plate(117X95mm)
Hinge Spring L
Front Cover
Hinge Spring R
Push Button Assembly
Hinge Cap Holder
Push Button
Hinge Cap Screw
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Helmet Knob Parts
Part No.
Band Holder
Helmet Knob Set
Band Holder
Angular Stopper L
Angular Stopper R
Angular Washer
Replacement of Knob Holder
Move P-bolt back and forth to
between eyes and filter window.
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4. Technical Specifications
Switching time (light-dark)
Shade #4
Shade #9 ~ #13
Shade Level
Sensitivity Adjustment
Dual sensors plus pre-shading(Low-High)
Switching Delay(dark to light)
Adjustable 0.05s – 0.8s
Tig rating
RF(H) >1Amp / RF(L) >10Amp
Power supply
3V Lithium battery(CR2032)2ea(replaceable)
Battery life
3000 hours (Approximately)
Supplementary power
Solar cells (Auto On/Off)
Battery replacement
Replaceable(Low battery indicator)
Cartridge size
110×90mm (4.3×3.5 in)
Filter window
97×46mm (3.8×1.8 in)
Total weight
Autolift : 610g(21.5 oz)
Operating temp.
-5℃~ +55℃
Storage temp.
-20℃~ +70℃
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5. Control Function
1.Solar Cell Panel
2. Sensor
3.LCD Filter Plate
4. Shade Control 5. Delay Control 6. Sensitivity Control
7. RF Sensor Switch
8.Low Battery Indicator
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5-1. Shade Control
selected by using the shade control. The Servo Glas®
5000X can be adjusted between shades 9 to 13 with
the embossed arrow on the dial indicating the current
adjustment. Always use the appropriate shade for the
welding operation you are undertaking. When in doubt please consult the
relevant Standards or your authorized safety representative.
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5-2. Light Sensitivity Control
welding at low amps (e.g. TIG) or there is a high
level of ambient light please follow these
steps. First try adjusting the sensitivity control
switch. Start with the sensitivity LOW (gently
turn anticlockwise until the knob stops) and adjust upwards as required. If this
does not solve the problem, set the sensitivity control in the middle position and
hold the helmet close to the target object and adjust the shade control
completely clockwise. If the welding filter stays in the light state, leave the
control set at this point. If the filter switches to the dark state, turn the shade
adjustment back until the filter just switches into the light state. The filter
should now be adjusted correctly. If the welding filter still does not respond
appropriately, please adjust the sensitivity control again (having previously
adjusted the shade control as explained above). [To achieve optimum results
in very unusual circumstances you may need to perform this process again
having first reset the sensitivity control to low.]
5-3. Delay Control
Adjustment of the speed at which the welding
filter clears can be reduced by means of the
delay control toggle switch. When this switch
is set to 'Fast' the screen will clear more quickly.
5-4. RF Sensor Switch
New RF High/Low switch for even better RF sensitivity
control. Switch to high for extremely low amp TIG(down to
1 amp) or when using shielded cables and welders. Switch
to low when working near other welders or in areas of high
RF interference to avoid false triggers and for general
>1 Amp
>10 Amp
TIG Rating
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6. Maintenance
Always ensure that all maintenance procedures are conducted
in a clean dry place. Use clean dry hands and avoid direct
contact with any glass surfaces. Handle cover plates and
welding filter by the edges and carefully clean off any dirt or
debris before re-use.
6-1.Changing the front and rear cover plates
Unclip and open the front cover as shown in the diagram.
You will then be able
to remove and replace the front cover lens as required.
Before installing the new cover lens remove the protective film from both sides.
To change the rear cover lens gently remove the cartridge from the helmet you
will then be able to unclip the inner cover lens and replace it.
Again, you must
remove the protective film from both sides of the cover lens before installing it.
Always use genuine Servore parts.
Never use a welding
helmet without both front and rear cover lenses installed.
6-2. Changing the battery
The Servoglas 5000X series of helmets uses two 3V lithium Ion batteries
(CR2032) as a main power source.
These batteries are user replaceable and
should be replaced immediately when the battery warning light comes on and/or
at least every three years.
Always replace both batteries at the same time with
brand new batteries. Never install previously used batteries in your helmet.
To replace the batteries slide out the battery holders from either side of the
cartridge and discard the old batteries.
Install the new batteries in the battery
holders and slide the battery holders back into the cartridge.
Always note the polarity of the batteries and install them as
shown in the diagram and as marked.
Batteries rely on good
electrical contact to function properly and so always use clean
dry hands and avoid getting dirt inside the cartridge when
exchanging batteries.
6-3. Changing the inner cover plate on the 5000X Auto Lift
From inside the helmet unclip the installed cover plate from the shell noting the
locking tags on either side of the helmet (see diagram).
Remove the film from both sides of the new cover plate and then insert first one
side and then the other into the relevant slots on each side of the helmet.
Always check to ensure that the locking tags on each side of
the helmet are properly mated with the slots in the cover plate
and that the four raised guides on the helmet shell are located
in the matching slots in the cover plate
6-4. Maintaining the Auto Lift assembly on the 5000X Auto Lift
Assembling and disassembling the Auto Lift assembly on the 5000X Auto lift is a
simple process but should be done according to the following instructions to
ensure problem free operation of the helmet.
Locate the spring (10-3L) in the recess on the outside of the helmet shell
ensuring that the end of the spring is hooked into the hole provided and pointing
Springs are handed (R/L) and if reversed the Auto Lift mechanism
will not work.
Place the spring retainer (10-2L) over the spring and ensure that the tongue of
the retainer is located in the slot provided on the side of the helmet shell.
Mount the cartridge holder assembly over the spring retainer ensuring that the
notches in the top of the spring retainer are nested into the matching slots on
the cartridge holder assembly.
Insert the slotted bolt into the hole and over the end of the spring.
While holding the slotted bolt in place with your thumb, look inside the shell and
locate the black washer over the end of the bolt which should now be visible on
the inside of the shell.
Note that the black washer has internal fins that mate
with the end of the slotted bolt.
Insert the self tapping screw into the washer and screw it in. Avoid overtightening.
Use a coin to tension the springs on each side by turning the head of the slotted
bolts with a coin.
Avoid over tensioning. Test the Auto Lift mechanism after
each adjustment.
Usually turning the screw a few ‘clicks’ or about 180 degrees
gives perfect results.
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7. Storage and Temperature Range
Your Servore welding helmet is strong and durable. It is designed to work in
temperatures between -5C and +55C. Do not use your helmet in very hot
conditions where temperatures exceed +65C. Always store your helmet in a
clean dry place out of the direct sun and protect it from exposure to moisture or
extreme heat (min/max storage temperature is -20C ~ +70C).
Avoid unnecessary impact or compression of your helmet and never use a
helmet that is damaged. Your Servore welding helmet is a quality professional
tool and careful storage will extend the life of your investment.
8. Inspection
Check your helmet shell and filter on a regular basis when in normal use and
after extended periods of storage. Never use a cracked or damaged helmet as
this may result in personal injury and will void your warranty. Please replace
any worn or damaged parts as necessary. Genuine ServoGlas® replacement
parts are available from your authorized Servo Glas® distributor.
9. Cleaning
Never expose the filter cartridge to direct contact with water
or solvents.
After removing the welding filter from the shell the shell can be cleaned using a
mild detergent and water solution. Sweat bands can be washed. A silicone
based lubricant may be used on moving parts if necessary but is not normally
required. The filter may be carefully wiped with a cloth dampened with
household window cleaning solution. Please be careful not to scratch or
otherwise damage the filter cartridge with fragments of welding spatter or other
abrasive dirt.
Refer to the relevant parts diagram for illustrations regarding
assembly and disassembly.
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10. Cautions
• The ServoGlas® 5000X is designed for personal eye and
face protection from harmful radiation, sparks and welding
spatter produced under normal welding conditions. Please
follow good industry and safety practices and use additional
protection where necessary.
• Cover plates are strong and of industry standard quality but
they are breakable. The ServoGlas® 5000X is a quality
welding helmet but is not designed to provide protection from
severe impact such as broken grinding wheels or debris from
other broken tools, corrosive liquids, explosions, or other
extreme incidents.
We recommend you always adopt a
conservative attitude towards safety and take additional
precautions as required and recommended in the relevant
safety standards relating to the operation you are undertaking.
•The welding filter is not designed to be waterproof. Please
do not use your helmet in the rain or other inclement
weather. To do so may reduce the life of your helmet and
result in damage or injury.
• In the event that your helmet or welding filter is exposed to
direct contact with, or is submerged in water or other liquid
immediately stop using the helmet, remove the filter cartridge
from the shell, remove the batteries from the filter, inspect
carefully for damage and if necessary mop-up excess moisture
with a paper towel and then leave to dry in a warm (not hot)
place out of direct sunlight. Never place your helmet in an
oven or microwave to dry. Before use perform all normal
system checks and if in any doubt contact your ServoGlas®
distributor. Your Servore helmet is a precision engineered
professional protection product and must be maintained in
good condition to ensure your personal protection.
• When working in the vicinity of other welders it is necessary
to adopt good industry standard practice and ensure a
minimum distance of 1M between workers. Failure to do so
may result in injury or malfunction of the auto darkening
• Please do not wear the helmet when you are not welding. In
some circumstances the auto darkening mechanism may be
unexpectedly triggered resulting in reduced vision and
subsequent injury to yourself or others.
• Servore does not support the use of ServoGlas® 5000X
range of products in combination with any other manufacturers'
products. To use parts that are not approved by Servore may
void your warranty and result in personal injury. Please use
only genuine ServoGlas® 5000X parts and spares as provided
by your authorized Servo Glas® distributor.
• Servore reserves the right to make improvements, change or
otherwise modify the specifications, materials and design of
any and all Servore products at their sole discretion with a view
to ensuring continuous improvement.
Never attempt any
unauthorized modifications or alterations to your Servore
product. To do so may result in personal injury and void your
• Materials, which may come into contact with the wearer’s
skin could cause allergic reactions to susceptible individuals.
• Eye-protectors against high speed particles worn over
standard ophthalmic spectacles may transmit impacts, thus
creating a hazard to the wearer.
Thank you for purchasing a Servore product. If you have any questions
regarding this or any other Servore product please contact your authorized
ServoGlas® distributor.
11. Transmittance Curve of the Welding Filter
12. European Representative for SERVORE CO.
Company Name
Contact Person
Steve Edwards
21 Dawson street Dublin 2 Ireland
+353 1 678 4271
+353 1 662 4437
Thank you for purchasing a Servore product. If you have any questions
regarding this or any other Servore product please contact your authorized
ServoGlas® distributor.
This model is certified by:
Zona Industriale Villanova, 32013 Longarone (BL), Italy
Notified Body Number: 0530