Mitsubishi Electric 3DG-X103 stereoscopic 3D glasses

WARNING, Battery May Explode
If Mistreated. Do Not Recharge,
Disassemble, Or Dispose of In Fire.
Dispose Of Used Battery Promptly.
Keep Away From Children.
Viewing 3D safely and comfortably, viewers need to
follow the recommendations described below
»» Stop watching moving images, if you have any
symptoms of: headache, dizziness, nausea, malaise
and any uncomfortable feelings that might be caused
by the images. It is advisable to take a break for 5 to
15 minutes every hour, even if the symptoms are not
»» Make the viewing conditions comfortable by:
• adjusting the illumination, sound and air
• adjusting the height of the chair and desk to suit
your physique
• adjusting the brightness, focus or any other
parameters of your display terminal or operating
»» Guardians are encouraged to protect their children’s
health by controlling viewing conditions.
»» Avoid unnecessary fatigue caused by overwork or lack
of sleep, before watching visual products.
»» When watching stereoscopic images, do not incline
your head relative to the horizontal direction of the
»» Stop watching stereoscopic images if you notice
double images. It is important that display devices be
adjusted appropriately.
»» The recommendations described in this list may apply
to some visual products more than others.
Quick-Install User Guide
Getting Started
What’s Included
One (1) pair of 3D Glasses
One (1) Cloth bag
Three (3) Nosepieces
Two (2) Extra CR2032 batteries
One(1) external IR emitter (only included in 3DG-EX103
Specifications 3D Glasses
Weight (Stereoscopic 3D Glasses): 1.76oz (50g)
Power Supply: Battery type CR2032 3Vdc / 0.2A
Operating Temperature: 5 °C (41 °F) – 40 °C (104 °F)
Specifications IR emitter
Weight: 2.65 oz (75 g)
Power Supply: via standard stereoscopic VESA connector
Operating Temperature: 5 °C (41 °F) – 40 °C (104 °F)
For further information go to the XPAND web site at
The 3D Glasses are compatible with MITSUBISHI 3D TVs.
1-year limited product repair / replacement warranty. For
detailed warranty statement visit
Glasses Functionality
Glasses Overview
(1) Button (ON, OFF)
(2) LED light
Turning On/Off Your Glasses
Step 1 ON: Press button (1) once
Step 2 LED light (2) will ramp from off to bright
Step 3 OFF: Press button (1) once
Step 4 LED light (2) will ramp from bright to off
Emitter Functionality
(emitter only included in the 3DG-EX103 package)
Using with Mitsubishi 3D TVs
1. Supply TV with a 3D video signal.
2. Turn on the 3D mode in the TV. In many cases the 3D
TVs will enter the 3D mode automatically. 3D Ready TVs
will require the 3D mode be turned on manually.
3. Turn on the 3D glasses and face the TV or IR emitter.
The glasses will synchronize automatically in approximately
2 seconds.
4. At the end of the 3D program, if you manually turned
on the 3D mode in the TV you need to turn it off again. And
turn off the 3D glasses to save battery power.
If your Mitsubishi TV requires an external IR emitter, make
sure the emitter is properly connected to the back of the
TV or to the Mitsubishi 3D adapter (for further instructions
check emitter functionality section).
The reason for this is the glasses will not sync if the 3D
mode is off or there is no 3D signal.
Set Glasses for use in XPAND Equipped Cinemas
»» It takes the glasses approximately two seconds to
automatically synchronize to XPAND cinema after
being turned on.
Battery Replacement
»» Step 1 Open battery compartment
»» Step 2 Take out the battery
»» Step 3 Insert new battery. The + mark and battery type
markings should face out.
»» Step 4 Close the battery compartment
Emitter overview
1. Standard VESA connector
2. LED Red light indicator (in the shape of an X)
3. IR signal emitting surface (glossy)
Using with Mitsubishi 3D TVs
1. Connect the emitter connector to the corresponding
VESA stereo connector in the TV.
2. Once the emitter is connected to the TV, please make
sure that the TV is in 3D mode. Check the X sign on the
emitter; the red light should be on, indicating that the
emitter is functioning.
3. Position the emitter with the signal emitting surface
(opposite to the cord) pointing towards your viewing
position in front of the TV. There should be a clear line
of sight between the emitter and your TV viewing position.
The emitter does not require a battery.
The emitter is connected but the glasses still do not work:
Please make sure that your glasses are turned ON, that your
TV is in 3D mode and that the ir emitting surface is pointed
towards your TV viewing position.
Attention – Consult
Important Safety Instructions
Glasses do not work: Make sure that glasses are turned on
If the problems persist try to turn ambient lights off or shade
windows if intensive sunlight is present. Make sure that IR
emitter on the TV is not blocked by some object and that
viewing angle is not too large.
Consult your TV Owner’s Guide or on-line supplemental
Owner’s Guide for details concerning your TV’s 3D Modes
and settings.
Read these instructions.
Keep these instructions.
Heed all warnings.
Follow all instructions.
Do not use this apparatus near water.
Clean only with dry cloth.
Only use the attachments/accessories included.
Replace Battery With Type CR2032
Only. Use of Another Battery May
Present A Risk Of Fire Or Explosion.
Please, turn!