DA-250, the latest USB D/A converter compatible with

DA-250, the latest USB D/A converter compatible with the latest digital format
including DSD 5.6MHz with fully-balanced LECUA and high sound quality
preamplifier circuit
DA-250 is a successor model of DA-200 which launched in 2010 and became a huge hit among PC
desktop audio systems.
LUXMAN sales members and engineers have continuously listened to end users’ comments
carefully and exchanged opinions about know-hows and styles to enjoy the world of PC audio with
a very short history with them for six years since the launch of DA-200. Now LUXMAN is
introducing this new USB D/A Converter DA-250 much improved from DA-200 by focusing on
upgrading its sound quality and adding the latest technologies while still keeping its concept and its
B-4 sized small compact body.
【DIGITAL circuit】
USB input is compatible withup to 192 kHz/32bit PCM data and DSDdata (2.8MHz and 5.6MHz).
S/PDIF inputhandles up to 192 kHz/24bit PCM signals.
In addition to USB input, the DA-250 has a coaxial input and two optical (Toslink) inputs to be able
to connect with a CD player and Audio Visual equipment.
The TI PCM1795 is selected for DAC chip, which contains 32bit digital filter,and digital signals
are up-converted internally to 352.8k/384kHz/32 bit.
Two kinds of different tone filter settingare provided and switchable to your taste (32bit digital
filter for PCM and analog FIR filter for DSD).
Low phase noise clock modulesare mounted independently on both 44.1 k/48kHz channels to
reduce noise around the oscillating frequency and to generate highly accurate low jitter clock
Also by asynchronous communication for USB input and by DAIR high accurate clock for S/PDIF,
low jitter reduction is possible.
【ANALOG circuit】
The configuration of D/A converter and high quality pre-amplifier circuit has been upgraded hugely
in terms of both sound quality and performance.
Output signal can be selected from Fix and Variable modes.
Variable position is convenient for a direct connection to a separate type power amplifier and a
powered speaker system.
LUXMAN’s original designed electric attenuator “LECUA*” is newly employed in DA-250 for
both headphone output and line outputs independently, which enables highly accurate volume
operation to avoid the level deviation when listening in a small volume.
By newly adding a discrete buffer circuit in the headphone output, the driving force is greatly
The input sensitivity can be selected from on/off by the remote control.
By providing an independent buffer circuit to each output (balance/unbalance/headphone), the
interference and changes in sound quality when used simultaneously can be avoided.
One analog input is available. Existing analog equipment can be a part of DA-250 system. Analog
signals are processed into digital signals by the built-in A/D converter.
The power environment of high inertia froma large power transformer tolarge capacity block
capacitors and each circuit’s independent regulator is designed.
The 18mm pitch gold-plated finish RCA jacks and Neutrik XLR luxury connectors are provided
which correspond to the high-performance line cables equipped with a large plug.
The seven-segment LED display of the two-stage × 3 Digitwith dimmer function
which display various modes.
All outputs can be inverted their phases. Thus, connections with audio
equipment with balanced inputs and sound source’s phase-inverted playback are
A card-type small remote control comes with for volume and input controls from
the listening position.
The original high-quality sound music playback software "LUXMAN Audio
Player" that can be used with FLAC / ALAC / WAV / AIFF is also available.
*LECUA: LUXMAN Electric Controlled Ultimate Attenuator
Sampling Frequency
USB Input (PCM) : 32k, 44.1k, 48k, 88.2k, 96k, 176.4k, 192kHz
(16, 24,32bit)
USB Input (DSD) : 2.82M,5.64MHz (1bit)
Digital Input/output
Analog Input/output
Headphone Output
Line output power
COAX / OPT input: 32k, 44.1k, 48k, 88.2k, 96k, 176.4k, 192kHz
(16, 20, 24bit)
Input:USB 1CH, COAX 1CH, OPT 2CH / Output:COAX 1CH,
Input:Unbalance 1CH / Output:Unbalance 1CH, Balance 1CH,
Headphone 1CH (Φ6.3 standard)
200mW+200mW / 16Ω, 400mW+400mW / 32Ω,
130mW+130mW / 600Ω
2.5 V / 300Ω (Unbalance) , 600Ω (Balance) ※FIX/VARIABL
Frequency response
5Hz~50kHz (+0、-3.0dB)
T.H.D. / S/N (IHF-A)
0.001% / 118dB
Front panel Power switch, Power Indicator, Input selector, audio
volume, 7 segment LED display, Headphone out, Phase invert
indicator, Fix output Indicator,Headphone sensitivity indicator, Digital
Input unlock indicator
Rear Panel
AC Inlet, Input Output connectors, FIX/VARIABLE switch
Remote control function
Size / Weight
Volume, Input selector, display dimmer, digital filter (PCM /
DSD),Phase invert, Headphone sensitivity
364 (W) ×81 (H) ×279 (D) mm (include knob 14mm, rear terminal
8mm) / 5.4kg (body)
Power Consumption
19W (PSE)
Remote control (RD-24)
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