Unlimited Single User Wi-Max USB Modem

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Unlimited Single User Wi-Max USB Modem
User Guide
User Guide
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Please follow the given instruction to successfully install WiMax USB Modem to your computer.
1. Connect WiMax USB Modem to your Computer( running on XP,Vista,Win7 and Win8 )
using the given USB cable and wait until the pop-up dialog box appears.
2. As shown in figure, select “Run sqn4g_setup.exe” to initiate the installation.
3. Select Next.
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4. Please select the path where you want to install the setup.( default option can be selected)
5. Please select next to continue.
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6. Select install to begin the installation. Process will take few minutes and depend on the
performance of you computer.
7. Please select finish to complete the installation.
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Following diagram explains the indications on the front panel of USB the modem.
A - Power Indicator.
Once the physical connection established between the computer and the USB modem,
this indicator starts lighting.
B - Signal Level Indicator
This shows the available signal level of the location. Signal level indicates with three
different colours.
Blue - Excellent
Green - Low
- No Signal
C - Ethernet Indicator
This shows the Ethernet connectivity. Upon successful connection, green colour light
will be blinking.
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