VNXe Quick Start Guide

1 Before you begin
Go to EMC Online Support at to create an EMC Support account.
After you receive your account access, go to to retrieve the following
documents for your model:
• Installation Guide
• Release Notes
Note: Locations with restricted Internet access – You will need to download the Connection Utility (if
using), software files, and license keys from a system with internet access in advance of initial
Installation location requirements
Phillips screwdriver
Laptop or PC with Internet access to register for EMC Online Support, and with local
network access to configure the system.
The required bulk Category (Cat) 5, 5e, 6, 6a or higher for each connection to your network.
Two 110 or 220 volt AC circuits for high availability
Network requirements
For iSCSI, two Ethernet connections for system management
For Fibre Channel, two fibre optic connections
For CIFS configurations with a Windows Domain Controller, an NTP (Network Time Protocol)
server must be available
Network recommendations
DNS server for network address resolution and ESRS (EMC Secure Report Support)
SMTP mail server for ConnectEMC support and email alerts
NTP (Network Time Protocol) server
For detailed instructions about unpacking, racking, and installing, refer to the Installation
Guide for your system.
Part Number: 300-015-436 Rev 01
VNXe Series Quick Start Guide
2 Unpack your system
Refer to the Installation Guide to verify that you have received all of the system components,
including cables, bezels, rails, screws, and the VNXe Configuration Worksheet. The shipment
will contain a Disk Processor Enclosure (DPE). Disk Array Enclosures (DAEs) are optional.
3 Rack & install
Follow the instructions in the Installation Guide to install the hardware. You may need another
person to help lift heavy items.
The Installation Guide describes how to:
Install components in the rack, including rails.
Connect network cables to the system components and the network.
Connect power cables and power-up the system.
4 Connect
Connect to Unisphere in one of the following ways:
Automatically assign a dynamic VNXe Management Port IP Address using DHCP. This
requires the system serial number and domain on which the system is located.
Use the Connection Utility to manually assign a static IP address. This requires the system
serial number and that you specify an IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway for
the system.
Note: It is recommended that you disable firewalls or other host port-blocking services on
your system before running the Connection Utility.
For detailed instructions, refer to your Installation Guide.
Note: In sites with restricted Internet access, download the Connection Utility from the support
site in advance of connecting to Unisphere.
Part Number: 300-015-436 Rev 01
VNXe Series Quick Start Guide
5 Launch the Unisphere Initial Configuration Wizard
1. Open a web browser to access Unisphere.
• If the system automatically acquired an IP address through DHCP, enter
serial_number.domain in the URL field.
Sample URL:
• If you manually configured the system with the Connection Utility, enter the assigned IP
2. Log in with the default username and password:
• Username: admin
• Password: Password123#
The Configuration Wizard launches.
3. Accept the Unisphere License Agreement and click Next.
4. Specify a new password for the administrative and service accounts.
6 Register the system and install licenses
1. On the Configuration Wizard licenses screen, click Obtain License File to open the support
website registration page.
2. Follow the instructions for registering the product and downloading licenses. Licenses can
be downloaded locally or sent to an email address. Save the license files locally.
3. In the Configuration Wizard, click Install License File. Unisphere uploads and activates the
selected licences and enables the corresponding features for your system.
7 Create storage pools
Use the Storage Pool Wizard to create storage pools during initial configuration, or choose to
skip this step.
Quick Start mode is available before any storage pools are created and only if a FAST
Cache license is not installed. This mode automatically creates storage pools based on the
type and availability of disks in the system.
Create custom pools by selecting the type, quantity, and RAID configuration for the disks in
a pool. For more information on RAID configurations, refer to the online help.
Part Number: 300-015-436 Rev 01
VNXe Series Quick Start Guide
8 Select support options
1. Enter your EMC Online Support account username and password in order to access custom
support options on the support page.
2. Enable ESRS and ConnectEMC to enhance your support experience.
• ESRS: Provides an IP-based connection that enables EMC Support to receive error files
and alerts from your VNXe system. Enabling ESRS accelerates problem diagnosis,
optimizes troubleshooting, and helps decrease the time it takes to resolve issues with
your system.
• ConnectEMC: Sends encrypted system alerts to the EMC Support Center. This helps
mitigate performance issues, prevent data outages, and improve the high availability
of the system.
9 Configure network interfaces
Create iSCSI interfaces, NAS servers, or replication interfaces through the Initial Configuration
Wizard, or choose to create these later through the individual wizards.
iSCSI interfaces: If you plan on providing host access to storage resources, create an iSCSI
Note: Fibre Channel (FC) interfaces are automatically created when the associated I/O
module with FC ports is committed to the storage system.
Create NAS servers (if applicable): NAS servers enable data transfer and provide
connection ports for hosts that access file-based storage. If you plan on provisioning filebased storage resources, create NAS servers now.
Replication interfaces: If you plan on configuring replication, create a replication interface.
This is a dedicated network interface for replication-related data or management traffic.
Note: Each Storage Processor must have at least one replication interface configured.
Part Number: 300-015-436 Rev 01
VNXe Series Quick Start Guide
10 Update software
When the Initial Configuration Wizard completes, Unisphere prompts you to check for updated
software and launches a window for EMC Online Support.
1. Go to the VNXe product page ( and select your model.
2. Click Downloads to check for updated software. If updated software is available, download
the software files from EMC Online Support onto the local system used to manage
3. In Unisphere, click Settings > More configuration > Update software.
4. Click Upload Candidate Version and navigate to the downloaded software file.
5. Click Install Candidate Version to install the software onto your VNXe system.
Note: You can also download language pack software files from the online support site. Refer
to the Unisphere Online Help for more information.
11 Create host configurations
Create host configurations to identify hosts, subnets, or netgroups that can access storage
resources on the system.
1. In Unisphere, click Hosts > Hosts.
2. Choose a host configuration type and click Create Host to start the Host Wizard.
The wizard configures the:
• Host operating system
• Network IP address, iSCSI initiator IQN, or FC WWN address of the host
Part Number: 300-015-436 Rev 01
VNXe Series Quick Start Guide
12 Provision storage
Create storage resources that hosts can use for network storage.
1. Click Storage to view a list of supported storage types.
2. Click the type of storage you want to create.
3. Click Create to start the storage wizard for the selected storage type.
Each storage wizard walks you through the steps necessary for configuring a storage
4. Connect the host applications to the storage.
13 Learn more
Online resources offer information and training for setting up and managing VNXe systems.
Online Help: Integrated with most of the wizards and screens in Unisphere, the help
includes information to enable you to complete tasks more efficiently and better
understand Unisphere features.
How-to videos and online training: Access online training, view how-to videos, product
tutorials, and product support documents that show you how to configure, maintain,
and manage your system.
EMC Online Support: Search for FAQs, Knowledgebase articles, troubleshooting
information, white papers, tips-and-tricks, and other information about your system.
EMC Community Network: Read, share, and ask questions about your system while
interacting with other customers.
EMC MOBILE: Download product documentation, view product updates, and engage
with EMC communities — online or offline — from your mobile tablet.
Available on the App Store and Google Play.
Part Number: 300-015-436 Rev 01
VNXe Series Quick Start Guide
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