Release Note for VigorFly 210 Series Firmware

NO: AP1101-2 V.1
Release Note for VigorFly 210 Series
Firmware Version: 1.3.4
Release Date: December 09, 2013
Applied Models:
VigorFly 210/ VigorFly 210V
VigorFly 210 series is a compact broadband router with 802.11n WLAN network. Its Ethernet
WAN port can connect to VDSL/VDSL2/GPON/G.SHDSL /ADSL2+/ADSL/cable modem
while you have fixed line. The NAT throughput can easily manage time-critical multimedia
streaming. It's easy for family or friends to hook up PCs via embedded 10/100 Ethernet LAN
switch to enjoy multimedia applications. Two antennas provide you with speedy WLAN
networking. If you are out of coverage of fixed line, you can directly plug 3.5G USB modem
to USB port on VigorFly 210 series. Or, you can use WiMAX USB modem with VigorFly 210
series. The sharing 3.5G / WiMAX/LTE connection accommodates adequate
downstream/upstream capacity for residential needs.
New Features
Improved: Support Vodafone K4201.
Improved: Support DHCP Option settings for WAN DHCP client.
Improved: Add new TR-069 parameters for admin / user password.
Improved: Add VoIP information on System Status web page.
Fixed: VigorFly210 did not delete connection after receiving the “delete” information.
Fixed: Fix the problem of Huawei E398 BT test crash.
Improved: Block IPv6 sessions from WAN, thus PC on LAN will not be accessed by any
other user.
Known Issue
IPv6 https web server could not work with IE9 due to the problem of compatibility.
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