Installation Guide

Installation Guide
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GWAVA is a complete solution package for protecting email systems from viruses, spam, and undesired
content. Though initially designed to integrate with Novell GroupWise mail systems, GWAVA has the
ability to act as an SMTP proxy to scan, filter, and monitor all mail systems. GWAVA can be installed on
either a Windows or a Linux server, and is also available in a linux-based appliance image.
GWAVA may be run as a trial for a period of 30 days before a license is required. The trial period of
GWAVA is full featured for a complete experience of what GWAVA has to offer, however, after the 30
day period, mail will no longer be scanned and GWAVA will not function until a license is purchased and
applied to the GWAVA system.
To purchase or acquire a license for the GWAVA system, contact a sales representative for your area or
obtain a license by visiting .
GWAVA support may be found at:
Telephone: +1-801-437-5678 (Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time)
EMEA TEL: +49256130249190 (Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Central European Time)
Obtaining GWAVA
GWAVA may be downloaded from
or it may be obtained by contacting your sales representative. Please see to locate a sales representative for your area.
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Minimum System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: (with appropriate Java installed)
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2.x (Linux)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.x
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.x
Windows 2003 Server
Windows 2008 Server
Microsoft Visual C++ (Required for Windows installer)
Hardware Recommendations:
Hardware recommendations are made according to approximate system load, and are dependent on OS
and configuration type. General configuration settings are assumed. All RAM recommendations are for
existing, unused ram, not total system RAM. (If connection dropping is used on an SMTP scanner, the
expected performance rises significantly.)
3,000 Messages per hour
 Modern Multi-core 2.4 GHz Processor
 1.5 GB Free RAM
 40 GB Hard Drive space
10,000 Messages per hour
 Modern Xeon / Opteron Class 3 GHz Processor
 4 GB Free RAM
 100 GB Hard Drive space
Supported GroupWise Versions (For GroupWise integration)
GroupWise 7.0 SP 3
GroupWise 8.0 SP 2
GroupWise 2012
Supported Databases
Internal Database: SQLite
External Supported Database: Postgres 9.1.3
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GWAVA provides a native RPM installer for Linux. The rpm installer wraps together all pertinent
information into a very painless installation experience.
Download the GWAVA-i586.rpm file to the desired server and run the installer either through the GUI
with ‘install software’ or with the rpm command.
rpm –ivh gwava-<version number>.rpm
The installation will set GWAVA to run automatically, use no proxy, and update virus definitions
within an hour after installation.
The GWAVA installer does not open any ports in the system firewall. To access GWAVA
Management, port 49282 must be open.
The default commands for stopping and starting GWAVA on linux are:
rcgwavaman start
rcgwavaman stop
GWAVA is installed, but must be activated.
To continue, make sure that the GWAVA service is running and then open a browser and
navigate to the setup and server activation:
Copyright © 2013 GWAVA INC.
Windows Installation
To install GWAVA on Windows, locate or download the installation file to the
desired server and execute the installer.
The installer will extract all files necessary and begin the installation wizard.
When the installer begins, click ‘Next’ to
Agree to the license terms and select ‘next’
to continue.
Copyright © 2013 GWAVA INC.
GWAVA installs to the default location
shown, if a different location is desired,
specify the new location and select ‘Next’
to continue.
If a Proxy is utilized or desired to be used
in the system, enable the proxy setting and
input the relevant information.
If your Proxy uses a username and
password, the information must be
provided for GWAVA to function correctly.
All post installation tasks options are
offered. Select the appropriate desired
tasks and click ‘Next’ to continue.
To access the GWAVA Management page,
port 49282 must be opened in the
Copyright © 2013 GWAVA INC.
Once all the necessary information has
been collected, they are displayed for
review. If the settings are correct, select
‘Install’ to continue.
The GWAVA installer will check for
Microsoft Visual C++ runtime, and if it is
missing, the GWAVA installer will initiate
the download and install for it.
After C++ is installed and the required
prerequisite software is installed, the
GWAVA installer will be resumed.
Copyright © 2013 GWAVA INC.
When the installer finishes installing
GWAVA, click ‘close’ to exit the wizard.
On Windows, by default the GWAVA server is run as a system service.
The GWAVA system is now installed, running, and is waiting for Server Activation.
Copyright © 2013 GWAVA INC.
GWAVA Server Activation
From your workstation, enter the URL http://<your_server _ip>:49282. For example:, then click ‘Go’ or press ENTER.
Choose the default, ‘this is a new GWAVA server’ and click ‘Continue’
Enter the requested information for your environment.
Remember this
password. You will
need this to login
after this step is
Copyright © 2013 GWAVA INC.
GWAVA comes with an internal database, SQLite, which is sufficient and which requires no tuning or
separate installation, and if the internal database is selected, no further database configuration is
However, for those who desire an external and more robust database engine, GWAVA also supports
Postgres db. (Postgres 9.1.3)
Installation, setup, tuning, and
maintenance of the Postgres database is
the responsibility of the administrator.
GWAVA requires the basic connection information for Postgres: IP address or DNS name and database
name. The account login name and password for Postgres must be an account with database creation
rights – or if connecting to an existing database, the username and password with full rights to that
Specify whether GWAVA will create the database automatically or whether GWAVA is to connect to an
existing database. Because GWAVA can create a database with everything required, it is recommended
to allow GWAVA to create the database.
When configuration has been completed, select ‘Continue’.
Copyright © 2013 GWAVA INC.
Confirm that the information is accurate and click ‘Install’.
After the server has been activated, the following screen should appear. You should see a login prompt
to the web interface in the future.
Now that the server is activated, we can proceed with creating the desired scanners and scanner
configuration. See the Administration guide for all configuration and scanner creation instructions.
To connect to the GWAVA Management Console in the future, open any browser that has access to
the server and type the URL http://<server_ip>:49282
Log into your GWAVA Management Console to begin
server configuration.
Copyright © 2013 GWAVA INC.
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