Removing transmission

"VCC-053796 EN 2009-12-12"
Removing transmission
Special tools: 999 5006 , 999 5033 , 999 5045 , 999 5460 , 999 5461 , 999 5462 , 999 5463 , 999 5488 , 999 5534 ,
999 5540 , 999 5562 , 999 5656 , 998 5972 , 999 5972
Note! This method for removing and installing the
transmission applies to all 850 variants. Before starting
work on the 850 AWD transmission, the bevel gear must
be removed. For further information see Bevel gear,
replacing . To install bevel gear see Bevel gear, replacing
and Bevel gear, replacing .
Note! Removal and installation of the 850 AWD special
rear engine mounting is contained in this method. To work
on the right drive shaft see Bevel gear, replacing . When
for example replacing clutch, working on drive shafts and
transmission cables, see Service Manual Section 4
(41.43.46) Manual transmission M56 including clutch and
drive shafts 850 1992–.
Note! The illustrations in this section show LHD version.
RHD and turbocharged versions are described only where
they differ.
Adjusting steering wheel position
Adjust steering wheel position
Slacken steering wheel adjustment lever.
Press steering wheel forward into bottom position and
angle upward as far as possible. Lock wheel in position
with lever.
Shift gear selector lever into neutral.
Removing battery and engine intake components
- Battery
- air cleaner (ACL) housing and intake
- turbocharger (TC) control valve from air cleaner (ACL)
housing. (Only cars with turbocharged engines)
- Battery shelf
- air cleaner (ACL) housing bracket mounting screws.
Only cars with turbocharged engines:
Remove charge air pipe clamp and hose from pipe.
Remove intake manifold between air cleaner (ACL) and
turbocharger (TC).
Removing transmission components
- selector cables from bracket and levers
- outer transmission lever by knocking out split pin
- back-up (reversing) light switch connector
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"VCC-053796 EN 2009-12-12"
Only cars with turbocharged engines:
Remove throttle pulley cover
- intake pipe to throttle body (TB). Pull pipe to one side
with a tie strap so that it is free of the throttle body
- upper oil cooler hose to the engine oil cooler.
Removing clutch slave cylinder
Remove clutch slave cylinder from transmission
Remove circlip.
Caution! Ensure that boot stays in place on cylinder.
- ground lead from transmission.
- engine cable harness clamp(s).
Removing engine – transmission screw
Undo rear engine pad/splash guard nut a few turns
Remove screws (5) holding starter motor/transmission
Lift engine coolant expansion tank from its mounting and
put to one side
Only cars with EGR:
Disconnect hoses from control valve (A).
Removing torque rod/torque control arm screw
Remove screw on upper torque rod/torque arm at engine
Disconnect ground strip from firewall
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"VCC-053796 EN 2009-12-12"
Install lifting fork 999 5534 on torque rod - engine
Installing support and lifting beam
- supports 999 5033 on fender edges
- Lifting beam 999 5006 on supports. Locate the beam
directly above the eye on the lifting fork
- lifting hook 999 5460 . Tighten the hook approximately
5mm to relieve some of the load on engine pads
- note the measurement between lifting beam and
spark plug cover.
Removing front wheel and ABS sensor
- Front wheels
- ABS sensor from stub axle (left-hand side).
Caution! Do not separate the connector halves!
Remove brake pipes and ABS wiring brackets (both
sides). Unhook the brackets and let them hang loose
Removing engine mounting
Remove rear engine mounting from transmission and
Removing plastic nuts and drive shaft nut
- the front fender liner plastic nuts on both sides and
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"VCC-053796 EN 2009-12-12"
the two Torx screws on the left-hand side (early version)
- left drive shaft nut. Knock out split pin (applies only to
early version). Install counterhold 999 5461 (4 wheel
studs) or 999 5540 . Remove nut.
Detach drive shaft end in the hub
Knock end of drive shaft approximately 10-15 mm into
the hub. Use a rubber or copper mallet.
Removing covers
- front splash guard
- splash guard under engine.
Disconnect control arm/ball joint from stub axle (both
Install protective sockets 999 5562 on ball joints (both
Disconnect and unhook links from anti-roll bar (both
Removing cable conduit from sub-frame
Remove cable conduit mounting screw and unhook from
the sub-frame
Remove the carbon filter container with its hoses from the
Cut off tie straps for hoses and hang the container in car
Loosen exhaust pipe clamp behind the three-way catalytic
converter (TWC).
Removing screws for brackets and torque arm mounting
- oil pipe bracket screws
- the two bolts securing the torque rod mounting
support on transmission.
Drain transmission oil.
Caution! Only if the transmission or oil is to be replaced.
Tighten plug to 35 Nm.
Right-hand drive cars only:
Remove crash guard above the steering gear. (2 screws.)
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"VCC-053796 EN 2009-12-12"
Disconnecting drive shaft
Disconnect right drive shaft
Remove bearing cap.
Pull out inner section of drive shaft and fold out spring
strut at the same time.
Caution! Take care not to damage the seal in the
Install plug 999 5656 .
Let the drive shaft rest on the sub-frame and oil pipes.
Removing engine pad screws
Remove front engine pad/sub-frame screw
Undo the screw on the engine mount/steering gear
approximately one turn.
Remove the five steering gear mounting nuts in the subframe.
Right-hand drive cars only: Remove crash guard/subframe nut (A)
Removing sub-frame
Remove sub-frame from car
Position mobile jack 998 5972 to support the left-hand
side of the sub-frame, slight pressure.
Remove left and right sub-frame support bracket screws.
Unscrew the two sub-frame mounting screws in
bodywork on right-hand side a maximum of 5 turns.
Remove screws on left-hand side.
Right-hand drive cars only:
Lower sub-frame approximately 100 mm
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"VCC-053796 EN 2009-12-12"
Ensure that the five steering gear screws and crash
guard screw are clear of frame.
Remove left-hand side anti-roll bar bearing cap screws.
Undo screws on right-hand side until they are held by a
short section of thread.
Secure the anti-roll bar to the steering gear as illustrated.
Lowering sub-frame
Lower sub-frame. Remove mobile jack
Caution! Check that the steering gear screws are free of
the sub-frame. Ensure that the control arm is free of the
right drive shaft boot.
Remove mobile jack
Let the sub-frame hang in the right-hand side screws.
Hanging up steering gear
Hang up steering gear on left-hand side with hook
999 5045 in hole in frame member flange
Remove the engine pad/steering gear screw and the nut
on top of the engine pad. Remove engine pad
Caution! Ensure that the steering gear hangs securely on
the hook so that the lower steering shaft does not slide
out of the steering column.
Disconnect/remove cable ties, connectors, splash guard
and mounting on transmission
Tape end of drive shaft to oil pipes
- cable clamps for the heated oxygen sensor (HO2S)
cable from engine cover
- vehicle speed sensor (VSS) connector and cable.
- cover at rear engine mounting
- rear mounting from transmission.
Removing left drive shaft
Remove left drive shaft
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"VCC-053796 EN 2009-12-12"
Turn and fold out spring strut. Knock out the end of the
drive shaft with a rubber or copper mallet and pull the
end of the drive shaft out of the hub.
Remove drive shaft from transmission. Use gimmy bar
999 5462 between transmission and inside of drive shaft.
Modified according to Workshop Guide.
Caution! Take care not to damage drive shaft seal and
Install sealing plug 999 5488 in transmission.
Clean off traces of metal adhesive from the spline joint
(hub-drive shaft).
Lowering engine and transmission
Lower engine and transmission. Use lifting hook
999 5460.Lower until distance between lifting beam and
sparkplug cover is approximately 320 mm
Caution! If the engine is lowered too much, the exhaust
pipe can press the steering gear down.
Caution! Ensure that cables and hoses are not pinched or
stretched and that the engine dipstick is free from the fan.
Installing universal tool and transmission fixture
Install universal tool 999 5972 and transmission fixture
999 5463 on mobile jack
Install transmission fixture in transmission with torque
rod mounting screws.
At the same time install support plate (marked 999 5463 )
on the fixture, modified according to Workshop Guide.
Raise mobile jack into contact.
Removing screws
Remove the rest of the screws between transmission and
engine (7 screws)
Removing transmission
Remove transmission
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"VCC-053796 EN 2009-12-12"
Pull transmission straight out from engine.
Caution! Ensure that transmission comes straight out
from engine without stressing the clutch driven plate
Lower mobile jack and pull off transmission.
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