Philips Internal CDRW 52x24x52 IDE Bulk Grey

Internal CD-ReWriter 52x 24x 52x
PBRW5224G(mushroom-grey) / PBRW5224B(Black)
As bulk product only
Ultra Speed ReWriter
• Ultra Speed 24x ReWriting on CD-RW
• Top speed 52 Recording on CD-R
• Up to 48x Audio Extraction
• Thermo Balanced Writing (TBW) for optimal writing quality
• Buffer underrun protection by Seamless Link
• Burn a disc in less than 3 minutes
Internal CD-ReWriter
Hardware specifications
Maximum Speeds
• CD Write speed :
• CD Rewrite speed:
• CD Read speed :
7800 kB/sec
3600 kB/sec
7800 kB/sec
• E-IDE ATA / ATAPI (Ultra DMA 2)
• 2MB
Capacity CD
• 74 min 650 MB
• 80 min 700 MB
• 90 min 800 MB (with overburn)
Access time
• Average stroke <125msec.
Compatibility for reading
• All popular CD formats; CD-Recordable and CD-ReWritable
Compatibility for writing
• CD-R (Recordable) and CD-RW (ReWritable)
Formats Supported on writing
• CD-Audio, CD-DA, CD-ROM (XA), CD-Bridge, CD-Text
CD-I, Photo-CD, CD-Extra
Write Methods
• Track at once (TAO), Disc at once (DAO)
• Multi Session (MS), Session At Once (SAO)
• Fixed & variable Packet Writing, CD-UDF compatible.
Applicable Operating Systems
• Windows® 98SE,Windows® ME,Windows® 2000,
Windows® XP.
Mounting Orientation
• Vertical or horizontal
Media type for writing
• CD-R and CD-RW
• 74, 80 and 90 min media, High speed CD Recordable / Rewritable
and Ultra speed CD Rewritable. (High quality Philips media
recommended for high speed and ultra speed writing)
• 8 cm CDs can be used for both read and write functions
(horizontal orientation only)
Recording format
• UDF and ISO 9660
Power requirements
• DC5V/12V, average power consumption 16W
Laser Power Control
• Embedded OPC (Optimum Power Control)
Front Panel
• Tray door, LED function indicator
• Eject/Close button, Emergency eject pin hole
Rear Panel
• Analogue audio out, Digital audio out, Master/Slave select jumper,
• ATA-33 40 pin E-IDE connector, DC power in.
Operating temperature/Humidity
• 5-45°C / 8-80%RH
• 2-years warranty
Note: Application software is not included and needs to be ordered
Firmware upgrade
• Via Flash Tool (see:
Command set
• MMC 3 compliant
Minimised Dust entry
• Internal dust sealing mechanism
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Specifications subject to change without notice