WEB POWER SWITCH - Digital Loggers

Quick Start
1. Connect to your LAN Using a straight RJ-45 cable, or
directly to your PC using a crossover cable.
2. Switch the Power Switch on.
3. Enter in your web browser address bar.
If the login page doesn’t appear, follow the Windows
Networking setup instructions.
4. Login with defaults: user name = admin (lower case)
password = 1234
5. Use setup page to add outlet names or change IP address.
6. Set the recovery mode for safety after a power failure.
Basic Operation
7. Change the password for security.
After power up and self-test, outlets power will up in sequence using the specified delay. Use a browser to access the outlet
control and setup pages. For safety, set the power-up recovery mode to: “all off”, “all on”, or “previous settings”. User
defined web links may be added to the home page. The IP address, network mask, gateway, and subnet are changeable.
Use the home page link to download a PDF manual. Contact DLI for downloadable firmware upgrades.
Reset to Defaults
To reset to: User= admin, password=1234, gently press the reset button.
Windows Networking
Unable to communicate? Start with a direct connection your PC using a crossover cable, then follow these steps to reach the switch:
1. Before adding a new compatible Windows IP, close network
programs and browsers.
2. Go to Network Settings – Local Area Network.
3. Use the keyboard shortcut <Windows-R> - type “ncpa.cpl” and click OK.
4. Right click on your LAN connection and choose “Properties”. Highlight “Internet Protocol” and click the “Properties”
button. Click the “Advanced” button.
5. Under the IP Address settings, click the “Add” button. Enter a compatible new IP, such as, and a subnet
mask of Press the “Add” button. This new IP is added to the list. Close all windows for the configuration
to take effect.
6. Restart your Browser and type in the URL field. The login page should now appear. Default login is admin
(lower case) and 1234
Security Tips
1. Change the default password. You can always reset to defaults gently pressing the reset button with a pen.
2. Change the HTTP port. This hides the web server to thwart hacking. For example, after changing the port to 5768, the
default URL will become
3. Use the subnet access restriction if you’re only accessing the power controller on your own LAN. This blocks access from
remote IPs.
4. For maximum security, install the power switch inside a firewall.
Download a Detailed Manual
Download PDF
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