HP StorageWorks LTO Ultrium
Tape Drives and Cartridges
Family data sheet
HP StorageWorks LTO Ultrium tape drives are the HP premier line of
backup devices. Based on the Ultrium format, HP LTO tape drives offer
you the superior choice for investment protection. With ultimate reliability
and ease of use in mind, the HP rugged design builds on superior LTO
technology and adds advanced features like dynamic data rate matching
to adjust to the speed of the host, reducing wear and tear on drive and
media, increasing performance and reliability. HP TapeAssure provides
tape and drive management and monitoring. If data is critical to your
business, protect it with HP LTO tape drives.
HP StorageWorks LTO
Ultrium Tape Drives
Designed for small and medium
businesses (SMBs), the HP LTO Ultrium
Tape Drives set new standards for
capacity, performance, manageability
and security.
HP StorageWorks LTO Ultrium Tape Drives represent
five-generations of LTO tape drive technology
capable of storing up to 3 TB per cartridge, with
HP TapeAssure for manageability, hardware data
encryption and unprecedented performance.
With HP TapeAssure you can be confident that your
data is safe by monitoring drive and media utilisation,
operational performance and life/health information
for drive and media. Data hardware encryption using
AES 256-bit provides easy-to-enable security to protect
the most sensitive data and prevent unauthorised
access of tape cartridges. By using hardware
encryption, data is fully capable of being compressed
therefore maximising capacity; encrypted backups
are completed without any loss in performance.
Capable of data transfer rates up to 280 MB/sec,
the HP exclusive data rate matching feature further
optimises performance by matching host system
speed to keep drives streaming, thus improving tape
performance even with slow hosts.
Key features and benefits
Outstanding Capacity and
Performance with Monitoring/
Management Capabilities
and Hardware Encryption
Up to 3 TB capacity per cartridge
LTO Ultrium Tape Drives provide up to 3 TB of
compressed capacity on a single cartridge.
Up to 1 TB/hr (280 MB/s) data transfer rate
Enables even the tightest backup window to be met
with unprecedented performance.
HP TapeAssure offers you the ability to make the
best use of your investment and be confident that
your data is safe by monitoring drive and media
utilisation, operational performance and life/health
information for drive and media, allowing the switch
from reactive to proactive management. For more
information visit: www.hp.com/go/tapeassure
Hardware data encryption
Provides highest level of security for strong backup
data privacy to secure confidential information and
address compliance quickly with fewer cartridges.
Reliable, Well Connected
and Compatible
Data rate matching
Allows the tape drive to dynamically and continuously
adjust to the speed of the host, keeping drives
streaming even with slow hosts or slow networks and
maximising performance and reducing start/stops,
which significantly increase reliability of HP drives
and media.
Server compatibility
HP offers a wider choice of models including internal,
external and rackmount, a choice of interfaces SAS
and SCSI and wider connectivity to server platform
including vendors such as Dell, IBM and Sun.
To learn more visit: www.hp.com/go/connect
Software compatibility
Includes an extensive list of supported backup
and archiving software applications from HP, CA,
VERITAS, Legato, Tivoli and other applications.
To learn more visit: www.hp.com/go/connect
Enterprise-class reliability
Design leveraged from previous HP LTO tape drives
to deliver confident backups at high duty cycles.
Complete Solution Straight
out of the Box
Complete solution to protect your data
Provides HP LTO media, cleaning cartridge (with full
height drives), a free copy of HP StorageWorks Data
Protector Express Software Single Server Edition
which includes support for hardware data encryption
and OBDR, cables and documentation.
One-Button Disaster Recovery (OBDR) supported
Restores your entire ProLiant system at the touch
of a button without the need for system disks or
software CDs. Visit www.hp.com/go/obdr for the
latest information.
HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools
Helps make installation, management and
troubleshooting simple. For more details,
visit http://www.hp.com/support/tapetools
WORM (Write-Once, Read-Many) media support
For IT organisations with stringent, long-term data
retention requirements, WORM data protection
capability offers a simple and secure method for
archiving records allowing you to affordably meet
the toughest industry compliance regulations.
HP StorageWorks LTO Ultrium Tape Drives
Recording Technology
Transfer Rate
Buffer Size
LTO Ultrium
3 TB Compressed 2:1
1 TB/hr Compressed 2:1
Maximum, depending on model
256 MB
Maximum, depending on model
6 Gb/sec SAS or;
Host Interface
3 Gb/sec SAS or;
Ultra320 LVD SCSI
Encryption Capability
WORM Capability
AES 256-bit
Depending on model
Depending on model
Form Factor
5.25-inch full-height; 5.25-inch half-height
3-year, next-day, parts exchange, limited warranty, plus 9x5 phone support
Chart header
1-year limited hardware warranty; express exchange service; 1-year phone support
QuickSpec URL
HP LTO Ultrium Cartridges
Meet all your demands for reliable data
protection, enabling full use of capacity
and better ROI
Intelligent cartridge
Superior ‘smart grabber’ mechanism and mechanical
interlock to prevent the leader pin from being pulled
inside the tape housing. Sensors detect proper
connection and prevent leader loss that would ruin
the tape.
Durable cartridge design
HP LTO-5 Ultrium media offers the superior capacity/
performance ratio of any tape technology, with
terabyte-class capacity and performance. It has
almost double the capacity and offers faster
performance compared to LTO-4 Ultrium, with built-in
encryption capability and a WORM option – with
no performance overhead.
Standardising on HP LTO-5 Ultrium delivers the
capacity to meet shrinking backup windows,
industry-standard, AES 256-bit encryption
(IEEE1619.1) and interchangeable RW or WORM
media, without extra space or IT resource overhead.
Key features and benefits
Highest Capacity and
Performance of any Comparable
Tape Technology
Scalable storage and backup performance
Simplified tape path to reduce wear and tear and
build up of and debris (important in automation).
Tested to extremes
HP brand qualification test procedures (load/unload,
shoeshine, drop testing and environmental stress
testing) go far beyond what is required for the LTO
Ultrium logo. This provides maximum reliability for
restoring your data.
Limited lifetime warranty
HP warrants LTO Ultrium cartridges for up to 30 years
archival life and/or 260 full backups. This enables
businesses to meet the ever-increasing demands of
regulation for data retention and archiving.
Permanent storage
WORM version provides tamperproof, compliant
data storage.
HP LTO-5 Ultrium can write or read data at a blistering Encrypted content
Data encryption for enhanced data security on
1 TB/hour, storing, encrypting and protecting up to
HP LTO-4 and LTO-5 Ultrium.
3 TB on a single cartridge, making it an ideal choice
in large-scale, 24x7, mission-critical IT environments.
High storage density and cost-effective media
Smoother base film and smaller magnetic particles
increase the bit density, allowing more data to be
recorded in the same amount of tape. This has, for
example, increased the number of recording tracks
from 896 for LTO-4 to 1280 tracks for 5th generation
HP LTO-5 Ultrium 3 TB cartridges.
Very low media cost per GB
Intelligent cartridge design
Flexibility and choice
LTO Ultrium cartridge memory chip delivers faster
access time and enhanced media monitoring.
First time restore provided with fewer media failures
and disrupted backups, regardless of duty cycle or
environmental conditions.
Value for money
Standardising on HP LTO-4 or LTO-5 Ultrium
delivers the capacity to meet shrinking backup
windows, industry-standard, AES 256-bit encryption
(IEEE1619.1) and interchangeable RW or WORM
media – without extra space or IT resource overhead.
Open standard technology offers compatibility
across product generations and gives you more
choice. Cartridges are available as Custom Labelled,
Non-Custom Labelled and Non-Labelled versions to
fit with your data centre management criteria.
HP LTO Ultrium Cartridges
Recording Technology
LTO-1 Ultrium, LTO-2 Ultrium, LTO-3 Ultrium, LTO-4 Ultrium, LTO-5 Ultrium
Media Labelling
Write-on Labels in box
Media Format
Re-Writable and Write-once media
Quantity per Package
Read Speed
Product Colour
Tape Length
Tape Width (Metric)
Tape Thickness
Maximum, depending on model
3.0 TB Compressed 2:1
Maximum, depending on model
280 MB/sec
Maximum, depending on media type
LTO-1 medium blue; LTO-2 red; LTO-3 yellow; LTO-4 green; LTO-5 light blue
846 m
Maximum, depending on model
12.65 mm
6.4 um
Minimum, depending on model
Base Film Type
Metal Particle
Bit Density
343 Kb/in
Maximum, depending on model
Number of Data Tracks
Maximum, depending on model
Magnetic Layer Coercivity
2850 Oe
Maximum, depending on model
Archival Storage Life
30 years
Media Durability
1,000,000 passes on any area of tape, equates to over 20,000 end to end passes/260 full tape backups
Drive Compatibility
Storage Media Compatibility Matrix: http://www.hptapecompat.com
Warranty Standard Statement
Limited Lifetime
QuickSpec URL
The Total Package –
HP Data Protector Express Single
Server Edition Software
Both HP StorageWorks Data Protector Express
Software Single Server Edition and the HP Data
Protector Express Software Bare Metal Disaster
The Total Package –
Solution Value Statements
HP ProLiant Server and HP LTO
Ultrium Tape Drives
StorageWorks LTO Ultrium Tape Drives are ideal
for use with HP ProLiant servers, providing reliable,
affordable data protection for ProLiant customers.
Tape Drives, with up to 3 TB stored on a single
LTO-5 cartridge in around 3 hours providing a
balance of price and performance for medium and
enterprise business environments.
In addition, ProLiant customers using an iLO or RiLo
card can take advantage of the remote restore
functionality of HP OBDR, allowing customers to
restore a ProLiant server remotely.
HP Technology Services
HP Technology Services – the trusted business
technology experts who manage your technology
in action, because when technology works,
business works.
Recovery (BMDR) option are included in the box.
These are easy-to-use backup applications to protect
a single Windows®, Linux or NetWare server.
The BMDR option provides automated system
recovery of the server following a major hardware
or software failure. The fastest method to recovery
of the server is to use the Data Protector Express
Software BMDR option with the OBDR feature of the
HP StorageWorks LTO Ultrium Tape Drive family.
Partner with HP to boost availability and avoid costly
downtime by mitigating technology-related business
risks. To help take the worry out of deploying,
supporting and managing your HP StorageWorks
LTO Ultrium Tape Drives storage solution, we have
designed a range of service options that are as
flexible, scalable and affordable as our storage.
Exceptional reliability and
HP LTO Ultrium tape technology has been designed
to deliver exceptional reliability and performance
at the lowest cost per GB. The LTO Ultrium format
builds on the best of existing technologies; open
standards increase innovation and widen customer
choice in terms of performance, capacity and form
factor. Exhaustively tested, HP LTO Ultrium cartridges
meet all your demands for maximum reliability
when restoring data, offering high storage density,
ease of management and scalable storage and
backup performance.
Service and support
HP Factory Express
HP Factory Express is designed to help you get a
better return from your IT investment by providing
customisation, integration and deployment services
along with your storage and server purchases.
It provides predictable, trusted and tested IT
solutions tailored to your business needs. We
allow you to customise hardware to your exact
specifications in the factory – helping to speed up
deployment and free up internal resources. To learn
more, visit www.hp.com/go/factoryexpress
Customer technical training
Consider education as an integral part of your
strategy to get better return on investment from your
HP storage solution. HP offers a variety of training
courses on storage software, networking, archiving
and disk storage systems. Our classes are available
in many delivery modalities from traditional
instructor-led courses at one of our 80 training centres
worldwide to onsite training customised to your
needs, or online at www.hp.com/learn/storage
HP Financial Services
HP Financial Services provides innovative financing
and financial asset management programmes to help
you cost-effectively acquire, manage and ultimately
retire your HP solutions. For more information on
these services, please contact your HP representative
or visit www.hp.com/go/hpfinancialservices
HP Services
HP Technology Services helps take the worry out of deploying,
supporting and managing your HP StorageWorks LTO Ultrium
storage solution – trust the services professionals at HP to boost
availability and avoid costly downtime.
Recommended Services
•3-Year HP Support Plus 24 Service: For a higher return on your
storage technology, this 3-year combined reactive support
option delivers integrated onsite hardware/software support
services available 24x7.
•HP Installation Service: For smooth start-up and better business
outcomes, this service provides initial hardware installation
of your product into your technology environment (system
configuration is not included).
Related Services
•HP Proactive Select Service: To improve IT performance
and manageability through the use of cost effective flexible
proactive services
•HP Care Pack Services: Information about HP Care Pack
Service features and benefits is available at
For more information about HP services and support, contact your
HP sales representative or HP-authorised Channel Partner or, visit
To understand how HP StorageWorks LTO Ultrium tape drive and cartridge technology can meet your
demands for reliable data protection and security, please visit: www.hp.com/go/tape
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