(Match red and black wires):
Philips NiMH batteries are composed of non-toxic materials
and are functionally superior to NiCD. You enjoy exceptional
performance and responsible, environmentally friendly use.
IMPORTANT: Be sure replacement battery is the same size,
shape, voltage and polarity as the one you are replacing.
Charge for 16 hours before first use.
AT&T: 9200, 9301, 9307, 9340, 9350, 9355,
9410, HS-8210, HS-8240, 2117B, 2718B,
E2116, E2126, E5908, 5909B, 5945B
GE: 22583633EE1, 25836HE1, 25861GE3,
25861EE3, 25931EE2, 25951EE1, 25951EE2,
25951EE3, 25951EK2, 27831FE1, 27831FE2,
V-Tech: ia3864-01, ia5823, ia5854, ia574,
ia5845, ia5854, ia5874
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