Basic Manual

Basic Manual
About Operating Instructions
Thank you for buying the "TORQUE G02" (simply called the "product" or "main
unit" from here on).
Before use, please read the "Setting Guide", "Notes on Usage", or "Basic
Manual" (This Manual) for proper usage.
■ "Basic Manual" (This manual)/"Setting Guide"
Battery pack
List of Packaged Items
Battery cover
Before your start using the product, make sure that you have all the following
packaged with the product.
* Installed on back of main unit
Kyocera TV antenna cable 03
* Kyocera TV antenna cable 03
(03KYHSA) is not waterproof/dustproof.
Back cover
Main unit
* Installed on back of main unit
Cell Phone Etiquette
• Do not listen to music or watch videos or TV while driving a car or motorbike,
or riding a bicycle. Use of cell phones while driving a car or motorbike is
prohibited by law. (Use of cell phones while riding a bicycle may also be
punishable by law.) In addition, stay alert to the traffic around you even when
walking. Surrounding sounds may not be heard clearly, and gazing at the
screen might distract your attention causing a traffic accident. Be especially
careful at railroad crossings, on a platform, and at pedestrian crossings.
• Use of cell phones on board is restricted. Follow the instructions of each
microSD memory card
Wireless charging pad
AC adapter
microUSB cable
■ Note on Button Illustrations
In this manual, buttons are represented by simplified illustrations as shown
This manual gives screens and operations for the product with an au Nano IC
Card 04 installed.
Screen illustrations shown in this manual may look different from the actual
In some cases, minor details or a part of a screen may be omitted.
Actual screen
r (Volume UP button)
l (Volume DOWN button)
The notations used for operation procedures in this manual are as follows.
Tapping is to select a key or icon displayed on the screen by lightly tapping it
with your finger.
On the Home screen
→ [Phone] →
[1][4][1] → [CALL]
Tap "
(Phone)" at the bottom of the Home
", "
", "
", then
screen. And tap "
tap "
" (Outgoing call) at the end.
In sleep mode, F
In sleep mode, press F.
⑮ External connection terminal cover
The opening in the cover is a necessary part of its waterproof construction.
Do not poke with a pointed object or block it.
Battery pack
Remove the battery cover and then the battery pack to access the au Nano
IC Card 04 slot and microSD memory card slot.
⑯ External connection terminal
Used for connecting Common AC Adapter 05 (sold separately), microUSB
Cable 01 (sold separately), etc.
knob lock
Built-in Bluetooth®/Wi-Fi® antenna*
Photo light/Simple light
Out camera (lens)
f mark
Hold the f mark over the reader/writer when using Osaifu-Keitai®.
Send or receive data via IC transmission.
Back cover
Wireless charging area
For wireless charging, place the center of this portion on the q mark on a
separately-sold wireless charging pad.
Ringtone or alarm sound can be heard from here.
③ Strap eyelet
④ Earphone microphone terminal
Use for connecting an earphone (commercially available), Kyocera TV
antenna cable 03 (03KYHSA), etc.
⑧ ⑨
⑤ Earphone microphone terminal cover
The opening in the cover is a necessary part of its waterproof construction.
Do not poke with a pointed object or block it.
⑥ In camera (lens)
Wireless charging antenna connection
⑦ Receiver
Hear the other party's voice on call, play sound of answer memo, etc. with
the Smart Sonic Receiver.
⑧ Proximity sensor/Light sensor
Proximity sensor prevents from erroneous operation of touch panel during a
Light sensor detects the ambient light level to adjust the display brightness.
◎ Operations from the vertical display are mainly described. Menu items/
icons/buttons on a screen may be different from the ones in the horizontal
◎ Menu items/layers/icons may be different depending on functions,
conditions, etc.
◎ In this manual, screenshots for body color "Green" are provided as
◎ In this manual, "microSD™ memory card", "microSDHC™ memory card"
and "microSDXC™ memory card" are abbreviated as "microSD memory
card" or "microSD".
◎ All of the indicated amounts exclude tax unless otherwise specified.
⑨ Incoming (charging) light
Lights in red while charging.
Blinks in green for an arriving call or new mail.
⑩ Display (touch panel)
⑪ C Back button
Return to the previous screen.
⑫ H Home button
Display the Home screen or use for canceling sleep mode. Long-touch to
activate "Google".
⑬ N Recents button
Show recently-used applications.
⑭ Microphone
Transmits your voice to the other party during a call. Or used for recording
the voice sound. Take care not to cover the microphone with your fingers
during a call or recording a video.
Open battery cover
Attaching a Battery Pack
■ Note
• Reproduction of the content of this manual in part or in whole is
• The content of this manual is subject to change without notice.
• Every effort has been made in the preparation of this manual. Should
you notice any unclear points, omissions, etc., feel free to contact us.
② z Direct button
The function assigned to the direct button is activated.
* "The Company" as appears in this manual refers to the following companies:
Manufactured by: KYOCERA Corporation
① d Volume UP/DOWN button
Adjusts sound volume. Press and hold l (Volume DOWN button) on left
side to set "Silent mode".
Names and Functions of Parts
Lift the battery cover at the ▼ mark at its bottom right (use fingernail, etc.)
Remove the back cover of the back side of the product
- 10 -
- 11 -
Insert tabs on battery cover in slots on product and close
battery cover
Lift the back cover by the notch at its bottom (use fingernail, etc.) in the
direction shown to remove.
Fit back cover to product, then press firmly where shown
from ① to ⑤ making sure there are no gaps all around
back cover
microSD memory card slot
au Nano IC Card 04 slot
* Do not cover antennas with your hand or put stickers etc. It might affect
communication quality.
◎ Do not place stickers, etc. over proximity sensor/light sensor.
◎ Product is equipped with an atmospheric pressure sensor. You can
display barometric pressure and elevation when using a barometric
display app, however, values are not absolute due to a number of
variables, and are approximate only.
◎ Do not remove film sheet from atmospheric pressure sensor inlet/
adjustment area or microphone opening.
Wireless charging antenna*/charging connection area
Microphone opening
Press along cover where shown from ① to ②, making sure
there are no gaps all around battery cover
⑳ Built-in GPS antenna*
Built-in sub antenna*
When Using the Product
Before using the product, be sure to read the "Notes on Usage" for proper
Before you assume that the product is malfunctioning, check for possible
remedies in the following au Customer Support site of au homepage:
* Unless specified otherwise, steps describe operations using onscreen keys.
⑲ Options port
You can download the English version of the Basic Manual from the au
Download URL:
Notations used in this manual
■ Description of Operations for Selecting Item/Icon/
Button etc.
⑱ k Camera button
Press and hold to activate camera. Also use as shutter for still photos and
underwater camera screen.
■ Downloading Manuals
z (Direct button)
■ Consider people around you!
⑰ F Power button
Power ON/OFF, activate/deactivate Sleep mode, etc.
You can use the "Instruction Manual application" (Japanese) on the product to
confirm detailed operational procedures. Certain functions can be directly
activated from the application screens on which their operations are
Home screen → [Apps] → [取扱説明書 (Instruction Manual)]
Also, you can use the "Instruction Manual application" (English version) on the
product to check operational procedures.
Home screen → [Apps] → [Basic Manual]
• To use the applications for the first time, you need to download and install
them by following on-screen instructions.
In this manual, some
icons on a screen
are omitted.
• To prevent ringtone from bothering other people, not only refrain from making
a call but also power off or use Silent mode at a movie theater, theater,
museum, library, etc.
• In a city area, use in a place where you do not bother people walking.
• It is extremely dangerous to walk while looking at the screen of the cell
phone. Do not make calls or operate a cell phone while walking or by
stopping suddenly.
• Move to a place where you do not disturb others while you are in shinkansen,
a hotel lobby, etc.
• Be careful not to be loud while talking.
• Be careful of sound leakage from earphones in trains or other places with
many people around you.
• Ask permission if you take photos with your cell phone camera.
• There may be a person with a cardiac pacemaker nearby at a place filled
with people such as in a crowded train. Set "Airplane mode" or turn off
• When a medical institution has laid down designated areas where use of the
product is prohibited or is not allowed to be brought in, abide by the
instructions of that medical institution.
■ "Instruction Manual Application" (Japanese/English)
• It is recommended you keep a copy of important data in your PC's hard disk,
etc. Whatever the cause of fault or malfunction may be, the Company
assumes no responsibility for alteration or loss of saved information.
• Contents saved in the product, such as contacts, mails and favorites, might
be altered or lost in an accident, fault, repair or mishandling. Be sure to keep
a copy of important contents. Note that Company assumes no responsibility
for any damages or lost profits resulting from altered or lost contents.
• Note that content data (both charged or free content) saved with the product
cannot be returned to the customer when the product is replaced for repair
of a fault, for example.
• The product uses liquid crystal for its display. The display response speed
may become slow when the ambient temperature is low, which is due to the
property of liquid crystal and not a malfunction. Display response speed will
return to normal at room temperature.
• Although the display used on the product is made using high-precision
technology, some pixels (dots) might be lit or out at all times. This is not a
• You are recommended to store copies of individual data such as photos you
took, videos and music on your PC by sending each file as mail attachment,
etc. Note, however, that you may not be able to make copies of any
copyrighted data even by the above-mentioned means.
• Do not discard the product together with regular trash. Please cooperate in
the collection of the product when it is no longer needed to protect the
environment and effectively use resources. Old product is collected at au
shops and other places.
■ Notes on Illustrations/Screenshots
Notations Used in This Document
■ Use of the product is not allowed in the following
◎ Purchase a specified charger (sold separately).
◎ The illustrations of cell phone in the manual are used only for explaining.
They may differ from the actual product.
May 2015, 1st Edition
• 取扱説明書 (Basic Manual)
• ご利用にあたっての注意事項
(Notes on Usage) (Includes
warranty) (Japanese)
• 設定ガイド (Setting Guide)
The following items are not included
in the package.
Handles only basic operations for main features.
For detailed descriptions on various functions, refer to the "Instruction Manual
application" (Japanese) installed on the product or "取扱説明書 詳細版 (Full
Instruction Manual)" (Japanese) available on the au homepage.
• Company names and product names referred to in this manual are
trademarks or registered trademarks of respective companies.
• Communication is not possible even inside the service area in places where
the signal does not reach (e.g. tunnels and basements). Also,
communication is sometimes not possible in poor reception areas.
Communication is sometimes interrupted if you move into a poor reception
areas during communications.
• Since this product uses radio waves, the possibility of communication
intercepts by third parties cannot be eliminated. (Though LTE/WiMAX 2+/
GSM/UMTS system has highly secure confidential communication features.)
• When connecting to emergency services in Japan, use au VoLTE (LTE
network). You cannot connect through 3G (circuit switching network).
• This product is compatible with the international roaming service. Each
network service described in this manual varies depending on the area and
service content.
• Since this product is a radio station under the Radio Law, you may be asked
to temporarily submit the product for inspection in accordance with the
Radio Law.
• IMEI information of your cell phone is automatically sent to KDDI
CORPORATION for maintenance and monitoring operational status of your
cell phone.
• Before you start using the product overseas, check the relevant laws and
regulations of the country/region you visit.
• The Company is not liable for any damages arising from earthquakes,
lightning, storms, floods or other natural disasters, as well as fires, actions
by third parties, other accidents, intentional or mistaken misoperation by the
customer, or use under other unusual conditions outside the responsibility of
the Company.
• The Company is not liable for any incidental damages (change/
disappearance of described content, loss of business income, disruption of
business, etc.) arising from use or inability to use the product.
• The Company is not liable for any damages arising from failure to observe
the described content of this manual.
• The Company is not liable for any damages arising, for example, from
malfunction caused by combination with connected devices or software not
related to the Company.
• Captured image data or downloaded data may sometimes be altered or lost
due to faults, repair or other handling of the product. The Company is not
liable for any damage or lost income resulting from recovery of these data.
Confirm location of connection, and then slide battery
pack in and press firmly into place
Battery cover
Make sure tab is visible on top.
Battery pack
Slide knob lock in direction of "UNLOCK"
Slide knob lock in direction of "Lock" to lock firmly
If knob lock is not locked, the back cover cannot be closed.
Attaching/Removing a Battery Pack
◎ Be sure to check the au Nano IC Card 04 is certainly attached and then
attach the battery pack.
◎ Improperly attaching parts may damage the battery pack or attaching
the battery cover.
◎ When attaching the battery cover, be careful that the battery pack tab is
not sticking out. May allow water seepage.
◎ To ensure back cover will close, always slide the knob lock to "LOCK" to
firmly lock after closing the battery cover.
Use the battery pack for this product and attach it properly.
Built-in WiMAX 2+ antenna*
Built-in main antenna*
Atmospheric pressure sensor inlet/adjustment area
NFC (FeliCa compatible) antenna*
◎ Before attaching/removing the battery pack and battery cover, turn the
power off.
Battery cover
- 12 -
- 13 -
Removing a Battery Pack
Removing the au Nano IC Card 04
Remove back cover, battery cover (▶P.14)
Pull battery pack up by tab and remove
Battery pack
- 14 -
◎ Before attaching/removing au Nano IC Card 04, be sure to remove a
power plug of specified AC adapter etc. from the product.
Turn the power off and remove the battery pack
(▶P.18 "Removing a Battery Pack")
Pull tray straight out by groove
Attaching the au Nano IC Card 04
(▶P.18 "Removing a Battery Pack")
◎ When removing the battery pack, be sure to pull up by the tab. Trying to
pull up from any direction other than at the tab may damage the product
or the battery connection.
Remove au Nano IC Card 04, and reinsert tray straight in
Attach back cover, battery cover (▶P.14)
Attaching a microSD Memory Card
Confirm the direction of the microSD memory card and
slowly insert it into the slot until it clicks
- 16 -
Removing a microSD Memory Card
Turn the power off and remove the back cover and battery
Slowly push the microSD memory card toward the slot
until it clicks
When a click sound is heard, pull your finger with the microSD memory
card touched. Keep putting your finger on the microSD memory card until
it comes out a little. Releasing the microSD memory card when pushed
hard may cause it to pop out.
Insert a microSD memory card until you hear a click and confirm it is
locked. Releasing the microSD memory card before it is locked may
cause it to pop out.
logo facing
Slowly remove the microSD memory card
Place au Nano IC Card 04 on tray (IC (metal) part up) and
push tray with au Nano IC Card 04 all the way in
Attach battery pack, battery cover, and back cover (▶P.14)
Note direction of notch.
au Nano IC Card 04
Attaching/Removing a microSD Memory
Turn the power off and remove the back cover and battery
pack (▶P.14)
Turn the power off and remove the battery pack
Pull tray straight out by groove
- 15 -
Attach battery pack, battery cover, and back cover (▶P.14)
Attach battery pack, battery cover, and back cover (▶P.14)
The au Nano IC Card 04 contains customer phone number and other
The product is compatible with au Nano IC Card 04 only. You cannot use the
product with an IC card other than au Nano IC Card 04.
◎ Insert a microSD memory card with the right side up in the appropriate
direction. Inserting a microSD memory card forcefully into the slot could
result in failure to remove the microSD memory card or damage to the
microSD memory card.
au Nano IC Card 04
Slowly pull the microSD memory card straight out.
Some microSD memory cards cannot be unlocked and do not come out
smoothly. In such case, pull it out with your finger.
Attach battery pack, battery cover, and back cover (▶P.14)
◎ Do not touch the terminal part of microSD memory card.
◎ Do not remove the microSD memory card forcefully. It may result in
damage to the microSD memory card or the data loss.
◎ The microSD memory card may be warm after a long time use. It is
- 17 -
When you purchase your product, the battery pack is not fully charged. Make
sure to charge the battery pack before use. When the charging light in red
turns off, charging is complete.
◎ The product may become warm while charging, depending on the
situation, but this is not abnormal.
◎ A few seconds after charging starts, the time remaining until fully
charged is displayed in the Start screen. This time is intended as a
guide, and should not be taken as an accurate indication.
◎ Charging while using camera etc. may take longer.
◎ When you operate the product with the specified charger (sold
separately) connected, the product may repeat short-time charging/
discharging resulting in short battery life.
◎ When temperature of environment or the product becomes extremely
high or low, charging may be stopped. Try to charge the battery as far as
possible at room temperature.
◎ If the charging light blinks in red, check if the battery pack is correctly
attached or connected. Even if the light keeps blinking, stop charging
and then contact an au shop or Keitai Guarantee Service Center.
◎ Firmly close the external connection terminal cover after charging to
prevent water or dust from getting in. And do not pull strongly or twist the
◎ If charging is stopped while the charging light is still turned on, the
battery may not be fully charged even with " " (Full) displayed. In that
case, available time will be short.
◎ Do not wirelessly charge when a specified AC adapter (sold separately)
or microUSB Cable 01 (sold separately) are connected. In addition to not
charging properly, malfunction may also result.
◎ Do not allow conductive foreign objects (metal fragments, pencil leads,
etc.) to come into contact with or get inside the connection terminals.
IC (metal) part
- 18 -
- 19 -
- 20 -
- 21 -
- 22 -
- 23 -
◎ The magnetic field produced during charging may prevent the magnetic
sensor from working properly.
Charging with a Wireless Charging Pad (Sold
Connect the DC connector of the special AC adapter into
the DC jack on the Wireless Charging Pad 01 (sold
separately) and plug the special AC adapter into an outlet
(AC 100 V - 240 V)
* With this product, the charging indicator on the Wireless Charging Pad 01 (sold
separately) continues to be blue even after charging completes. For further
details on charging indicator display patterns or charging conditions, see the
instructions included with the Wireless Charging Pad 01 (sold separately).
DC connector
Check the orientation of the microUSB plug of Common
AC Adapter 05 (sold separately) and insert it straight into
the external connection terminal
◎ If you move the product from where the charging indicator first lights
blue, it may not charge or charging may take a long time. Remove the
product and place it again after about 15 seconds where the charging
indicator is blue.
◎ If charging does not start, check that the battery cover is properly
attached. Also check that the charging connection under the battery
cover is not soiled.
Charging with a Specified AC Adapter (Sold
Charging light
Simply placing the product on top of an au-specified wireless
charger product (sold separately) displaying the mark on the
left allows charging without the need to connect a cable. Be
sure to also read the instructions for any supported product.
Products with the mark are compliant with the wireless charging
specifications of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC).
This product supports "おくだけ充電 ® (okudake juden)"
place-and-charge functionality.
"おくだけ充電" and the "おくだけ充電" logo are registered
trademarks of NTT DOCOMO, INC.
Check that the charging indicator is blue, and that the product's charging
light is red. If the charging indicator is red, the product is not placed
where it can charge; adjust the product's position.
Once charging completes, the charging light goes out.
Wireless Charging Pad 01
(sold separately)
How to use the Wireless Charging Pad 01 (sold separately) for charging is
explained here.
For usage precautions and details, also see the instructions included with the
Wireless Charging Pad 01 (sold separately).
Place the product, with its wireless charging area
downward and centered on the q mark on the Wireless
Charging Pad 01 (sold separately)
Close the external connection terminal cover
Pull out the power plug of Common AC Adapter 05 (sold
separately) from the outlet
◎ Note that applying unnecessary force with the external connection
terminal connected to the external device might cause damage.
◎ When charging starts with the battery empty, the charging light may not
light immediately. But charging has started.
With the projection
facing down
Charging with Common AC Adapter 05 (sold separately) is explained. For
information on specified AC adapters (sold separately), see "Related
Accessories" (▶P.42).
Special AC adapter included with
Wireless Charging Pad 01
When charging ends, pull out the microUSB plug of
Common AC Adapter 05 (sold separately) straight from the
external connection terminal
Open the external connection terminal cover of the product
Common AC Adapter 05 (sold separately)
DC jack
Insert the power plug of Common AC Adapter 05 (sold
separately) into an outlet (100 VAC to 240 VAC)
Check that the charging light on the product lights in red. When the
battery power turns on, " " appears on the status bar.
When charging ends, the charging light turns off.
Wireless charging area
Charging indicator
Once charging completes, remove the product, and unplug
the special AC adapter
Common AC Adapter 05 (sold separately)
- 24 -
- 25 -
Turning the Power On/Off
- 26 -
• If Smart Lock is set, tapping " " at screen top temporarily cancels
Smart Lock, and the screen for the security feature you have set is
• If a description for the Home screen appears, read the information and
tap "OK".
Force Shutdown and Restarting
Force shutdown and restart the product when the screen freezes or the power
cannot be turned off.
Turning the Power On
F (press and hold for at least 2 seconds)
The Start screen is displayed (▶P.31 "The Start Screen").
• For the first time the product turns ON, the initial settings such as "au
Easy Setting" activate. Make the settings as required.
◎ While logos are displayed after the power is on, initial settings for touch
panel are in process. Do not touch the screen. The touch panel may not
work properly.
◎ "au Easy Setting" can be set up later even though it is skipped.
◎ If the charging light blinks in yellow when you turn the power on, the
remaining battery is not sufficient for activating the product. Charge the
battery before use.
Turning the Power Off
F (press and hold for at least 11 seconds)
① Widget
When you purchase the product, the Dura
Clock & Weather widget is displayed.
• Swipe (flick) to the left or press z
(Direct button) to switch to the Compass/
Barometer/Tide widget.
• To delete a widget, long-touch the widget →
Drag to "Remove" at screen top.
◎ If the product is forced shutdown and restarted, unsaved data will be
erased. Do not force shutdown except when the product becomes
Switching to English Display
You can switch the display from Japanese to English.
Home screen → [アプリ一覧 (Apps)] → [設定 (Settings)] →
[言語と入力 (Language & input)] → [言語 (Language)] →
《Start screen》
"Power off" → "OK"
" to
④ Start icon
The Start screen is displayed when you turn the power on or cancel sleep
Sleep Mode
The Start screen is displayed (▶P.31 "The Start Screen").
• The first time activating, a description of the Start screen is displayed.
Read the information and tap "OK".
Alarm set
⑥ Notification area
You can check the status of the product or details of notification. For some
information, tap to activate the corresponding application.
Silent mode (Vibrate) set
Silent mode (Mute) set
Bluetooth® in use
standby/ connected
Auto Answering set
set/ full
* In Japan, you can use "LTE" and "WiMAX 2+" networks. "4G" is displayed for both
networks. According to the signal congestion etc., the product is connected to the
less congested network.
Notification Panel
Slide the status bar down to display the notification panel and on/off icons,
where you can check notifications and activate corresponding applications as
well as quickly set frequently used functions on/off.
In the Address Book Plus display, display contacts in "Favorites" and "Recent
Calls". Use with your preferred setting.
① ① Setting menu icon
Tap "
② On/off icons
Enable/Disable frequently-used
" to display the settings menu.
Tap "
" to enlarge/shrink the on/
off icons area.
④ Edit icon
Rearrange on/off icons.
◎ You can slide the notification panel up to hide it.
◎ When a new notification arrives, a notification is displayed at screen top.
◎ If there are notifications that can be erased, tap [CLEAR ALL] at bottom
right of screen.
Displaying a Menu
There are two types of methods to display a menu screen; by tapping "
and by long-touching entry field or item.
Using the au Disaster Countermeasure
au災害対策 (au Disaster Countermeasure) menu screen →
[災害関連情報 (Disaster Information)]
Follow the onscreen instructions
■ Battery Pack (KYV35UAA)
■ Back cover (KYV35TGA/KYV35TRA/KYV35TKA)
■ Battery cover (KYV35TBA)
■ Kyocera TV antenna cable 03(03KYHSA)
■ Common AC Adapter 05 (0501PWA) (sold separately)
■ Common AC Adapter 03 (0301PQA) (sold separately)
■ Common AC Adapter 03 Navy (0301PBA) (sold separately)
■ Common AC Adapter 03 Green (0301PGA) (sold separately)
■ Common AC Adapter 03 Pink (0301PPA) (sold separately)
■ Common AC Adapter 03 Blue (0301PLA) (sold separately)
■ AC Adapter JUPITRIS (White) (L02P001W) (sold separately)
■ AC Adapter JUPITRIS (Red) (L02P001R) (sold separately)
■ AC Adapter JUPITRIS (Blue) (L02P001L) (sold separately)
■ AC Adapter JUPITRIS (Pink) (L02P001P) (sold separately)
■ AC Adapter JUPITRIS (Champagne) (L02P001N) (sold separately)
■ au Carrying Case G Black (0106FCA) (sold separately)
■ Wireless Charging Pad 01 (0101PUA) (sold separately)
■ Portable Charger 02 (0301PFA) (sold separately)
■ microUSB Cable 01 (0301HVA) (sold separately)
■ microUSB Cable 01 Navy (0301HBA) (sold separately)
- 42 -
Before you assume that the product is malfunctioning, check the following:
Cannot turn on
Cannot charge
the battery pack.
What you should check
Is the battery pack charged?
Is the battery pack attached properly?
Are the terminals of the battery pack dirty?
Is F pressed and held?
Is the specified charger (sold separately)
properly connected?
Is the battery pack attached properly?
Is the temperature of the product or battery
pack high or low? Charging may stop due to
the temperature of the product or battery
Are the specified accessories (adapter, etc.)
used to charge?
- 43 -
③ Indicator
Check current position in the Apps list.
Displayed when high quality sound call with au VoLTE
compatible phone
au災害対策 (au Disaster Countermeasure) menu → [緊急速
報メール (Emergency Rapid Mail)]
Inbox appears.
Select a mail you want to view to check the detail.
削除 (Delete)
Delete received mail.
Make settings for Earthquake Early Warning and
Disaster and Evacuation Information.
受信設定 (Receive settings): Set whether to
receive Earthquake Early Warning / Disaster and
Evacuation Information.
音量 (Volume): Set the volume of the alert tone.
マナー時の鳴動 (Alarm in Silent mode): Set
whether alarm sounds in Silent mode.
バイブ (Vibration): Set whether the phone vibrates
when a warning/information is received.
受信音/バイブ確認 (Alert tone/vibration check):
Check operation of the alert tone and vibration.
Early Warning)
What you should check
Is the product placed in the correct
orientation and within a chargeable area on
the Wireless Charging Pad (sold separately)?
Cannot make
Is the power turned on?
Is your au Nano IC Card 04 inserted?
Is another object placed between the
product and the Wireless Charging Pad (sold
Cannot receive
Is signal strong enough?
Is the product out of the service area?
Is the power turned on?
Are the Wireless Charging Pad (sold
separately) and special AC Adapter properly
Is your au Nano IC Card 04 inserted?
Is the product out of the service area or in an
area where the signal is weak?
Is the product or battery at a high/low
temperature? Charging may stop depending
on the temperature.
Is the built-in antenna covered with finger
Is a card other than au Nano IC Card 04
Is the battery cover properly attached?
The charging indicator is still lit after
completing charging, but this is not
abnormal. Check the display on the phone.
Cannot operate
Is the power turned on?
Turn off the power and then turn it on again.
Is the phone or battery at a high/low
temperature? Charging sometimes takes a
long time depending on the temperature.
Cannot operate
the touch panel
as intended.
Check the correct way to operate the touch
Charging while using the product can also
cause charging to take a long time.
Press and hold F for 11 seconds or
longer to force shutdown and restart.
The power goes
Is the battery pack fully charged?
The power is
going off while
the activation
logo is
Is the battery pack fully charged?
Update available
《Apps list》
New OS update or software update
" " (out of
service area)
■ Examples of main status icon
◎ The service is available only in Japan (it cannot be used overseas).
◎ No information fee or communication charge is required for receiving
Emergency Rapid Mail.
◎ You cannot receive Emergency Rapid Mail when your cell phone is
turned off.
◎ Emergency Rapid Mail may not be received if you are in a place where
signal does not reach even in the service area (e.g. in a tunnel,
basement) or in a place with a poor reception.
◎ You cannot receive Emergency Rapid Mail that the reception is failed.
◎ Reception of Emergency Rapid Mail is notified by a special warning tone
and vibration. It is not possible to change the warning tone.
Battery level
100%/ empty/
Signal strength/Signal condition (LTE/WiMAX 2+)
level 4/ out of range/ in communication
LTE/WiMAX 2+ available*/
Roaming (Communication
mode according to the network is also shown)
* Reception of Earthquake Early Warning is notified by a special warning tone,
voice ("地震です (Jishin-desu)" (An earthquake)) and vibration.
" appears.
What you should check
Turn the power off and then back on.
Place the product in sleep mode and then
cancel sleep mode.
Is your au Nano IC Card 04 inserted?
A message such
as charge the
battery appears.
The battery is almost dead.
Cannot connect
to the party and
the phone beeps
even though a
call is made.
Is the product out of the service area or in an
area where the signal is weak?
The wireless line is extremely busy or the
party is calling. Retry later.
- 45 -
- 35 -
◎ Earthquake Early Warning may not arrive before strong tremors in arrears
near the epicenter.
◎ This delivery system is different from Earthquake Early Warning provided
through TV, radio, or other communication procedures, which means that
the time the Earthquake Early Warning arrives may vary.
Tsunami Warning
◎ Tsunami Warning is a notification delivered from the meteorological bureau
(major tidal wave, seismic sea wave) to the area including target coast.
Disaster and Evacuation Information
◎ Disaster and Evacuation Information is a service that distributes bulletins
concerning residents' safety including evacuation advisories, evacuation
orders and other warnings issued by the national and local governments.
Using the Disaster Voice Messaging Service
◎ When you receive Emergency Rapid Mail during a call, the warning tone
does not sound.
◎ Information from someplace other than your current location may be
◎ KDDI is not liable for damages suffered by customers resulting from the
service's information, lack or delay in the information caused by
transmission or system breakdowns, or other events that are outside the
responsibility of KDDI.
◎ Refer to the Japan Meteorological Agency web page for details about
distribution of Earthquake Early Warning.
Earthquake Early Warning
◎ Earthquake Early Warning is sent to areas where strong quakes (over 4
degrees) are expected when the earthquake whose the maximum
seismic intensity 5 lower is anticipated occurs.
◎ Immediately after an earthquake occurs, quakes (P waves and initial
tremors) near the epicenter are detected and position, scale, and expected
strength are automatically calculated and notification is sent as soon as
possible within a few seconds to tens of seconds before the strong quakes
(S waves and major tremors) caused by the earthquake start.
Disaster Voice Messaging Service is a service which allows you to record your
voice and send someone you want to inform your well-being in case of a
large-scale disaster.
- 40 -
- 41 -
Updating Software or the OS
You can update the product to the most recent software for optimal
performance and to get the latest enhancements.
There are several methods to update software.
• Download software to the product to update
• Use Wi-Fi® to download software to the product and update
■ Notes
au災害対策 (au Disaster Countermeasure) menu screen →
[災害用音声お届けサービス (Disaster Voice Messaging
Follow the onscreen instructions to register.
◎ For use over Wi-Fi®, it is necessary to carry out initial setting over 4G
(LTE/WiMAX 2+) network.
◎ Voice message can be recorded for up to 30 seconds.
◎ Messages can be sent and received to or from au cell phones, other
network operators' cell phones and PHS.
◎ Voice message may be difficult to hear if the media volume is low or
Silent mode is set.
◎ Saving or playing voice messages may fail if a phone does not have
available memory.
Downloading and Updating Software or the OS
Update files can be downloaded from the Internet web site into the product
Apps list → [Settings] → [About phone] → [Software
From here on, follow the onscreen instructions.
• You are charged for data communication when connecting to the Internet
from the product using packet communication.
• Information is provided such as through the au homepage when a software
update is required. For details, inquire at an au shop or Customer Service
Center (157/no charges). au may also inform customers using a product that
a software update is required in order to enjoy better usage of the product.
• You are recommended to back up your data before updating software.
• Fully charge before update. If the update is started with the battery power
low or battery power becomes low during update, software update cannot
be done.
• Check the radio wave condition. Software update may fail in poor reception
• Any operations are not available during software update. Calling 110
(Police), 119 (Fire/Ambulance), 118 (Maritime rescue) is not available. Alarm
does not work, either.
• If software update has failed or stopped, perform the same procedure again.
• Update is unavailable during international roaming.
• If you fail to update software, it may become impossible to operate the
product. If this happens, bring it to an au shop or PiPit (not accepted by
some shops).
◎ Note that depending on your subscription contract, communication fees
may be incurred when your phone automatically searches for an
available network.
◎ After a software or OS update, the product cannot be returned to the
original version.
After-Sales Service
■ When asking for repair
For repair, contact Keitai Guarantee Service Center.
During the
warranty period
Repairs will be done based on the terms of services of
the free-of-charge repair warranty described on the
warranty card.
Outside the
warranty period
We shall repair the product for a charge as requested by
the customer if repair renders it usable.
◎ Before handing in the product for repair, make a backup of the contents
of memory since they may disappear during repair. Note that the
Company shall not be liable for any damages and loss of income should
the contents of memory be altered or lost.
If you cannot find the solution to your problem in the above items, refer to the
au homepage or au Customer Support on the website shown below.
- 44 -
New message
Installation completed
- 39 -
Cannot operate/
The screen
turn off power.
Making a call, calling, receiving a call
- 34 -
Cannot charge
with the Wireless
Charging Pad
(sold separately).
Charging does
not complete
with the Wireless
Charging Pad
(sold separately).
Music playing
Using Emergency Rapid Mail
- 38 -
TV activated
au Nano IC Card 04 uninserted
(Disaster and
Related Accessories
New calendar event notification
② Menu icon
Displays a menu for the Apps list.
Notification icons appear on the left of the status bar, showing missed calls,
new mail, operations in progress, etc., and status icons appear on the right,
showing the status of the product.
Emergency Rapid Mail is a service that distributes Earthquake Early Warning
or Tsunami Warning delivered from the meteorological bureau or Disaster and
Evacuation Information delivered from the government or local public
organization to all au cell phones in specified areas simultaneously.
When you purchase the product, "受信設定 (Receive options)" of the
Emergency Rapid Mail is set to "受信する (Receive)". Reception setting of
Tsunami Warning is available in the settings of Disaster and Evacuation
When you receive Earthquake Early Warning, ensure your safety and take
proper action according to the situation around you. When you receive a
Tsunami Warning, draw away from sea coast immediately and evacuate to
safe place such as upland or well-built high building.
◎ To register information of well-being, E-mail address (∼ is
required. Set up E-mail address beforehand.
◎ Deleting or changing the setting for information of well-being is
unavailable during Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi®) connection.
◎ The Company makes no guarantees about the quality of this service. The
Company is not liable in the event of any nonconformities about
registration of well-being information or damages by loss of well-being
information arising from intense access to this service or equipment
failure or damages caused by registered well-being information.
◎ With Portable Charger 02 (sold separately), it may not be possible to
adequately charge the product.
◎ For the latest information on accessories, visit the au homepage (http:// or contact the Customer Service Center.
◎ Accessories on this page can be purchased from au online shop (http:// Some accessories may not be purchased
due to the availability.
Snoozed alarm/stopped alarm (still set)
《Home screen》
au災害対策 (au Disaster Countermeasure) menu appears. When
activating the application for the first time, the agreement for use and
initial settings appear. Follow the onscreen instructions.
■ microUSB Cable 01 Green (0301HGA) (sold separately)
■ microUSB Cable 01 Pink (0301HPA) (sold separately)
■ microUSB Cable 01 Blue (0301HLA) (sold separately)
New Emergency Rapid Mail
Airplane mode is set
Apps list → [au災害対策 (au Disaster Countermeasure)]
Using Disaster Information
You can check history of Disaster and Evacuation Information delivered by
local government, disaster information portal, etc.
Using the Disaster Message Board
Follow the onscreen instructions to register/confirm.
New mail message (Gmail)
- 33 -
au災害対策 (au Disaster Countermeasure) menu screen →
[災害用伝言板 (Disaster Message Board)]
New mail message (E-Mail)
① Category name
Tap to display navigation.
• You can also display navigation by sliding or
flicking the left edge of the screen to the right.
⑤ Apps list
- 37 -
Monitoring the Product's Status
④ Quick launch area
The au Disaster Countermeasure application allows you to use the Disaster
Message Board, Emergency Rapid Mail (Earthquake Early Warning, Disaster
and Evacuation Information, Tsunami Warning), Disaster Voice Messaging
Service, and Disaster Information.
- 36 -
◎ Some cell phones do not support receiving voice messages. For details,
refer to au homepage.
New mail message (SMS)
The Apps list appears.
The first time opening the Apps list, instructions for selecting apps
appears. Read the instructions and tap "OK".
Missed call
① Status bar
Disaster Message Board service enables you to register information of
well-being from an area of distress via LTE NET in case of large-scale disaster
such as earthquake with a seismic intensity of over 6 lower. Registered
information can be viewed on any cell phones and PCs besides by au cell
phone users.
For details, refer to "Disaster Message Board" of au homepage.
Available phone memory low
The Home screen consists of multiple screens. Slide/flick right or left to switch
Also, press H to go to the Home screen any time.
- 32 -
⑤ Address Book Plus display
Display different information registered to the address book. You can also
display favorites and other contacts you call frequently.
• Tap " " to change settings for the Address Book Plus display.
■ Examples of main notification icon
Using the Home Screen
◎ If "Security type" is "None", the Start screen is not displayed.
- 31 -
- 29 -
Home screen → [Apps]
◎ Do not touch the screen when pressing F and displaying the screen.
The touch panel may not work properly.
" and swipe (flick) toward "START"
- 30 -
A list of installed apps is displayed.
While in sleep mode, F or H
The Home screen is displayed (▶P.33). Or, the screen just before
entering sleep mode is displayed.
• Swiping (flicking) toward "CAMERA"/ "PHONE" activates camera/phone.
• If " " is displayed at screen top, the Start screen "Security type" is set
to "Pattern", "PIN", or "Password". Unlock the security feature to display
the Home screen.
Wi-Fi® signal strength
level 4/
level 0
Using the Apps List
While screen backlight is turned on, press F or leave the product for a
certain period of time without any operations to turn off the screen temporarily
and the product goes into sleep mode. To cancel sleep mode, operate the
following steps.
③ Indicator
After the Start screen is displayed, you can display the Home screen as follows.
- 28 -
② Shortcuts/Widgets/Folders
■ Displaying the Home screen from the Start screen
Touch "
② Notification display
Contacts set to Address Book Plus (▶P.36)
and notifications are displayed.
• Double-tap a notification to activate the
corresponding application.
• To not display notifications, tap "HIDE".
③ Indicator
Tap " " to switch widgets, and tap "
add a widget.
The Start Screen
F (press and hold for at least 1 second)
- 27 -
- 46 -
- 47 -
◎ Recycled parts that meet the Company's quality standards are
sometimes used for repair.
◎ Collected au cell phones by Replacement cell phone delivery service
which you used before are recycled to cell phones for replacement after
repairs. Also replaced parts by au after-sales service are collected and
recycled by KDDI. They are not returned to customers.
◎ Instances where the product has been changed, modified, or analyzed
(including software modification or analysis (including rooting, etc.)
reverse-engineered, reverse-compiled, or reverse-assembled) or has
been repaired at a location other than an authorized repair location
designated by the company may not be covered by warranty or may
prevent the product from being accepted for repairs.
■ Performance parts for repair
The Company retains performance parts for repair of the product main unit
and its peripherals for 4 years after discontinuation of production.
"Performance parts for repair" refers to parts required for maintaining the
functions of the product.
■ Warranty card
At the store of purchase, thoroughly check and read the name of the retailer,
date of purchase and other necessary details filled in on the warranty card,
and be sure to keep it in a safe place.
■ Keitai Guarantee Service Plus LTE
An after-sales service membership program on a monthly basis called "Keitai
Guarantee Service Plus LTE" (monthly fee: 380 yen, tax excluded) is available
for using your au cell phone for a long time without worries. This service
expands coverage for many troubles including malfunction, theft and loss. For
details of this service, refer to au homepage or contact Keitai Guarantee
Service Center.
Online Repair Desk (24 hours a day over the Internet)
◎ You can apply for membership only at the time of purchasing your au cell
◎ Once you cancel the membership, you cannot reapply for it until you
purchase an au cell phone next time.
◎ Note that when changing the model or purchasing an extra cell phone,
this service only covers the most recently purchased au cell phone.
◎ When an au cell phone is handed over to you or someone else, the
"Keitai Guarantee Service Plus LTE" membership is also handed over to
the successor of the cell phone.
◎ When you get a new au cell phone by changing the model or purchasing
an extra cell phone, the "Keitai Guarantee Service Plus"/"Keitai Guarantee
Service Plus LTE" membership for the old au cell phone is automatically
◎ Service contents are subject to change without notice.
■ au Nano IC Card 04
cell phone
From a land-line phone/an au cell phone,
0120-925-919 (toll free)
Business hours 9:00 - 21:00 (7 days a week)
Holding over
and repair
1st year
2nd year
or later
Partially damage, water
soak, irreparable
damage, theft or loss
If you are unsure about anything regarding after-sales service, contact the
following service contact.
Keitai Guarantee Service Plus (for loss, theft, damage)
Keitai Guarantee
Service Plus LTE
■ After-sales service
From a land-line phone, 0077-7-113 (toll free)
From an au mobile phone, 113 without area code (toll free)
Business hours 24-hour (7 days a week)
Replacement cell phone delivery service
◎ When you have trouble with your au cell phone, replacement cell phone
(same model, same color, including new battery) is delivered by calling
to. Return your damaged cell phone within 14 days after replacement cell
phone is delivered.
◎ Available up to twice in a year from the day you use this service as a start
day. If you do not use this service in the past year for the subscription to
this service, it will be 1st and if you use, it will be the 2nd.
■ au after-sales service information
The au Nano IC Card 04 is lent to you by au. In case of loss or damage, the
card will be replaced at your expense. When a malfunction is suspected, or in
case of theft or loss, contact an au shop or PiPit.
Customer Service Center (for service canceling procedure in case of loss
or theft)
Main Specifications
• The Application for the Internet acceptance, if "damage",
"wet", "theft" and "loss" are eligible. In the case of
spontaneous failure (not the cause damage, such as water
wet, but does not power on, the screen does not function or
other), it will be accepted by phone for interview is required.
• To apply for the Internet, you need the e-mail address.
Free of charge
Customer charge
1st: 5,000 yen
2nd: 8,000 yen
1st year
Free of charge
2nd year
or later
Free of charge
Partially damage
Customer charge
Upper limit:
5,000 yen
Water soak, irreparable
Customer charge
10,000 yen
Theft, loss
No recompense
Free of
Actual cost
SIM-Unlocking Your au Phone
This product can be SIM-unlocked. SIM-unlocking the product allows
other-carrier SIM cards to be used with it.
• Requests can be made for SIM-unlocking on the au homepage or at an au
• Some services, functions, etc. may have restrictions when an other-carrier
SIM card is used. The Company does not guarantee operation whatsoever.
• To SIM-unlock the product, display the Apps list → [Settings] → [About
phone] → [SIM card status]. From here on, follow the onscreen instructions.
• For details, refer to the au homepage.
For inquiries, call:
Customer Service Center
For general information, charges, and operation assistance (toll free)
Business hours: 9:00 to 20:00 (7 days a week)
From fixed-line phones:
From au cell phones:
157 area code not required
Pressing “zero” will connect you to an operator, after calling “157”
on your au cellphone.
For service cancelation procedure in case of loss or theft (toll free)
Business hours: 24 hours (7 days a week)
From fixed-line phones:
From au cell phones:
113 area code not required
In case above numbers are not available, call toll-free:
0120-977-033 (except Okinawa)
0120-977-699 (Okinawa)
Keitai Guarantee Service Center
For loss, theft or damage (toll free)
Business hours: 9:00 to 21:00 (7 days a week)
From fixed-line phones/au cell phones:
Cell phone and PHS operators collect and
recycle unused telephones, batteries and
battery chargers at stores bearing the logo regardless of brand and manufacturer
to protect the environment and reuse
valuable resources.
Manufactured by: KYOCERA Corporation
- 49 -
- 50 -
- 51 -
Approx. 4.7 inches, Approx. 16,770,000 colors,
Transparent TFT (IGZO)
1,280 x 720 dots (HD)
Approx. 203 g (with battery pack)
Charging times
Charging Pad 01
(sold separately)
Approx. 280 minutes
Common AC
Adapter 05 (sold
Approx. 140 minutes
In Japan
Approx. 1,320 minutes
Overseas (GSM/
Approx. 760 minutes
In Japan
Approx. 690 hours
Overseas (GSM/
Approx. 750 hours
* For details, refer to au homepage.
Holding over and repair
◎ Damages and malfunctions intentionally caused by the customer as well
as those due to modification (e.g. disassembly, change of parts, painting,
etc.) by the customer are not covered by this service.
◎ You cannot receive a refund for replacement of the outer casing due to
stains, scratches, paint removal, etc. on the outer casing.
* Charge amounts are all tax excluded.
- 48 -
Continuous call
stand-by time
tethering time
Approx. 790 minutes
number of Wi-Fi
(W x H x D)
Approx. 72 mm x 147 mm x 14.2 mm (thickest part
approx. 17 mm)
Internal memory*1
ROM: Approx. 16 GB
RAM: Approx. 2 GB
Number of effective pixels:
Approx. 13,000,000 pixels
Number of effective pixels:
Approx. 5,000,000 pixels
- 52 -
Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi®) function
IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac compatible
Bluetooth® standard Ver.4.1
10 m
Bluetooth LE GATT/SPP/A2DP/
Continuous 1Seg watching time
2,402 - 2,480 MHz
Approx. 11 hours 40 minutes
*1 Since the storage is shared by data and applications, storage space may be
reduced depending on the usage of applications.
*2 It is confirmed that the product and all Bluetooth® devices are compliant with
Bluetooth® standards designated by Bluetooth SIG, and they are authenticated.
However, procedures may differ or data transfer may not be possible depending
on the device's characteristics or specifications.
*3 Changes according to objects obstructing devices and signal reception.
*4 Specifications provided in Bluetooth® standards for making communication
between Bluetooth®-compatible devices in accordance with their intended use.
*5 The profile supports part of car navigation systems. Refer to the au homepage for
◎ The continuous talk time and continuous standby time may drop to less
than half depending on the battery charging status, usage environment
such as temperature, reception condition at the location where the
product is used, and the function settings.
- 53 -
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