AquaLink Touch Quick Review Card
The AquaLink Touch controller can easily control your backyard environment four different ways. 1) From the Home screen, by
pressing your personalized Quick Action icons, 2) By selecting other devices and manually activating any piece of equipment,
3) Scheduling the equipment to automatically turn on and off at specific times by pressing MENU then schedule, or 4) By selecting
one of the six OneTouch™ Macro buttons that turn on multiple items with the push of one button.
Home Screen
Signal & Battery Status
Displays current air, pool and spa
water temperatures, and your 7
personalized Quick Action icons.
Spa or pool temperatures are
displayed depending on which
body of water is being circulated.
A clear indicator of your wireless
reception and battery life. The day
and time is conveniently displayed.
Menu Button
OneTouch Macros
Access all AquaLink Touch features
from Menu screen including
equipment schedules, system
setup, AquaLink Touch settings,
temperatures, password protection
and more.
Put the most popular features
right at your fingertips. Program
these “quick links” to activate your
favorite features like spa jets or yard
lights with the touch of a button.
Navigation Button Bar
Device Control
User-friendly icons provide quick
links to Home, Menu, preset
OneTouch buttons, and Help
information. Use Back to return to
previous screen, Status to view list
of equipment in use. Select Photos
to access slideshow features. Turn
controller off with Power button.
Effortlessly manage up to 32
peripherals such as heaters, lights,
pumps, solar, or pool cleaners.
Note: Battery life and signal strength shown
on wireless models only.
The AquaLink Touch owner’s manuals may be
downloaded online at
To Contact Technical Support:
P: 800.822.7933 | F: 800.479.8324
AquaLink Touch Programming & System Defaults
FOR YOUR SAFETY - To Avoid property damage, injury, or death, be sure to read the Safety Warnings and
Important Safety Instructions in the AquaLink Touch Owner’s Manual.
Basic Programming: To set a particular piece of equipment to turn on and off at a predetermined time, touch the MENU button to display
the Menu screen. From the menu screen, select schedule to display schedule screen. To add equipment to a schedule, press new>schedule
device. Select equipment you want to program from list, then press select to return to schedule screen. The schedule screen displays
programmed equipment, on/off times, and days of the week scheduled. To set/change program, touch circuit (equipment) name, select on/off
times, day/weekdays/weekends and press save to save changes. Repeat this process for each piece of equipment that you wish to program. You
may enter an unlimited amount of scheduled programs for each piece of equipment.
set Date/Time: Touch menu>set date/time. Press date or time field to select. Use keypad to change date or time, press enter to save
changes. Use Navigation bar buttons to exit/select next task.
Label Auxiliary Functions: Touch MENU>SYSTEM SETUP>LABEL AUX. Select the AUX from list to label. Touch GENERAL, LIGHT or
WATERFALL buttons to select common labels, or create your own CUSTOM label. Repeat for all auxiliary features.
Note 1: The labels “AIR BLOWER” and “FILL LINE” are 30 minute timed cycles.
Note 2: If DIP switches 1, 2, or 3 are on, Auxiliaries 1, 2 and 3 are labeled CLEANER, LOW SPEED and SPILLOVER (pool/spa combo systems only)
cannot be relabeled.
Set Temperature: Touch MENU>set temp. Select pool heat or spa heat button, use keypad to enter temperature and press enter to save
changes. Use Navigation bar buttons to exit/select next task.
Default Temperature Settings
Default Pool Temp.
Default Spa Temp. 102°F
Default Temp. 1*
Default Temp. 2*
*Pool only / Spa only systems
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6000 Condor Dr., Moorpark, CA USA 93021
P 800.822.7933 | F 877.327.4103
©Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.
H0347200- 1010
Default OneTouch Settings
Btn 1 - spa mode
Btn 2 - clean mode
Btn 3- ALL OFF
Btn 4-6 - not assigned
You can reprogram/add settings to
touch buttons under MENU > system
setup > touch setup.
Default Freeze Protection Settings
Filter Pump: Freeze Protection ON.
All other Equipment: Freeze Protection OFF.
NOTE: If you selected Spa to be freeze protected,
water circulation will switch between pool and spa
every 30 minutes during freezing conditions once
freeze mode is active.