(FAQ) AirBlue - Portable Bluetooth Music Receiver by Kanex

AirBlue - Portable Bluetooth Music Receiver by
When pairing my iPhone with the AirBlue - I’ve held the power button down
until the blue LED comes on but I can’t find Kanex in the list of devices found by
my iPhone. What should I do?
In order for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or any other Bluetooth equipped device to see the
Kanex AirBlue you must first put the Kanex AirBlue into discoverable mode by follow
these steps: While the device is off, hold the power button for 6 seconds until the blue
LED flashes in fast intervals. (Holding the button down for only 4 seconds turns the
AirBlue ON not into discoverable mode, so keep holding the button down for 2 more
seconds.) NOTE: After 4 seconds the blue LED will begin to flash, but do
The specifications on the Kanex AirBlue states I’m able to make a connection
and play music up to 38ft away, how much farther can I play my music?
The Kanex AirBlue is in fact capable of making a connection up to 38ft away, however,
objects such as walls, furniture, or any other obstacles in the way of sight will cause the
range to decrease.
I'm very interested in your device and have a question. When paired and
playing music, if a phone call comes in will my bluetooth headset kick in and
disconnect from the AirBlue (I have an iPhone 4 and this may be more of a
function of the phone than your device). Thanks!
No, it should not disconnect from the AirBlue when receiving a phone call, however the
music will stop playing when an incoming/outgoing call is made. In Theory, when
receiving a call, you would usually select the device in which you would like the audio to
come out of.
I have a USB connection in my glove box to my car stereo. Can I connect the
AirBlue to this instead of the AUX audio jack? Will it also charge the AirBlue
through the USB cable in my car?
The Aux audio jack is require for audio output. Yes the usb will charge the AirBlue and
the LED will turn red which indicates charge.
My car has a usb connector that I can plug my iphone into to charge as well as
send music through. Can I use the usb connector to charge the device as well
as send music?
You can in fact use the USB to charge the device, however you would need to use the
aux audio port for audio playback.
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Will the AirBlue pair with my MacBook also? I'd rather stream from there than
my iPhone the majority of the time.
Yes it will work on any Macbook or devices that have bluetooth audio out.
Pairing AirBlue in my car will it work as playing phone call audio through the
stereo speakers as well?
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No it will not. The Kanex AirBlue is a Bluetooth music receiver, it does not have functions
like a Bluetooth headset/hands free device.
Can I connect a tape adapter to the airblue to use in my car? This would keep
me from having to connect the tape adapter to my phone every time I get in the
Yes you can. The Airblue will connect to the 3.5mm audio cable coming out from the
Does AirBlue work with Motorola Droid??
Yes it does. As long as your Smart phone is equipped with Bluetooth, you will be able to
connect to the AirBlue.
How do i know when the unit is charging/charged?
The LED on the top of the unit will illuminate red when the unit is charging and will turn
off once the unit is fully charged.
Is this device only compatible with Apple products? I have an HTC Thunderbolt
and HP Touchpad that I would use it with, and am planning on buying a
Samsung Galaxy Nexus to replace the Thunderbolt. Will any Bluetooth device
work, or only Apple stuff?
This unit will work fine with any Bluetooth enable device.
Hi. Can i use kanex for voice conversation in my car. Kanex put my music on the
speakers but not phone calls? Any advaice for me?
Hello, You can not use the Kanex Airblue as a hands free headset. This unit is designed
as a Bluetooth music receiver, not Bluetooth headset.
Is it safe for the AirBlue if it is constantly on charge all the time. As I have usb
charging in my car i want to be able to leave it plugged in all the time and not
have to worry about it being charged.
Leaving it constantly on charge would not damage the unit, but in long term may affect
the performance of your Lithium Ion Battery, it will hold less of a charge. Thanks.
it is asking for a pairing code to connect with my bluetooth device, hp lap top
Yes, a pairing code is required (sometimes)depending on the device. Use 4 zeros:
(0000) and you are set to go.
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I received the AirBlue as a birthday gift yesterday. I charged the unit over night
and was able to see the red light as it charged. It will not turn on when I press
the play button. I have tried countless times both plugged and unplugged from
the power source. Please help!
Please press and hold the pause/play button for 13 seconds while the unit is off. This will
do a factory reset on the AirBlue.
- See more at: http://www.kanex.com/airblue#sthash.UudyBp4t.dpuf
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