A modern
piece of art
Throughout the decades, groundbreaking designs have transformed
how we see and interact with the world around us, becoming iconic
classics along the way. The same holds true for our new Mira.
With its sleek and elegant silhouette, black and white minimalist
color combination, and attractive, curved contours, Mira challenges
conventional perceptions about telephone design.
Yet while it undoubtedly complements any modern home interior,
Mira is more than a triumph of form and function. Think high-quality
construction, crystal clear sound, distinctive design, and eye-catching
profile – all cleverly combined in one remarkable, eco-friendly phone.
It’s timeless. It’s unique. It’s stylish. It’s the one and only Mira.
Undeniably easy on the eyes, Mira’s single and continuous ovalshaped design is not just aesthetically pleasing. You’ll discover
using the handset is effortless and intuitive, especially with the
calibrated keypad for precise dialing. The durable, high-gloss
outer shell is fingerprint resistant while the graceful curves sit
naturally in your hand.
Mira includes a convenient charging feature, so it will always be
charged and ready for use no matter which way you place the
handset in the base. What’s more, a smart cable system keeps
wires hidden and out of sight to maintain Mira’s sleek lines.
Cleverly designed handset cans ensure maximum comfort
during long calls. For convenient, hands-free chatting simply use
the speakerphone function.
In any case, you’ll be inspired to keep on talking for hours.
High-gloss outer shell
that is durable and fingerprint resistant
Cleverly designed handset cans
for maximum comfort during long calls
Calibrated keypad
for precise dialing
In a perfect
Precise acoustic design
Powerful, balanced sound
Digital sound processing
Natural voice reproduction
Advanced testing and fine-tuning
Undistorted clarity
Besides stunning good looks, exceptional audio quality is another
of Mira’s strong points. Thanks to a combination of precise acoustic
design, digital sound processing and advanced testing, the caller’s voice
is reproduced with remarkable authenticity.
Precise acoustic design for superb, powerful sound
Carefully selected components are built into controlled enclosures
and housings to create an optimized acoustic system.
Precise acoustic design
Component selection
Component integration
Digital sound processing
Echo cancellation
Automatic volume control
Advanced testing and fine-tuning
Accurate measurements by experts
Digital sound processing for natural voice reproduction
Echo cancellation keeps your conversation smooth and free of noise,
while auto volume control offsets unwanted volume variation.
Advanced testing and fine-tuning for undistorted clarity
Our experts take accurate measurements in real environments for
precise sound settings refinement.
Black, white
and very green
Could this be the perfect phone? After all, it’s beautiful, intelligent
and eco-friendly, too. Mira features built-in technologies that are
good for the environment and good for everyone.
Reducing power radiation
Up to 93% reduction in power transmission when the mono
handset is close to the base unit.
Reducing energy consumption
High-efficiency, switched-mode power supplies further reduce
energy consumption by up to 60% compared to linear power
ECO+: No emission mode
When ECO+ mode is activated, you’ll enjoy zero power
It’s a phone you’ll love, and the environment will love you
for using.
Philips Mira digital cordless phone M555/M550
Display size
1.6’’ 2-line graphical display
Display backlight colourWhite
Keypad backlight colourWhite
Name & number phone book memories
100 entries
Handsfree speakerphoneYes
Answering machine capacity Up to 30 minutes (For M555 only)
Caller ID
Yes (If supported by network operator)
Number of ringtones
10 polyphonic
Talk time
Up to 16 hours
Stand-by time
Up to 250 hours
Handset charging Charge handset either way around
Smart cable management Yes
Full ECO Mode (ECO+)Yes
Remark: Please check with local distributor(s) for
color option(s) available in your country
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