Submit a Food Order (To Your Broadline Food Vendor)

Submitting food orders on DSSI is easy. Here are a few useful tips to ensure your orders are placed on time, and what
you can expect after you’ve placed an order.
Shopping Cart:
Review the products in your
Cart for accuracy:
Update Quantities
• Update Quantities
• Edit GL Assignments
Fresh Foods
(If applicable and available.)
• Save Order to a List
• Review Cutoff Time &
Delivery Date
Edit GL Assignments
Save Order to List
Review Cutoff Time & Delivery
Begin Checkout:
• Click Begin Checkout
to begin checking out.
• Choose Place Order at
the end to submit your
order and receive a
confirmation message.
• Within 15 minutes, expect to receive a Food Order Acknowledgement Email with the details of your order.
• Select Order History from the blue menu bar to lookup your order and view the line-level status of items.
Once an order is placed on DSSI, you cannot edit it on DSSI. To make a change, contact the vendor directly.
Follow the same process to order more items, replacement items, or forgotten items. This would generate a new PO
number, but will come on the same delivery truck as long as your order is in before the Cutoff Time.
Any items requiring Approval (such as Off Order Guide items) will be split off from your order and route through the
appropriate Approval Process. The rest of your order will go straight to your broadline food vendor. Both orders will
receive their own PO numbers. You can review the status of your pending orders by clicking Order History from the
menu bar and then selecting Purchase Orders or Unapproved Orders.
Contact your Corporate Help Desk with any questions. (Information can be found on the Contact Us link.)
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