LP-1521 Broadband AP Router, 123 Manual WISP mode

Wireless - Equipment
LP-1521 Broadband AP Router, 123 Manual.
WISP mode Installation, (without PoE).
LP-1521 Broadband AP Router,
123 Manual
WISP mode Installation, (with PoE).
This mode is utilized whenever you wish to connect to a Wireless ISP. This
means that your WAN connection becomes the wireless connection and your
clients connect through the wired ports of your Router.
All the WAN options refer to the wireless connection. We must emphasize
that, in this mode, the DHCP Server should be active and programmed to
supply the IP addresses to those wired clients only, no wireless clients are
If you wish to connect additional clients to your network, you will need an
additional LP-1521 configured in AP mode.
In addition, all the firewall options are associated with the wireless
connection, resulting in a segmentation between the wired and the wireless
networks, obtaining a logical separation.
Wireless - Equipment - 2.4 GHz - LP-1521 Broad Band AP Router, WISP mode (without PoE).
WISP mode configuration steps:
Please check the package contents, please see Figure 1.
Screw the antenna as shown in figure 2.
Figure 1
Figure 2
Connect your PC to a LAN port of the LP-1521 as
shown in figure 3.
Figure 3
Connect your ISP cable to the WAN port as shown in
figure 4 (ISP: Internet Service Provider).
The LP-1521 can be powered in two different ways:
Figure 4
A.- Via the Jack placed at the right of the LAN4 port.
We have provided with this kit a way to power the
LP-1521 by using a 120 VAC to 12 VDC Power
Converter included in the box and shown in figure 5.
B.-Via active PoE: you can use the LP-PoE150
injector and LP-PoE151 splitter made by Lanpro. This
arrangement will let you put the LP-1521 as far as
100 m from the injector. You must set the splitter to
12 VDC and power the LP-1521 through the power
Figure 5
Open your preferred Browser application with the
Router´s default IP address as shown
in figure 6.
Figure 6
Wireless - Equipment - 2.4 GHz - LP-1521 Broad Band AP Router, WISP mode (without PoE).
In the window shown in figure 7, select: Operation
Mode, select: Wireless ISP, select: Apply Change.
Figure 7
Once the window that shown in figure 8 pops-up,
select: OK.
Figure 8
In the window shown in figure 9, select: Wireless,
Basic Settings, in: Mode select: Client, then select:
Apply Changes, the equipment will restart.
Figure 9
In the window shown in figure 10, select: TCP/IP
Settings, WAN interface and configure the properties
of your ISP, remember that in this mode, you are
using the wireless connection as the WAN port of the
Figure 10
Wireless - Equipment - 2.4 GHz - LP-1521 Broad Band AP Router, WISP mode (without PoE).
You will now configure the security of your wireless
connection to your ISP, in case that your ISP doesn’t
provide security, disregard this step, if provided, in the
window of figure 11, select: Wireless, Security, and
proceed to input the required security of your ISP, then
select: Apply.
The equipment will restart.
Figure 11
Proceed to connect with your ISP for the first time.
In order to do this, please see the window in figure
12 and select: Wireless, select: Site Survey and
select the network you wish to connect to. Now, select:
Connect, if you cannot find the network you wish to
connect to, select: Refresh until it appears.
Figure 12
In figure 13, the window saying: Connect successfully
pops –up, then please select: OK. In case you are not
able to connect, please review your security settings.
It is important to highlight that the connection will start
even though the equipment power is turned off and
Figure 13
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