User manual
When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be
followed including the following:
1 Read all instructions.
2 Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handles or knobs.
3 To protect against electrical shock do not immerse cord, plugs or
appliance in water or other liquid.
4 Close supervision is necessary when any appliance is used by or near
5 Unplug from outlet when not in use and before cleaning. Allow to cool
before putting on or taking off parts.
6 Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug or after
the appliance malfunctions or has been damaged in any manner. For
assistance call 1-866-309-8817.
7 The use of accessory attachments not recommended by the appliance
manufacturer may cause injuries.
8 Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the
manufacturer’s instructions.
9 Do not use outdoors.
10 Do not let cord hang over edge or table or counter, or touch hot surfaces.
11 Do not place on or near a hot gas or electric burner, or in a heated oven.
12 Extreme caution must be used when moving an appliance containing
hot oil or other hot liquids.
13 Plug the cord into the wall outlet. To disconnect, turn any control to
“off ”, then remove plug from wall outlet.
14 Do not use appliance for other than intended use.
15 Use extreme caution when removing the pan, basket and disposing
hot grease.
16 Do not clean with metal scouring pads. Pieces can break off the pad and
touch electrical parts, creating a risk of electric shock.
17 Use only on properly grounded outlet.
18 A short power cord has been provided to prevent the risk of it
becoming entangled or being tripped over.
19 Extension cords may be used if care is exercised in their use. If an
extension cord is used:
The marked electrical rating of the cord must be as great as the rating of
the appliance.
The cord should be arranged so that it will not drape over the edge of the
counter or table top where it could be pulled by children or tripped
over unintentionally.
20 This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). As
a safety feature, this plug fits in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug
does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact
a qualified electrician. Do not attempt to modify the plug in any way.
21 Oversize foods or metal utensils must not be inserted in the appliance
as they may create a fire or risk of electric shock.
22 A fire may occur if the appliance is covered or touching flammable
material, including curtains, draperies, walls, and the like, when in operation.
Do not store any item on top of the appliance when in operation.
23 Do not place any of the following materials in the appliance: paper,
cardboard, plastic, and the like.
Save these
Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Philips! To fully
benefit from the support that Philips offers, register your product
at www.philips.com/welcome.
Your new airfryer allows you to prepare your favorite ingredients and snacks
in a healthier way.
The airfryer uses hot air in combination with high-speed air circulation
(Rapid Air) and a top grill to prepare a variety of tasty dishes in a healthy,
fast and easy way. Your ingredients are heated from all sides at once and
there is no need to add oil to most of the ingredients.
For more inspiration for recipes and information about the airfryer, visit
General description (Fig. 1)
A Divider
B Basket
C Basket release button
D Basket handle
E Pan
F Air outlet openings
G Cord storage compartment
H Power cord
I Timer (0-30 min.)/power-on knob
J Temperature control knob (180-390°F)
K Air inlet
L Power-on light
Before first use
1Remove all packaging material.
2Remove any stickers or labels from the appliance.
3Thoroughly clean the basket, the pan and the divider with hot
water, some dishwashing liquid and a non-abrasive sponge.
Note:You can also clean these parts in the dishwasher.
4Wipe the inside and outside of the appliance with a moist cloth.
This is an airfryer that works on hot air. Do not fill the pan with oil or
frying fat.
Preparing for use
1Place the appliance on a stable, horizontal and level surface.
Do not place the appliance on non-heat-resistant surfaces.
2Place the basket in the pan properly (Fig. 2).
3Pull the power cord out of the cord storage compartment in the
bottom of the appliance.
Do not fill the pan with oil or any other liquid.
Do not put anything on top of the appliance. This disrupts the airflow and
affects the hot air frying result.
Using the appliance
The airfryer can prepare a large range of ingredients. The recipe booklet
included helps you get to know the appliance. You can find more recipes at
Hot air frying
1Put the power plug in a grounded wall outlet.
2Carefully pull the pan out of the airfryer (Fig. 3).
3Put the ingredients in the basket (Fig. 4).
Note: Never fill the basket beyond the MAX indication or exceed the amount
indicated in the table (see section ‘Settings’ in this chapter), as this could affect
the quality of the end result.
Tip: Use the divider to separate ingredients when you want to prepare different
ingredients at the same time. Place the divider in the basket and fill up each
side of the basket with the ingredients. Please note that the maximum amount
of each of the ingredients is half of the normal amount (Fig. 5).
4Slide the pan back into the airfryer (Fig. 6).
Never use the pan without the basket in it.
Caution: Do not touch the pan during and some time after use, as it gets
very hot. Only hold the pan by the basket handle.
5Turn the temperature control knob clockwise to the required
temperature. See section ‘Settings’ in this chapter to determine the
right temperature (Fig. 7).
Note: If you want to prepare different ingredients at the same time, make sure
you check the preparation time and the temperature required for the different
ingredients before you start to prepare them simultaneously. Home-made fries
and drumsticks, for example, can be prepared simultaneously because they
require the same settings.
6Determine the required preparation time for the ingredient (see
section ‘Settings’ in this chapter).  
7To turn on the appliance, turn the timer knob to the
required preparation time (Fig. 8).
Add 3 minutes to the preparation time when the appliance is cold.
Note: If you want, you can also let the appliance preheat without any
ingredients inside. In that case, turn the timer knob to more than 3 minutes.
Then fill the basket and turn the timer knob to the required preparation time. 
,, The power-on indicator goes on (Fig. 9).
,, The timer starts counting down the set preparation time.
,, Excess oil from the ingredients is collected on the bottom of the pan.
8Some ingredients require shaking halfway through the preparation
time (see section ‘Settings’ in this chapter). To shake the ingredients,
pull the pan out of the appliance by the handle and shake it. Then slide
the pan back into the airfryer (Fig. 10).
Caution: Do not press the basket release button during shaking (Fig. 11).
Tip:To reduce the weight, you can remove the basket from the pan and shake
the basket only.To do so, pull the pan out of the appliance, place it on a heatresistant surface and press the basket release button.
Tip: If you set the timer to half the preparation time, you hear the timer bell
when you have to shake the ingredients. However, this means that you have to
set the timer again to the remaining preparation time after shaking.
9When you hear the timer bell, the set preparation time has elapsed.
Pull the pan out of the appliance and place it on a heat-resistant surface.
Note:You can also turn off the appliance manually.To do this, turn the timer
control knob to 0 (Fig. 12).
10Check if the ingredients are ready.
If the ingredients are not ready yet, simply slide the pan back into the
appliance and set the timer to a few extra minutes.
11To remove small ingredients (e.g. fries), press the basket release
button (C) and lift the basket out of the pan (E). (Fig. 13)
Do not turn the basket upside down with the pan still attached to it,
as any excess oil that has collected on the bottom of the pan will leak
onto the ingredients.
After hot air frying, the pan and the ingredients are hot. Depending on
the type of ingredients in the airfryer, steam may escape from the pan.
12Empty the basket into a bowl or onto a plate.  (Fig. 14)
Tip:To remove large or fragile ingredients, use a pair of tongs to lift the
ingredients out of the basket (Fig. 15).
13When a batch of ingredients is ready, the airfryer is instantly ready
for preparing another batch. 
The table below helps you to select the basic settings for the ingredients
you want to prepare.
Note: Keep in mind that these settings are indications. As ingredients differ in
origin, size, shape as well as brand, we cannot guarantee the best setting for
your ingredients.
Because the Rapid Air technology instantly reheats the air inside the
appliance, pulling the pan briefly out of the appliance during hot air
frying barely disturbs the process.
-- Smaller ingredients usually require a slightly shorter preparation time
than larger ingredients.
-- A larger amount of ingredients only requires a slightly longer
preparation time, a smaller amount of ingredients only requires a slightly
shorter preparation time.
-- Shaking smaller ingredients halfway through the preparation time
optimizes the end result and can help prevent unevenly fried ingredients.
-- Add some oil to fresh potatoes for a crispy result. Fry your ingredients
in the airfryer within a few minutes after you added the oil.
-- Do not prepare extremely greasy ingredients such as sausages in the airfryer.
-- Snacks that can be prepared in an oven can also be prepared in the airfryer.
-- The optimal amount for preparing crispy fries is 1lb/0.45kg.
-- Use pre-made dough to prepare filled snacks quickly and easily. Pre-made
dough also requires a shorter preparation time than home-made dough.
-- You can also use the airfryer to reheat ingredients. To reheat ingredients,
set the temperature to 300°F for up to 10 minutes.
-- Make sure the ingredients that come out of this appliance have a light to
medium brown color instead of a dark brown color. Remove burnt food
remnants. Do not fry fresh potatoes at a temperature above 356°F to
minimize the production of acrylamide.
Potatoes &
Thin frozen
Thick frozen
Homemade fries
(1/4 inch)
add 1/2
tbsp of
oil to the
add 1/2
tbsp of
oil to the
Homemade  potato
add 1/2
tbsp of
oil to the
Pork chops
Onion rings
Use ovenready
Use ovenready
Frozen fish
Use ovenready
cheese sticks
Use ovenready
Meat &
Note: Add 3 minutes to the preparation time when you start frying while the
airfryer is still cold.
Making home-made fries
For the best results, we advise to use pre-baked (e.g. frozen) fries. If you
want to make home-made fries, follow the steps below.
1Peel the potatoes and cut them into sticks.
2Soak the potato sticks in a bowl for at least 30 minutes, take them
out and dry them with paper towel.
3Pour ½ tablespoon of olive oil in a bowl, put the sticks on top and
mix until the sticks are coated with oil.
4Remove the sticks from the bowl with your fingers or a kitchen
utensil so that excess oil stays behind in the bowl. Put the sticks in
the basket. 
Note: Do not tilt the bowl to put all the sticks in the basket in one go, to prevent
excess oil from ending up on the bottom of the pan.
5Fry the potato sticks according to the instructions in this chapter.
Clean the appliance after every use.
The pan, basket, divider and the inside of the appliance have a non-stick
coating. Do not use metal kitchen utensils or abrasive cleaning materials
to clean them, as this may damage the non-stick coating.
1Remove the power plug from the wall outlet, turn timer control knob
to 0 and let the appliance cool down.
Note: Remove the pan to let the airfryer cool down more quickly.
2Wipe the outside of the appliance with a moist cloth.
3Clean the pan, divider and basket with hot water, some dishwashing
liquid and a non-abrasive sponge.
You can use a degreasing liquid to remove any remaining dirt.
Note:The pan, divider and basket are dishwasher-safe.
Tip: If dirt sticks to the basket, or the bottom of the pan, fill the pan with hot
water with some dishwashing liquid. Put the basket in the pan and let the pan
and the basket soak for approximately 10 minutes.  
smoke comes
out of the
Possible cause
The basket is not
placed in the pan
Push the basket down into the pan
until you hear a click.
You are preparing
greasy ingredients.
When you fry greasy ingredients
in the airfryer, a large amount
of oil will leak into the pan. The
oil produces white smoke and the
pan may heat up more than usual.
This does not affect the appliance
or the end result.
The pan still
contains grease
residues from
previous use.
White smoke is caused by
grease heating up in the pan. Be
sure you clean the pan properly
after each use.
You did not soak
the potato sticks
properly before
you fried them.
Soak the potato sticks in a bowl for
at least 30 minutes, take them out
and dry them with paper towel.
You did not use
the right potato
Use fresh potatoes and be sure
they stay firm during frying.
The crispiness of
the fries depends
on the amount of
oil and water in
the fries.
Be sure you dry the potato sticks
properly before you add the oil.
4Clean the inside of the appliance with hot water and a
non-abrasive sponge.
5Clean the heater with a cleaning brush to remove any food residues.
1Unplug the appliance and let it cool down.
2Be sure all parts are clean and dry.
3Push the cord into the cord storage compartment. Secure the
cord by inserting it into the cord fixing slot.
Ordering accessories
To purchase accessories for this appliance, please visit our online shop at
www.shop.philips.com/service or call 1-866-309-8817 for assistance.
-- Do not throw away the appliance with the normal household waste
at the end of its life, but hand it in at an official collection point for
recycling. By doing this, you help to preserve the environment (Fig. 16).
Warranty and service
If you need service or information or if you have a problem, please visit the
Philips website at www.philips.com/support or call 1-866-309-8817
for assistance.
This chapter summarizes the most common problems you could encounter
with the appliance. If you are unable to solve the problem with the
information below, visit www.philips.com/support or call 1-866-309-8817
for assistance.
Possible cause
The airfryer
does not
The appliance is
not plugged in. 
Put the power plug in an earthed
wall outlet. 
You have not set
the timer.
Turn the timer knob to the
required preparation time to turn
on the appliance.
The amount of
ingredients in
the basket is too
Put smaller batches of ingredients in
the basket. Smaller batches are fried
more evenly.
The set
temperature is too
Turn the temperature control knob
to the required temperature setting
(see section ‘Settings’ in chapter
‘Using the appliance’).
The preparation
time is too short.
Turn the timer knob to the
required preparation time (see
section ‘Settings’ in chapter ‘Using
the appliance’).
are fried
unevenly in
the airfryer.
Certain types of
ingredients need
to be shaken
halfway through
the preparation
Ingredients that lie on top of or
across each other (e.g. fries) need
to be shaken halfway through
the preparation time. See section
‘Settings’ in chapter ‘Using the
Fried snacks
are not crispy
when they
come out of
the airfryer.
You used a type
of snack meant to
be prepared in a
traditional deep
Use oven snacks or lightly brush
some oil onto the snacks for a
crispier result.
I cannot slide
the pan into
the appliance
Do not fill the basket beyond the
There are
too much snacks in MAX indication.
the basket.
fried with
the airfryer
are not done.
Home made
fries are fried
unevenly in
the airfryer.
Home made
fries are not
crispy when
they come
out of the
Cut the potato sticks smaller for a
crispier result.
Add slightly more oil for a crispier
One Year Limited Warranty
Philips warrants that this product shall be free from defects in material,
workmanship and assembly, under normal use, in accordance with the
specifications and warnings, for a period of one year from the date of
purchase. This warranty extends only to the original purchaser of the
product, and is not t ransferable. To exercise your r ights under this warranty,
you must provide proof of purchase in the form of an original sales receipt
that shows the product name and the date of purchase. For customer
support or to obtain warranty service, please visit our website
www.philips.com/support. THERE ARE NO OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED
WARRANTIES. Philips’ liability is limited to repair or, at its sole option,
replacement of the product. Incidental, special and consequent ial damages
are disclaimed where permitted by law. This warranty gives you specific legal
rights. You may also have other rights that vary from state to state.
For support, please visit www.philips.com/support
Manufactured for:
Philips Consumer Lifestyle
A Division of Philips Electronics North America Corporation
P.O. Box 1 0313, Stamford, CT 06904
Made in China I Designed in Netherlands
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