Tucor PD-100 Pump Decoder

PD-100 – Pump Decoder
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The Tucor PD-100 Pump Decoder
microprocessor that provides features for
provides an interface between a Tucor
controlling and testing. The address can
controller and an external motor starter
be selected in the field and contains an
circuit. It receives control power and signals
OFF and TEST position. The PD-100
via the two-wire path and provides a
mounts in a standard octal-style socket for
Normally Open / Normally Closed contact for
ease of installation and testing.
start control. The pump decoder contains a
Mounts in standard 11-pin octal-style socket
(included) for ease of installation. Socket
keyed for DIN rail mounting.
Supports six independent, field selectable
addresses: 284, 286, 287, 292, 293, 295.
Contains integral OFF and TEST positions
for isolating and testing local starter circuit.
Easily viewable, top-mounted LED that turns
on when active.
Socket supports up to 12 AWG two-wire path
and control circuit wiring.
Contains a Normally Open and Normally
Closed contact rated at 24VAC @ 8A.
Pump Decoder
in octal socket
The PD-100’s contains a single dry contact
closure. It serves to energize the actual pump
start relay, whose contacts are electrically rated
large enough to start the pump itself. Closing
these contacts typically requires a fairly large
relay, the “pump starter holding coil”, shown
below. This large holding coil requires a great
deal of electrical current. The 2-wire path is not
designed to supply enough current to energize a
pump start relay. The customer must supply an
additional transformer that is sized (voltage and
current) to match the holding coil. See the
diagram below.
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