Maptuner X This device supports: SEA DOO 2004

Maptuner X
This device supports:
SEA DOO 2004-2016
Ski Doo 600 ACE, 900 ACE , 1200 4tech, 1200 ACE
CAN AM Maverick . NA & Turbo
Yamaha 2009-2016
(Extra cable needed)
Kawasaki 300/ 310
(Extra cable needed)
See for more info!
Main office Sweden:
+46 8 500 87 250
Sales & support USA
(954) 607 1570
This number is forwarded to Sweden, you pay only a local American call.
But remember the time difference and call as early as possible!
Text , SMS, Viber, Whatsapp:
+4670 777 81 11
– don’t use them both one same ski!
The screenshots in this manual might differ from the actual screens in your Maptuner.
We always ad new functions and features.
Some functions are not included in your tuning license and need to be bought separate.
How to use Maptuner menu system for new user.
(Check for latest instruction manual! )
Quick start guide: SEA DOO
1, Download and install My Maptuner client software.
You now need a license code.
This can be bought from dealer or online
Open my V-tech maptuner client. Then press login, new user, Should look like this:
Enter your email, name and the access code and your account will be created.
2. Press Synchronize button.
Maptuner will now go online and make a firmware update.
3. Go to your craft and plug in the Maptuner in the OBD connector.
(See pictures of OBD connector for your craft !)
When connected , power your craft by:
First press RED start button and then inserting the DESS key.
Now press ad vehicle
You craft will now be identified and the information stored on the Maptuner.
(Depending on the ecu this will take from 1 min to 20 mins.)
4. Connect Maptuner to PC.
Press synchronize button.
Information regarding your vehicle is sent to VTECHTUNED servers.
You will now see a list of available tunes for you vechicle.
Click the boxes for the tunes you want.
Then press Submit request!
It will then ask you if you want to use a Code, press yes.
Then choose the code you want to use.
After this the system will ask you to wait a few mins so it can prepare and transfer files to your account.
Now press Synchronize button again to download files from your PC to your Maptuner unit.
(You can later on switch to new ones by clicking and unclicking the check boxes.
With Maptuner x there is no limit of how many tunes you can store on your device.)
5. Disconnect from the PC and connect to your vehicle.
6. Press the programming button on the Maptuner display.
7. Select the file you want to flash to the ECU.
Before you press next, be sure to power your ski properly!
First press RED start button and then insert the DESS key.
Connect a battery charger!
8. Once the flashing is finished, then disconnect Maptuner from vehicle and try to start then engine!
Important when tuning RXP / RXT 300
When writing to the ecu of the 300 series its very important that you remove the fuses for the:
IBR and IBR monitor systems!
Else the flashing might fail and you will need to recover the ecu!
Sea Doo RXP 260 / 300 fuses and diagnostic connector location
Open the front compartment, remove the cove the co ver walls so you can see the fuel tank.
Sea Doo RXT 300 fuses and diagnostic connector location
Open the seat, you will see the connector close to the fueltank.
Sea Doo Spark Diagnosis connector location:
How to recover ecu if flash fails.
Maptuner X have recover built in, so you can always recover an ecu if flash fails.
Reasons for a failed flash could be: Forgot to remove Fuses from IBR systems, Low voltage in the battery system
(always connect a charger!) Bad or incompatible file downloaded from server.
If a flash fails then you can try to download the same file again or the stock file.
If the flash have failed then the ecu need to be powered manually, this is done by pressing the start button.
It need to be pressed the whole time when doing the recovery! Be ready to remove the clamp on the start button
once the process is finished, else the engine will start to crank and then start.
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