Silver Cross Halo Pram

Your Halo Pushchair is a high quality Silver
Cross product. It complies with BS 7409:1996
and with correct use and maintenance should
give good service. If, however, you should have
any problems with your pushchair, please
contact your Silver Cross retailer who will take
appropriate action.
• Do not leave your child unattended in
this pushchair
• Do not carry more than one child in
this pushchair
• Do not stand a second child on rear lock or
a buggy board
• Do not allow your child to climb in or out
of the pushchair of their own accord, as
this could result in injury to your child or
damage to your pushchair
• This pushchair is a travel system and is
only compatible with the Silver Cross
Ventura Car Seat (SX405) which is
sold separately
The child should always wear a safety harness
complying with BS6684. “D” rings are provided
for the attachment of an additional harness.
These are located on the existing harness
close to where it is attached to the seat frame.
Do not hang shopping bags or other objects
from the handles. This may cause the
pushchair to tip up. Extra shopping or luggage
should only be carried in the basket and should
not exceed 5kg in weight, evenly distributed.
Always hold the seat when making
adjustments. Be sure that the parking device
is on. Never try to fold the pushchair when
the child is seated as this may trap the child.
Always use the brake pedal to apply the brake.
If you have any difficulty in folding or unfolding
the pushchair do not force it, this will cause
damage. Read the “ To fold or unfold”
instructions carefully. It may be unsafe to fit
accessories or spare parts other than those
supplied or recommended by Silver Cross. If
anyone other than the owner is going to use
the pushchair (e.g. grandparent, child minder),
please show them how to use it correctly.
Caution:The child should be clear of
moving parts while making adjustments.
Never leave your child in the pushchair with
the raincover fully fitted other than in normal
outside use.
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Halo Pushchair Instructions—Words
WARNING: Any load attached to the
handle affects the stability of the
• Ensure all locking devices are engaged
before use
• This product is not suitable for running
or skating
• Accessories that are not approved by
Silver Cross should not be used
• A child’s safety is your responsibility
Care and Maintenance
Always check your pushchair for signs of wear.
Lubricate moving parts regularly, especially the
wheels, axles, suspension springs and lower
parts of the chassis that tend to collect dirt.
Check for freedom of movement of all
locking devices. Polish metalwork with a
clean, dry cloth. Fabric items and seat unit;
to clean, sponge area with warm, soapy water.
Rinse well with clean water to avoid
staining. Allow to dry naturally, away from
direct heat and strong sunlight. A certain
degree of fading may occur over time through
everyday use. Never machine wash, tumble
dry, iron or bleach.
All Silver Cross products are guaranteed
for a period of 12 months against faulty
workmanship, when the product is used
correctly according to the instruction manual.
Please read these instructions carefully
before using your new Halo Pushchair and
keep for future reference.
Safety Notes
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These instructions are important.
Read these instructions carefully before use
and keep them for future reference. Your child’s
safety may be affected if you do not follow
these instructions. Your Halo Pushchair is a
high quality Silver Cross product. It meets
current safety standards and care and regular
light maintenance will ensure long service.
This vehicle is intended for children from birth
to 15kg. If somebody unfamiliar is using your
Halo Pushchair always ensure that they read
these instructions carefully so that they
understand how the product works best.
Always read all the instructions provided
carefully and remember, the safety of your
child is your responsibility.
WARNING: It may be dangerous to leave your
child unattended.
Your Halo Pushchair includes the following
components, please check that you have all
the items before proceeding:
1.1 Halo Pushchair chassis, seat fabrics
and cargo net
1.2 Halo Pushchair hood
1.3 Halo Pushchair raincover
1.4 Halo Pushchair front wheel assembly x2
1.5 Halo Pushchair seat liner
1.6 Halo Pushchair apron
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Assembling the Halo Pushchair
2.1 Attach the swivel wheels by locating the
wheel under the steel attachment pin.
Slide the wheel upwards and press until
the wheel clicks into position.
WARNING: Check the wheel is secure by
pulling gently downwards.
Repeat on both sides. Your Halo Pushchair
is now ready to be unfolded.
2.2Locate the fold lock on the right hand side
of the pushchair and pull the lock forwards
and upwards to release from the
connection molding.
2.3The pushchair can now be opened by lifting
the handle upwards and unflolding the
pushchair fully until the central hinge
engages and clicks into place.
WARNING: Failure to do this will cause
damage to your pushchair.
Place the pushchair on a flat surface and
ensure that the pushchair moves freely.
2.4To fit your Halo Pushchair hood locate the
locking catches on the hood frame. Now,
locate the button holes in the fabric which
are in line with the hood attachment
points. Simply feed the locking catches
through the buttonholes and ensure firm
location and attachment. Repeat on
opposite side of the hood frame.
2.5Fold the Velcro flaps down on the back of
the hood, connect the magnets on the side
of the hood to those on the main fabrics to
fully secure the hood into position.
2.6Your Halo Pushchair hood can be opened
and folded away by lowering or raising the
hood tensioner indicated in illustration.
NOTE: Please note when folding your Halo
Pushchair you should always ensure the
hood is folded away. Failure to do this
could result in damage to your Halo
2.7 Your Halo Pushchair is now ready for use.
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Reclining the Halo Pushchair
3.1 Your Halo Pushchair has a multi
position recline.
3.2First, locate the backrest adjustment
mechanism at the rear of the seat. Pull the
recline paddle and gently lower to the
desired angle.
3.3To raise the backrest locate the recline
strap and pull gently. The backrest will rise
to the desired height.
NOTE: It is recommended that the
backrest is in the upright position before
folding the pushchair.
Using the leg support
4.1 Your Halo Pushchair has an extendable leg
support to extend the length of the seat.
This can be operated by pulling out the bar
until it clicks into place, to store push
gently on the leg support until it clicks
into place.
Using the harness
5.1 WARNING: Always use the crotch strap in
combination with the waist belt and
shoulder straps.
To fasten the harness insert both buckle clips into each side of the buckle. Listen
for the ‘click’.
5.2WARNING: Always use the harness
To release the harness press the centre
and pull apart. The shoulder straps can
be unhooked from the buckle if required.
5.3Your harness is fully adjustable by moving the slides (A), to make fitting easy. ‘D’ rings are provided for fitting a separate harness if required (B), complying with BS 6684. Your child should always be harnessed in and should never be left unattended, even for short periods of time.
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Using the brakes
6.1 Your Halo Pushchair has a parking
device / brake. To apply the brake simply
press downwards on the right brake
peddle located on the rear right wheel.
The brake will automatically lock on both
wheels simultaneously.
6.2To release the parking device / brake
simply push downwards at the top of
the brake peddle, both brakes will
release simultaneously.
6.3Your Halo Pushchair has front swivel
wheels. To Lock your swivel wheels locate
the catch between the front wheels.
Pull upwards in any position. The wheels
will automatically lock when the wheels
are rotated. Repeat on both front wheels.
To use the wheels in swivel mode push
down on the locking catch and the wheels
will swivel freely. Repeat on both wheels.
Folding the Halo Pushchair
NOTE: The backrest should always be in
the upright position and the hood folded
away prior to folding.
7.1 To commence folding, locate the primary
and secondary release triggers on both
sides of the Halo Pushchair.
Push the primary button inwards while
simultaneously pulling both secondary
triggers upwards.
7.2 Gently lift and push the handles over and
the pushchair will naturally close in three
dimensions to a compact size.
7.3 Engage the fold lock located on the right of
the pushchair.
7.4 Your Halo Pushchair comes with a carry
handle, locate this under the seat.
WARNING: This handle is the only position
from which you should lift your pushchair
to avoid possible damage
Attaching the seatliner
and apron
8.1Your Halo Pushchair comes with a
reversible seatliner. To attach the liner
place on the main seat and pass the
harness through the button holes on
the seat liner.
8.2Your Halo Pushchair comes with an apron
to keep warm. To attach the apron locate
the clips on the side of the apron, unzip
the apron and slide under the seat pad,
attach both clips over the pin located on
the inside of the pushchair fabric. Place
your child in the stroller, fasten the
harness and zip up the apron.
Attaching the raincover
The raincover simply drapes over your
pushchair with the hood extended.
Fasten the velcro straps around the front.
Using the Halo Pushchair as a
travel system
Your Halo Pushchair is also a travel
system, It is compatible with the Silver
Cross Ventura Car seat (sold separately).
9.1 Fully Engage the brakes on your
Halo Pushchair.
9.2Recline your Halo Pushchair Seat Back
into full Recline, so it is in a lie flat position.
9.3Unbuckle the harness on your Halo
Pushchair, releasing the central buckle.
Lift the main seat pad up and feed the
buckle through the buttonhole.
9.4Push the seat pad back towards the
handles of your Halo Pushchair so it lies
flat on the seat back.
9.5Feed the buckle into the pocket located
behind the foot rest.
9.6Locate the car seat attachment bars on
the seat base of your Halo Pushchair and
lift upwards until they click into place.
Ensure both front and back attachment
bars are securely locked in place.
9.7On your Ventura car seat, locate the four
car seat attachment points.
9.8With the handle of your Ventura car seat
in the upright position and the Ventura
facing the handle of your Halo Pushchair,
align the Ventura attachment points with
the attachment bars on your Halo
Pushchair. Gently lower the Ventura car
seat until all four attachment points
engage. Gently push down on the
Ventura car seat to ensure all four
points are fully engaged.
NOTE: Check your Ventura car seat
is securely attached to your Halo
Pushchair, before releasing the
Halo Pushchair brake.
Your Ventura is now ready for use on
your Halo Pushchair.
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Removing the Ventura car seat
NOTE: Fully engage the brakes on your
Halo Pushchair
10.1To release the Ventura car seat from your
Halo Pushchair, ensure the handle of your
Ventura car seat is in the upright position.
Whilst holding the handle of your Ventura
Car seat lift upwards on the release lock
at the back of the Ventura Car seat.
This will release the attachment points
from the Halo Pushchair.
You can now lift the Ventura Car seat
completely off your Halo Pushchair.
SX HALO STROLLER Words layout.indd 7-8
Converting the Halo Pushchair
back to pushchair mode
NOTE: do not force down the Car seat
attachment bars, you must use the
release locks to disengage the bar
11.1To release the front car seat
attachment bar, Slide the left red release
lock (A) back towards the back rest of
your Halo Pushchair. This will release the
front car seat attachment bar, press
lightly on the attachment bar to fold
down into the seat base. To release the
back carseat attachment bar, Slide the
right red release lock (B) forwards
towards the front of your Halo Pushchair.
This will release the back car seat
attachment bar, pull lightly on the
attachment bar to fold down into the
seat base.
11.2Remove the harness buckle from the
pocket behind the pvc footrest.
11.3Feed the buckle through the button hole
on the seat pad.
11.4Return the seat pad to
the seated position on the seat base,
press down firmly to secure the
Velcro strip.
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Halo Pushchair Instructions—Pictures
Assembling the Halo (cont.)
Assembling the Halo
Using the harness
Reclining the Halo
Using the leg support
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