Features That Make a Difference:
• 8 zone LED
• Large buttons for trouble-free viewing and activation
• Integrated number pad / FAP keys
• 4 programmable function keys
• Optional night light feature: dual LED backlit buttons easy to find in the dark
• LED color visually indicates system status
• Supports 1 zone per keypad
• Can expand PC1404 system to 8 zones using the 4 individual keypad zones
• Easy-to-understand icon symbols
• Modern, slim-line design blends into any decor
• Wiring channel for easy installation
• Standard PowerSeries programming sections
PowerSeries PC1404 RKZ
Keypad: Simplicity Defined
Introducing the 8 zone PowerSeries
PC1404RKZ keypad from DSC – the
newest entry in the PowerSeries
keypad product family. Perfect for
budget installations or as additional
keypads, this value series wired
keypad balances aesthetics and
functionality with the quality you
expect from DSC.
The high-quality, slim-profile keypads
are quick to install with an integrated
wire channel for flushmount
applications, four programmable
function keys and dual FAP (Fire,
Auxiliary and Panic) keys.
Clean and Simple
The clean and simple PowerSeries
PC1404RKZ keypad keeps users
top of mind. The white, sleek design
blends into any decor. The large
integrated number pad and icon
display has only 12 input buttons
and 16 easy-to-read status lights.
Critical alarms are simple to access –
press and hold for 2 seconds the #1
and #3 keys for Fire, #4 and #6 for
Auxiliary, and #7 and #9 for Panic.
The #2,#5,#8 and #0 keys can be
programmed for simple one button
functions, holding for 2 seconds
activates commonly used system
functions such as Stay, Away or Door
The keypad features easy-to-read,
universally accepted LED backlit
icons to provide real-time status of
all panel activity. Numbers on the
top right indicate any zones in alarm.
The convenient nightlight feature,
powered by two on-board LEDs,
make it easier to locate the keypad in
the dark. Just press any key and the
full light returns. The nightlight level
of brightness can be adjusted as
needed or disabled.
Compact Design
Only a small space to install a
keypad? The compact PowerSeries
PC1404RKZ keypad has the smallest
footprint of all the PowerSeries
keypads. The housing design even
includes an integrated wiring channel
for easy installation.
panels, keypads & modules
Contact your DSC distributor.
www.dsc.com | 1-888-888-7838
Uncompromised Quality and Value
The PowerSeries PC1404RKZ keypad delivers a value
solution without compromising quality and reliability. Each
wired keypad supports a zone with a maximum of 4 keypads
on the system allowing up to 8 zones total zone expansion.
Programming functionality is similar to other PowerSeries
keypads so install time is quick and problem free.
Dimensions......................................5.00” X 3.06” X 0.70”
Current Draw.............................................. 125 mA (Max)
Voltage...................................................12 VDC Nominal
Operating Environment............32° to 120° F (0° to 49° C)
Relative Humidity............................................... 5 to 93%
Keypad Icons
Ready Status
Armed Status
Trouble Status
AC Status
Fire Memory
Alarm Memory
PN 30001426
panels, keypads & modules
The green ready status icon is on when the system is ready to
The red armed status icon is on when the system has been
successfully armed.
The trouble status icon is lit when there is a trouble present on
the system. To see if a trouble is present press [*][2]. If any
number is lit, a trouble condition is present. Refer to your
system manual to identify what trouble condition is present.
The green AC status icon can be configured to indicate
presence or absence of AC; see AC LED Options and Keypad
Toggle Options sections [5] and [6].
The red fire memory icon is lit when a fire alarm is in progress
or has occurred. If zone 4, as an example, is programmed as a
fire zone and goes into alarm, the keypad will turn on the
zone 4 LED and the fire icon to indicate a fire alarm is present
on zone 4.
The alarm memory icon is lit when there is a zone in alarm
memory. To see if there is a zone in alarm memory press
[*][3]. If any number is lit, the corresponding zone is in alarm
memory. Refer to your system manual for further information.
The bypass icon is lit when a zone is bypassed on the system.
To see if a zone is bypassed press [*][1]. If any number is lit,
the corresponding zone is bypassed. Refer to your system
manual for information on bypassing and removing a bypass.
The programming icon indicates when the keypad is in
Installer Programming. This LED also activates when the
keypad is busy.
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