Installing TeamBoard Drivers on MOE V2.0

Installing TeamBoard Drivers on MOE V2.0
1. Log on to the computer locally with the Administrator or OC log on.
2. Right click My Computer and go to Properties.
3. Now go to the Advanced tab then click on Environment Variables at the bottom.
4. Now you will get another box pop up. In the first area with the white space there will be two Variables. One is
TEMP and the other is TMP.
5. Please make a note of the two Values in each Variable.
6. Once you have the two Variables written down, highlight each Variable and click Edit.
7. Delete the Variable value for each one and enter C:\Temp.
8. Click OK and then OK on the System Properties.
9. Insert the TeamBoard CD and run the setup.exe (The installation diagrams are from TeamBoard Suite Version
4.21. If you have Version 5.0 or 5.5, the setup is very similar.).
10. When the setup begins, the following screen will be displayed.
11. Click Next at the Welcome screen.
12. Click Accept at the License Agreement.
13. Install the software into the default location. This should be C:\Programs Files.
14. If you are installing your applications into C:\LocApps you can install it into here.
15. At the Select Controller screen select the correct item for your TeamBoard. For this installation the
TeamBoard used is the H Series USB controller
16. Click Next and then Next again at the Ready to Install screen.
17. Now the Installation progress bar will be displayed.
18. Click Finish once the setup is complete.
19. At the Reboot screen, click Yes.
20. Once the computer has rebooted, log back in as the Local Administrator.
21. The Start Menu shortcuts should now be installed.
22. Now down in the System Tray near the clock, the Red TeamBoard ‘T’ Icon should be installed.
23. At this point connect the TeamBoard USB cable into the computer and let it install the drivers.
24. Once the drivers are installed, right click on the Red TeamBoard ‘T’ Icon and go to Calibrate ► Interactive.
25. Now you have to press the white board where all the cross points are.
26. When this is completed, the TeamBoard has been configured and you can start using TeamBoard Draw.
27. Once the TeamBoard is all setup and working you will need to go back into the Environment Variables and
change the two Variables TEMP and TMP back to the original settings noted earlier.
28. This completes the installation guide for installing TeamBoard on MOE V2.0.
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