(Match red and black wires):
Philips NiMH batteries are composed of non-toxic materials
and are functionally superior to NiCD. You enjoy exceptional
performance and responsible, environmentally friendly use.
IMPORTANT: Be sure replacement battery is the same size,
shape, voltage and polarity as the one you are replacing.
Charge for 16 hours before first use.
AT&T: 91076, E5947B, E5655, E560-2
GE: 26930, 26993, 26990GE1, 26993GE1,
27910GE1, 27920GE4,27920GE7, 27925GE3,
27930GE3, 27931GE4, 27931GE7,
27935GE3,27936GE3, 27939GE3, 27990GE3,
27993GE3, GH2400CS, 28110EE1,
28112EE2,28021EE1, 2811EE2, 28031EE3-A
Sanyo: PC3F03
Motorola: MD7261, SD7561-2, MD7151-2
Phonemate: PM5821, PM5851
RCA: 413RE3, 25414RC3, 25415RE3
V-Tech: Mi6897, i6725, Mi6870