HoMedics BPW-1000-EU blood pressure unit

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Blood Pressure Monitor
Instruction Manual
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HoMEdics Blood PrEssUrE Monitor
Before use
Before the blood pressure monitor is taken into use a number of basic steps should be
observed. Please read this manual thoroughly before the blood pressure monitor is used
for the first time and keep the manual for future use.
the blood pressure monitor is intended for home use only. Any measurement is solely
for your information and can under no circumstances replace a visit to the doctor. the
blood pressure measurements should always be assessed by a qualified person (a
doctor, nurse or similar) who is familiar with the user’s general medical condition. By
regular use and by keeping a record of the results, this person can be kept well informed
about developments in the user’s blood pressure. Measurements must never be
interpreted by the user with the aim of changing levels in the use of medicine as
prescribed by a doctor, but the doctor’s instructions must be followed At All tiMEs.
Use of appropriate cuff size is crucial to correct measurement. Follow the instructions
presented in this manual and printed on the cuff to ensure that the correct cuff size is
the blood pressure monitor is not suited for users who suffer from arrhythmia (heart
rhythm disturbances) and errors may occur in the measurement results if the user has
suffered a stroke, suffers from cardiovascular diseases, has a very low blood pressure, or
suffers from other symptoms such as circulatory diseases (diabetes, kidney diseases,
arterial sclerosis (deposits in the arteries), or poor peripheral blood circulation (e.g. in
hands and feet).
Electromagnetic disturbances: the device contains sensitive electronic components.
Keep it clear of strong electric or electromagnetic fields in the immediate surroundings
(e.g. mobile telephones, microwave ovens) as these may temporarily reduce
measurement accuracy.
Use the blood pressure monitor only for its original purpose.
the device is intended for measurement of blood pressure and pulse with adult persons.
do not apply the monitor to infants nor to persons who cannot express their permission.
the device must not be operated by children.
the blood pressure monitor functions in accordance with the oscillometric
measurement principle. these blood pressure changes are measured in the cuff on the
basis of the arm pulse and are converted into a numerical value of the current blood
pressure. simultaneously, the number of pulse beats are registered and calculated as
number of pulse beats per minute.
there are two kinds of discernible blood pressures. Both are expressed in mmHg
(millimetres on the mercury column): the systolic and the diastolic. the systolic (‘the
high blood pressure’) states the pressure when the heart chambers contract to send
blood through your body, and the diastolic (‘the low blood pressure’) states the pressure
when the heart is at ease and filling with blood before the next muscle contraction. the
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connection between values (mmHg) is expressed as e.g. 130 over 85 which means that
the systolic pressure is 130 and the diastolic pressure is 85.
Why is it important to keep an eye on your blood pressure?
Many of today’s most common diseases are connected to hypertension , also referred to
as ‘high blood pressure’. Hypertension is closely connected to cardiovascular diseases,
and for people in the danger zone the blood pressure provides an important tool to
keep an eye on the development.
What are systolic pressure and
diastolic pressure?
When ventricles contract and pump
blood out of the heart, blood pressure
reaches its maximum value, the highest
pressure in the cycle is known as systolic
pressure. When the heart relaxes
between heartbeats, the lowest blood
pressure is diastolic pressure.
blood discharging
blood entering
What is the standard blood
pressure classification?
Below illustrates the blood pressure
classification mode by World Health
organization (WHo) and international
society of Hypertension(isH) in 1999.
only a physician/GP can tell you your normal blood pressure range and the point at
which you are at risk. consult your physician to obtain these values. if the
measurements taken with this product fall outside the range, consult your physician/GP.
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sAFEtY inForMAtion
caution: consult accompanying
type B applied part
cE mark: conforms to essential
requirements of the Medical device
directive 93/42/EEc.
disposal: do not dispose of this
product as unsorted municipal waste.
collection of such waste separately
for special treatment is necessary.
direct current
specifies serial number
• this device is intended for adult use only.
• this device is intended for non-invasive measuring and monitoring of arterial blood
pressure. it is not intended for use on extremities other than the wrist or for functions
other than obtaining a blood pressure measurement.
• do not confuse self-monitoring with self-diagnosis. this unit allows you to monitor
your blood pressure. do not begin or end medical treatment based solely on the
readings from this unit. Always consult your physician first.
• if you are taking medication, consult your physician to determine the most appropriate
time to measure your blood pressure. never change a prescribed medication without
consulting your physician.
• this unit is not suitable for continuous monitoring during medical emergencies or
• if the wrist cuff pressure exceeds 40 kPa (300 mmHg), the unit will automatically
deflate. should the wrist cuff not deflate when pressures exceeds 40 kPa (300 mmHg),
detach the wrist cuff from the wrist and press the “ ” button to stop inflation.
• to avoid measurement errors, carefully read this manual before using the product.
• the equipment is not AP/APG equipment and not suitable for use in the presence of a
flammable anesthetic mixture with air or with oxygen or nitrous oxide.
• the operator shall not touch the battery and the patient simultaneously.
• the user must check that the equipment functions safely and see that it is in proper
working condition before being used.
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LCD display signal
systolic blood pressure
High pressure result
diastolic blood pressure
low pressure result
Pulse/minute; heartbeats/minute
if “M” shows, the displayed measurement values
is from the memory.
Movement error symbol
Movement will result in inaccurate reading
low battery
Batteries are low and need to be replaced
Measurement unit of the blood pressure
(1kPa = 7.5mmHg)
Measurement unit the blood pressure
(1mmHg = 0.133kPa)
cUFF is deflating
time (hour:minute)
current time
the grade of the blood pressure
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Monitor coMPonEnts
sEt/doWn toUcH KEY
PUlsE rAtE
lcd disPlAY
Inserting and Changing Batteries
1. slide off the battery cover.
2. install the batteries by matching the correct
polarity, as shown. Always use the correct
battery type.
3. replace the cover.
Replace the batteries whenever the below happens
• the
• the display dims
• the display does not light up
remove batteries if the device is not likely to be used for some time.
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sEttinG dAtE, tiME And MEAsUrEMEnt Unit
it is important to set the clock before using your blood pressure monitor, so that a time
stamp can be assigned to each record that is stored in the memory. (year: 2000–2050,
time: 24 H)
1. When the unit is off, hold “sEt” for 3 seconds to
enter for mode for changing the date, time and
measurement unit.
2. Press the “MEM” to change the [YEAr].
3. When you get the correct year, press “sEt” and it
will turn to the next step automatically.
4. repeat steps 2 and 3 to set the [MontH] and [dAY].
5. repeat steps 2 and 3 to set the set the [HoUr] and
6. repeat steps 2 and 3 to set the [Unit].
7. the "Year, Month, date, Hour, Minute, Unit" will show once again and then turn off
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HoW to UsE tHE Blood PrEssUrE dEvicE
applying the cuff
1. remove all watches, jewellery, etc. prior to
attaching the wrist monitor. clothing
sleeves should be rolled up and the cuff
should be wrapped on bare skin for correct
2. Apply cuff to left wrist with palm facing up
see Fig. A.
Fig. A
Fig. B
3. Make sure the edge of the cuff is about 1
cm from the palm see Fig. B.
4. in order to ensure accurate measurements,
fasten the velcro strap securely around
your wrist so there is no extra space
between the cuff and the wrist see Fig. c.
Fig. c
if the cuff is not wrapped tight enough, the
measurement values may be false.
5. if your doctor has diagnosed you with poor
circulation on your left arm, carefully place
the cuff around your right wrist see Fig. d.
Fig. d
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Correct Measuring Posture
1. Place your elbow on a table so that the
cuff is at the same level as your heart see
Fig. E.
notE: Your heart is located slightly below
your armpit a bit to the left of the middle
of your chest. relax your entire body,
especially the area between your elbow
and fingers.
Fig. E
2. if the cuff is not at the same level as your
heart or if you can not keep your arm
completely still throughout the reading,
use a soft object such as a folded towel to
support your arm see Fig. F. do not allow
hard objects to come in contact with the
wrist cuff.
3. turn your palm upwards.
Fig. F
4. sit upright in a chair, and take 5-6 deep
Avoid leaning back while the
measurement is being taken see Fig. G.
Fig. G
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Important notes regarding your blood pressure measurement
• take your reading in a comfortable environment as measurements can be affected by
hot or cold temperatures. take your blood pressure at normal body temperature.
• do not move or talk during measurement as this can elevate readings.
• do not move or cross legs during measurement. Keep feet flat on floor.
• do not touch cuff or monitor during measurement procedure.
• it is suggested that you take your measurements at the same time each day and use
the same arm for consistency.
• Users should wait a minimum of 5 minutes before taking additional measurements.
More time may be necessary depending upon your physiology.
• the measurement results that users receive are for reference only. if users have any
blood pressure concerns, please consult your doctor.
• once inflation reaches 300 mmHg, the unit will deflate automatically for safety reasons.
• this product is not suitable for people with arrhythmias.
• this device may have difficulty determining the proper blood pressure for users with
diabetes, poor circulation of blood, kidney problems, or for users who have suffered a
• Position the monitor at the same level as your heart during measurement to ensure
accurate readings.
• Blood pressure changes with every heartbeat and is in constant fluctuation throughout
the day.
• Blood pressure measurement can be affected by the position of the user, his or her
physiologic condition and other factors. For greatest accuracy, wait 1 hour after
exercising, bathing, eating, drinking beverages with alcohol or caffeine, or smoking to
measure blood pressure.
• Before measurement, it is suggested that you sit quietly for 15 minutes as
measurements taken during a relaxed state will have greater accuracy. You should not
be physically tired or exhausted while taking a measurement.
• during the measurement, do not talk or move your arm or hand muscles.
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How to measure blood pressure
1. Press the “ ” to turn on the monitor.
1. When the monitor is turned on the monitor will adjust
itself to zero, inflate and will take your measurement
1. When the measurement is completed, systolic, diastolic
and pulse will be shown simultaneously on the lcd
screen. the measurement is then automatically
stored into the pre-designated memory zone.
2. When you have finished press “
within 1 minute.
” to turn off, otherwise it will turn off automatically
this monitor automatically switches off approximately 1 minute after last key operation.
to interrupt the measurement, simply press any key. the cuff will deflate immediately
after a key is pressed.
Recalling the records
1. Press the “MEM” to show the first record.
2. Press the “MEM” or “sEt” to get the record you want.
the date and time will be shown
the corresponding
date. 5 January is
the corresponding
time will show and
alternate with date.
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the most recent record (1) is shown first. Each new measurement is assigned to the first
(1) record. All other records are pushed back one digit (e.g., 2 becomes 3, and so on), and
the last record (60) is dropped from the list.
Deleting your records
if you did not get the correct measurement, you can delete all results by the following
1. When the unit is off, hold “MEM” for 3 seconds to enter
the deleting menu. the flash display “dEl All” will show.
2. Press “sEt” to confirm deleting and the monitor will turn
off automatically.
3. if you don’t want to delete the records, press “
4. if there is no record, the right display will show.
” to
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Cleaning and maintenance
the blood pressure monitor and the cuff can be wiped with a soft cloth moistened with
a mild detergent and wiped dry with a soft, dry cloth or paper towel. never use strong,
caustic detergents as these may cause damage to the synthetic parts. Also, never use
diluents, alcohol or kerosene to clean the device.
Safety and electrical devices
• When the device is not used, store it in a safe place.
• only use the device on the upper wrist, not on other body parts.
• When the device is not used for extended periods of time, it is recommended that you
remove the batteries to avoid leakage which may cause damage to the device.
• if the device has been stored at very low temperatures near the freezing point, please
allow it to obtain room temperature before using it again.
• neither device nor cuff must be disassembled as this may cause serious damage to the
device. if repair is necessary, the device must be returned to the store where it was
purchased. do not attempt to open the device or adjust the inner parts yourself.
• do not submerge the device in water or other liquids as this will cause damage to the
• do not expose the device nor the cuff to extreme temperatures, moisture or direct
sunlight. Protect the device against dust.
• the cuff should not be folded up tightly. the device must not be activated if it is not
appropriately fitted to the upper wrist.
• Avoid dropping the device and do not subject it to heavy pressure.
• the device must not be exposed to extreme shocks such as being dropped on the
• the device is intended for use in private households only and is only suited for use with
adults (over 18 years of age).
• if the highly unlikely incident should occur that the cuff continues to inflate and does
not stop, immediately remove the cuff from the upper wrist.
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Error search
this section includes a list of error messages and frequently asked questions for
problems you may encounter with your blood pressure monitor. if irregularities occur
during use, please check the following items.
no power
display is dim or will
not light up.
replace with new batteries
Batteries are inserted
insert the batteries correctly
show on the
Batteries are low.
Low batteries
Error Message
Batteries are exhausted.
replace with new batteries
E 1 shows
the wrist cuff is not secure.
refasten the wrist cuff and
then measure again.
E 2 shows
the wrist cuff is very tight
refasten the wrist cuff
and then measure again.
E 3 shows
the pressure of the cuff is
relax for a moment and then
measure again
E 4 shows
Error caused by hand
moving, talking or weak
Movement can affect the
measurement results. relax for
a moment and then measure
A calibration error occurred.
retake the measurement. if
the problem persists, contact
the retailer or our customer
service department for further
assistance. refer to the
warranty for contact
information and return
Exx, shows on the
if the device still does not function, please contact the store where the device was
purchased. do not attempt to open the device or adjust any of the inner parts yourself.
Battery Directive
this symbol indicates that batteries must not be disposed of in the domestic waste as they
contain substances which can be damaging to the environment and health. Please dispose of
batteries in designated collection points.
WEEE explanation
this marking indicates that this product should not be disposed with other household wastes
throughout the EU. to prevent possible harm to the environment or human health from
uncontrolled waste disposal, recycle it responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of material
resources. to return your used device, please use the return and collection systems or contact the
retailer where the product was purchased. they can take this product for environmental safe recycling.
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Power supply
Battery powered mode:
2*AAA batteries (3v dc)
Display mode
digital lcd v.A. 31.5×44mm
Measurement mode
oscillographic testing mode
Measurement range
Pressure: 0–40kpa (0–300mmHg)
pulse value: (40–199) times/minute
5ºc–40ºc within ± 0.4 kpa (3mmHg)
0ºc–45ºc (out of 5ºc–40ºc)
within ± 0.7kpa (5mmHg)
pulse value +5%
normal working condition
temperature: 5ºc to 40ºc relative humidity ≤80%
Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa to 106kPa
Storage & transportation condition
temperature: -20ºc to 60ºc
relative humidity: 10% to 93%
Measurement perimeter of the wrist
About 13.5cm–19.5cm
Approx. 120g (Excluding the batteries)
External dimensions
Approx. 68x75x31mm
2*AAA batteries, user manual,
Mode of operation
continuous operation
Degree of protection
type B applied part
Protection against ingress of water
Software version
Device classification
internally powered ME equipment
not allowed to change equipment without permission.
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