USA Vision Systems, Inc.
The Vision of Security
NVR System Lite
A revolutionary all-in-one IP solution
for economical digital surveillance
GeoVision is proud to introduce the newest addition to our line
of complete DVRs: the NVR System Lite. Designed to meet
the security needs of small to medium businesses, the NVR
System Lite is a light weight and ultra slim total-solutions
device that supports up to 4 channels of GeoVision H.264 IP
The NVR System Lite offers 6 USB 2.0 ports for connection
with multiple peripheral devices (i.e. USB HDD, USB DVD
player, GV-Keyboard, GV-IR Remote Control, etc) and is
equipped with Gigabit Ethernet functions to enable high-speed internet access for
seamless web browsing. It also features the VESA monitor mount for a streamlined
installation setup.
Many products found in the market claim to serve as an
NVR Standalone with IP camera support; often time,
however, these are simply NAS storage units that record
videos but require a separate PC for remote configuration
and playback. It is not a standalone NVR, but a standalone
storage unit.
A true standalone NVR should be a plug-and-play unit that
is able to record, display, and playback on the same unit
and also have the ability to control and monitor
remotely. GeoVision NVR Lite package is designed by
these principles, and it is one of the first truly standalone
NVR in the market.
9235 Research Drive · Irvine · CA 92618
Phone: 949-583-1519 · Fax: 949-583-1522 ·
USA Vision Systems, Inc.
The Vision of Security
Key Features
Compact slim size (6” x 0.8” x 7”)
Up to 4 channels
Exclusively designed for GV-IPCAM H.264 (GV-BX110 and GV-MFD110)
Supports H.264 / MJPEG / MPEG 4
Dual video streams
Embedded video analysis (Privacy Mask and Scene Change Detection)
16 languages supported
All-in-one solution (Live View, Playback, Recording, Backup and CMS)
Smart phone access supported
Standing Mount and VESA Mount options
Pre-installation recovery from the hidden partition
Low power consumption (~ 25W at full capacity)
Support GeoVision Central Monitoring Solution including Vital Sign Monitoring, Center
V2 and Control Center.
Live video streaming can be received from the NVR System Lite
by using a PDA, Smartphone or 3G-enabled mobile phones.
Video streaming, I/O device control, remote playback, etc. are
also supported.
The NVR System Lite supports up to 4 channels and is
exclusively designed for GeoVision H.264 IP camera models,
which can be automatically connected to the system once the
NVR System Lite is turned on and connected to the same
network as the cameras. Codec and resolution is customizable
for live view and recording.
Dual Video Streaming technology is used to save bandwidth and
ensure the highest quality of recorded videos.
9235 Research Drive · Irvine · CA 92618
Phone: 949-583-1519 · Fax: 949-583-1522 ·
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