What appears troublesome may be easily remedied. Here are some problems that may occur and
their remedies. Before contacting a Pentax service center, check the following items.
The shutter cannot be
Indicators do not appear on
the LCD panel.
The last frame is exposed.
Remove the film.
Page 31
The main switch is set to d.
Set the main switch to i.
Page 16
The low battery warning H
Replace the batteries.
Page 14
The Self-Timer Mode is set.
Cancel the Self-Timer Mode.
Page 43
The film is not winded.
Wind the film.
Page 41
The main switch is set to d.
Set the main switch to i.
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No batteries have been installed.
Install the batteries.
Page 14
The batteries are improperly
Install the batteries properly.
Page 14
The batteries are dead.
Replace the batteries.
Page 14
Focus is not precise in the
The pressure plate has not been set Set the pressure plate according to
to the proper position.
the film type.
Page 25
Film winding is very heavy.
The pressure plate has not been set Set the pressure plate according to
to the proper position.
the film type.
Page 25
The first frame (or the last
frame) was cut off on the film.
The film start mark had not been
properly set.
Page 25
Set the film start mark to the proper
The view from the viewfinder
is not clear.
The diopter is not adjusted.
Adjust the diopter.
Page 33
The spool does not turn when
winding the film.
No batteries have been installed.
Install the batteries.
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Error Display in the Event of Incorrect Operation
In the event of unusual operation of the camera, [E] followed by double figures, e.g. [E-13], will
appear on the LCD panel to indicate an error. When this happens, the shutter cannot be released. In
this event, follow the instructions below.
If the first figure after [E] is
“1” or “3”
This indicates camera breakdown, irrespective of the second figure. You should take the
camera to your local Pentax service center.
If the second figure after [E]
is “1”, “2” or “3”
If there is a film in the camera, wind to the end and remove the film. Press the shutter and if
the error display disappears, the camera is ready for use. We recommend, however, that
you have the camera checked at your local Pentax service center. If there is no film in the
camera, open and close the back cover. If the error display disappears, the camera is
ready for use.
If [PErr] is displayed
Take the viewfinder out and put it back two or three times. If the error display disappears,
the camera is ready for use.
In rare cases, the camera may not operate correctly due to static electricity. This can be remedied by taking the batteries
out and putting them back again.
6 ✕ 7 format SLR camera
55 ✕ 70 mm
Usable film
120 roll film (10 exposures), 220 roll film (21 exposures), ISO 6 to 6400
Exposure modes
Aperture-Priority AE Mode, Metered Manual Mode, Bulb Mode
Electronically-controlled horizontal-run focal-plane shutter,
Speed range: Auto 1/1000-30 sec. (stepless), Manual 1/1000-4 sec.,
Bulb, X (1/30 of a second). Time Exposure Mode, Shutter lock by turning the
main switch to d.
Lens mount
Pentax 67 double bayonet mount system (inner bayonet and outer bayonet)
Interchangeable viewfinders (option), Focusing screen: Interchangeable screen with
Natural Bright-Matte focusing screen, Field of view: 90% vertical, Magnification: 0.75
✕ (with 105 mm lens at infinity), Diopter: –2.5 to +1.5 m–1 (per meter)
Viewfinder indicator
Shutter speed indicator, Aperture indicator, s Flash status indicator, Bar graph:
Exposure compensation value indicator, Over or under exposure indicator in the
Manual Exposure Mode, k Exposure compensation indicator, n Memory lock
indicator, Film counter indicator, K Multi (6)-segment metering, J Centerweighted metering, I Spot metering
LCD panel indicator
H Low battery warning, Film speed, ISO indicator, Film counter,
o Film advance indicator, s Flash status indicator
Electronically-controlled type with delay time of 12 sec. (audible PCV signal),
Start by depressing shutter release button, Cancelable after operation
Instant-return mirror with lock-up device
Film winding
With rapid wind lever (7 pre advance angle and 190 advance angle)
Exposure meter
TTL multi (6)-segment wide-open metering, Metering range from EV2 to EV21 at
ISO100 with 105 mm f/2.4 lens in multi (6)-segment metering, Center-Weighted
Metering Mode and Spot Metering Mode can be set
Exposure compensation
±3EV in 0.3EV step increments (With an optional AE Pentaprism 672 attached)
Multiple exposure
Via multi-exposure lever
Exposure memory lock
With the memory lock button depressed, the memory timer locks the exposure
value for 20 seconds. The memory lock function remains while the shutter
release button is depressed halfway down. (With an optional AE Pentaprism
672 attached)
Flash sync
Via 5P X-sync terminal for Pentax dedicated auto flashes, X-sync socket is
provided for Pentax non-dedicated flashes, Flash Sync Speed: 1/30 sec, ISO
range: 25-800
Power source
Two 3V lithium batteries (CR123A or the equivalent)
exhaustion warning
Low battery warning H is lit (blinking when the shutter is locked; no indication in
the viewfinder).
Dimensions and weight
185.5 mm (W) ✕ 108.5 mm (H) ✕ 92 mm (D) (7.3" ✕ 4.3" ✕ 3.6"), 1210 g (42.7
oz), body only, without batteries and lenses
185.5 mm (W) ✕ 151 mm (H) ✕ 106 mm (D) (7.3" ✕ 5.9 ✕ 4.2"), 1660 g (58.6 oz),
body with AE Pentaprism Finder 672 attached without batteries and lenses
Supplied accessories
Body mount cap 67, Finder cap 67, LX sync terminal cap, 5P sync terminal cap, Strap G
All PENTAX cameras purchased through authorized bona
fide photographic distribution channels are guaranteed
against defects of material or workmanship for a period of
twelve months from date of purchase. Service will be
rendered, and defective parts will be replaced without cost
to you within that period, provided the equipment does not
show evidence of impact, sand or liquid damage,
mishandling, tampering, battery or chemical corrosion,
operation contrary to operating instructions, or modification
by an unauthorized repair shop. The manufacturer or its
authorized representatives shall not be liable for any repair
or alterations except those made with its written consent
and shall not be liable for damages from delay or loss of use
or from other indirect or consequential damages of any kind,
whether caused by defective material or workmanship or
otherwise; and it is expressly agreed that the liability of the
manufacturer or its representatives under all guarantees or
warranties, whether expressed or implied, is strictly limited
to the replacement of parts as hereinbefore provided. No
refunds will be made on repairs by non-authorized PENTAX
service facilities.
Procedure During 12-month Warranty Period
Any PENTAX which proves defective during the 12-month
warranty period should be returned to the dealer from whom
you purchased the equipment or to the manufacturer. If
there is no representative of the manufacturer in your
country, send the equipment to the manufacturer, with
postage prepaid. In this case, it will take a considerable
length of time before the equipment can be returned to you
owing to the complicated customs procedures required. If
the equipment is covered by warranty, repairs will be made
and parts replaced free of charge, and the equipment will be
returned to you upon completion of servicing. If the
equipment is not covered by warranty, regular charges of
the manufacturer or of its representatives will apply.
Shipping charges are to be borne by the owner. If your
PENTAX was purchased outside of the country where you
wish to have it serviced during the warranty period, regular
handling and servicing fees may be charged by the
manufacturer’s representatives in that country.
Notwithstanding this, your PENTAX returned to the
manufacturer will be serviced free of charge according to
this procedure and warranty policy.
In any case, however, shipping charges and customs
clearance fees to be borne by the sender. To prove the date
of your purchase when required, please keep the receipt or
bills covering the purchase of your equipment for at least a
year. Before sending your equipment for servicing, please
make sure that you are sending it to the manufacturer’s
authorized representatives or their approved repair shops,
unless you are sending it directly to the manufacturer.
Always obtain a quotation for the service charge, and only
after you accept the quoted service charge, instruct the
service station to proceed with the servicing.
● This warranty policy does not affect the customer’s
statutory rights.
● The local warranty policies available from PENTAX
distributors in some countries can supersede this
warranty policy. Therefore, we recommend that you
review the warranty card supplied with your product at the
time of purchase, or contact the PENTAX distributor in
your country for more information and to receive a copy of
the warranty policy.
An information on Disposal for users
1. in the European Union
If your product is marked with this symbol, it means
that used electrical/electronic products should not
be mixed with general household waste. There
exists a separate collection system for these
Used electric/electronic equipment must be treated separately and in
accordance with legislation that requires proper treatment, recovery
and recycling of these products.
Following the implementation by member states, private households
within the EU states may return their used electrical/electronic
equipments to designated collection facilities free of charge*. In
some countries your local retailer may also take back your old
product free of charge if you purchase a similar new one.
*Please contact your local authority for further details.
By disposing of this product correctly you will help ensure that the
waste undergoes the necessary treatment, recovery and recycling
and thus prevent potential negative effects on the environment and
human health which could otherwise arise due to inappropriate
waste handling.
2. In other countries outside the EU
If you wish to discard this product, please contact your local
authorities and ask for the correct method of disposal.
The CE Mark is a Directive conformity mark of the
European Union.
For Switzerland: Used electrical/electronic equipment can be
returned free of charge to the dealer, even when you don’t purchase
a new product. Further collection facilities are listed on the home
page of or
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