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Cochlear™ Nucleus ® 6 System Accessories
Cochlear™ Nucleus ® 6 System Accessories
Maximize Listening
Mini Microphone 2+
Enjoy Sports and Activities
Wirelessly hear a speaker from a distance or conversations in
noisy listening situations such as in meetings, in the car,
at restaurants, or in a classroom.
Swim underwater, in salt water, and completely submerged
without the need for any cumbersome cables, cases, or a special
sound processor specifically for water activities.*
• Plug into any other sound
• Clip or place next to a sound
device like an MP3 Player and
source, and it will transmit the
more to bring the sound directly
sound wirelessly over a distance
to you
up to 82 feet
• Wireless alternative
• Works with one or two
to the Lapel Microphone
Nucleus 6 Sound Processors
• Connects to FM systems
• Ideal for those who wish to have • Attach the Nucleus Aqua+
Sleeve to the sound
additional water resistance for
processor and the Aqua+
strenuous activities, too
integrated coil and cable
• Can be submerged in up
to 10 feet for 2 hours
Cochlear Nucleus
Aqua+ Kit
Connect your FM system directly to your sound processor
and the voice of a speaker transmits to your sound processor
wirelessly in the classroom or in listening situations.
Euro Accessory
• Some ear-level FM receivers
such as the Phonak MLxS
cannot connect directly
to your Nucleus 6 Sound
Processor without the
Euro Accessory Adaptor
• The Euro Accessory Adaptor
provides a convenient interface
to connect these ear-level FM
receivers directly to your
sound processor
• Use with a third-party
FM System
• Ideal for those who love
to swim underwater or
wish to have additional
water resistance for
strenuous activities
Aqua Accessory
Hear conversations more easily in noisy situations such
as in a restaurant or while traveling in an automobile.
• Clip the microphone close to
whomever you’re chatting with
Enjoy water activities with an economical and disposable water
accessory option.
to capture sounds coming from
various directions
Lapel Microphone
*Requires rechargeable battery.
Not compatible with the
acoustic component.
• Insert the sound processor
in the Aqua Accessory
enclosure and seal the
ziploc bag
• Alternative to the
Nucleus Aqua+
Cochlear™ Nucleus ® 6 System Accessories
Listen to Music, TV and Other Devices
Wirelessly stream clearer, hands-free phone calls and audio
directly to your sound processor from Bluetooth® enabled devices.
• Works with one or two Nucleus
6 Sound Processors
• Answer and adjust the volume
just by pushing a button
Phone Clip
• Wireless alternative option
to the Unilateral and Bilateral
Personal Audio Cables and the
Portable Phone Cable
• Transmits audio wirelessly over
a distance up to 23 feet
Enjoy crisper, and sharper stereo sound directly from your TV,
stereo or other audio sources wirelessly without turning
up the volume and disturbing others.
TV Streamer
Hear music and other audio from electronic gadgets with a
clearer, direct-to-sound processor connection when you use
one Nucleus® 6 Sound Processor.
• Connect a battery-powered
sound source (e.g., an iPod)
with a 3.5mm headphone jack
to your one sound processor
• Plug Nucleus Freedom
Audio Cables into the
Freedom Adaptor
• Produces either monophonic or
• Connect a battery-powered
stereophonic sound, depending
sound source with a 3.5mm jack
on your sound system
to your two Nucleus 6 Sound
Processors using just
• 120cm/47” length
one cable – for surround
sound enjoyment
Enjoy hearing the TV, computer, and other electronic devices with
a direct-to-sound processor connection.
Mains Isolation
• Produces monophonic sound
• 120cm/47” length
Enjoy clearer, direct-to-sound processor connection with
your previous sound processor generation audio cables.
• Plug the Freedom Accessory
adaptor into the Nucleus 6
Sound Processor
Accessory Adaptor
Bilateral Personal
Audio Cable
• Works with one or two Nucleus • Wireless alternative option
to the Mains Isolation Cable
6 Sound Processors
• Move freely, up to 23 feet away,
while listening to the TV
Unilateral Personal
Audio Cable
Hear music and other audio from electronic gadgets with a
clearer, direct-to-sound processor connection for a stereo hearing
experience when you use two Nucleus 6 Sound Processors.
• Connect your sound processor to • Incorporates surge protection
and will help protect your
a “mains-powered” sound source
Nucleus 6 Sound Processor
with a 3.5mm headphone jack
that plugs into a power outlet
• Important: This cable is used
(e.g. TV, computer, etc.)
with your Personal Audio Cable
or Bilateral Audio Cable
• 3m/9’10” length
Hear music and other audio from electronic gadgets with a
clearer, direct-to-sound processor connection when you use
one Nucleus 6 Sound Processor.
• Connect a batterypowered sound source with
a 2.5mm jack (e.g. some
types of mobile phones)
• Produces monophonic sound
Portable Phone
• Does not have a microphone,
but uses the phone's built-in
microphone (i.e. the piece
you talk into)
• 120cm/47” length
Cochlear™ Nucleus ® 6 System Accessories
Easily tighten the sound processor on your or your child’s ear
for added flexibility, security and peace of mind.
• Ideal for those who engage in
physical activities where the
sound processor is at risk of
falling off the ear
• Available in Small, Medium,
and Large; 4 color options
• May help those with small ears
or who need an extra level of
security or comfort than an
earhook alone can provide
Enjoy crisper hearing with fresh microphone protectors designed
to optimize your hearing performance.
• It’s important to have
microphone protectors in place
at all times
• Change both microphone
protectors once every three
months (or more frequently if
you live in a humid environment
or notice a difference in your
sound quality)
Mic Locks
Hold your sound processor more securely and comfortably on
the ear especially when using the Nucleus Aqua+.
LiteWear provides more comfort and less weight on your ear
by having the battery module worn on your body.
• Easily customized to fit any size
• A clear band that encloses
ear to provide a more secure fit,
around the base of the sound
tamper resistance, and comfort
processor, wraps around the ear,
and connects to the earhook
• Works with the Cochlear
Nucleus Aqua+
• Great for children or anyone
• Gives you the option of
interested in reducing the sound
connecting the battery module
processor weight on their ears
to a piece of clothing
Protect and style your sound processor and coil with
12-personality plus covers to make it your own.
Sound Processor
and Coil Covers
$21.00 (Standard)
$19.00 (Compact)
$14.00 (Coil)
• The sound processor and coil
covers attach in a quick snap
• Available in standard and
compact sizes, 12 fun colors
and pattern
Cochlear™ Nucleus ® 6 System Accessories
Monitor Your Hearing
Put hearing control in your own hands and adjust settings at your
fingertips with this advanced Remote Assistant.
• A great tool for parents and
caregivers who wish to monitor
their loved one’s hearing or
for those who like to have
additional control over their
sound processor
CR230 Remote
• Once wirelessly paired, you
can troubleshoot, view the
sound processor’s status, adjust
volume/sensitivity, switch
programs, and use telecoil
• Uses a built-in
rechargeable battery
Small-sized remote control helps you change volume
and control your hearing at the push of a button discreetly
and simply.
CR210 Remote
Provides the ability for you to hear whether your child’s or loved
one’s sound processor is working.
• Connect the monitor earphones • Also, use the accessory
socket built into the monitor
to the sound processor and
earphones to check if wired
place the earbuds in the care
accessories such as the Personal
giver’s ears to check that the
Audio Cable and Euro Accessory
sound processor is working
Adaptor works
• 160cm/63” length
Monitor Earphones
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• Attach it to your keychain or
even put it in your pocket
• Once wirelessly paired, you
can change volume/sensitivity,
switch programs, or use telecoil
• Offers longer battery life than
the CR230 Remote Assistant
and uses disposable batteries
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