Philips Portable DAB & FM Radio DA1000

Portable DAB and FM Radio
DAB and FM Radio; More Stations,
Digital Sound
Hi Quality Digital Audio
Tune into DAB and FM radio to enjoy a myriad of radio stations in crystal clear digital sound.
DA1000 offers fast, precise tuning through 20 preset stations with a handy joystick - all packaged in
a sleek, portable design.
Crystal clear digital radio
• Tune in to near CD-quality radio stations
• DAB and FM compatible tuner
• Six EQ settings for optimized listening
Long play time, rechargeable
• Up to 10 hours playback time
• Rechargeable batteries
• Backlit LCD for easy viewing
Fast and accurate tuning
• Digital tuner with 20-station presets
• Autostore programming for automatic radio tuning
• Joystick control for easy navigation
Portable DAB and FM Radio
Technical specifications
Product highlights
Digital Audio Broadcasting
Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is the latest in digital
radio technology. It allows you to enjoy your favorite
radio stations in crystal clear, near CD-quality sound.
What’s more, you get an even wider choice of radio
stations and radio hiss caused by signal interference
due to obstructing mountains, high-rise buildings and
weather become a thing of the past. Since the DAB
radio signal is all digital, stations can also transmit text
such as program information, news, and sports scores,
as well as pictures and even videos direct to your radio
set. Radio never sounded so good.
• Output power (RMS): 3mW
• Sound system: Stereo
• Sound enhancement technology:
Six presets equzlizer (only in DAB mode)
• Volume control: Digital Up/Down
Tuner / Reception
• Tuning technology:
DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting)
Digital FM tuner
• Station presets: 20
• DAB enhancements:
Six presets equalizer
Easy information navigation
Signal strength indicator
• Antenna:
External antenna for DAB/FM reception
• Turner bands:
DAB band III (/05 version)
DAB band III L (/00C version)
FM stereo
Digital Tuner
Depending on the audio device, Digital Tuner lets you
tune up to a maximum of 40 radio stations,
memorizes up to 10 tuner presets, or delivers the ‘best
10’ FM stations based on reception quality. Digital
Tuner scans through frequencies and locks on to each
station located. By allocating favorite stations a preset
number, Digital Tuner makes it quick and easy to
return to those stations time and again without having
to remember radio frequencies.
• Headphone socket
• DC in
Equalizer allows you to select preset modes that
optimize certain frequency bands to enhance specific
music styles. Players with Equalizer, utilize graphic
equalizing technology to automatically set the optimum
sound frequency balance for a chosen music style –
from Rock and Jazz to Classic and Normal modes.
The Equalizer allows you to enjoy the optimum sound
depending on the music style.
• Clock (only in DAB mode)
• Display: Dot matrix LCD display
• Backlight:White
• AC/DC adaptor: Charging adaptor (AY3194)
• Batteries:
2 x AA rechargeable batteries (AY3362)
• Headphone: 1 x 3.5mm (HE570/77)
• Carrying pouch (AY4206)
• DC supply
• Battery type: 2 x 1.5V, AA/R6/LM-3 cell
• Packaging type: Clamshell
• Product dimensions (WxHxD):
60 x 111 x 21 mm
• Product weight: 0.1 kg
• Package dimensions (WxHxD):
223 x 273 x 68 mm
• Weight incl packaging: 0.47 kg
• Quantity/Master carton: 3
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