Remote Administration Setup

Remote Administration Setup
Remote Administration:
Remote administration allows you to access the modem / router / VOIP ATA configuration
page from a computer connected to the internet.
This can also be used to enable your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to check your settings if
you experience connection issues.
In the case of a VOIP ATA, you would also need to create a “Port Forwarding”
rule on your modem / router for port 80 (or the applicable remote administration
access port) pointing to your VOIP ATA’s IP address.
If your modem / router is a NetComm or Dynalink unit, please see the
appropriate “Port Forwarding” support document for assistance with adding
this rule.
Before enabling remote access to your modem, we recommend changing the
username and password required to login.
Please see our “Changing the default username and password” document
for assistance with this.
You can also limit access to a specific IP or subnet (*)
This will prevent unauthorised access to your modem.
- If supported by your model of modem / router.
Enabling Remote Administration
This guide will take you through the steps required to enable remote administration access to
your modem / router / VOIP ATA.
Navigate to in a web browser using “admin” as both the
username and password when prompted.
Select the “Tools” menu from the left hand menu and then “Admin” from the top
If you wish to change the administration password enter the existing administration
password into the “Old Password” field. Then enter the new password into the New
Password and Repeat New Password fields. If you do not wish to change the
administration password leave the password fields blank.
Check the “Enable” tickbox to enable remote management.
Enter the Host Address from which the remote access will originate from. If you want
this to be from any IP address over the internet enter “”.
Enter the port number you wish to use for remote access.
Press the Apply button.
You should now be able to access your modem via the address: http://<your external IP
You can find your IP address by going to
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