High performance vehicle rugged notebook

High performance vehicle rugged notebook - GD6000
RUGGED RELIABILITY Bring on the temperature extremes, humidity,
vibration, dust, drops and spills. Designed to meet even military rugged
requirements (MIL-STD 810F), the GD6000 has a range of rugged features
from the spill-resistant keyboard to the shock mounted display.
ULTRA-VIEWABLE TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY Streaming sunlight may wash out other
displays but you’ll still see the GD6000 screen with its award winning
13.3” DynaVue® touchscreen display. So if you’re outside, or even near a
window, in low light or bright, this screen shines.
POWERFUL PROCESSING The GD6000 works as hard
probably run circles around your desktop with
T9400 Core™2 Duo processor, an 1066 MHz Front
to 4GB DDR3 memory and the Intel GM45 Express
as you do. In fact, it can
the latest Intel® 2.53 GHz
Side Bus, 6MB L2 cache, up
COMPLETE WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY No matter your network or preferred
wireless technology the GD6000 keeps you connected with up to four
integrated wireless devices. WI-FI (WLAN), Cellular Data (WWAN), GPS, and
Bluetooth with sophisticated RF shielding and noise filtering – your
communication options cross the spectrum so you can count on coverage.
ERGONOMIC Computers shouldn’t be uncomfortable. That’s why the GD6000
was designed with you in mind – so you can carry it and use it without
pain or strain. It’s the thinnest, lightest durable computer and even
includes keyboard lighting features so you can work efficiently and
safely at night.
SECURITY The GD6000 has security features designed to protect users,
information and networks. It includes TPM 1.2 Network Security Standard,
integrated fingerprint reader, integrated CAC (Smart Card) reader, a
removable hard drive, security lock slot and super password startup
WARRANTY + SERVICE Service and support are never an issue with a
standard 3-year warranty. Plus enterprise customers can choose from a
comprehensive suite of support levels including extra options like Mobile
Help Desk.
SAVING ENERGY You can work longer while using less energy because the
ENERGY STAR® certified GD6000 is designed with your productivity and the
environment in mind. With sophisticated power management settings you can
cut power consumption on both AC and battery, ultimately saving money
while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, our packaging is
designed to reduce environmental impact. Click here for more information
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