SMA America Unveils New Sunny Beam PV System Monitor

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SMA America Unveils New Sunny Beam PV System Monitor
Sleek Desktop Monitor Now Communicates via Bluetooth® Technology
ROCKLIN, Calif., Oct. 20, 2009—Solar power system owners looking for a compact,
simple-to-use and attractive way to monitor and display their system’s performance
can now do so utilizing the SMA Sunny Beam. SMA America, LLC has announced
the immediate availability of the new desktop solar power system monitor, which also
now features Bluetooth® wireless technology.
The Sunny Beam is compact and
lightweight, making it small enough to
easily move from room to room. The unit
features a modern design and can be wall
mounted or placed on a table top. The
screen features a large liquid crystal
display that shows current, daily, annual
and total energy production. It also
reports carbon dioxide (CO2) savings.
overlooked, but absolutely critical, part of
any solar power system,” said Dave
director of sales for SMA
SMA Sunny Beam with Bluetooth®
performance data,
Photo courtesy of SMA America
owners can ensure their systems are
working at optimum levels, which shortens payback and results in a more satisfied
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SMA America Unveils New Sunny Beam PV System Monitor
Sleek Desktop Monitor Now Communicates via Bluetooth® Technology
Setup is simple. Upon activation, the Sunny Beam wirelessly connects with up to 12
Sunny Boy inverters, creating a fast, stable, cable-free monitoring solution. Operators
access their system information through an intuitive, single-button rotary control. An
audio alarm can be set to notify the user of key changes, such as energy output,
allowing them to take corrective action quickly, thereby maximizing their system’s
performance and investment.
The unit receives data transmitted from a Sunny Boy inverter via a Bluetooth
connection and automatically stores it for later retrieval. Users wishing to record longterm system performance information can upload data to a personal computer
through a USB port and included USB cable.
The Sunny Beam has a standard range of up to 150 feet but that can be extended or
strengthened, in case of obstruction, through the use of the optional SMA Bluetooth
repeater. A Bluetooth piggy-back card is required for each Sunny Boy inverter and
can be easily installed by a qualified solar professional.
The system monitor is powered via an integrated solar module and rechargeable
battery, and includes a standard five-year warranty.
About SMA America, LLC
SMA America, LLC is the U.S. subsidiary of SMA Solar Technology AG, based in
Germany. SMA is the world leader in solar inverter technology and manufacturing
with divisions in 13 countries on four continents. SMA is committed to its leadership
role, offering exceptional value with the most efficient and reliable solar inverters in
the industry. SMA takes special pride in promoting renewable energy solutions at all
levels through education, information and support for the general public and solar
installers, as well as for small and large businesses worldwide. For more information,
call 916 625 0870 or visit
Photo Caption: SMA Sunny Beam with Bluetooth®
Photo Credit: SMA America
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